All vehicle occupants must wear a safety vest

Many German fans drive to the European Championship to France. R + V advise the traveler to keep up to date with current safety instructions and to get on the road in time. "Since the attacks in November 2015, the state of emergency has been in France. This includes increased border controls with longer waiting times, "says Karl Walter in reflective jacket, a car expert at the R + V Info center. In addition, other traffic regulations differ from those in Germany - and for certain offenses significantly higher fines.

Particularly strict are the rules for distraction at the wheel: searching in the glove box, telephoning without hands-free or other distractions: Anything that interferes with the car is forbidden. Whoever looks at a screen, for example, has to face penalties of up to 1,500 Euros. It is also prohibited to wear headphones.


In France, a mandatory vigilance is required for all occupants

In the case of an accident or a breakdown, drivers should switch on the warning sight system and set up the warning triangle as long as they do not themselves endanger themselves in life. Unlike in Germany, all vehicle occupants must wear a safety vest when they leave the car - not just the driver. Anyone who violates these rules will be fined with a fine of up to 750 Euros.

In order to facilitate handling in the event of an accident, R + V expert Karl Walter recommends taking the European accident report. "The forms are the same everywhere. Each person involved in the accident can fill it in his or her country language. The report serves as a basis for the regulation of the damage for insurances. "Football fans can order the report from the German Insurance Association (GDV).


A parking ban in France is often marked by a yellow broken strip at the edge of the road. If the strip is traversed, this means an additional holding ban. If you do not pay attention to this, you must expect the car to be equipped with an auto clock or towed. Free of charge, car drivers are allowed on blue markings, the so-called "Zones blouse" - however only with parking disc.


More tips for driving in France

Different speed limits: On country roads 90 km / h, on motorways, cars can only drive 130 km / h. Radar warning devices and navigation devices with corresponding functions are generally prohibited. In case of violation, high fines are threatened. In addition, the police are pulling in the device.

As in Germany, there is a limit of 0.5 in France. Beginners in France may have a maximum of 0.2 per thousand alcohols in the blood. In addition, every vehicle owner is obliged to have an alcohol test. Motorists must wear reflective vest and solid shoes in France - flip-flops and similar footwear is forbidden. It threatens a fine of 75 Euros.

State Secretary distributed safety vests to seniors

State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport, distributed on Tuesday in Bad Nested safety vests to seniors. The action is part of the program "Slow down!” Which aims to reduce the number of road accident victims in the twilight?


Older people are particularly often involved in accidents. According to the Federal Statistics Office, more than half of gotten in traffic pedestrian or cyclist were 2,015 over 65 years. In addition, almost 60 percent of any injured last year in traffic pedestrian lost their lives in the twilight or darkness. Reason enough for Doro thee Bar to visit the old people's home in Bad Nested in the district Rhone-grave field. Overall, they distributed there 30 safety reflective vests to the residents.


National Traffic Safety Program

2015 nearly 397,000 people nationwide crashed on the road. 3,459 died there. 2011, the number was even higher. At that time, 4,009 people died in road traffic. That same year, a national traffic safety program was started. State Secretary distributed reflective fabric vest to seniors for their safety. It aims to reduce the number of road accident victims by 40 percent by the 2020th

Chickenís clothes with reflective tape

Farmer from Dillinger equips its chicken with protective clothing

Immediately have chickens, which erupt repeatedly from their enclosure and participate as a pedestrian on the road, wearing safety vest. Those caught without signal vest, must reckon with a delicate fine of up to ten fresh eggs.


Farmer Clemens Kerman from Dillinger leads by example and has its outliers Chicken Polly equipped with the protective clothing. "Polly regularly flies over the fence and go for a walk on the main road 51st we did not clip the wings of her. That's why they now wears a reflective vest for their own safety," explains Kerman.


He had discovered the model on the internet with an English manufacturer. A bit of fun must be the farmer where the chickens live in free range. Polly feels apparently comfortable with the unfamiliar chicken’s clothes with reflective tape and takes her trips as usual. Only the rooster could not believe his eyes at first.

The dangers to pedestrians without safety vest

In the meeting the officer Jog was now seniors Tips for safe behavior on the road. Inspired by interested questions from the audience, tires Schneider explained the dangers to pedestrians without safety vest in traffic.


Especially in the dark it was difficult for many drivers to see pedestrians in time. Therefore ripe Schneider recommends safety vests with fluorescent colors such as yellow or orange and reflection stripes. "Without reflection material, a driver can recognize a person only from a distance of 30 meters." With reflective material a pedestrian on the other hand already from 160 meters was seen. "It is important that you are recognized on the road early," warned tires Schneider.


For this are unavoidable safety vests in the dark. "This may not be the fanciest, but it can save lives." Buy one could vests in the automotive retailers in the technical inspection and surveillance services and petrol stations. Besides safety vests there are already too reflective Jute, a reflective umbrella had tires Schneider brought along for the demonstration. He recommended reflectors for spokes cyclists.

A policeman in reflective vest armed with a long gun

Police armed with machine guns patrol the streets of Polish cities. They look dangerous. Black uniforms, safety vests, boots, sometimes helmets. Not only that, they have the usual pistols on his belt, slung it by the neck. Armed patrols appeared in Warsaw, but also in other cities too.

Anxiously as the line of fire

- In the Warsaw Station Downtown I saw police officers armed with automatic weapons. It's maybe my touchiness, but I started to look around, if not lurking assassin. Or not stand on the line of fire. Seeing the patrol felt more threatened than encouraged a sense of safety - says Andrej from Warsaw.


The more he was surprised to patrol because I had not heard about the threat of assassination in the capital. It is surprised that no one reacts. Recalls uproar when city guards. Similarly the hunters, who in addition to rifles decided to equip themselves with handguns.

- And here, please housed the parade with machine guns and they all nod of acceptance. This is sick!


Poznan targeted by bombers?

Uniformed view of the long weapon is a common image in Western Europe. Poles could be noted during their holiday trips to Arab countries. In Poland, however, they arouse surprise.

- When I first saw the beach in Cyprus with uniformed weapon that impressed me. Later, I got used. What was my surprise when I saw a policeman in reflective vest armed with a long gun in front of the shopping gallery Arcadia - says Catherine, a resident of Warsaw.

Meanwhile, not only the capital must be at stake. Heavily armed patrols appeared in Poznan.


The summit ended patrols were

- are a continuation of the security patrols were made before the NATO summit.

As explained patrolled there are places where he is especially a lot of people, or train stations, airports. - Prime Minister then issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat - the press office of the Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz.

Alarm expired on August 1, but still patrols. How does it explain the capital as police...?

- We use measures are adequate to the threat. As you can see situation after the recent events in Europe is uneasy - explains Anna of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Warsaw.


They fulfilled our fears?

Kiel also advised to call the Police Headquarters with a nagging me, asking who is responsible for the cancellation patrol the streets. He recalls that on July 2 came Anti-Terror Law, from which the current authorities have seized. First, before the NATO summit in Warsaw from 7 to 10 July introduced the first stage alarm Alpha. There were patrols equipped. Bravo to the degree of cyberspace. All these projects have secured WYD.


We wrote a lot about the law, which came to power officers from vending machines. We warned that the new law gives a lot of the ruling powers. Worse law can be used against government opponents. Not only the power of Law and Justice, as each succeeding. Against these provisions also protested the Ombudsman? Do heavily armed police in safety jacket are already examples of power dishes too big powers?

Why not canceled patrols, since there is no alarm? Questions addressed to the Police Headquarters. After a day of waiting I got the answer that I have to wait a few more.


That's why I turned to an expert for more security. Head of the Terrorism Research Center, the current situation may be a lack of coordination between departments: - On one hand, we have to ensure that there is no danger, and the other boys carry such a weapon. I have mixed feelings about the introduction of its patrols. From the point of view of ordinary Kowalski can arouse fear. But we have to slowly get used to this.

Safety vest is the heroine of the clip

Fashion designer argues that saves lives, and our reporter works in practice. Safety vest is the heroine of the clip ... by road builders realized. Bet on glare!" It is to convince young people that even though life jackets are not too chic, it is to wear them, because they improve safety. TVN24 reporter checked how much at night gives the assumption of the garment. Walking with reflective vest is visible from almost 100 meters, while a man in a black jacket appears before the mask suddenly, a dozen meters ahead of the vehicle. In such a situation there is no time to react.


Guarantor security how important is the visibility on the road, also convinces Josef, head of the Traffic Department of the NPM in Poznan. - Adequate visibility is primarily a guarantor of security. Then when we are visible, the driver can react and avoid an accident. The safety distance is the standard range beam which is 150 m. This distance is sufficient to control the vehicle, provided, however, that we are indeed visible?


They went on the bandwagon Drastic cartoon learning behavior on the highway Autos... read more » - Vest years has the same style, however, it is further appealing because of years of saving people's lives. That's what we intend to promote - says spokeswoman Autos. Help you have this person in the world of fashion, founder of the brand Risk. The result is short film collaboration with vests in the lead role. - We want to persuade most people to hold such vests - he says in the clip. To promote vests and reflective jacket invited wizard ever known fashion Karla. "It is yellow; it is ugly and does not fit into anything. But it saves lives," - he argued in the campaign. So we can say that the road builders... follow fashion.

For the lack of reflective element threatens

This year's edition of the police action "Candle" is likely to prove one of the most tragic in recent years. After a weekend statistics are not optimistic, and the day's biggest traffic we are still ahead.


During the pre-Christmas weekend in 272 cases, 23 people died and 338 were injured. In three days, police in safety vest arrested 776 drunk drivers. The police, however, only wait for the biggest wave of traffic. In the evening, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 on the road will leave millions of people. During one of the most tragic of the "torch" in recent years - from 31 October to 1 November 2001 year - 407 cases, 62 people died and 505 were injured. This year, the weekend adjacent to All Saints Day has prompted many people to take a trip further than usual.


Ongoing since Friday of the "torch" officers examine, among others, sobriety managers, technical condition and vehicle speed. The safety of travelers disarmed several thousand officers. Increased number of patrols is particularly evident on the access roads to the cities and in the vicinity of cemeteries. The officers’ direct traffic as the largest cemeteries in the cities changed traffic organization. It is worth checking planned difficulties and instead of going to the gates of the cemetery, guided by a specially designated parking space.

The actions associated with these particular, the November days of police other uniformed services. The security officers attend the Military Police, municipal police and municipal and Railway Security Guard.


Police points out that in moving onward journey, each driver should remember a few basic principles. First, you must get in behind the wheel, being sober and rested. Secondly, before heading out on the road you have to prepare your car to drive: check that all lights are working, or fluids in the engine are completed, if the tires are properly inflated, do we have all the documents. Another principle is to wisely plan your journey - so as not to defeat the whole, sometimes we go distance at a time, just spread it into several stages. It is at about 100 km, take a short break: get out of the car, stretch the legs, and breathe fresh air. Fourth, traveling, remember that everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt; the driver must always be switched on in the car lights.


About their safety they should be take care not only control, but also pedestrians and cyclists. The turn of October and November is the period where the weather conditions are highly variable and faster nightfall. Each pedestrian and cyclist should ensure that, in order to be visible. Reflective vest, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming drivers. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users. Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers. For the lack of reflective material element threatens the mandate from 20 to 500 zł.


During the last year of the "Torch 2015" on Polish roads in four days there were 294 accidents in which 36 people were killed and 340 were injured. Research carried out by the police sobriety led to the elimination of traffic in 1337 drunk in charge. Many of the accidents occurred due to reckless drivers and speeding, which was supported by a truly spring weather during the day, and the frost and fog in the morning.

Officers in safety clothing have automatic

For several weeks in the Lodz shopping malls can be seen officers in reflective vest equipped with long guns and helmets. - It means that something threatens us? - Wonder residents. Police explains that this safety reasons.


Safety vest, automatic weapons and Kevlar helmet - so equipped police officers circulate in shopping centers. - It's quite an unusual sight. Once it was difficult to meet here a normal patrol, and now you see every day. It means that something is threatening us? - Wonders the client Gallery of Lodz.


Additional patrols appeared on the streets before World Youth Day. - Prime Minister then issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat - tells asp staff. Gris is the press office of the Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz. - It applies to all patrols. Officers in safety clothing have automatic weapons or long.


After entering the first stage alarm the public authorities were obliged to carry out checks on public places and large population centers.

Alarm expired on August 1, but police spokesman did not know when the patrols will be revoked.

For all visitors wearing reflective vest waited quite

On the occasion of the winter holidays District Police Headquarters opened its doors and showed how the police work "backstage". The greatest interest in visiting the command enjoyed among children in safety vest who had the opportunity to see the equipment police crime lab, show or training police dogs.


On Wednesday, all those who were interested in it, how the work of police officers, have the opportunity to learn this. The local District Police Headquarters organized for open days.


For all visitors wearing reflective vest waited quite attractions. The car park is presented to train service dogs and the latest police cars. Inside the command officers presented, in turn, bulletproof vest, handcuffs, helmets, and technician showed traces of the method of disclosure.


- The police handed out postcards to all participants related to the topic of safety during the winter holidays. The interest was high. Command visited by nearly 350 people from groups, a lot of mothers and fathers with children and grandparents with grandchildren - police spokesman, asp. Peter in safety clothing with reflective tape.

Let children wear warm and safety clothing

They are approaching winter holidays, and with them the time fun and relaxation both at home and outdoors. Police officers wearing safety vest in the course of their duties are visiting Waters County, paying special attention to persons in areas of frozen water reservoirs. The uniforms remind us that being on the frozen surface of the ice carries the risk of drowning.


Traditionally, during the winter, and especially during the holidays, include police special supervision around water reservoirs. Policemen patrolling our seas areas of the county, react to any inappropriate behavior of children, young people and adults in places particularly dangerous. We follow: reckless, reckless use of the beauties of winter could end in tragedy. Them to the danger posed by playing on frozen rivers and lakes, and see if, if necessary, they were able to call for help. You should also warn children about the absolute prohibition of entering the frozen bodies of water without adult supervision. Police reiterates that the basic principle that should guide every person staying on frozen bodies of water is not stepping on the ice, so avoid an accident, which could lead ultimately to death.


If, however, we have to go to the ice, you should follow these guidelines:

Before entering the children on the ice, it should be checked by an adult guardian - ice must be at least 10 cm thick and should not be on the ice hole. And let children wear warm and safety clothing is necessary. Also, the air temperature must be negative,

Remember that the thinnest ice will be present near the mouth of rivers and canals, Streams Rivers, water intakes, bridges, piers, near the source (even those invisible) and in places where the bottom of arrears remains plants such.

Ice should include at least two people - can stay at a distance from each other, but always in sight. Under no circumstances should you step on the ice, if you close no one (including fishing).


Do not stick your hands in your pockets while on the ice - in the event of falling into the water easier to get out to the surface,

In case if you hear crackling ice, do not dwell, but immediately towards the shore.

Always where and which way to go and the scheduled time of return, walking on the water reservoir with a dog never runs for animals on the ice;

You should have with him any security equipment (ice spikes, whistle, and buoyancy aid).

In the case of the collapse of the ice to let us try to keep calm and call for help.


Let us move towards the shore all the time lying on the ice. When we see a person drowning, do not let us run toward her, because at us it can also break the ice. It is also forbidden to approach air hole upright, because in this way we increase the pressure point on the ice, which can collapse under-saving. If at hand, we have a long scarf or thick branch, try to through a distance throw and try to give the victim the other end, avoiding direct contact with him.

Police in reflective vest advises: If we do not have the ability to provide victim assistance immediately informed about our accident the nearest police station or fire department.

safety vests equipped with vibrating motors

The company MMO announced the commercial version of the chair to be virtual reality. The seat with reflective material rotates 360 degrees, and holding his arm swings in either direction. Everything to reflect as accurately as possible what is happening currently in the game.


This is one of the most advanced gadgets associated with virtual reality, which will go to the broad sales. Production of specialized chair is a Ukrainian company MMO Company, which recently received a safety certificate by TÜV.


To act MMO needs high for at least 4 meters premises with an area of 27 square meters.


Promotional video is impressive. You have to remember that the chair simulates virtual seats. It sounds strange, but it simply means that the equipment works best in conjunction with the games in which you control a car or plane.

The feelings associated with the virtual filming barrels or falling from a height apparently is amazing.

It is not known yet how much will cost equipment, but manufacturers are planning to distribute in the form of leasing, and the chair would rather appear at the point’s entertainment or shopping malls with a reflective tape sign.


Virtual Reality 2.0

MMO appears as an ideal gadget for lovers of virtual reality. Sometimes we hear opinions according to which the actual beginnings of the VR-u we still have to wait. Same helmets worn over the head, even combined with motion controllers, do not allow us to empathize so well in a given situation. It's hard to talk about moving to the virtual world. I still feel that this is just the merit of the screen (actually two screens), which we have right before your eyes.

Partly with the problem that has measured the HTC that your set of virtual reality attached controllers equipped with a vibration function. Speakers mimic the actual impact or shots, what great feel, for example, in the simulator light saber from "Star Wars."


Another idea for the better perception of games in virtual reality projects of special treadmill moving in any direction. The device synchronized with goggles and a computer capable of a more powerful entry into the gaming world with the prospect of the first person, for example. In Warsaw disco VR, or arcade VR, so the running was connected to one of the posts with the game Counter-Strike.


And there are projects safety vests equipped with vibrating motors and speakers, which have to reflect the real world, including VR-those gunshot wounds.

One of the latest devices of this type is Vest's Wooer. Vests were presented in September 2016 year. It has four built-in sensors on the chest and two in the middle of the back, along the spine.

Reflective fabric clothing for cyclists

By Bosch are some tips on using the e-bike during the colder season.

The days are getting shorter, it gets colder and biking trails are less busy. When winter comes, many leave the bike in the basement or in the garage and come in only in spring saddle. It is a pity! By following a few rules, you can go even bike in the coldest season using the e-Bike all winter without any problem. Of course, the safety vest is need whatever which bike you ride.


How to prepare your e-Bike for winter

During the winter there is more moisture, colder and darker than in summer. So it is always advisable to do a complete control of the bicycle, whether it is a normal bike is that it is equipped with an electric drive system. The lighting system, the brake pads and the change must work properly to be prepared for all weather conditions. The humidity does not block the e-Bike, because its components are protected from rain and water splashes. At temperatures below freezing, the battery is protected by a neoprene covering provided by the dealer.


How to protect battery

The battery is the most sensitive component e-Bike. At low temperatures, the capacity can be reduced, compromising even the autonomy. In case of operation during the winter at temperatures below 0 ° C, it is therefore recommended that the battery is removed, stored at room temperature and only little e-Bike inserted before starting the journey. At the end of the trip, the battery should ideally be kept inside at a temperature comprised between 15 and 20 degrees. While the battery is charging, the same principle applies: the cell lithium-ion battery should be charged at room temperature.


What to do in case of snow and ice

In the case of very adverse weather conditions, such as ice or snow, you should not use either the e-Bike or conventional bike. During the winter it is advisable to use them only if you are comfortable to travel by bike in these conditions. Careful driving is essential especially on roads covered with snow or ice. The e-Biker should avoid traveling with much assistance to the engine (on Bosch traction systems in Turbo mode), because the wheels spin and lose traction. For those who regularly travel in winter on roads covered by snow, it can help the wheels Spike, only approved for pedicels with support for up to 25 km / h.


Dress appropriately

As for reflective fabric clothing for cyclists, e-Biker have a great advantage: if the temperature is lowered and therefore become necessary heavy winter garments, thanks to the electric media still do not sweat much. This also reduces the risk of getting sick. However, even when driving with the e-Bike are advisable breathable jackets that insulate body heat but leave the air to breathe and offer good comfort? Cycling fingers cool very quickly, so you must not forget the gloves. Headbands and thin caps keep the heat and entering under the helmet, which must never be left at home, even during the winter. In the hours of darkness, the longest in the winter, it is also very important to make yourself more visible to other road users. To do so, wear bright reflective clothing.


How to properly maintain the e-Bike

The e-Bike can be stored both indoors and outdoors if you are in snow and ice cover. Garage and basement are ideal. Who retains its pedaled under the carport or in unheated areas, however, must remove the battery and store it at room temperature. Even in the case where the e-Bike is not used throughout the winter, the battery should be removed and stored in a dry place and not too cold, with a charge of between 30 and 60 percent of its capacity. Unlike some other batteries, Bosch Power Pack during the period of non-use must not be charged, regardless of the length of the period in which the e-Bike is not used.

Old reflective vest have to change

The panic around safety vest is useless. Transport Ministry responds to information that motorists will have to change old for new vests. "Motorists change warning vests of necessary equipment does not need to," says the Ministry of Transport.


Panic sparked amendment to the Decree, which implements the rules of road traffic. To it got delayed for several years, specifying the applicable standard form reflective elements.


"From January 1, 2016 is valid in the Czech Republic as part of mandatory equipment for vehicles waistcoat according to CSN EN ISO 20471: 2013," says Denel DAS shelf from the company that manufactures first aid kits and car accessories. The amended ordinance and adopted a standard that is valid in the Czech Republic for three years. "The standard EN ISO 20471: 2013, which is harmonized by Government Regulation 21/2003 Coll., Replaced the standard EN 471 1 October 2013," says George of trade "It specifies clothes with high visibility, gives the test methods and requirements."


Previous form ordinance valid until the end of last year, therefore, required to keep under no corrections. The amendment introduced a delay in accordance with the decree and applicable standard.

Kristina Marketing firm that manufactures reflective fabric elements, states that vests and other products made according to the applicable standards EN ISO 20471 since 2013.


The original appearance of the standards by Denel knew three grades and luminance reflective elements. "The differences between the stages are really striking," says Denel. The new standard was canceled for various levels and is precisely specified parameters of quality materials and reflectivity.


"Of the Decree is no obligation to change the vest," calms the Ministry of Transport. "The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements," says Thomas Neola from the ministry's press department. "It is true that the vest, which is part of the compulsory equipment must comply with European standard EN 471 and EN ISO 20,471th from any enactment but does not mean that older vests filling this standard are not right, and people can use," he adds.


What standard vest filled, easy to find the label that is sewn to the vest.

"Manufacturers continue to have an obligation to affix CE marking on a product, which expresses conformity with the essential requirements of Government Regulation and the Directive," says Thomas Neola. Warning vest mandatory equipment vehicles but according to the Ministry not among those protective clothing, that according to the standards they must indicate the number (four digit code) notified (authorized) persons assessing conformity with regulations. "This applies to other, specialized, protective gear," explains Neola.


According to one of the dealer’s reflective elements who do not want to be named, these products are usually tested in Germany.

According to information on the Czech market, there are products with reflective material of Chinese origin, which have much less ability to reflect light. He has to go on different tapes and accessories, which since February mandatory for pedestrians (more here).

Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility

The big problem is that cyclist’s night is not well regarded. Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility and make cyclists be seen and be safer.

Well, now there is a spray that solves this problem...


Volvo has teamed up with a Swedish company to produce a spray Albedo100 whose job it is to make your reflective clothing. While day, natural light is invisible, it reacts with headlamp lights at night, and producing the same effect they have reflective strips.


In addition, it leads to first wash, so I do not have to wear the same clothes (or vest) every time you go out on the bike. It can be applied to a wide range of articles (and textures) different from accessories chic clothing, shoes, helmet, wheelchair or backpack with reflective tape.


Currently, the spray is able test - offering free vela six stores in London - and will expand the availability and internationally, if it proves feasible for commercialization.

A tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest

Tracks around the stadium Dan completely rebuilt a year ago in Timisoara; prove to be extremely attractive for young lover’s motion. Enjoy those runners, cyclists, and those who practice roller skateboard with wearing a safety vest.


More young people were shot while having fun posing copious bikes and after dragging a column rifles roller after it gets dark. It’s hard to be seen clearly at night without wearing reflective clothing.


Although the tracks were declared closed forever auto traffic, drivers are still plenty of cars out there that come with putting them in danger those who are targeted.


And this can be noted and footage of gang youth, in which we see a taxi coming from the front right on the space surrounding the sports arena that is apportioned in 4 color, one bicycle, one for roller and skateboard a tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest.

Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

The initiators of the proposal to amend the Highway Code consider fines for lack of these accessories - on which there have been good business, but were committed many abuses - "irrational, unnecessary and unfair". This is because the Criminal Code criminalizes already failing help him to announce authority’s times when a person is in danger and detriment to the civil Code penalizes legitimate rights or interests of others.


Submitted to parliament on November 9, 2015 and under public debate until January 9 this year, the project will enter the agenda of the two houses of parliament in the near future. Until then, police in safety vest will be able to divide further fines for absence or expiration of these accessories.


Completely unnecessary accessories

Regarding fire extinguisher small, which is not binding in any EU state, it was concluded that it is completely useless, unable to extinguish any fire remains of a barbecue, let alone a car in flames. In addition, the outbreak of such a fire, drivers and attendants must depart as soon as the danger, with a safe and authorities later announced.


Referring to medical first-aid kit, which cannot dress more than a scratch, it was found that it is completely useless, cannot save any lives. This accessory can be useful professionals come to the spot and the less drivers. In cases of major trauma, current kits - approved based on dubious grounds - they are completely useless, and in case of minor injuries, can expect specialized medical intervention and emergency paramedics.


Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

Although the production, sale and approval of these extinguishers and medical kits were made business extremely lucrative to the detriment of owners and users of motor vehicles, until now nobody had curiosity to find out who is behind which damaged million consumers. Also, one can notice the police possibility exists currently, the abuses committed regarding the expiry of accessories such irrational, unnecessary and unfair.


The same proposal to amend the Highway Code also provides for mandatory detention of two triangles, to one now and a reflective vest. Luckily these accessories do not expire and are cheaper.

Safety clothing and accessories protect your safety

Snowing, raining, you're stuck in traffic, you phone or petrol? Safety vest - With little money, be attention and responsibility. Not just for you and the passengers they have in the car. Here are 11 things that, according men health, gives you peace when the situation is dire. 


1. Gasoline is vital car for you. Lose, you're PA. In the worst case, it helps another driver you stop and beg him to give you a "mouth" to get to the first pump. Okay, he wants, but you have a hose at you to shoot your petrol tank in yours? Take a petrol hose and learn to shoot up starts running his mouth, and then quickly put the hose in your tank to shoot a few liters. Stop by not emptying the tank man.

2. If you want to skip the first point, I always keep a canister true with a few liters of petrol in it. Do not fill to the brim! It's dangerous especially in the summer to walk with a canister filled eyes.

3. Water, water and water. Keep a can of 5 liters you do not know where you stay. Body water is like gasoline car. Lose its panic.

4. with sandbags or traction mats and shovel. It's snow in n silt and loses traction. Put under the wheels with traction sand or a mat slip in and out of trouble.

5. Triangles and reflective vest Peter who take fine if you do not (like for things to point 4) are very important. The signal that you have a problem and can you help someone, you warn the other traffic that station. Everything you do to protect yourself and to get to a solution a little faster. And do not take fine.

6. Blanket. Needless to detail what helps you stand these days people just a few days stranded in the cold on national roads?

7. Cash. How common as POS nowadays you do not know how to get the Brains Mountains where you find one willing to shepherd you tow with horses. Probably not yet have a POS in the fold and ugly not to honor the man.

8. Power cables (or crocodiles). Forget the lights or simply comes a time in the life of each battery dies. Similarly, if someone stops to tea jute, he may not have power cables to help you 100%.

9. Flashlight with magnet. It's clear why you need a flashlight when you are away. The magnet is even better because you can attach a sheet, or if you repair a flat tire or if the car otherwise. You can use your both hands so to solve the problem better and faster.

10. Scotch. Anytime you can come off a car whether it's due to an accident, whether driving a car simply french. You can stick immediately component to get a service. For example, a mirror, that whatever you need in place while driving.

11. Phone Charger. No comment!

12. Map - do not rely always on the GPS signal. Especially you go through Bulgaria.

13. Snacks - potato chips, nuts, seeds are nutritious or not does not matter bio. The idea is to ensure your vital 2-3 days of food if you get stuck somewhere.

14. The medical kit (obligatory)

15. Toilet paper and wet wipes. No comment!

16. Compressor for inflating tires and vulcanized solution.

17. Gloves. You better grip when you need to walk to the machine parts, and protects you from damage frit hands.

18. Penknife - an exceptional tool in any situation.

19. Lighter / matches - anytime is good to have a source of fire you. Whether you're going to grill and you have not covered work from you, or that you must fire to get warm.

20. A fishery pair of boots and a pair of thick socks, also safety reflective clothing. You do not want your feet numb at minus 20 degrees and no make yourself knee-deep mud.

Preclude the introduction of reflective tape

Volvo is known for its strong commitment to improving road safety. Swedish manufacturer is not focused only on cars, also takes care of other participants of the road.


Volvo for some time draws attention to the safety of cyclists, who are often participants in road accidents, especially after dark, when they are barely visible. The British branch of the brand came up with an interesting idea that cyclists were always visible, without having to set a reflective vest.


This innovative approach is Volvo Life Paint, or fluorescent paint spray that can be sprayed onto any surface - the bicycle frame, tires, helmet, or simply clothing. On the night of the material covered in paint reflects the light of car headlights. The strength of the reflection is the same as for standard safety vest, so the probability of deductions so well visible cyclist dramatically decreases. The innovative product was created to increase the protection of cyclists, but it might as well check it in improving the visibility of pedestrians.


Volvo Life Paint This event promotional campaign (cans were distributed for free on the London bike shops), but the Swedish brand does not preclude the introduction of reflective tape and fluorescent spray paint for sale in their showrooms. It can already be purchased via the website of the manufacturer, the company Albedo100. The inks are available in various colors, glare, are also divided according to the type of surface on which can be applied. Life Paint costs about 100(plus postage).

Safety vest are so wet from sweating

With temperatures around the freezing point, it is wonderful to take a long hike. In addition, it is very important to maintain body heat. But how do you do now that you are not going to choke after some effort by the heat? Or that your clothes and safety vest are so wet from sweating that you have to go through the cold wet clothes?


In winter you can choose the best of several layers of clothing. Those ways you keep better determine your body heat. You get too hot; you just pull the top layer of clothing.


Three Layer systems

The lower layer ensures that moisture can be discharged, and is composed of thermal undergarments. This underwear is usually made of polyester synthetic fibers hardly retain moisture. Therefore, the sweat can be drained quickly and have a lot less problems with a wet and sweaty body. In very cold weather you can safely carry two thin thermoplastic shirts over each other. Between the layers forms a layer of warm air.


The second layer of clothing has an insulating effect. Think of a vest, a jacket or a sweater. You can choose the best for the fleece material, because of its light weight. The thickness of the material lets you depend on the current weather: the colder it is, the thicker your sweater to be. This layer must be able to drain perspiration.


The upper layer has a protective function: this layer should protect you from wind and precipitation. Also for this layer of clothing, it is important that moisture is easily removed. There are various types of clothing with to obtain such a protective effect, each for a different type of weather:


Windproof, breathable and non-waterproof cloth of this type you use in inclement, dry weather. There are several formats on the market such as light, thin, abrasion-resistant micro fiber (fleece), soft shells and windproof fleece;

Windproof, breathable and waterproof: clothing with these features keeps water from evaporating and allows perspiration. That sounds good, but there are also disadvantages. Not all sweat is removed, so you cannot avoid that you get a little wet. If your reflective jacket is also again on the outside wet by rain, the breathability decreases and you become even wetter;

Windproof, waterproof and breathable non-: actually this really is rain gear that you wear only during a downpour. As soon as the weather is dry, you pull these non-breathable clothing of course as soon as possible. You go there namely very quickly in sweat. Many hikers take a raincoat with them in their pocket or backpack. Do you see a storm coming, the poncho is so attracted. A rain suit slightly better protection against a momentary mood, but is more expensive. In addition, walking with a rain pants by many is experienced as unpleasant. When it is dry and not too cold, you can suffice with the first two layers.


Gloves and hat

It is not necessary to wear gloves constantly in colder weather. You may find it in the beginning fresh without gloves, but you will see, your hands are released quickly to temperature. And it's actually so nice without running. It is very cold; a hat is not a luxury. After all, you lose about forty percent of your energy through your head!



Go for departure after what the weather predictions, so you will not be surprised;

Prevent injuries by allowing your muscles are warm and good also to cool again. In the winter months is that more important than in the rest of the year. In extreme cold, you can warm up and cool down naturally do inside; note the wind chill. With a cold wind may feel colder than it many times indicating thermometer; in extreme cold, it is advisable to grease your lips and face with Vaseline; let your shoes do not dry in the heat, but do some crumpled newspaper in your shoes; beware with smoothness, choose hiking boots with a good profile; make sure that other road users can see you in the rain and in the dark. Use lights and reflective clothing or straps.

Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility

Spring is coming, the time for many bikers to meet their engine again stable. The Traffic and Transport Council (HVO) Groningen, the Traffic and Transport Consultation VVBD and the police in safety vest help bikers love to stay safe on the road. This spring they ask to go through a campaign of attention for safe motorcycling and motorcyclists give tips to protect and visible on the road. The slogan of the campaign this year is: "Motorcycling is a party as you stick to the dress code.


Good riding gear can save lives. A motorcycle suit of leather, nylon or fabric protects shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees well when dropped. Thick gloves and high shoes or boots provide extra protection. Finally, wear a properly fitting helmet of course mandatory.


Visibility is not only good protection, but also stand out is important to prevent accidents. Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility of motorcyclists. The road itself is wise to keep a sufficient distance to other road users. Continue working lighting is important to look ahead. Other road users see motorcyclists better than additionally.


Technical condition finally motorcyclists do well to check their engine before the first Spring Rally. The last stop in the winter for example, is not good for the tire. Also practice driving here can prevent accidents.


Flyers and posters via Face book and Twitter indicate the HVO and the police the next time tips to remain safe and visible on the road. Also, motor clubs, dealers and meanwhile campaign posters and flyers receive chance to hang out and share. In addition, the campaign from late March to see across is the county on reflective tape signs along the side of the road.