Perfect safety clothing for cycling in summer

Bicycle Line is an Italian brand that produces safety clothing for cycling, a wide assortment of items for a complete collection from all points of view.

It is from 1987 Bicycle Line works in this environment and experience in the field has matured a lot. Quality of materials, style and technical materials are always the best way to meet the needs of every fan.


In this period we examined the full format from Slash overalls and knitted Breath, an excellent kit to experience cycling in the warmer times of the year.

Dungarees Slash 3.0 is the evolution of a historical product for the brand and has all the characteristics to be a high-end product. The reflective material fabrics used Mitotic power has the characteristic of graduated compression and excellent elasticity to optimize the performance and allow a good comfort during the activity. Another important feature is the total UV protection.


The case back is the Road Performance Space Cytec, a high quality support for long distances, which guarantees higher perinea support and increases the protection in the pelvic area. It has no seams and adopts an innovative structure with multidirectional curvature that improves stability in the saddle. The risers read, finished with flat seams, ensure good seal without ever giving excessive tension. It 'available in three color versions: all black, black / gray and black / white in sizes S to XXL.


The Jersey Breath is a real feather in fact; size L weighs just 80 grams for a high comfort during the hot summer days. The fit is well balanced; it is not a boss ultra snug but not even a classic "regular" for a result that can accommodate different body types. Once worn, it glides over the skin exactly as silk remains very soft on both the bust and on the neck. The sleeves end with a beautiful white elastic band and the same happens in life for a pleasant aesthetic result. In the underarm area Bicycle Line has rightly positioned in a fabric especially breathable micro-network, a way out for all the heat generated by this part of the body. At opposite sides of the pockets we are well positioned two reflective fabric details, a device for improving the visibility without overloading the mesh aesthetically.


The colors are three: black, red and blue aviation with more white elastic. The suit is perfect for the hot days, those in which the sun never leaves you truce and the shadow is never enough. The use of quality materials we can see and feel and a good level are all the different finishes.


In the test I also used gloves Curtis, a perforated synthetic leather glove with gel inserts for excellent grip always very amortized. The spine in two-way stretch reflective fabric follows the anatomy of the hand and ends with a Velcro closure. Excellent grip and excellent against the handlebars!


The daily protection of reflective jacket

Pilot Equipment

Accessories and BMW equipment are recognized for their quality for many years. Often expensive, they displayed an important consideration technical and best meet the strength and function requirements. The Urban range represents a new step in the manufacture of equipment for bikers and urban scooter riders. The rate content does not betray however the strength nor the real utility of the elements, and only the back protector is missing in jackets and reflective jackets, as to reduce the cost of leaving the choice of model (integrated or autonomous). We found the selection offered by BMW for this autumn.


Air Helmet Flow2

This medium jet helmet (as it is small) claims the greatest possible lightness and the best level of ventilation in the category of jet helmets. Cordons to color with that of the scooter, add half a screen that can be smoked. The shape is special, and it looks like a ski helmet...


System 6 Helmet

It is compatible with the BMW modular communication kit is one of the most efficient in its class. Designed by BMW as a set of very precise specifications, it is not like the Schubert helmet which it derives. A pledge as much silence as quality, with higher standards yet.


Urban jacket with reflective tape

This waterproof laminated layers 3/4 3 highlights its extreme discretion and resistance uncommon. The especially soft touch fabric is also more significant. The high collar is removable for its share. Urban the jacket is sealed and impermeable. Two hydrophobic outer pockets to keep dry personal belongings, but only the waterproof internal pocket is able to carry a mobile phone.


Coverall combination

The combination while a BMW is integrally composed of the superposition of external tissues Corduroy 500, an intermediate layer of thermal regulation and a waterproof insert. Breathable and waterproof, it incorporates original light and soft protectors at the elbows and shoulders, but also knees (adjustable to two heights) and hips. Of 3M® reflective surfaces are arranged on the shoulders and back. The loose fit allows the wear over his clothes. Many adjustments are available and 2 pockets on the trousers and one on the chest, water resistant. Inside, a completely tight bag completes a pocket on the right arm.


Together Tour Shell man or woman

in triple laminated layer lined with Corduroy Highly resistant to the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and designed for both men and women through a specific cut, this two-piece is distinguished by its use all seasons and its resistance to cold and rain. The removable and independent thermo-active membrane (you can wear only) CARE, has for its part of breathable, waterproof properties. Once removed, it can be folded and stored in the inner pocket, provided for this purpose. The K-Way is small! The semi-rigid and removable covers are adjustable to three heights at the knees.


The Flash Season 3 with reflective element

In season 3, The Flash completes his Rogues Gallery with Mirror Master - aka The Master of Mirrors - will make its debut in Central City under the Gray Damon traits. The actor who wear reflective vest takes a role in Aquarius will be present in episode 4 of Season 3, scheduled for late October or early November.


As usual, there was no one Mirror Master. It will nevertheless be the original that will be appearing in the CW series, namely Sam Scudder. This is a creation of John Broom and Carmine Infantine which was introduced in The Flash # 105 in 1959.


Criminal with a big ego discovering that it can travel through any reflective surface, Sam Scudder is determined to prove he is the greatest thief of Central City by performing a large number of crimes. The Flash should stand in his way.


In the comic book, Scudder is a "Rogues" criminal group in which we find Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Captain Boomerang (Nick Tara bay), The Trickster (Mark Hamlin and Devon Grayer), Golden Glider (Peyton List) and Pied Piper (Andy Menus). They then worked as a team against the Flash, although there is unlikely at this stage that happens in the series. In the skin of Mirror Master, Gray Damon currently been announced for a single episode.


Gray Damon does not also debut on the CW; the actor in reflective clothing was in the distribution of star-crossed. However, it is best known for having played Hastings Truckle in the last season of Friday Night Lights.


Safety vest wearer picks up all waste on the way

In Aix-en-Provence in Paris, Hervey travels the roads of France on foot. He travels to the COP 21, to be held in Paris in November. On the way, he wears a safety vest and picks up all the waste it finds in its path.


It is with a touch of humor that Hervey described his crazy project on Facebook: "A march for the environment is queue this is an environmental act more concrete terms, this is a guy who? This is not all! He will take with him his fiddle companioned the recycling bin to fill the waste littering the edge of the road. "


The French began its journey on July 12. Hervey started from Aix-en-Provence and will arrive at the foot of the Eiffel Tower Saturday, October 10 to 17 hours. It will have traveled almost 1,000 kilometers on foot or about 56 days of walking. A march is that dedicate to the planet and the environment. "I do not want to be part of those who knew and did nothing," he summarizes in The Obis.


600 wastes collected per day

During these 56 days Hervey picks up all the garbage he finds in its path. In his luggage, apart from his food, he took his trash, trash bags, a dustpan, a construction trousers, reflective jacket, shovel, broom; hammer a knife, a cutter and a solar panel. Just the first day, he collected 55 kilos of waste. "I harvest an average of 600 wastes per day or more”, he confided to The Obis. On the menu: shoes, condoms, phones, cigarette butts, hub caps, wiper blades, mirrors, empty bottles, pieces of copper, steel, capsules of beers, electrical son, plastic packaging, fabric scraps, cans, chewing gum and even armchair, pie plates and a watering can. He says he has traveled extensively, New Zealand, Asia, and South America and even in Europe and that several times he was shocked by the amount of waste he has seen.


In his periled, he is accompanied by his friend Lola. It is responsible for stewardship. She wear a reflective vest recovers from trash bags' Hervey when they are full and together they weigh and sort their content. These figures are frightening. The Obis accurate than the 50th day of walking, having traveled 862 km, Hervey picked 272 kilograms of non-recyclable waste, 103 kilos of glass, 137.5 kilos of metal, 51.5 kilos of recyclable plastic, 32 kilos of paper and 3,324 packs of cigarettes.


A giant with a reflective jacket and a solid handshake

They sweated and worked underground for 17 years, 360 days a year and 24 hours a day. When the Gotthard base tunnel is inaugurated with great pomp next week, many of them have already left the scene. The 2,000 miners employed at the construction site remained anonymous, while they realized the work of the centuries.


Nostalgia, pride and satisfaction; this is what René Kaufmann feels when he thinks of the tunnel. René Kaufmann, a giant with a reflective jacket and a solid handshake, has just spent 14 years in the Gotthard base tunnel. First in mine rescue, then in equipment management and finally as a locomotive engineer in Sedum (GR), where the difficult geological conditions allowed to work only with explosives.


Blasting is the queen discipline in the tunnel. The blaster master performs a final check round before proceeding with the explosion. The detonation is deafening, the huge shock wave. The acrid smell of ammonia rises to the nose of the miners. It's hot - up to 50 degrees - wet and dust is ubiquitous. Thus the 46-year-old man described his daily task: "I had to carry comrades out of the tunnel because they collapsed."

Team work in the heart of the mountain is hard: ten days of work, four leave. Quick starts are not uncommon. "Either you're done for the tunnel, or you're not." René Kaufmann has been doing this job for thirty years.


His great-grandfather and grandfather were already working in the mines. A small town in East Germany, this is tradition. The locality was known for decades for its pure copper ore. Since he was sixteen, he is in the mines. The daily work has undergone dramatic changes: while René Kaufmann has learned the craft from scratch, satellite-guided machines perform many tasks today. The first workers in reflective vest were still attacking the rock with pickaxes and shovels. But for Kaufmann, the challenge remained the same: "snatch" a tunnel into the mountains.


What has also remained the same: risks? Despite the most modern technology, the fear is there when the elevator drops 800 meters to Sedum and a new day begins. Blocks of unstable rock, chemical substances, fires or accidents: many dangers lie in the mountains. Kaufmann learned it painfully: two comrades lost their lives in the tunnel. The memory of this 28-year-old German is lively, has become daddy shortly before and crushed dead between two wagons of ballast.


"These were hard times. Also because these accidents could have been avoided, "explains René Kaufmann. His compatriot had forgotten to press the emergency button to stop it. A miner must not only respect the mountain, but also the machines. The miners also count on Sainte Barbed, their patroness. There is no tunnel under construction that is not guarded by the saint.


It is not only the blows of fate that bind miners. Their lives reflect their work in the mountains. In Sedum, Kaufmann and his comrades lived on the outskirts of the village, in containers installed above the building site. Each had a single room. WC and showers were upstairs; meals were taken in the canteen.


All the minors came from abroad, especially from Germany, Austria, Portugal and Italy. Fellowship is crucial: "We are a small family". We invite ourselves for grills, we play football or cards. René remained in contact with some colleagues, "thanks to Facebook". Only teamwork allows for a real family life. After eight days, Kaufmann wear safety vest took the wheel of his car and was 800 kilometers. He spent five days with his wife and two sons before returning to Switzerland.


The future remains open. And René Kaufmann is a bit disillusioned. He expected a little more consideration here: "Once the tunnel is over, they drop you like a hot potato." Currently, he takes care of the last interviews in the gallery. His contract expires the day before the festive inauguration of the tunnel. It has already been announced at the ORP, the regional placement office.

Adidas new design with reflective material

To anticipate the arrival of spring and summer, Adidas reissues its collaboration with Porsche offering a special collection of clothing and shoes with reflective material. The ambassador of this collection is none other than the Spanish player of Bayern Munich: Xebio Alonso.


It is now a tradition at Adidas. When spring looming, the three reflective stripes took the opportunity to launch his collection in collaboration with Porsche: the collection Porsche Design Sport. And as in previous years, Adidas has appointed Xebio Alonso as muse for this collection. It is true that the future retiree has a perfect profile for this collection: mature, experienced, elegant. And for this edition Spring / summer 2017, Adidas and Porsche have decided to emphasize the everyday player, from the house to the training grounds.


Moreover, the collection Porsche Design Sport 2017 consists only of clothes and shoes for the city (jackets, sweaters, backpacks, sneakers) instead of soccer shoes like the last year. So this is a new world "lifestyle" that wants to highlight Adidas and Porsche. A new universe that appeals to Xebio Alonso: "With this new collection Porsche Design Sport Adidas, I know I'll always elegant when I do my daily tasks. I love that spring / summer because I wear several different items each day and regardless of the activity. When I go to training, I wear probably the reflective jacket and when I go to family dinners, I have a choice of stylish outfits from the collection."


Reflective vest is necessary when visibility reduced

On the A2 Bucharest highway, road traffic takes place in dense fog between Drina and Feet, visibility being less than 50 meters below this time. Police advise drivers to wear safety vest to enhance visibility for safety.


On the A1 motorway - Arad belt road, road traffic is under fog. Between 530 and 584 kilometers, visibility is between 50 and 80 meters.

The same phenomenon is also a problem on the A3 Bucharest - Ploiesti highway, here the visibility is between kilometers 14 and 68 under 150 meters. The reflective material is necessary for drivers to keep safety on road.


In addition to the usual rules on foggy traffic, some motorway recommendations should also be considered: Follow the indications displayed on the electronic panels, first of all those related to speed!


Increase driving distance!

Do not stop on the traffic lanes and on the emergency lane! In case of a feather or technical failure, switch on the hazard warning lights, fit the reflective vest, remove the passengers from the car outside the carriageway and place the reflective triangles one after the other at greater distances! You can also request support from the Highway Police through the Single National Emergency Call System 112.

Car Exam of drivers for road safety

Car Modified Exam. A legislative initiative submitted to the Senate provides for the introduction of new first aid samples in traffic, keep the road safety.


If it is approved by the Senate and then the Chamber of Deputies, which is the decision-maker, will be the project signed by 31 MPs, it would complement the 1952 Government Emergency Ordinance 195/2002 on the introduction of two new items aligned to the article Number 23:


- "In order to obtain the driving license, the candidates have the obligation to carry out during the theoretical and practical training activities and to promote a first aid course in traffic".

- "The program, the modalities of organizing and developing the first aid course in traffic, the list of authorized centers for theoretical and practical training and practice and the promotion scale are established and updated by joint order of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Internal Affairs".


Currently, concepts of first aid in traffic in the event of an accident are included in the theoretical exam for obtaining a driving license.

The life of an injured person depends, to a large extent, on the moment of first aid and on the understanding of the person who first intervenes at the scene of the accident. Basic first aid is just temporary emergency relief to save life, prevent further complications and relieve suffering until an appropriate medical service can intervene.


The four steps in giving first aid

Situations in which first aid is needed may be very different, but first aid providers will need to take four steps, regardless of the situation.

The four important steps are:

1. Taking safety precautions.

2. Assessing the victim's state.

3. Requesting help.

4. Getting First Aid.


Taking safety measures in the event of a road accident

Indications for first aid:

    Always follow the Road Code.

    Gradually reduce speed and do not brake suddenly as you approach the scene of the road accident.

    Stop the car in a safe place, on the refuge, on the roadside or outside.

    Put your reflective vest.

    Use warning signs (such as the reflective triangle) to alert those approaching the scene of the accident.

    Do not try to cross a highway.

    Pay attention to the electrical cables on the floor and make sure that no one approaches these cables and they are not touched.

    Try to prevent a possible fire by stopping the electrical contact of the vehicles involved in the accident and not allowing anyone to smoke in the immediate vicinity.

    Please note that the airbags that have not activated can suddenly swell.

    Try to immobilize the injured vehicles by pulling the handbrakes.


Emergency removal of the victim

    As a general rule, you should not move the victim from the scene of the accident unless the danger is imminent and cannot be controlled, if safety measures cannot be taken and only if you do not expose yourself to any danger. If necessary, move the victim to the nearest safe place.

    If the victim is conscious, explain what you are going to do and ask her to cooperate. If possible, immobilize the neck of the victim while traveling. Turn as little as possible the neck, head and body of the victim.

    Try to apply the correct techniques, even if the victim's movement is the number one priority.

    Protect the victim from cold or heat, but move it only if it has been too cold and if this can have serious consequences. Cover the victim with a coat or blanket to protect it from cold. You can also use a thermo-insulating blanket.

To protect the victim from heat, make shade with a reflective jacket, blanket or umbrella or just sit down so that you shade with your own body.


Switch to winter increases the risk of road accidents

Crossing over to winter time by several countries this year on the night of October 29 to October 30 may have unexpected effects. According to the Belgian Road Safety Institute (IBSR), the number of pedestrian-related accidents increases by 63% during this period.


As winter passes, it darkens earlier and the visibility of the drivers is reduced. "The transition to winter time is the beginning of a period of risk. From October to November, the number of accidents involving pedestrians increases by 28% during peak hours," says IBSR. Therefore, this authority requires pedestrians and first of all drivers to be very careful.


Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to use signals to make them visible from afar - fluorescent vest or reflective strips. Also, dark clothing should be avoided. With reflective clothing, pedestrians and cyclists are visible up to 150 meters, while dark-colored clothing is barely visible from 20 meters, explains IBSR.


In turn, drivers wear safety vest have to double their attention and ensure that the vehicle is functioning properly. Functional headlamps, clean windscreen and functional windscreen wipers are essential to ensure the safety of everyone.


Berlusconi wear reflective vest with other heads

A little off playful program with the translator. The Prime Minister, Silvia Berlusconi, during the ceremony for the inauguration of the extension works of the Panama Canal, allows himself to jokes and a funny sketch with the translator, 'guilty' of committing some inaccuracies in translating into Spanish the words the prime minister. In more 'reflective clothes, Berlusconi jokes with the audience when he remembers that you design the locks were two Italians, "not me, I'm old but not so' old...” Then jokingly he corrects the translator who missed one of the names of the two inventors. And again, when he says that in Latin America there are so many Italians to do "almost another Italy", the translator translates the almost 'more' of Italy "and Berlusconi ready:" No, no, then the newspapers are saying that Berlusconi has made a mistake, but it's a mistake".


And again, when he invites many of Italian origin living in Latin America and in Central America to come to our country, not realizing that the translator is translating her words, she jokes: "The lady went to the toilet." To end with a mark of 'reconciliation': "I close my speech - even Berlusconi jokes - so a bit 'special: do' a kiss to the translator 'cause I treated badly." After the inauguration ceremony of the extension works of the Panama Canal, Berlusconi wearing hard hat and reflective vest, and, together with other heads of state, it goes to the places where they will be made the work of the new locks, not without having given prior to the many photos that are required.


No intention to leave politics at the end of the legislature. Silvia Berlusconi does not mince words and Panama uses the invitation of the President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Marginally, to return for the conclusion of the enlargement works of the Panama Canal, inaugurated today by the rider, to send a clear message "I was planning to leave politics in three years but - warning - having to come back here, I have to continue. Mr. Berlusconi is not about national politics, no comment, not a syllable on the fibrillation in the majority for the wiretapping bill. Only one criticism the political world in general: "I and marginally are not professional politicians, but we come from a business world. He said they are a word person. In the business world - it clarifies Berlusconi - must be maintained, but in politics the word is not maintained almost never. "The lunge continues:" When a politician not keep his word - he adds - its admirers say that is a person able to adapt the changing needs of the situation. "


The Toni cambia no when the prime minister, after holding a bilateral meeting with President of the Republic of Panama and signed with him a memorandum on security, arriving by train to Colon to inaugurate the third Channel closed system . Having shelved the officers outfits Berlusconi appears in casual attire (jacket and blue shirt without tie) to kick off the official to work. The rider says he is in Panama to make "the Italian entrepreneur" and took the opportunity to praise "excellence" of our businesses and in particular the ability of the Bell Pease entrepreneurs: "We do not have oil and gas - precise - but we have the courage and ability to take risks.”Qualities that the prime minister calls" the black "Italy's gold." we are a small country - underscores - but we are in seventh place in the ranking of world economies. “Then there are the jokes, especially with the translator, as he calls the knight: "Please translate well - says acting on an inaccuracy in reporting his speech in Spanish - otherwise the Italian newspapers say the president Council has made a mistake.”


The Prime Minister ended his official visit to Panama, then to return to Rome, inaugurating the project of a children's hospital built by several Italian companies. The health center will be built outside Panama City and will have 86 beds. To welcome the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony, at another hospital, the San Tomas were the children who danced with traditional Panamanian dress. The Knight shook hands with each of them, giving him a pat on the face, and then he gathered them in the center of a hall for a group photo. "For the realization of this project will take 18 months," he said the president of the Council hoped to be able to be present at the inauguration of the plant. "If God gives me life would be happy to come back here," he added. Berlusconi in safety vest then recalled the construction of an orphanage in the Amazon to Brazilian children and one in Thailand for orphans. The prime minister then spoke to tell the emotion I felt in seeing a movie on the children in an orphanage, "I am so touched to see the video I decided to build another orphanage."


Students in reflective vest to celebrate new project

A nice walk to the pupils wear reflective vest of the primary school "Galileo Galilee" of Ponte an Ebola was, this morning, an opportunity to celebrate the imminent launch of Pedi bus project. Initiated through a participatory process funded by the Tuscany Region, and implemented by the Company of the Lower Health, in collaboration with the service of education to the health of the ASL 11, saw right away the support of the City of San Mankato, which it runs for the fourth consecutive year. A healthy and accompany children on this walk, was attended by the mayor, the education commissioner and deputy mayor, Chari Rossi, the industry leader of personal services, Franco and Head of Education, Gloria Tonti. The service will be effective from October 13 and will cover the primary school in Ponte an Ebola, the school "De Amices" and the school of La Scale. This is an opportunity that children have to go to school on foot every morning, so a healthy, ecological and pleasant to start the day by meeting friends, doing movement, reducing traffic in front of schools and making a practical lesson in "education civic ".


To accompany the younger students there will be two educators, complete with a shovel to stop the traffic and they will receive a reflective safety vest with the logo of the City of San Mankato, in order to properly report their presence along the way. All Pedi bus paths are appropriately indicated and, at each stop, they were placed information boards, with their collection times, just as the bus stops.


"It's a great opportunity for all these children, not only from the point of view of health and reduces pollution, but also as regards the knowledge and attendance of our country - said the mayor. Children wear reflective clothing are too often used to car trips that do lose their good taste of the walk and find out what's in the place where they live. This service brings you to the rediscovery and offers them the opportunity to grow and learn, and gain health."


New Balance 247 Sport with reflective element

New Balance announces the release of the 247 Sport pack, included the reflective clothing. Featuring an urban and modern style, these sneakers combine the craftsmanship of the contemporary inspirational brand details. The 247 features a design and fit quite innovative but takes inspiration from the iconic models New Balance performance by combining an upper structured mesh to a building in neoprene sock.


The N reflective logo, the strap of the collar and the rubber tongue are details borrowed from New Balance running performance but revisited for this model 247 lifestyle. The inspiration to past models also includes asymmetric details on the tip, it is a subtle reference to the model 1300; while the strap design on the neck recalls the previous models 574 and 576 midsole is a lighter version of the Model 998.


"The Sport pack is a symbol of product innovation and performance characteristics of New Balance running," said Brian Lynn, Senior Product Manager, Global Lifestyle. "The lightweight mesh upper, an in neoprene sock structure, reflective fabric inserts and details in pop colors give this sneaker a more technical and attractive look. Style 247 is ideal anyone wanting to freely express their way of being in everyday life. "


"The 247 is the first model made for our evolutionary concept of 'Style of Your Life'. A nod to our iconic styling but with an important step forward in representing the intersection between sports and lifestyle," said Shinichi Kubota, Vice President, and Global Lifestyle. "The design of the model 247 combines the craftsmanship, technology, comfort and fit New Balance, providing the versatility needed for the modern consumer."

Keep warm and safety in the new autumn winter

TUCANATE Admit any of you (almost) in their lives motorcycle / scooter has had some head Ticino Urbane. Now, for the fall-winter collection, Ticino Urbane starts from the road. From here, in fact, the Milanese brand has always taken inspiration.


COOL HOT After the Cool Fresh, pillow that does not sweat, here is the Ticino Urbane Cool Hot (EUR 39): is a smart thermal skirt waterproof reflective material, perfect for shelter from the cold and rain. The Linocut, cover for mopeds, conquest new graphics, to feel more and more.


TERMOSCUD Also renewed the classic Ticino, suitable for maxi-scooters, equipped with the system to avoid fluttering in speed and provided with one year of coverage against theft. Now, to ensure maximum water resistance, it has been certified as PPE (1st category of Personal Protective Equipment), according to CE EN 343: 2008. To protect the saddle, there is instead the Niño Seat Cover (14.90 €), waterproof seat covers in three sizes (small, medium, large) and anti-theft tape.


JACKETS LONG AND COURT But the motion-urban scooter riders want to be stylish. So here Ticino, bike-coat very elegant, like all the others in the collection, it is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, with protectors on shoulders and elbows. Of note are the parkas for men (Central Park) and women that boast the clever pocket hug, which acts as a hand warmer for the passenger. Finally, there are short jackets, more motorcycle cut: Task, with the bottom knit bomber, genuine cowhide leather with quilted and removable inner reflective vest.


PANTS here too, style yes but with judgment (and protection) for the winter they arrive Ticino Urbane Genoa Gag, and Leo cargo, with side pockets. Everyone in agamid fiber inserts on knees, hips and buttocks, as well as knee protectors. They cost 149 euro.


GLOVES AND SOCKS Twenty pairs in total (seven new stuff) to please everyone: the motorcyclist with Ticino Urbane Swift (79.00 €), Winter Bob (49,00 €) and Rockers  (79.00 €), with scooter Lord Nock (69 euro) and Harry and Sally, 65 euro. By popular demand the return of the glove leather Softy Icon (69 euro) , even in the Lady version. But the cold is fought also with the technical underwear, such as Upload Plus (mesh, 49 euro) and the Download Plus, pants, to 39 euro. Both have softer windbreaker inserts. Finally, the novelty Pippin, the sock made of thermal yarn Thermopile and with reflective tape on the ankle.

Only with the jacket by bike in the evening

Cycling evening? From tomorrow on the open road you can only move with suspenders or safety vest with reflectors. The novelty is imposed by the changes of the Highway Code, which also require the cyclist to be clearly visible, especially with darkness. Here is the literal text of the law: "The velocipede drivers circulating outside the towns by half an hour to half an hour after sunset and before sunrise the driver of velocipede circulating in the galleries are obliged to wear the vest or suspenders reflective high visibility”. Thus the obligation applies to the evening and night use out of town. More difficult to imagine, in the city, is the cyclist stops and indusial a jacket before sender in an "urban gallery" if the gallery also means an underpass. The regulation comes into force on October 12, along with other innovations and changes made to the Code, some of which affect widespread habits as in this case, or as to the use of lightweight helmet for mopeds, which always from October 12 is banned. The obligation of the reflective jacket extends to cyclists as already envisaged in 2004 for car drivers, or the 'use of high visibility warning clothing.


MARKS AND SANCTIONS -For bicycles the vest will be mandatory in galleries and, in the night hours, on suburban routes. The European standard UNI EN 471 groups the warning clothing in three classes, establishing the requirements. The vests and suspenders must be of a color resistant to rubbing, perspiration, washing and ironing and must endure the outbreak of knitted materials, the water vapor, the tensile and tearing of coated and laminated fabrics. As for the marking and information to be provided to the manufacturer, the standard refers to the requirements defined in the UNI EN 340 and states that on the garment is applied to a pictogram in which they reported the class of the garment and the class the retro reflective material performance. The sanction in case of non-use of the jacket is ranging from 23 to 92 €.


Parties in safety vest with work on the way to Cortina

"But this work could not be done in the fall?”, president of the hoteliers in Cortina, was troubled for Anis chosen to match the cutting and pruning of trees lining the highway Aleman with arrivals peak of the tourist season in the Basin. From December 12 to 13 January, it announced the managing body of the roads, including Tai Cadre and Boca will be established unique alternate ways to enable workers in safety vest to make small forest operations. It will work from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 17, excluding holidays and holiday eves. The two-way traffic will be interrupted for a few meters at a time, but the shipyards arrive in a period in which it is not uncommon to see queues of stacked means along the valley. "A shameful choice, there was throughout the fall to start the operation. Already the road is in difficult conditions, we do not need aggravating. It needs a major program, also in view of the works that will be. "The reference is to the implementation of interventions for the World Ski Championships in Cortina Anis 2021. The plan - 170 million investment to design and finish in four years and two months - expected variations in tunnels, curves adjustments, roundabouts input to countries. In the case of forest works, though, it comes to regular maintenance, arriving in the middle of winter tourist season.


"A decision just makes sense" remarks Lorenz. The entrepreneur Treviso Bruno Sago in reflective jacket, mogul paper ready to invest over 10 million Euros to reactivate and strengthen the Flames airport, is even clearer: "It will mean that people will stay at home. Will close the road to pieces? However, it is a rupture. The viability of Cortina is always precarious. There were problems for too much snow, then to landslides. The Queen of the Dolomites is like the patient who first catches a cold, then buskin cough, then he begins to feel hurt his leg. The road network problems are one more reason to make the airport ". The 2013/2014 winter season was marred by an epic snowfall, due to long blackouts, traffic jams and avalanches in sequence. In the summer of 2014, the awakening of landslide has become the recurring nightmare of Cortina. The work, however, also involve the Comedic: the chainsaws come into action in Tai and between Vigo and Mauriac pass and Santo Stefano. "Having the construction sites along the roads is not the best, President of the Tourist Association. Before judging, though, I want to understand what the real situation. "Timetable and working mode will be identical to those applied for the Bite valley. Between 8.30 and 17 week days you can find in front mover with a reflective vest and red palette. At that point, we must stop the car.


Safe Holidays with safety vest

On the eve of the big summer exodus it is useful to remember that the rules of the road are not the same across Europe. Often those leaving for summer vacation by car to another European country take for granted that the rules on the road are the same across the continent. It not so and know the traffic laws of the host nation is critical to not run into salt and disappointments fines. We start from the Iberian Peninsula, since Spain and Portugal are two of the favorite destinations for Italian motorists.



Triangle: for foreign cars is required to have one but it is advisable to have two to use in the event of an accident or breakdown. The police can impose a penalty if they expose just one.

Spare tire and equipment for the replacement of the rubber

Bulbs Kit parts

Reflective jacket



AND 'mandatory fasten your seat belts on all seats and place the children up to 3 years of age on the appropriate approved car seat.



50 km / h in residential areas;

80 km / h on dual carriageways for carriageway within the built-up areas;

90 km / h or 100 km / h outside built-up areas;

120 km / h on the motorway



The limits are lower than in Italy: 0.25 mg / l (which corresponds to 0.05% in the blood) and 0.15 mg / l (which corresponds to 0.03% in the blood) for novice drivers.



For non-residents in Spain, if the fine is not paid on the spot, it can apply the precautionary blocking of the vehicle until the payment of the fine.




Triangle and reflective vest is necessary. The vest is not mandatory in vehicles with foreign number plates but is recommended.



The use of seat belts is compulsory for all passengers. Children 12 years old and 1.35 am shorter people must travel in the back seat with an approved restraint system appropriate to their size; less than 3 years can travel in the front seat provided it is placed in a seat facing inwards and with the airbag is deactivated.



50 km / h in residential areas;

90 km / h or 100 km / h outside built-up areas

120 km / h on highways



The limits are lower than in Italy: 0.25 mg / l (which corresponds to 0.05% in the blood). The allowable limit for drivers from less than 3 years and for professional drivers is 0.02%.



If you get fines because not wear the safety vest, the fines are paid on the spot. In case a foreign motorist refuses to pay on the spot will be asked to pay a security deposit. If the motorist refuses to pay even the police filing may withdraw the license.

It takes away the stop as a joke and is arrested

The description that Charles Ross in reflective jacket coined for his YouTube channel includes comedy, words, courage and creativity. Based on these principles, the US 22-year old, however, has crossed the boundaries of common sense and ended his last performance with an accusation aggravated theft, which could cost him a detention for up to five years: Ross has removed a stop sign from a cross and he was held in custody by the police, when the video of his "enterprise" had already been published on the Internet (before being removed). Ross was wearing a helmet, a reflective vest and gave a rather confused explanation of the reason for the gesture, revealing that he had removed the sign because this was missing until a few years ago.


Ross runs the Ross Creations channel and is one of those in the US are defined prankster, or a kind of comic whose jokes really angers victims. In her videos Ross causes motorists, wet, bodybuilders and even police officers, so as to have already spent a few days in jail after being placed at the center of a teasing video, where before they jump with a somersault as they sit for a coffee and then mocks them. The young man in reflective clothing was reached home a few hours after putting the video online and spent the night with the handcuffs, waiting for him to be notified of the accusation. In the days he organized a fundraiser on the internet to get the $ 5,000 needed for the legal fees, which admits to not having, however, explaining not blame those who will not help him because he believes is an idiot.

Reflective vest requirement on board for motorcycle

Anyone who wanted to take a ride on the French roads riding a motorcycle, a scooter with three wheels or a quad, will be obliged to acquire the yellow safety vest to wear when stopped on the roadway. For offenders the fine ranges from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 135 €.


Always keep on board...

With the new year, in France, it has taken a new "rule" that has already made up their noses at many motorcyclists from across the Alps: as announced earlier this year by the Government, to improve visibility on road and thus ensure greater security, as of January 1, 2016 the French biker - and for bikers we also mean the three-wheeled scooter owners or "light quadricycle fitted with fairing" - will in fact have an obligation to have on board a fluorescent yellow vest with reflective strips.

II offenders, specifies the decree, they will be punished by a fine of from 11 to 135 Euros, the same penalty provided for motorists who have none.


Despite the advice of the French Federation of Motorcyclists in Anger (FFMC), convinced that the use of the vest should be regarded as a personal choice, the law came into force: Beware therefore, if you happen to go to France during the next motorcycle trip, be sure to bring your reflective vest!

Reflective jacket make you visibility at dark

Le coq sportive, a partner of the Yellow Jersey since 2012 - and until 2021 at least - after making the distinctive jerseys from the 1951 to 1988 editions, remains an emblematic brand associated with the great moments of French sport French in Grand Slam, Tannic Noah in 1983, barely older than the last French winner of the Tour, Bernard Hainault in 1985). What makes it more logical, therefore, that the cock decides its partnership with the Tour de France with a range of bikes ranging from short shorts to winter products. We were able to test the Classic N ° 2 Soft-shell reflective jacket. A very nice product is good, but effective and more is better. And here is why.


Two colors are available. The first is darker, navy blue on the top, light gray on the bottom. The second model, the one we tested, is bright yellow on the top for a same reflective gray on the bottom. First qualitative point, this jacket is very visible and plays on both tables, both the yellow vest that must be worn when the evening falls, and the shiny gray that reflects well and makes the rider even more visible to the motorists.


We have consistently worn this jacket with a single undercoat, whether it is raglan underwear or long sleeves, depending on the proposed temperatures. By fog, cold humidity, dry weather and cold weather, in the rain, the jacket was never defeated even at the Venous when the snow began to fall at Chalet Reynard. A jacket ideal or almost to resist is both cold and rain, with its 100% polyester reflective fabric particularly water-repellent. Nothing to say is effective. In short sleeves, the scratched inside is very pleasing to the skin. The wide enough zip is thought for the winter. It has a lining that covers from the inside this potential point of air intake. A good point again.

On the front, the jacket is sober. The blue-white-red logo of the sporting cock evokes the Troyon origins of the company that of the Tour de France recalls the partnership in progress. The sleeves are yellow or navy blue, and the coastline is very well finished, with long gloves, without air intake, and without compression of the wrist. At the back, access to the two pockets is simplified. Two side zippered pockets close from top to bottom, large enough to put all its gear to prevent puncture as more personal goods. They are easy to access, their capacity is very important, you can even put an extra layer for the case. Finally the only risk, with this type of pocket, is to overload! The pockets are very well designed, which allows you to wear this jacket in "civil" without looking like a cyclist who lost his bike!


Note that the sizes range from S to XXL, it is the only small reproach that will be made to this jacket that size well, in anticipation of the three layers certainly, but a size XS would be well seen. For 1.81 meter and 65 kg, S, especially with a single layer, it's almost too big. Little concern reinforced by the fact that this jacket is not proposed in the women's range, you will not even be able to type in the range next door. The price offered is 219 Euros, nothing to say, the product is beautiful, efficient, and it is a reasonable purchase for those who want to limit in basic endurance or not.


This jacket is sold on the online shop of the cock and in specialized shops bike. It is indicated windbreaker, but do not rely on it, it is indeed a winter jacket with reflective tape. Do not try to take it and consider it once you are hot!

The legislation require a reflective vest in the car

In some ways the interpretation that the police in reflective clothing could not ask those who do not wear the garment came out of the car.


From 1 January 2016, all cars in Chile must have a reflective vest in an accessible location, which should be used when out of the car to any emergency. If not, police could fine the driver.


Friday, however, the newspaper El Mercuric published an interpretation that said you could effectively pursue infringement for not carrying the pledge security, but not use it to get off the car.


In conversation with DNA, police clarified the issue. “The use is both the size and use of the safety vest. You can use whether the vest is not in the car in an accessible or if the person gets off the vehicle without using place," said Major Juan Rodriguez.


Rodriguez added that there will be a trial run, but do not know how long. The part will be about 21 thousand pesos.