Pedestrian need to wear safety vest on Street with no sidewalk

If a road is missing the sidewalk on which side of the pedestrian must wear safety vest and walk to comply with the rules? If the road was without a walk according to the rules of the road the pedestrian which side has to walk in order to demand compensation for damages in case the car would invest?


On the way not only the cars must comply with the rules but also pedestrians and when the sidewalk is missing, especially if the road is two-way traffic, pedestrians must respect the rules of conduct to prevent contributory negligence in the case of investment.


Missing the sidewalk on which side of the pedestrian walking?

The pedestrian must walk on the left side of the roadway or that contrary to the movement of the car in case of two-way street. If the road, however, is one way pedestrians will have to proceed along the right shore. In any case, the rule is that, if it is the time between sunset and sunrise, the reflective jacket must be worn.


Investment Responsibility

To clarify responsibility for any investment of a pedestrian on the sidewalk no way is the Court of Turin with a judgment which states that if the pedestrian walking in the same direction that the car's traveling invests no reflective clothing is not entitled to compensation damage. In this case, the driver cannot be held responsible investment because the pedestrian, not respecting the rules, contributed to the accident fault.


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Safer riding airbag vest

We already knew the body protector, but for those who want even more security there is now also the airbag pack for riders. Several companies sell the suit, which is also for rent.


The new safety vest inflates in a fraction of a second when someone falls off the horse. The first air jackets - like the suit is officially known - are now sold and leased stables. Many professional riders in cross-country are ride even with the suit. The idea is blown over from motorsport. "But those outfits were too bulky and heavy for the equestrian. You have as a rider remained agile, "says Delco Brewer Point Two Benelux, the company that imports and sells the suits.


The airbag suit with reflective material for horse lovers is much lighter (900 grams) and opens itself within 0.2 seconds if the rider falls off the horse. The suit is a string attached to the saddle. Therefore, the airbags inflate before the rider hits the ground. It protects the neck, the chest and the back. The head should a rider still wear a cap.


Brower has already saved lives with. This animal weighs hundreds of kilograms. Without air reflective jacket he had not survived. Brower said to be supported by the KNHS. Several stables rent the suit already. Many people are excited about the suit. The airbag pack is expensive: about 500 Euros.

Safety vest increased safety in the warehouse

Of course, safe work begins and ends with the forklift. What measures we take, even with the safest truck in the safest warehouse continues to make it possible accidents. Nevertheless, technical aids can indeed contribute to increasing safety. In this section we put five tools for you below. Part two will follow another five.


Show yourself

A pedestrian involved in four out of ten truck accidents. The problem is that often leaves much to be desired visibility of pedestrians. That is certainly true of men in gray suits who are another unknown in the warehouse. A simple and inexpensive measure is attracting a fluorescent safety vest, so pedestrians are often visible from a great distance. For fixed warehouse employees is workwear in bright signal colors, may be provided with reflective strips, a good alternative.


Look in the mirror

Fluorescent vests help obviously not as pedestrian conceals packed pallet racks or other obstacles. In that case on unclear points is a godsend. With it is possible from every direction of travel and the left or right at any distance in order to look at the corner of a rack. Also help here fluorescent vests and signal colors to quickly identify approaching pedestrians in the small mirror.


Warn with light signals

Reversing visibility remains a problem. A forklift driver looking over his right shoulder will see pedestrians and other traffic from the left rather well arrive. This is different to traffic from the right derived from the viewpoint of the driver from a 'blind spot'. Therefore let trucks beep when they are put in the 'backward'. A popular alternative is an LED lamp on the cage - with names like blue spot or floor spot - during reversing a typically blue light projected on the floor. Pedestrians who cannot see the truck itself even be warned by the usually fast approaching next light spot.


Watching with cameras

Another problem remains the view from a great height. Who with a truck has ever put away a pallet at eleven meters, knows the problem. Try this situation from the driver's seat once again to estimate the height. If it is not possible to accurately position the forks, it is likely that the pallet falls down. A camera on the fork combined with a monitor in the cab offers the driver a view that he needs to pick or put away pallets at height.


Throw blockages

Cargo can fall as drivers in reflective vest try to place a pallet at locations that are not big enough. Think for example of which pair of locations on the upper girders of pallet racks which are less high because of pipes, roof trusses or ventilation grilles than surrounding locations. In warehouses in which drivers are controlled by a warehouse management system, it is possible to block these locations with the software. That means that no driver ever is instructed to place a pallet. If it is going too far, the WMS can be tuned such that upon impact of activity is taken into account, the height of the pallet and of the storage.

88 people died in traffic accidents

On roads in Susa died in road accidents since the beginning of this year, 88 people. A shockingly high figure is that places Susa on an unwanted first place among the counties where most people died in accidents without wearing safety vest. Unfortunately, it is not the first year that Susa County who dies most people in accidents and attracts particular attention is the next county the number of deaths is Pahoa, with 64 fatalities since the beginning of. A big difference, therefore, between Susa and Next County in the ranking Negros. Susa refers to the period 1 January to 26 October, and a deeper analysis shows the causes of this situation should mean an important warning for all those who are participating in traffic Susa.


Very many deaths among pedestrians, bikers and motorists

Chief Commissioner Susa empowered to order Traffic Police Service Susa, conducted with colleagues a detailed analysis which included every fatal accident occurred in the first nine months of 2016.

In nine months there were 73 fatal accidents, resulting in 77 deaths.

The first cause of fatal accidents was excessive or inappropriate speed in curves by drivers 20 accidents with 22 deaths. Immediately, the second wine pedestrian accidents due to indiscipline. In the first nine months there have been 18 fatal accidents caused by pedestrians. Other 16 people who died in accidents were traveling on bicycle or on mopeds and motorcycles. It is noted therefore extremely high number of deaths among pedestrians or those that traveled with bookbinding.


The elderly and children are the majority of victims

Saran analyzed and profile victims of accidents of this kind: "The pedestrian deaths, for example, 14 of the 18 were about 60 times more than the old, and the rest were children. Many victims of this age are among those who traveled with two-wheel vehicles. Unfortunately, we realize more and more that there are many Susa dealing superficially driving on a road and aware of dangers they face when crossing the street in a hurry or moving night on a roadside with no any reflective material" said Chief Commissioner Saran.


Accident between two cars is not so common

Traffic police analysis shows that 74% of fatal accidents occurred in rural areas. Young people under 25 and people over 60 represent two thirds of the victims in the accident. Another interesting analysis shows that of 219 serious accidents occurred in the first nine months of this year in Susa, 142 involved a single vehicle, and only 73 cases were accidents with two vehicles involved. This proves that Susa accidents between at least two vehicles are not the majority. More significant are accidents with pedestrians, two-wheeled vehicles or cars that stand decoration and hit bridges or trees. All these are features of Susa, which are not found in counties with more developed road network and where accidents are fewer but often more serious.


Many kilometers of road in relation to the number of policemen

The high number of deaths in accidents is due to an extent by the fact that Susa has the largest network of national roads. In total, the county is around 3,000 kilometers of roads from highways and municipal streets and roads to the cities and municipalities. Very large road network is not as physically be covered by road police. In the days that were held control actions with many police in some cases and made effective in other counties, the results were seen. Besides that they were given hundreds of fines for serious infringements in those days there were no accidents with serious consequences. The problem is that such large-scale raids cannot be held too frequently because of staff shortages.


Lack of education and education in general road

Saran Chief Commissioner stressed that trafficking in Susa seen almost daily samples cruel lack of traffic education and education in general. People who take their cattle home on the road, people barely holding on standing due to alcohol but traveling on bicycles, pedestrians without wearing reflective vest crossing the street without looking if a car comes near or crossing pedestrian crossings.

The Ministry of the Interior freezes the reflective logos

The turn of France of the regional logos with reflective element: everything and nothing but the graphic creation really takes a hit... But could we do better for simple administrative authorities without historical legitimacy?

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An artist built a house mirrors by reflective material

An artist built a hut made of a reflective material, in the California desert. A building reflecting as a landscape is constantly changing that what the viewer wants to see. 

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Police finished testing new reflective uniforms

Officers finished testing new reflective uniforms and other equipment components. On most lists of police equipment tender, and next year will begin a gradual replacement of equipment. Change still passes through the shirt and skirt, which will be tested again. All police officers should have uniforms exchanged by the end of 2019. In the police serve roughly 40,000 men and women. Exchange of police uniforms, according to previous information had come out to about 130 million.

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Mandatory reflective elements for pedestrians

The amendment will become effective probably in the spring, says Transport Minister Dan at the start of a campaign to increase pedestrian safety. Reflective tape of safety vest will give out and the police. It promises that even after the introduction of new obligations will be people rather than negotiate is fine.

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Police want to order a reflective vest for pedestrian

While the number of deaths of drivers dropping rapidly, pedestrians killed is still more. In November, they accounted for over a third of casualties. Officers want to tighten the rules for pedestrians - such as having to wear reflective clothing. What other changes can be expected on the roads?

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Ordered - Prostitutes must wear reflective vests

In the Italian city your mind upon the need to better protects the health of prostitutes. However, there is talk about using contraception or medical tests. Lightweight women hovering along the road will have to wear reflective vests. Lees verder...

assengers as they received reflective vest

The policemen on Monday light the driver when preventive action. They also targeted visibility passengers in the event of an accident. Passengers as they received reflective vest. The event was held in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau and SCUBA.


Policemen on duty stations controlled by drivers of motor vehicles, comply with all legal provisions relating to road traffic - use of seatbelts, compliance with the ban on consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances before and during the journey. "They checked and mandatory equipment, which cannot be missed reflective vest," added police spokeswoman Lena.


BESIP regional coordinator for the Liberec Region is reminding drivers to duty vehicle reflective vest. Risk of injury affects all in the vehicle, therefore the passenger unless label reflectors. "They also may be visible to road users in the event of an emergency standstill and when moving around parked vehicles," Dorval appeals.


During the event, police officers checked more than three dozen vehicles. Similar preventive actions, where passengers will receive a reflective fabric vest, police spokeswoman in the Liberec Region will hold a few more.


The fine for incomplete or incorrect mandatory equipment may climb to two thousand crowns. Be careful especially on the contents of the medicine cabinet, which must conform to legal standards and must not be expired!


Mandatory equipment Cars:

- Replacement bulbs (one of each type of bulb exterior lighting and signaling, with the exception of lamps).

- Spare fuses

- Key wheel nut

- Hand jacks (jack)

- Spare wheel (except vehicles equipped with a tire defect indicator with emergency emotion)

- Warning triangle

- Reflective safety vest

- First aid kit

Confusion around reflective vests for cars

Not so long ago, the motoring public outraged obligation to change the content of these chests, even if it has not been used in any part of them.


In doing so, experts said that some medical reflective materials have a much longer life than what is declared on the roster. Most drivers take at least this provision as a waste.


This week, some news sites Rosslea white series drivers with information about the need to change the mandatory reflective vests for new ones, according to new EU regulations. Then it but responded Transport Minister Dan stream with a simple statement: Drivers may not change reflective vests equipped vehicles.


"The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements. I'd like to reassure motorists clearly that they do not throw your jacket that you made earlier and not have to buy new ones, "said Dan.


The requirement of implementing the new standard EN ISO 20471, according to the office applies only to manufacturers, who market the new safety vest. Older vests that have the desired properties, it is not necessary to replace new.

"We're the new ones do not even have, but we do not sell anything that does not pay," said a saleswoman at a gas station under the new bridge, where the editors newspaper tried to buy a new vest.


People in buying a new reflective vest in any case must now check the label, and complies with the European standard. Old standard EN 471 is no longer valid.

Warning vest, designed as mandatory equipment for motor vehicles according to current regulations, is that which is marked by EN ISO 20471: 2013 and AS INDICATED four-digit identification number of the notified body that it has tested.


According to available information, the "old" vest according to EN 471 should be resold for cyclists and pedestrians, but the product must be removed the name 'warning vest "and an indication that it is a high-visibility clothing. While vest according to the old standard cost around thirty crowns vest according to the new decree will come to around sixty crowns.


The new decree brings many surprises and controversies, such as the recent controversy around the right of way at roundabouts. Warning vests may not be the last.

Lightning with a running reflective vest

To find out what this safety vest is made, surely he can accomplish on the exclamation: What?! Well yes, it is indeed a goose feather! And that's not the only gadgets that you find this piece for connoisseur’s surprise. "Flash" in the name implies that you run not only as a flash, but will also shine so. Exactly this waistcoat will this year bring Jesus if you were nice the whole year, you're helping travelers and exalted above anybody.


The vest has on the chest and the upper two-thirds of the back classic tunnels filled with insulating material. Here, however, they are not so packed. Filling vest is designed that when a cold paddocks plays well, but at the same time not overheat. The manufacturer had to take into account the specificities of active movement at low temperatures. This corresponds with the processing of individual tunnels. Their departments do not have the classic stitched seams, but the seams welded latest technologies. These connections are wider in the middle, each with a laser-cut, regularly alternating smaller and larger ventilation openings. On the back permeate right through the reflective fabric vests, chest, however, in two layers, which follow one another like bricks - where it has a top layer of insulating material has a lower layer ventilation holes and vice versa. Although that ventilates the chest area, while you keep the wind does wind.


Above is topped with small collar vest, which may at first sight give reason to regret that he had no proper turtleneck collar. However, it is well recalculated - when the runner is hot, cold feeling will pass on his neck, and he can enjoy a pleasant touch of a small elastic collar, which avoids stiffness longer covered. Vista also has an elastic side panels so you do not have the slightest fear that when you run limit movement. Her back is extended, leaving you out of it even in a highly dynamic running back.


Vista is switched zip with two counter-rotating drivers, so you can unbutton from the bottom and only when, for example, in the mountains or hills you need to extend the step and you do not want your clothes summarized. I'm just the beginning always a little surprised that I'm the rider on the other side than I would have expected (and indeed it was the men's variant). But it's just a habit, so the manufacturer has fitted all zips for men's models. Please superstructure, which gives you a relative drought and spend some have lighter.


You will definitely appreciate a pair of zippered pockets. Each conceals little secret. One contains a sewn-in elastic armband and has sided zipper. So vest Wooden HOUSE enough to cram into this pocket, turn it on - and you have a lightweight, practical package of warm clothing for the journey. The second pocket can be found even small internal pocket for an MP3 player or perhaps a key to the house.


The upper two thirds vest front and back is printed huge amounts of reflective segments. If you something shining in the darkness, you will definitely see even from the international space station. It's just glitter like lightning. Having a different point also forms a very interesting design element that even under normal daylight interesting opalescent. The same theme uses Nike and other apparel for this year's winter collection. At the rear of the back is a large additional reflective stripe.

TIP: The vest is machine washable. Once you do so, put her (in addition to the appropriate device) is also a tennis ball. Feathers remain fluffy and will not stick to each other so much.


In vain I wonder what the best reflective vest is this really. Goose quill? I cannot decide on what the exact reason why a person in this warm girlfriend falls. But know that the cross-country with her you do not want to leave. Nor run away.

Vehicles equipped with reflective safety vest

Kutenai policemen joined the action police headquarters, which is aimed at increasing visibility for motorists. Going to the place where Tributaries and the town are as part of preventive controls traffic on the road between the villages.


Reflective vests are intended for emergencies on the road. If the driver for the technical defect or when a traffic accident rises outside of the village on the road, must always wearing a reflective vest, which is bound to have a vehicle. A joint preventive action of the Police and the Czech Insurers’ Bureau not only aims to remind drivers that obligation, but also to draw attention to the safety of the entire crew vehicles and vehicles equipped with reflective safety vest passenger.


Reduced visibility when road users are clearly not recognize vehicles, people, animals or objects on the road from dusk to dawn, fog, snow or heavy rain is a moment when there are accidents often with tragic consequences for health and life.


Drivers and cyclists have a legal duty to shine. Pedestrians then its visibility can greatly increase the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing parts and accessories. While pedestrian dressed in dark clothing that is visible to the driver at only 18 meters road user reflective clothing is visible up to 200 meters. Room for maneuver to the driver in this case is considerably higher and the likelihood of a pedestrian impact is significantly reduced.

It is mandatory carriage of reflective vest

The measure will apply to individual and collective locomotion major and minor.

From January 1, it is mandatory carriage of reflective vests inside cars and major and minor public transportation. The legislation seeks to reduce the risk of collision with drivers for some reason must descend from their mobile on the road or in the streets of the city.


Gabriela, executive secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety, explained that the purpose of the initiative is that drivers for some emergency must be off the vehicles in high speed tracks, become visible from the rest of automobiles, since the down drivers become pedestrians.


The authority noted that "the main factor of the abuses in our country is the lack of visibility. By using a reflective element one becomes visible around 150 meters from a vehicle that comes to 100 kilometers per hour and can reach to make a maneuver to avoid a hit. "


Rosanne added that in 2014 in the region of O'Higgins were more than 5,000 accidents, of which 114 people were killed, where 43 of them died run over.

Coast executive secretary said that sanctions for not carrying a reflective safety vest inside a vehicle ranging from 8 thousand to 22 thousand pesos.

Finally, Rosanne said that the value of a reflective vest is around five thousand pesos, so it is "a fairly inexpensive insurance to avoid an outrage".


Rural received vests

The Federation of Rural Collective O'Higgins Region lived during the day yesterday the delivery of about 40 reflective vests for its members by the Sarema of Transport and Telecommunications and the Mutual Security.


As explained by the SEREMI portfolio, Francisco Lara, the initiative came from the guild, which seeks to deliver these elements that influence compliance with the regulations.


Ramiro Aguilera, president of the Fetor, said the federation is very concerned about the safety of their members due to accidents occurring, so that "we believe we should start spreading this minute the law so that our drivers have it very present".

The leader explained that the idea is that their drivers use the vest with reflective material once it starts to get dark, because in one way must exit the vehicle one or more times.

Contributes their reflective material elements

Are you cold feet? Nothing is better than a good overshoe to pedal on the coldest winter days. An excellent example is these Road-Gore Thermo Winds topper Gore Bike Wear, one of the leading experts in the sector in this type of reflective accessories for the rider.


This model provides not only high thermal protection thanks to its interior flocked reflective fabric, but also an almost impenetrable shield against wind and water. The renowned membrane Winds topper Gore is responsible for the latter, despite which also offers a high level of perspiration to prevent sweat from building up inside during physical activity.


This bootie Gore Bike Wear have open sole, which does not prevent them to hold and maintain in position properly, which contributes to an elastic band in the intermediate zone. The wear resistant material on top and sides of the sole also provides durability, something to be welcomed in such an area prone to friction.

Their placement is quick and easy thanks to the back zipper and the very opening of the sole. For adjustment also have Velcro on top of the ankle.


Although they are also available in black color, we have especially liked the Road-Gore Winds topper Thermo fluorine yellow as they provide high visibility on the road. The safety of these overshoes also contributes their reflective material elements, such as trim back zipper.

Wear the safety vest stressed the official

Although since 1 January all cars should have one, no fines will be studied. A day that the term product demand is met has doubled.


At 17 days the decree takes effect requiring motorists to carry in their vehicles a reflective vest, product demand has doubled in stores that sell. 

Given this situation, and considering the proximity of dates on which a large number of people go on vacation, police said that during the first few weeks in which the rule is in effect not party shall be forwarded to those who do not carry.


"White March was put into effect by decree. So these cases are made, especially with regard to traffic and what it has to do with violations, "said the prefect Colonel Roads and Traffic, Enrique. From Carabineers they added that audits by this issue will have an educational.


After this period, the extension is not yet defined; the fine will range between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM, $ 8,991 and $ 22,477.

"There is greater demand right now, but this is a standard that came 2014 and which are campaigning to remind people that as of January 1 must wear the safety vest," stressed the official.


The decree, published in the Official Gazette on 6 September 2014 requires that every vehicle in your kit includes safety reflective vest, but the use of the equipment is only a recommendation, not mandatory, since for this to happen it would to change the Road Traffic Act. According to the National Traffic Safety Commission in the last decade they have killed more than six thousand people outrages product on streets and highways. "That is why this is a priority measure on traffic safety," said Cristiana Bowen, deputy transport.


From the Ministry of Transport they have detailed that the change was made by decree because that would take effect more expeditiously doing so through a legal change. However, they advanced during the debate that is carried forward in the Congress on draft amending the Traffic Act in August; it could include information on the mandatory use of the vest.


The price vest in trading ranges between $ 1,990 and $. 10,990. Easy from the store, one of the outlets, indicate that "in recent months has noticed increased interest in these reflective vests. In fact, in several products in the same category are oversubscribed by 50%. "


Sebastian commercial manager specializing in LEMENTS store traffic and safety, said that "we have been fed up with demand, people are worrying about it. It is important that users buy the vest that meets what the ministry calls and not risk buying something that does not work". Regarding the color of the vest, the decree says this should be yellow and made of fluorescent material. In addition, you must have horizontal bands of a width not less than 50 centimeters surrounding the torso.


About the price of the item, Alberto Escobar, manager of public affairs for Chile Automobile Club, said that should not exceed $ 5,000. "While the warning vest with reflective tape will be cheaper lower quality one with good quality and duration should not exceed that price," he said.

Reflective jacket ensures superior performance

Practicing cycling in winter has its good things and it’s not so good things. It’s dangerous without warm and warning safety vest. Among the good ones, nothing like enjoying wonderful landscapes adorned by snow and ice or benefit from a greater caloric consumption to reduce the weight on the scale; Between the not so good ones, less hours of light and, obviously, the low temperatures. How to roll comfortably in winter?


Spink puts at the disposal of the cyclists two pieces of high quality designed to keep to the rigors of the winter. The collection consists of jacket and culottes made with the most advanced fabrics to provide the cyclist with a warm, waterproof, breathable, comfortable and very light insulation. As a practical summary, the line Spink Elite Plus has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclist and achieve maximum comfort in the most intense conditions of cold and wind.


The Spink Elite Plus reflective jacket ensures superior performance in the coldest months of the year, with a range of use between -5 ° C and 8 ° C. It is built with Prim aloft technology, which offers thermal insulation and high-temperature thermoregulation capabilities with ultra-light weight, as well as incorporating the advanced event membrane, able to protect from wind and rain with optimum performance in breathability and sweat evacuation.


Other interesting details on the jacket are its waterproof YKK zipper, two back pockets plus another YKK zipper, and high visibility reflective fabric inserts. The jacket is available in sizes S-3XL.


Spink Elite Plus pants are designed to achieve extra insulation on the toughest days of the year. Thanks to its membrane panels M2V in the front and lumbar area offers effective insulation against wind and water. It is constructed with ergo dry Warm ballistic fabrics with inner lining and flat seams, with an anatomical pattern of 10 pieces tight. Other details to highlight are its integrated straps and reinforced with grid inserts for better breathability, its elastic interface optimized for outputs up to 6 hours and its reflective material elements to promote the visibility of the cyclist. The culottes are available in sizes S-3XL.

Increase the visibility has reflective material inserts

The Dutch firm wide equipment its range with the new style reflective jacket touring Sand 3. It is designed to protect and ensure greater safety for motorists on their travels and motorcycle routes without renouncing their own style.


The new jacket Sand 3 forms the perfect balance between comfort, protection and design. It is made from polyester, rips-top, and PWR | 500D shell, a material with tremendous resistance to abrasion and tear, which favors durability of this jacket. It also incorporates a removable hydrate® triple-layer membrane, which ensures full waterproof jacket, for the days you need more ventilation can remove the liner.


The Sand 3 incorporates a removable thermal inner lining to protect the coldest days, allowing you to use the hottest months. To ensure better comfort features seamless panels under the arms to allow greater freedom of movement.


This new model is designed to fit everything possible to motorists, for this reason incorporates multiple adjustment options, including laces on the hips so that the jacket to taste tightens. It also has multiple pockets and wide, both indoors and outdoors. The jacket is prepared for that can be used with the Challenger and HV Connector safety vest.


Sand 3 has been designed without sacrificing security features, incorporating protections SEEFLEX level 2 compliant with EC approval level 2 , also has an opening on the back with a capacity to house a SEESOFT type RV trellises. In addition, to increase protection biker, this jacket is ready for use with the Least and MOVEO collars. And to increase the visibility has reflective material inserts.


The jacket Ravi’s! Sand 3 is available in three colors, black, silver and khaki, and in sizes ranging from S to XZL and its price is 449.99 Euros.

Advanced waterproof jacket with reflective tape

Just over a year ago, Gore introduced the One Gore-Tex Active, a cycling safety vest with a permanent waterproof outer layer thanks to a revolutionary fabric. Now comes the turn to One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, the female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket in the world.


The number 1 manufacturer of waterproof garments and fabrics launches the women's version of a jacket that can repel water permanently thanks to a revolutionary fabric: Gore-Tex Active. What is special about this reflective fabric? As it eliminates the classic three-layer construction (lining + membrane + outer layer) to give way to a fabric composed of inner lining plus outer impermeable membrane, offering the most complete and efficient protection against water ever seen in a waterproof garment.


The One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry arrives in stores in two versions, Bike and Run, the first one dedicated to women cyclists and the second, with integrated hood, more focused on the practice of running. In both cases, the jacket features a feminine cut pattern with a modern matte black finish and matching reflective patterns.

In Toto Mountain Bike: One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket with reflective tape in the world


In addition to the waterproofness and breathability, the One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry also stands out for its lightness: 133 grams in the Bike model and 158 grams in the Run version.