Reflective fabric clothing for cyclists

By Bosch are some tips on using the e-bike during the colder season.

The days are getting shorter, it gets colder and biking trails are less busy. When winter comes, many leave the bike in the basement or in the garage and come in only in spring saddle. It is a pity! By following a few rules, you can go even bike in the coldest season using the e-Bike all winter without any problem. Of course, the safety vest is need whatever which bike you ride.


How to prepare your e-Bike for winter

During the winter there is more moisture, colder and darker than in summer. So it is always advisable to do a complete control of the bicycle, whether it is a normal bike is that it is equipped with an electric drive system. The lighting system, the brake pads and the change must work properly to be prepared for all weather conditions. The humidity does not block the e-Bike, because its components are protected from rain and water splashes. At temperatures below freezing, the battery is protected by a neoprene covering provided by the dealer.


How to protect battery

The battery is the most sensitive component e-Bike. At low temperatures, the capacity can be reduced, compromising even the autonomy. In case of operation during the winter at temperatures below 0 ° C, it is therefore recommended that the battery is removed, stored at room temperature and only little e-Bike inserted before starting the journey. At the end of the trip, the battery should ideally be kept inside at a temperature comprised between 15 and 20 degrees. While the battery is charging, the same principle applies: the cell lithium-ion battery should be charged at room temperature.


What to do in case of snow and ice

In the case of very adverse weather conditions, such as ice or snow, you should not use either the e-Bike or conventional bike. During the winter it is advisable to use them only if you are comfortable to travel by bike in these conditions. Careful driving is essential especially on roads covered with snow or ice. The e-Biker should avoid traveling with much assistance to the engine (on Bosch traction systems in Turbo mode), because the wheels spin and lose traction. For those who regularly travel in winter on roads covered by snow, it can help the wheels Spike, only approved for pedicels with support for up to 25 km / h.


Dress appropriately

As for reflective fabric clothing for cyclists, e-Biker have a great advantage: if the temperature is lowered and therefore become necessary heavy winter garments, thanks to the electric media still do not sweat much. This also reduces the risk of getting sick. However, even when driving with the e-Bike are advisable breathable jackets that insulate body heat but leave the air to breathe and offer good comfort? Cycling fingers cool very quickly, so you must not forget the gloves. Headbands and thin caps keep the heat and entering under the helmet, which must never be left at home, even during the winter. In the hours of darkness, the longest in the winter, it is also very important to make yourself more visible to other road users. To do so, wear bright reflective clothing.


How to properly maintain the e-Bike

The e-Bike can be stored both indoors and outdoors if you are in snow and ice cover. Garage and basement are ideal. Who retains its pedaled under the carport or in unheated areas, however, must remove the battery and store it at room temperature. Even in the case where the e-Bike is not used throughout the winter, the battery should be removed and stored in a dry place and not too cold, with a charge of between 30 and 60 percent of its capacity. Unlike some other batteries, Bosch Power Pack during the period of non-use must not be charged, regardless of the length of the period in which the e-Bike is not used.

Old reflective vest have to change

The panic around safety vest is useless. Transport Ministry responds to information that motorists will have to change old for new vests. "Motorists change warning vests of necessary equipment does not need to," says the Ministry of Transport.


Panic sparked amendment to the Decree, which implements the rules of road traffic. To it got delayed for several years, specifying the applicable standard form reflective elements.


"From January 1, 2016 is valid in the Czech Republic as part of mandatory equipment for vehicles waistcoat according to CSN EN ISO 20471: 2013," says Denel DAS shelf from the company that manufactures first aid kits and car accessories. The amended ordinance and adopted a standard that is valid in the Czech Republic for three years. "The standard EN ISO 20471: 2013, which is harmonized by Government Regulation 21/2003 Coll., Replaced the standard EN 471 1 October 2013," says George of trade "It specifies clothes with high visibility, gives the test methods and requirements."


Previous form ordinance valid until the end of last year, therefore, required to keep under no corrections. The amendment introduced a delay in accordance with the decree and applicable standard.

Kristina Marketing firm that manufactures reflective fabric elements, states that vests and other products made according to the applicable standards EN ISO 20471 since 2013.


The original appearance of the standards by Denel knew three grades and luminance reflective elements. "The differences between the stages are really striking," says Denel. The new standard was canceled for various levels and is precisely specified parameters of quality materials and reflectivity.


"Of the Decree is no obligation to change the vest," calms the Ministry of Transport. "The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements," says Thomas Neola from the ministry's press department. "It is true that the vest, which is part of the compulsory equipment must comply with European standard EN 471 and EN ISO 20,471th from any enactment but does not mean that older vests filling this standard are not right, and people can use," he adds.


What standard vest filled, easy to find the label that is sewn to the vest.

"Manufacturers continue to have an obligation to affix CE marking on a product, which expresses conformity with the essential requirements of Government Regulation and the Directive," says Thomas Neola. Warning vest mandatory equipment vehicles but according to the Ministry not among those protective clothing, that according to the standards they must indicate the number (four digit code) notified (authorized) persons assessing conformity with regulations. "This applies to other, specialized, protective gear," explains Neola.


According to one of the dealer’s reflective elements who do not want to be named, these products are usually tested in Germany.

According to information on the Czech market, there are products with reflective material of Chinese origin, which have much less ability to reflect light. He has to go on different tapes and accessories, which since February mandatory for pedestrians (more here).

Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility

The big problem is that cyclist’s night is not well regarded. Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility and make cyclists be seen and be safer.

Well, now there is a spray that solves this problem...


Volvo has teamed up with a Swedish company to produce a spray Albedo100 whose job it is to make your reflective clothing. While day, natural light is invisible, it reacts with headlamp lights at night, and producing the same effect they have reflective strips.


In addition, it leads to first wash, so I do not have to wear the same clothes (or vest) every time you go out on the bike. It can be applied to a wide range of articles (and textures) different from accessories chic clothing, shoes, helmet, wheelchair or backpack with reflective tape.


Currently, the spray is able test - offering free vela six stores in London - and will expand the availability and internationally, if it proves feasible for commercialization.

A tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest

Tracks around the stadium Dan completely rebuilt a year ago in Timisoara; prove to be extremely attractive for young lover’s motion. Enjoy those runners, cyclists, and those who practice roller skateboard with wearing a safety vest.


More young people were shot while having fun posing copious bikes and after dragging a column rifles roller after it gets dark. It’s hard to be seen clearly at night without wearing reflective clothing.


Although the tracks were declared closed forever auto traffic, drivers are still plenty of cars out there that come with putting them in danger those who are targeted.


And this can be noted and footage of gang youth, in which we see a taxi coming from the front right on the space surrounding the sports arena that is apportioned in 4 color, one bicycle, one for roller and skateboard a tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest.

Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

The initiators of the proposal to amend the Highway Code consider fines for lack of these accessories - on which there have been good business, but were committed many abuses - "irrational, unnecessary and unfair". This is because the Criminal Code criminalizes already failing help him to announce authority’s times when a person is in danger and detriment to the civil Code penalizes legitimate rights or interests of others.


Submitted to parliament on November 9, 2015 and under public debate until January 9 this year, the project will enter the agenda of the two houses of parliament in the near future. Until then, police in safety vest will be able to divide further fines for absence or expiration of these accessories.


Completely unnecessary accessories

Regarding fire extinguisher small, which is not binding in any EU state, it was concluded that it is completely useless, unable to extinguish any fire remains of a barbecue, let alone a car in flames. In addition, the outbreak of such a fire, drivers and attendants must depart as soon as the danger, with a safe and authorities later announced.


Referring to medical first-aid kit, which cannot dress more than a scratch, it was found that it is completely useless, cannot save any lives. This accessory can be useful professionals come to the spot and the less drivers. In cases of major trauma, current kits - approved based on dubious grounds - they are completely useless, and in case of minor injuries, can expect specialized medical intervention and emergency paramedics.


Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

Although the production, sale and approval of these extinguishers and medical kits were made business extremely lucrative to the detriment of owners and users of motor vehicles, until now nobody had curiosity to find out who is behind which damaged million consumers. Also, one can notice the police possibility exists currently, the abuses committed regarding the expiry of accessories such irrational, unnecessary and unfair.


The same proposal to amend the Highway Code also provides for mandatory detention of two triangles, to one now and a reflective vest. Luckily these accessories do not expire and are cheaper.

Safety clothing and accessories protect your safety

Snowing, raining, you're stuck in traffic, you phone or petrol? Safety vest - With little money, be attention and responsibility. Not just for you and the passengers they have in the car. Here are 11 things that, according men health, gives you peace when the situation is dire. 


1. Gasoline is vital car for you. Lose, you're PA. In the worst case, it helps another driver you stop and beg him to give you a "mouth" to get to the first pump. Okay, he wants, but you have a hose at you to shoot your petrol tank in yours? Take a petrol hose and learn to shoot up starts running his mouth, and then quickly put the hose in your tank to shoot a few liters. Stop by not emptying the tank man.

2. If you want to skip the first point, I always keep a canister true with a few liters of petrol in it. Do not fill to the brim! It's dangerous especially in the summer to walk with a canister filled eyes.

3. Water, water and water. Keep a can of 5 liters you do not know where you stay. Body water is like gasoline car. Lose its panic.

4. with sandbags or traction mats and shovel. It's snow in n silt and loses traction. Put under the wheels with traction sand or a mat slip in and out of trouble.

5. Triangles and reflective vest Peter who take fine if you do not (like for things to point 4) are very important. The signal that you have a problem and can you help someone, you warn the other traffic that station. Everything you do to protect yourself and to get to a solution a little faster. And do not take fine.

6. Blanket. Needless to detail what helps you stand these days people just a few days stranded in the cold on national roads?

7. Cash. How common as POS nowadays you do not know how to get the Brains Mountains where you find one willing to shepherd you tow with horses. Probably not yet have a POS in the fold and ugly not to honor the man.

8. Power cables (or crocodiles). Forget the lights or simply comes a time in the life of each battery dies. Similarly, if someone stops to tea jute, he may not have power cables to help you 100%.

9. Flashlight with magnet. It's clear why you need a flashlight when you are away. The magnet is even better because you can attach a sheet, or if you repair a flat tire or if the car otherwise. You can use your both hands so to solve the problem better and faster.

10. Scotch. Anytime you can come off a car whether it's due to an accident, whether driving a car simply french. You can stick immediately component to get a service. For example, a mirror, that whatever you need in place while driving.

11. Phone Charger. No comment!

12. Map - do not rely always on the GPS signal. Especially you go through Bulgaria.

13. Snacks - potato chips, nuts, seeds are nutritious or not does not matter bio. The idea is to ensure your vital 2-3 days of food if you get stuck somewhere.

14. The medical kit (obligatory)

15. Toilet paper and wet wipes. No comment!

16. Compressor for inflating tires and vulcanized solution.

17. Gloves. You better grip when you need to walk to the machine parts, and protects you from damage frit hands.

18. Penknife - an exceptional tool in any situation.

19. Lighter / matches - anytime is good to have a source of fire you. Whether you're going to grill and you have not covered work from you, or that you must fire to get warm.

20. A fishery pair of boots and a pair of thick socks, also safety reflective clothing. You do not want your feet numb at minus 20 degrees and no make yourself knee-deep mud.

Preclude the introduction of reflective tape

Volvo is known for its strong commitment to improving road safety. Swedish manufacturer is not focused only on cars, also takes care of other participants of the road.


Volvo for some time draws attention to the safety of cyclists, who are often participants in road accidents, especially after dark, when they are barely visible. The British branch of the brand came up with an interesting idea that cyclists were always visible, without having to set a reflective vest.


This innovative approach is Volvo Life Paint, or fluorescent paint spray that can be sprayed onto any surface - the bicycle frame, tires, helmet, or simply clothing. On the night of the material covered in paint reflects the light of car headlights. The strength of the reflection is the same as for standard safety vest, so the probability of deductions so well visible cyclist dramatically decreases. The innovative product was created to increase the protection of cyclists, but it might as well check it in improving the visibility of pedestrians.


Volvo Life Paint This event promotional campaign (cans were distributed for free on the London bike shops), but the Swedish brand does not preclude the introduction of reflective tape and fluorescent spray paint for sale in their showrooms. It can already be purchased via the website of the manufacturer, the company Albedo100. The inks are available in various colors, glare, are also divided according to the type of surface on which can be applied. Life Paint costs about 100(plus postage).

Safety vest are so wet from sweating

With temperatures around the freezing point, it is wonderful to take a long hike. In addition, it is very important to maintain body heat. But how do you do now that you are not going to choke after some effort by the heat? Or that your clothes and safety vest are so wet from sweating that you have to go through the cold wet clothes?


In winter you can choose the best of several layers of clothing. Those ways you keep better determine your body heat. You get too hot; you just pull the top layer of clothing.


Three Layer systems

The lower layer ensures that moisture can be discharged, and is composed of thermal undergarments. This underwear is usually made of polyester synthetic fibers hardly retain moisture. Therefore, the sweat can be drained quickly and have a lot less problems with a wet and sweaty body. In very cold weather you can safely carry two thin thermoplastic shirts over each other. Between the layers forms a layer of warm air.


The second layer of clothing has an insulating effect. Think of a vest, a jacket or a sweater. You can choose the best for the fleece material, because of its light weight. The thickness of the material lets you depend on the current weather: the colder it is, the thicker your sweater to be. This layer must be able to drain perspiration.


The upper layer has a protective function: this layer should protect you from wind and precipitation. Also for this layer of clothing, it is important that moisture is easily removed. There are various types of clothing with to obtain such a protective effect, each for a different type of weather:


Windproof, breathable and non-waterproof cloth of this type you use in inclement, dry weather. There are several formats on the market such as light, thin, abrasion-resistant micro fiber (fleece), soft shells and windproof fleece;

Windproof, breathable and waterproof: clothing with these features keeps water from evaporating and allows perspiration. That sounds good, but there are also disadvantages. Not all sweat is removed, so you cannot avoid that you get a little wet. If your reflective jacket is also again on the outside wet by rain, the breathability decreases and you become even wetter;

Windproof, waterproof and breathable non-: actually this really is rain gear that you wear only during a downpour. As soon as the weather is dry, you pull these non-breathable clothing of course as soon as possible. You go there namely very quickly in sweat. Many hikers take a raincoat with them in their pocket or backpack. Do you see a storm coming, the poncho is so attracted. A rain suit slightly better protection against a momentary mood, but is more expensive. In addition, walking with a rain pants by many is experienced as unpleasant. When it is dry and not too cold, you can suffice with the first two layers.


Gloves and hat

It is not necessary to wear gloves constantly in colder weather. You may find it in the beginning fresh without gloves, but you will see, your hands are released quickly to temperature. And it's actually so nice without running. It is very cold; a hat is not a luxury. After all, you lose about forty percent of your energy through your head!



Go for departure after what the weather predictions, so you will not be surprised;

Prevent injuries by allowing your muscles are warm and good also to cool again. In the winter months is that more important than in the rest of the year. In extreme cold, you can warm up and cool down naturally do inside; note the wind chill. With a cold wind may feel colder than it many times indicating thermometer; in extreme cold, it is advisable to grease your lips and face with Vaseline; let your shoes do not dry in the heat, but do some crumpled newspaper in your shoes; beware with smoothness, choose hiking boots with a good profile; make sure that other road users can see you in the rain and in the dark. Use lights and reflective clothing or straps.

Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility

Spring is coming, the time for many bikers to meet their engine again stable. The Traffic and Transport Council (HVO) Groningen, the Traffic and Transport Consultation VVBD and the police in safety vest help bikers love to stay safe on the road. This spring they ask to go through a campaign of attention for safe motorcycling and motorcyclists give tips to protect and visible on the road. The slogan of the campaign this year is: "Motorcycling is a party as you stick to the dress code.


Good riding gear can save lives. A motorcycle suit of leather, nylon or fabric protects shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees well when dropped. Thick gloves and high shoes or boots provide extra protection. Finally, wear a properly fitting helmet of course mandatory.


Visibility is not only good protection, but also stand out is important to prevent accidents. Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility of motorcyclists. The road itself is wise to keep a sufficient distance to other road users. Continue working lighting is important to look ahead. Other road users see motorcyclists better than additionally.


Technical condition finally motorcyclists do well to check their engine before the first Spring Rally. The last stop in the winter for example, is not good for the tire. Also practice driving here can prevent accidents.


Flyers and posters via Face book and Twitter indicate the HVO and the police the next time tips to remain safe and visible on the road. Also, motor clubs, dealers and meanwhile campaign posters and flyers receive chance to hang out and share. In addition, the campaign from late March to see across is the county on reflective tape signs along the side of the road.

Reflective element that reflects so strong

Trains made with reflective element that reflects so strong, that they can blend into the landscape. It sounds more futuristic than it is. In 2018, they should whiz by Japan with nearly 600 kilometers per hour.


The new bullet trains are designed by the acclaimed architect, who previously developed buildings that went up in the area. They used for this purpose an extremely reflective material. The train will thus are not really invisible, but very unobtrusive.


Scientists have been trying for decades to create an invisible stuff, but succeed so far to avoid the only radar detection, not even to outwit the human eye. This is still some improvement needed in nanotechnology.


Initially seven trains will be made every eight wagons. Hopefully, the designer also thought of a way to warn bystanders in safety vest as the train rumbles down on them.

The new design safety vest

At this time of the year you can only better protected against cold and wet weather. Moreover, there is a new version of the ordinary Hot Pack. Rain and cold the past few days were ideal for the Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket test (130 Euros). The safety vest does what it promises and that is first and foremost protecting against rain. The droplets slide as the jacket off and the waterproof zipper and taped seams ensure that no leakage of fluid. You will feel more wetness by your own sweat, because the temperature in the Hot Pack can soar despite the breathability.


'Stretch' is another asset of this jacket. The stretch panels at the back and elastic cuffs ensure that the jacket closely. The jacket is rather small. At the front is quite short, at the back it is sometimes longer.


The Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket is predominantly white, with black and red accents and reflective elements. It is easy to fold and fold into a pouch sewn with drawstring for a convenient stowable scoop. With its 130 grams, it is also very light to carry. For much quality you obviously pay a price.



In addition to the stretch version is still the ordinary Hot Pack, one of the best-selling raincoats in the market. In 1999 Sportful came up with the first Hot Pack on the market, a compact jacket against the rain and wind. Persistently test and refine brings us now to the 5th version of this lightweight guardian. This time the back was extended a bit to prevent splashing water, there was a reflective strip back to better stand out, there were fewer seams, some leakage of water prevents even better, and were sleeve closures made longer with an opening thumb to stop off even better the wind.


Hotpack is a compact jacket with a minimum of weight (79 g) and a maximum of protection. Schoeller NanoSphere fabric it makes it water repellent. Wind has no chance: 100% windproof and with an extra high collar. In addition, it has an excellent breathability. This is further enhanced by the extra vents on the back. The integrated bag back immediately serves as a storage pouch. You put him away in your pocket at the outbreak of the sun, or commencing the climb.


Hot Pack 5 is available in the reflective material jacket (85 Euros) and cardigan (70 Euros), and in black, white and fluorescent yellow. Specifically for women, the fit was adjusted. A fluorescent yellow version for women is now. Besides Hot Pack 5 have already a family.

Safety clothing saved his life

Monday was played nasty scenes at Halmstad. The driver Peter was taken to hospital after receiving the horse kicks in the chest and leg. It’s luckily that safety clothing saved his life.

In addition, the trotting horse Red Passion killed.

- She cut above the shoulder, it was probably nerve damage so they decided that it could not save her, says horse trainer Ingemar Book to trav365.


On Monday turned professional driver Peter Ingves kicked by the horse Red Passion at Halmstad racetrack stables hill. Park met so badly that the coachman had to go to hospital emergency.

Peter Ingves told on Monday how he perceived the accident.

- I felt that the horse was a little half-reed, and then she became afraid of anything. Then she defended them to start hitting. I did throw me off a bit, but it was so damn fast. I got hit in the chest also but I have safety vest, said Mr Ingves and says that the ambulance was delayed, he says.


Ran into Volvo

After the accident came Red Passion loose, and after running straight into a Volvo injured herself so hard that she got killed.

- The horse jumped over the fence and ran down the stable, and there was another horse in front and she swerved. Instead, she ran to the right, next to the horse, and there were cars parked. So she came at full speed into the trunk of a Volvo station wagon. She cut above the shoulder, it was probably nerve damage so they decided that it could not save her, says Ingemar Book to trav365.

"Bolt from the blue"


Bok coach says the horse has not shown anything that hinted that this could happen.

- This came as a bolt from the blue. She has never shown this kind of tendencies. But it is so with animals, anything can happen, he says to trav365.


He also comes with good news regarding Peter.

- I talked to him yesterday when he was on his way home. Nothing was broken, fortunately. Safety reflective vest protects him. He was kicked in the chest and in the leg. He was bruised and had pain throughout the body. So it was nice that he was the circumstances fared so well, he tells the magazine.

Riding with wearing reflective vest is the disability sport

In addition to fun exercise have intercourse with horses a relaxing effect for many. And there are many approaches to choose from - in addition to dressage and show jumping, for example, even eventing, vaulting, endurance and driving. Riding with wearing reflective vest is also the largest disability sport in Sweden.


See price comparisons of riding schools here.

Riding schools now offer their students more choice than before, and teaching can be organized in different ways, says Nina Anyai, district of the Swedish Equestrian Federation and the riding school at Clare's riding club with 40 years of experience in riding school.


- Many students have individual preferences as they may be difficult to make up a day of the week. It may also involve groups of fewer students to requests from students, but at a slightly higher price. Every year damaged some 13 000 people in connection with riding or handling of horses, and 700 people who work with horses.


Through the years, therefore, the requirements and restrictions increased on safety and protective equipment and safety vest. I think Nina Anyai is good, although it also requires more of the riding schools. All riding schools that are connected to the Swedish Equestrian Federation take out membership of the pupils. This fee also includes a member insurance that provides good protection, she says.


At Clare Mountain keeps it open seven days a week, from seven in the morning until ten in the weekday evenings.

- Riding School also serves as recreation. There is always staff. In addition, we organize activities during the holidays.


Club activities are dependent on a lot of voluntary work and on weekends and holidays, many active to help with the family days, cleaning days, children's activities and so on.


- But we must not forget that the horse is a living tool that should have care every day of the year. Unlike many other sports, a riding school, therefore, not be operated with only voluntary contributions, this also requires trained personnel, says Nina in safety clothing.


The ride is relatively expensive. One semester with a lesson a week can cost upwards of 4000 kronor. It is customary to also be able to purchase single lessons, and often there is try-off for those who want to test a few times.


Nina Anyai wishes Riding School sagging raising lecture fees from year to year.

- As a nonprofit organization, we strive to keep the fees in order to make horseback riding accessible to more people. We want to give those who do not have your own horse the opportunity to learn to ride at a reasonable price and also the opportunity to compete at the riding school horses.


Swedish equestrian sport is unique in the world, both in scope and availability. Riding club is a stable slope with many opportunities for local residents, not least in terms of public health. It is high time that the municipalities strategically and seriously take advantage of the important resource that consider Swedish Equestrian Federation that are actively working to strengthen the dialogue between riding clubs and municipalities.


Nina Anyais experience is that the attitude to riding school differs between municipalities.

- Those who are familiar with the matter understands the importance of supporting our business, and that investment in riding schools is incredibly valuable back. You realize how much togetherness with horses actually provides for people of all ages - in addition to the riding itself, you learn to take responsibility, to develop leadership ability by managing horses of several hundred kilos and you get a nice community with both humans and animals.


Fact: As you begin

Visit some riding schools with experienced and well-trained staff. Is there access to the riding arena? Good trails if you like to ride out? Ask how the queue system works and when to enroll.

The equipment need not be so advanced in the beginning. First, you need helmet and suitable footwear, preferably also safety vest. It is important that both the helmet and vest fit the rider. A safety vest with reflective tape in the wrong size can do more harm more than benefit.


The helmet should sit firmly on your head and not loose. A helmet with a bang, for example, dropped in the stable time, is replaced. Avoid any time to borrow a helmet. Check that the helmet is CE marked. Folksam's test of riding helmets last year show large differences between the best and worst helmet.


Shoes or boots should have heels, so the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Choose soft trousers, preferably without sharp seams. Sweater or jacket should not have fixed hood.

Should you decide to continue riding, you can invest in breeches, horse riding shoes or boots - are used for good prices.

People are wearing reflective vest for the holidays

“The quality of care is absolutely crucial ... professionals need you ... It will take you by the hand tourists" ... This wish formulated by Valérie Pécresse (LR), President of the Ile-region -France, will perhaps be realized. One hundred students spotted with their purple safety jackets, paid on the basis of an internship, will be made from this Sunday on thirty attractions in order to "give the image of a welcoming France. "This" Tourism Volunteers "will last until 31 December,


The partners are numerous: The Louvre, Paris airports, department stores of Paris, Montmartre, Fontainebleau, Provins, Versailles Auvers-sur-Oise, Saint-Denis ... It would be a faultless if Paris had not launched the controversy on Friday, saying they were not informed of this initiative.


But this is only the beginning. One hundred young people are wearing reflective vest for the holidays. They should be thousand next spring. Meanwhile, Paris and the region will undoubtedly have pooled their forces. It is urgent since the attacks. In the first nine months of the year, despite the holding of Euro 2016, the region is a decrease of 14% of hotel nights occupied by international tourists. "We must make every effort to attract new visitors and retain those who want to return," insists Valérie Pécresse.


A strange initiative by the city of Paris

The city of Paris was arrested Friday, the president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse on its plans to deploy at Christmas "volunteer tourism". "We have at no time been informed or coordinated the deployment of the volunteers in the Parisian public space," wrote Jean-François Martin, assistant to the mayor of Paris in charge of tourism.


The elected recalls that Paris has already set up since July 2015 "volunteers of Paris' youth in civic services whose objective is to perform a tourist reception on the main task of the capital sites.”It would appear somewhat strange that the Regional Council can deploy this new device on sites already squared by volunteers from Paris, without any form of articulation with the existing device," insists Jean-François Martin, denouncing the passage "a serious problem of method "and" a strong questioning of the legitimacy and compatibility "of the regional system.


Nasrou Othman, vice president of tourism in the region, does not include: "This is a sterile controversy. All initiatives are good to take...”


Lola, 19, a student in a school of tourism, is aware of this issue. "We need to answer questions from visitors, guide them when they are lost. We also need to reassure the security and tell them that Paris is a beautiful city, and they should enjoy. “Lola will be based in Roissy - Charles de Gaulle. She speaks English, German, Korean and a little Chinese.


"The reception is a sector of excellence," said during the training day of the young, a representative of the Paris airports. "With your purple safety vest, you will color our airports," she was glad. "On arrival at Versailles, you will guide visitors to the castle. Can you help them to return to Paris, "Said an official practice of Versailles?

Tony Estanguet, ambassador of the Olympics in Paris has already set the challenges for the future: "In 2024, we will need 70,000 volunteers!”

Police in safety clothing will help

It will get crowded on the roads this Thursday for the long Christmas weekend. Take precautions to keep your safe, wearing a safety vest is a good choice.


Thursday, December 22

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and major cities, 15 hours and 20 hours. (Green)

Friday, December 23

- Do not leave Paris after 11 hours and large cities between 15 hours and 20 hours (orange)

- Avoid driving on the A7 southbound from 12 hours.


Saturday, December 24

- Avoid leaving a large city between 11 and 16 hours (red)

- A practice driving "soothed" in heavy traffic on A6, A43, A40 between 10 hours and 13 hours.


Monday, December 26

- Avoid leaving Paris between 11 and 15 hours,

- Avoid driving on the A43 between 12 hours and 19 hours on the A40 between 14 hours and 19 hours.


In the direction of returns: Monday, December 26

- Planning a return to Paris until after 15 hours or 20 hours.

Practical advice

Prepare your departure: Check the condition and operation of your vehicle, especially the tires and their pressure. A well maintained and well-tuned vehicle is a guarantee of safety. It consumes less (up to - 10%) and therefore pollutes less (up to - 20%).


Make sure of the presence in your vehicle, the safety vest with reflective tape and warning triangle pre-approved. They are mandatory in all vehicles since October 1, 2008

Think about the additional equipment: safety vest, squeegees and brushes; bulbs, fuses and spare flashlight, very useful in case of failure.

Bring a "supply kit"  : Have your vehicle warm clothing, gloves, blankets, water and something to eat for long journeys, or if the vehicle prolonged immobilization.

During the trip: Adjust your speed to the circumstances and extend significantly the safety distances , especially in rain, snow, or when temperatures are negative or close to zero.


Stay informed of traffic conditions and advice provided by professionals in the road information (variable message signs, GPS navigator, radio information messages) or takes a break to visit the website or mobile application Traffic monitoring. If anything happen, police in safety clothing will help you.

Police in safety vest and traffic wardens

Thirty burned, woman grazed by a firecracker, three to fire bins in the year of bollards and barriers, the safety device worked.


The armored square, with counter-terrorism measures, has also deterred by the excesses and did not stop the fun in town. At New Year's Eve in Piazza XX in Pordenone, everything went smoothly. Be counted on the fingers of one hand, in fact, the mournful notes. There are imposing safety device fielded by the Committee for public order and safety: they took to the field police, police in safety vest and traffic wardens.


At about 2:30 a lady called the police: she had been grazed by a firecracker, launched by "a youngster." The culprit, however, managed to hide in the crowd. Unfortunately, many children and adults have bothered present launching raudi also among the people, regardless of the presence of children. Fortunately there were no consequences.


Entire Western Friuli, only one person was injured, however so slightly, from barrels at year end. It is a thirty year old San Giorgio, who went on their own feet to be healed in the emergency room. A firecracker him burned her forehead: five days of prognosis. It was not hospitalized, but he returned home.


Three principles of fire caused by barrels or fireworks: a fire two bins a cabin. Flames quickly extinguished by firefighters in reflective clothing. Police were called to a fight under the stage in the square, during the festivities. But when the officers arrived, the litigants had already left. Among the curiosities, at about 23:15 in the 113 he was reported a suspicious man with a bulge under his jacket, but it was only a bottle to toast.


One minute after midnight officially took service in the square the new commander of the municipal police Stefano Rossi. "Prefect and superintendent - said Rossi - have adopted a series of security measures that have proven successful, organizing the best agents and services, with tangible results: There were no injuries, no public order problems. Local police has made its contribution, with eight men. "


Even now it begins a close comparison and punctual with the city administration to draw up a list of priorities and plan the most urgent interventions, with targeted responses. "Not all the changes make an improvement, but we need to change to improve", it is the philosophy of the local police commander.


"The city administration - said for his part the minister for security Emanuele - thanks all law enforcement officers, municipal police wearing safety reflective vest in the first place, for having ensured order and security in the festivities. The agents were not able to spend New Year's Eve with their families, but the large presence of uniforms and plainclothes agents have been perceived and have helped to give serenity and happiness to those present. "

A vest with reflective tape of high quality

The government spent more than $ 31 million in bulletproof safety vests RB3 US, 10% more than a RB2 domestic production. Justify the decision.


The Ministry of Security bought 2,600 imported bulletproof vests and spent more than 31 million, two million pesos more than it had originally stipulated. This difference may be because, according to authorities in the portfolio, vests than those now working in the police force were acquired quality. This progress was made in order to replace the defeated 6,500 police vests that had until last year, although there are still 600 more to complete the final figure.


The purchase was carried out by way of direct contracting under the Provincial Emergency Act 8842 Safety, adopted in March this year at the request of Gov. Alfredo Cornejo. The government chose between two bidders who took the call price and opted for the most expensive proposal, presented by the Buenos Aires provider Armoring Systems SA: a bulletproof vest RB3, imported from the United States, at a cost of 12,000 pesos each. Its price is 10% higher than the RB2 vests offered by Gurban 360 SA (quoted at 10,970 pesos per unit) and 5% higher than the RB2 of the same company (11,400 pesos) but stressed Security is an object "higher quality".


Diego, Director General of Administration of the Ministry of Security, told MDZ the reasons why the government decided to buy a model more expensive vest: "The RB3 is a vest with reflective tape of high quality that offers greater protection and are used in police of First World countries. And the price offered is really very convenient. Security has never been able to have what we now have and are proud to give the police this kind of quality. "


"It is not always awarded to the cheapest, as erroneously believed, because if I have something, checked on paper, better quality to more expensive 10% price, it is preferable to ensure the safety of the police and to have higher technology equipment, "he said.


In turn, Lazarus said "the purchase has been transparent and impeccable" and that, when in doubt, you can file a petition for clarification during these days. "We are having better prices because we pay well and the market has become more competitive because there are more bidders," he said.


Regarding ballistic testing, Security indicated that the company awarded already submitted all the documents issued by RENAR, which validates the authorization of the product, and that in the coming days the necessary tests will be performed two vests to test their effectiveness.


So far, the government bought 5,900 bulletproof vests for the provincial security forces. The first 1,000 units were purchased in March RB2 America Shield (linked to Gurban 360), while others made 2,300 vests RB2 in Military Industries arrived in September thanks to a grant from the Nation. To complete the missing reflective vest, they should buy 600 units more than the expected Province in 2017.


"We closed a year in which, perhaps without being visibly moved to citizenship, much has equipped the police, and changes begin to be felt, as improvements in operational patrol" said Lazarus. He stressed that the ministry bought new phones, firearms and uniforms, and advances in integral parts more than 140 police stations and prisons in the province.

Children are protected with reflective safety vest

Holiday program: children wear reflective vest visit the police station background knowledge from television thrillers spot checks. A visit to the police station this year offered the holiday program. The small guests experienced child-friendly manner the everyday work of the police.

Police Chief Commissioner Britta Schroder led the "use", in which they had support from their colleagues Police Commissioner Matthias and police top champion. After being greeted by the deputy head of the police station, Michael, barriers between kids and police officers were immediately eliminated. An all stations of the tour a great Q & A sessions, where it became clear that, probably not least, although some pre-information, but also some misunderstanding from the police everyday made by TV detective series. The young learned that not murder and manslaughter are everyday of coalfield in the center, but rather "harmless" offenses prosecuted, be determined and clarified. A substantial part of the traffic safety, all managed in cooperation with the other departments of the Police Headquarters Freiburg, the Guard is subordinated, heard the children in reflective clothing.

Walking through the area set Britta Schroeder, Matthias also four holding cells in the basement of the building before and let the kids on a cot sample chairs. The children learned that the prisoners have to give their shoelaces and belts for their own protection. Unknown was most children that a police department may detain only 24 hours or less a prisoner. In the police station, the officers showed the technical equipment, the equipment and uniform of an officer of the gun on the handcuffs, baton through to safety safety vest, including a fitting. Fingerprints were taken and the children were - how it photographed at Tut-"real crooks". Of course, the officials had shown the vehicles, one could sample sit, press the siren briefly. All questions were expertly, but were answered for children. The officials understood it to bring entertaining cheerful but also serious stories of everyday police work over, praised the little Anna-Lena. That was so Britta Schroeder and Michael quite well in terms of the host. "We always want to operate with the Holiday Fun actions and recruitment campaigns, represent our most demanding, but also very interesting job".

Wearing yellow safety vest is good

From Thomas J. Schmidt examine companies in the Cargo City North in Frankfurt, why a reporter simply could march on their premises. They are responsible for their safety. Concerned is nobody.


"We would not be possible," says Peter, spokesman for the Munich airport. Anyone passing the barrier, which resulted in limited areas, such as a cargo center would have to show his identity card in Munich.

This has, as reported yesterday, wearing yellow safety vest by Gate 26 enter the Cargo City North and has come up at the airport fence, without being controlled.


"Open gate for terrorists" of the post in the Sunday newspaper is overwritten. Spokesman Christopher Notes: Who rides a bicycle around or whoever north of the A5 Cargo City South with the camera scans aircraft, which is also located directly on the safety fence. "And further than the fence, the reporter has not even come." But just that it is preceded by the Cargo Center North.


Just would not be possible in Munich, assured Prümm. "Everyone on the site must wear a badge on his jacket. Those who do not, is immediately apparent. "A yellow reflective vest, as in Frankfurt, thus is not sufficient in Munich, not to attract attention.


Holschier deems possible that other rules are as in Frankfurt. "Gate 26 is not guarded," he confirmed the newspaper article. "At the bar only, drivers are checked for permission, and that only because there are not many parking spaces." Behind the barriers you have to do it with a user's premises, in which Fraport indeed can build the roads, but otherwise had the resident companies responsible for security. Other approaches to the Cargo-Cities are however guarded strict. This is according Holschier mind that Fraport on the grounds behind it has its own properties and therefore strictly controlled.


Control obligation Companies

That this is so, to the Federal Aviation Agency in Braunschweig did yesterday give any explanation. It has oversight of security measures in the Cargo Cities, but still outside the fence, and clarified with the individual companies whose control obligations. These also depend on the safety requirements for the cargo being transported.


Air Canada is, as described in the article, the most densely at the airport fence. Here, the reporter came up to the fence and then vice versa. At the barrier he was asked by a friendly security guard in safety clothing, where he wanted to go for. Air Canada was concerned even with the internal examination of the incident yesterday and could not take a position.


The representatives of other German airports would not comment on the process - such as Cologne-Bonn. Katja from the airport in Hamburg differs between zones of passenger and visitor traffic, operating zones with limited access and security zones. "The reporter was never in a safety-sensitive area," she said, "but only in the operating areas." Comment wants it not.

Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest


"Good morning, Santa Claus would serve you!” Peter Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest and held out a chocolate heart. Together with a colleague from the ADFC was the wheeled coach at Ehinger Tor before the tax authorities and bestowed on St. Nicholas the cyclists who rode with intact light in the cold to work.


Even those who were illegally traffic no lights were given a gift: a voucher for a repair over a party of four on the action Ulmer bike shops. "But only some ten percent of cyclists had no intact light", Beckmann was pleased with the good rate.


ADFC participated together with the city this year again at the Nicolaus lighting action that the Ulmer Aktionsbündnis "FahrRad in Ulm" as part of "Tu's love" campaign of the working group bicycle-friendly municipalities in Baden-Württemberg performs.


"The aim is to make the cyclist's attention, the more they are seen on the road, the safer it is for them," said Christian, since one week bicycle commissioner of the city. Together with three other volunteers, she stood at the level of the Metzger tower the Danube Bike Path and she was impressed not only whether the rain cycling morning from six o'clock but also because they only encountered three of 85 cyclists without lights.


"There are actually encouraging many people in spite of the low temperatures with the wheel on the road," she said. And not only that: many have to their standard lighting also safety clothing in the form of vests, additional reflectors and flashing accessories per se.


"With the result we can live well," Peter Beckmann, who also led a tally on the passing Ulmer said. The result is impressive: 110 cyclists, of which only eleven with broken light. "But mostly was only the rear light affected," he said. But the most interesting was a Radler been told Beckmann, who had been standing at the traffic lights on and off his light before driving. Why, he cannot explain, of course.


How were the cyclists themselves the action? "Mostly positive", said Wolfgang Mattheis ADFC. Where not the entire offer for the discount voucher accepted: "Thank you, no time", one who drove without lights cried. In return, another was remorseful, but did not reveal their names.


It is actually when driving a bicycle without lights, as well as the car to a misdemeanor. And that is punished by the police in reflective vest with a fine. Exactly how much it costs, Beckmann did not know but: "Depending on the situation," he said. "If the police officer is in a good mood, sometimes leaves even with a ten."

Various facilities for cyclists in safety vest

Since Thursday, a radar speed sign was installed avenue of Paris, an initiative of a group of insurance, also contributing to an awareness campaign for students in reflective vest of a school in our city.

This insurance company also contributes to the awareness and road safety by providing the various cities and towns of a radar speed sign.


"This action is part of an educational framework; barometer developed by our company demonstrates in fact that the rate continues to be excessive in urban areas. 52% of drivers have a sense of insecurity in the city and 46% of them report regularly circulate at 65 kilometers above the speed limit, "said Celine at the reception at the Town Hall.


Joel noted "The city is very attentive to the safety of citizens."

Support Assistant the public space recalled the various arrangements made with the installation of speed bumps trays and various facilities for cyclists in safety vest and cyclists (more and more) without forgetting prevention at the school gate.


Mr. Lefebvre noted "The city will be able to better understand and analyze the speed and adapt its actions to improve road safety."



addition a poster campaign showcased their agency, and Pascal Vincent, in cooperation with Axa Prevention offered educational booklets in the series "The Adventures horn" to students the kindergarten and elementary school Laennec.

Playful and educational works designed by Axa Prevention in partnership with Michel Education.

Another gesture insurance agent, high visibility vests for pupils of the two aforementioned schools.

Safety vest let pedestrian isnít defenseless

In the autumn-winter period, police in safety vest have to caring more about pedestrians. The rain limited visibility, inattention of pedestrians and drivers, and soon the gathering dusk and misery ready.


Just last week in Gorzow there were two accidents involving pedestrians. Both happened on the street. 6 December, 21-year-old driver of the jeep hit a 13-year-old. The next day, a few hundred meters away, 74-year-old head of Ford hit a 52-year-old. The result of these events was fracture in foot. In 2016, the district occur 34 accidents involving pedestrians, who killed 4 people and 32 were injured. In 2015, there were 31 events, two people were killed and 32 were injured.


And here arises the eternal question - which is to blame? Is pedestrian who suddenly barged into the street and stopping even for a split second, whether the driver who did not slow down before entering the crosswalk? Each event is different, but many of them can be avoided. Police remind that pedestrians need to wear a reflective vest to take care of visibility. Drivers should be focused all the time.


- Short days are not conducive to the safety of pedestrians. Quickly the gathering dusk makes passing through the street people are barely visible. The situation does not improve clothing in dark colors - explains Yarashevich team press police. Pedestrians also forgot about the one basic principle that learning in every kindergarten, first look to the left then right and left again and just move briskly!


Poland does not have a provision that would require the driver to stop when a pedestrian approaches the crossing. - Pedestrians have priority when they are already on the transition - said Jaroszewicz. But it is worth to observe oncoming traffic. We are not sure whether the driver of the car in time we notice. Short way to set-off is a situation in which a pedestrian onto the road behind obstacles or directly under a moving vehicle. The driver will not have time to stop the car. In the autumn-winter period the braking distance can be extended by the wet or icy surface.


The police urge to wear reflective elements also in urban areas. Besides the pedestrians do not have other option - the rules clearly state that glare must wear each. But there are exceptions: the pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective material, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians.

Police regularly carry out actions aimed at pedestrian safety. Officer’s education starts already among the youngest. Those elders must reckon with the legal consequences of their behavior. Irresponsible drivers and pedestrians dismissive rules are admonished by the police. Officers traced back not only mandated blocks. In the event of serious infringements of the matter direct to the court.

Reflective clothing is necessary in car

Did you know that fond of beer Czechs and Slovaks do not allow to drive a car under the influence of alcohol, even a little? And reflective clothing is necessary in car. In Italy, you can have up to 0.8 per mile. Know the rules in force in European countries, in order to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant surprises. Also, where and how much that I have to pay for the use of motorways.


Germany - In our western neighbors’ car should be a first aid kit. Highways are free. The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand (0.0 per mille for people with driving license for less than 2 years). Speed ​​limits: 50 km / h built-up area, 100 outside the city, motorway - no (speed recommended 130).


Austria - By choosing to Austria we have in the car, a reflective vest and first aid kit. Highways are paid in the form of vignettes. Cost: car 10 days: 8.70 Euros; 2 months 25.30 Euros. Speed limits are 50 km / h built-up area, 100 outside the city, 130 highways. The permissible level of alcohol in blood: 0.5 per mile.


Belgium - In Belgium, you have to have a car mandatory reflective vest. Its absence may result in the mandate of 50 Euros. The use of motorways is free. You can have up to 0.5 per mile of alcohol in the blood, and if it is exceeded this standard, you have to reckon with very high fines. Limits speed: 50 km / h built-up area, 90 outside the city, 120 highways.


Bulgaria - On mandatory car equipment in Bulgaria must be reflective safety vest, first aid kit and a set of light bulbs. Honored Polish driving license, a green card is not obligatory. On the highway you have to have a vignette. Vignettes, which should be applied to the windshield, are sold at border crossings at the entrance to the area of Bulgaria. There are three types of vignettes: Weekly (5 Euros), monthly (13 Euros) and annual (34 Euros). Price widget (in Euros) depends on the category of the vehicle. The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand. Speed limits: Speed limits: 50 km / h built-up area, 90 outside the city, 130 highways.

Safety vest for the cycling enthusiasts

Autumn is obviously a time when we leave their bikes in garages. It remains; however, a group of enthusiasts who gravitate continue their kilometers with wearing safety clothing. You can join them! Just remember a few things.

The truth is that in our climate autumn cyclists does not spoil and often surprises with morning frost, rain and wind aura. For all these disadvantages should still make later rising sun and before the gathering dusk. In short - the cyclist fall is not easy.


The first and most important rule - Be seen! Cyclist traveling on the road must be visible to the driver. Not only dark, but in the day. Keep in mind that in the autumn air transparency is much smaller. Manufacturers of sports clothes have a wide color palette. It is worth investing in special armbands, reflective vests or other reflective elements. In addition, shortly after nightfall, remember to ignite lights: white front and red rear. The rear light is best to put on a backpack on his jacket or helmet. For your safety, you must shine like a Christmas tree!

Beware of road surface marking on the road, painted white or yellow paint, especially on the lanes and pedestrian crossings. This is what "white" on the road can be very slippery, especially after rains.


Thirdly, and no less significant than the above - consistently forcing drivers to comply with an order to circumvent wheelers at a distance of not less than one meter. Yes, deliberately and with premeditation I took the word "forcing". Horse "close as possible to the right edge of the road" does not mean running next to the curb. You have to take an amendment to the opening doors of parked cars, potholes and other obstacles. Hooking pedal curb can lead to overturning the rider and dangerous accident. Safe distance is about 1 meter from the curb - and beyond. Then biker has more room for maneuver if you notice any obstacle. It will be able to bypass the right rather than the left. I know from experience that this is not always possible, but helps a lot riding on at least half a meter from the curb, not next to him. If the way that you move is not even enough space to perform a dangerous maneuver safely try not to make sudden maneuvers, trying to avoid an obstacle. Remember that such a sudden "dodge" for moving the driver of the car you can be quite a surprise if in this moment is going to overtake you.


Security is one of the elements on which it is worth paying attention to preparing for the fall on a bicycle. However, we must remember to take care of appropriate clothing. What a pleasure to drive if we are cold and all have wet autumn rain?


The basic principle is to not allow extracting excessive amounts of moisture (sweat) by our body. Otherwise, simple cotton clothing will sweat and wet will stick to our body. That is why it is worth to reach for clothing thermo active. Thermal clothing provides better ventilation, easier to keep it constant body temperature. The main task of the service is thermo discharge of sweat from the skin surface. This is essential for our comfort. By moisture cools the body much faster than in dry conditions.


You should also keep in mind the volatility of the autumn weather. And this rain is the biggest bane of the rider. It is necessary here adequate security of your wardrobe. Manufacturers of sportswear offer a wide variety of jackets, trousers or raincoats. It is with you all the time to have a coat or jacket, which at any time can be removed from the bag or backpack. Such a protective jacket certainly is not a great burden for our luggage. A good solution is the reflective jacket tourist soft-shell or models with detachable fleece.

If you plan to ride well in the winter, you can think about the gloves of the membrane layer. As quickly we reach for the scarf and hat.

Primary School "quite bright" with safety vest

Especially for first year of school in the fall and winter is dangerous. Many do not know the route, and certainly not in the dark. In addition, each road crossing is a potential hazard. Remedy can create a luminous safety vest, so that children can be detected directly by motorists.


For this reason, the motor-sports friends Theeltal distributed in the ADAC under the safety action "A Bright Future" at the St. Michael Elementary School 51 west to the graders - 51 safety reflective vests 750 000 nationwide.


"The first year should see that they are much better and faster recognized with a vest of other road users. Thus, a timely response - which can save lives, "explains Lothar Schu of the motor-sports friends. He also appealed to the parents to ensure that the children every morning to leave the house with reflective jacket.

Safety vest is needful for winter travel by car

Heavy snowfall can paralyze road even in the most developed regions. Safety vest is needed on the road as an accessory for enhance visibility. We tend to forget that low temperatures are dangerous for us even when we travel by car. How to prepare for a trip at this time of year?


The holiday season is a time when many of us get behind the wheel, to visit their families. In addition to beautiful landscapes winter launches us a lot of dangers on the road. One of the causes of deaths in the winter is inappropriate to prepare the car for the season and the lack of knowledge of how to behave when stuck while traveling due to a car breakdown or bad weather conditions.


Check the condition of the car

Winter is not enough to change tires summer for "winter tires". You should also check the coolant level and oil. If necessary, change the oil on a winter version. By frequent rain are also needed efficient wipers and washer fluid level, also in the winter version. And most important, although so obvious - have fueled car.


HOW TO PROTECT AUTO from destruction?

An absolute must is winter tires. These seasonal are meaning less secure. "Winter tires" effective "discharge" snow, and above all they can to keep their optimal at low temperatures.


Prepare for travel

Check the detailed weather forecast. If the conditions on the roads will be particularly hampered by the rapid deterioration of the weather, it is better to consider the ratio travel to another date.


Even if you do not you are going to Siberia, take care of high-energy dry food, a thermos of hot drink and a couple of bottles of water. In the event of an unwanted stop, rationally utilize these stocks.

Leaving on a trip, you should also tell your family or friends about your estimated time of arrival at your destination.


Travel, especially the winter, may be prolonged. You never know how much time we have to spend in the car if you encounter difficulties. What in such situations, you should have with you? Certainly charged the phone and car charger - in the event of an accident will be able to ask for help or reassure relatives and inform about the delay. In the car we carry the sleeping bag or blanket; a small shovel will be useful and the torch - the best pulse with extra batteries.


Equipped with our car should include a first aid kit, essential medications and bright fabric, which, if the car is immobilized, will serve as a signal flag. It also serves an additional bright item of clothing, for example, Reflective vest.

The situation can save taken together handy tool - the wheel wrench, screwdriver or pliers, wires for the motor starter and snow chains.


How to behave in case of emergency?

When on the road will surprise us blizzard or your car breaks down, it is necessary, if possible, to push it to the side. If the aid is not visible in the distance, you should not go out of the car and look for it, when we do not know the area. We get lost and wandering in the snow and cold can only weaken our forces. On the air car's put a flag signaling.


When the "stuck" in the car, it rationally heating (fuel may come to an end). The engine in this case, turns on periodically. Make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered. We must be careful not to poison the exhaust.


Pushing a car at low temperatures may charge our heart. In such situations we should avoid overexertion, but do not forget the gentle movement exercises, which will help maintain proper blood circulation.


Alarm phones

When you're trapped by winter weather, it is worth remembering about the most needed numbers. And when you are waiting for the police, don't forget to wear reflective clothing even on the roadside.

Police in safety vest inquiry the accident

When police in safety vest ask the driver why stock the 70sheeps, the goods heavy driver claims that did not realize the presence of animals crossing the road.


Dozens of sheep were collected by a truck on the morning of Monday, September 5, in Almeirim County. The accident occurred when the herd crossed the 114 National Road (EN114), as happens regularly, a task in which participated a couple and their pastor. The driver of the heavy goods will be not aware of the presence of the flock, having just rammed by the animals, killing about 70 sheep. The herd owner refers to a loss of around 7,000 Euros.


The alert for the accident, which did not cause any personal victim, happened about 11 am on Monday, 5 September. Parents flock owner were at the side of the road, one in each direction of the road, armed with a reflective jacket, to signal the crossing of the flock. A task that is performed almost daily at the site of the EN114, between the roundabout linking Almeirim to Route Complementary No.10.


The heavy goods belonging to a company based in municipality, circulated towards Fox - Almeirim. On the other hand they followed a few cars that stopped to give way to the flock. Although not have wanted to make a statement to reporters, he said the trucker will only realized the presence of a dust cloud. It slowed its speed but did not stop and when he realized already had hit the animals picked up ahead.

Contrary to the version of the driver, the owner of the herd, consisting of about 600 animals, told newspaper, that the crossing was signaled by the presence of their parents, in both directions.


On site were 12 members of the Fire Department Almeirim Volunteers in reflective vest, supported by four cars, as well as soldiers from the Traffic Department and the Territorial Office, the National Republican Guard, which took account of the event and who conducted the investigation of the circumstances that that accident has occurred.

Drivers wear safety vest to keep safe

The risk education introduced in 2009 and became a compulsory part of driver training is found to have a negative effect on the 16-20-year-olds. It also reduces the desire to wear reflective vest.


According to an evaluation of the mandatory risk training, made by VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, the majority of respondents answered that the training has provided a greater understanding of the risks in traffic. The report, however, show a difference in younger people, those between 16-20 years. The group says they see negative changes in their own ability compared with other motorcyclists in safety vest and the perception of speed and alcohol after the training.


By and large, the report shows that the desire to wear so-called high visibility vest declined while more who have passed risk education have a better attitude to wear a helmet and safety equipment than the other.


As for the reason for why accidents and driving technique gives education a better risk awareness overall.

Reflective Clothing and Accessories for the Honda X-ADV

A complete line for the Japanese brand scooter, Termoscud apron, rainproof outfit, touring reflective vest.


Tucano Urbano presents a range of clothes for the brand new Honda X-ADV scooter-trailer. The Italian brand wanted to design a complete line to pass safely from the city to the dirt roads, whatever the weather conditions.


Rainproof Super-Compact

The equipment maker this time drawn in his collection to offer a waterproof package to ride under all climatic conditions. Its polyamide exterior and welded seams are made not to let drops of water pass inside. The set includes a jacket and pants with reflective fabric prints on the back of the jacket, designed to be identical to those of the Honda X-ADV.


Touring Jacket

To keep you warm, Tucano Urbano has completed this line with a 4-pocket Touring jacket. This one is made of Oxford and Mesh fabric which adapts to all the conditions: it is in fact equipped with a detachable windproof lining and a waterproof insert against the rain and the wind.


Termoscud Apron

One more declination for the Termoscud! This waterproof nylon model takes its name from its patented thermoregulation system that uses hot air from the radiator. The two side deflectors can thus be closed to keep the hot air inside the apron. They can also be kept open to prevent cold air from entering when the engine starts.

Saddle bag


Tucano Urbano offers a saddle bag designed to be in harmony with the apron. A model made in the same reflective material as this one, waterproof. It is equipped with hooks to be able to hook it to the saddle.


The Honda by Tucano Urbano collection also includes hand protectors with integrated neoprene sleeves, tank protection, 6-pocket cargo pants, and summer gloves.

They stand out for their reflective material

"One of the milder winters we have experienced in France." That's a refrain that keeps coming up in recent weeks. In both heady and intoxicating for a cyclist in reflective vest, it’s happy to give up chocolate. Usually in keeping with the period, these dishes are already replaced by the energy bar, energy drink and asphalt. For us cyclists’ friends, partying resumes differently. In our famous new regions, temperatures do not climb all the same. The parallel is simple and Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, the trend is heavy sprinter André. The wind, humidity reign, he does not do well out. "This is the North" as well said the late Michel. But the passion remains stronger when you think to hedge. Let them!


Aesthetically, because even the winter everyone wants to be beautiful on the bike, this accessory is simply elegant. No more black or plain white classic, bicolor Castelli goes with the combination of black and gray, all identified by the red zippers and borders. The discrete seams and inscriptions "Castelli" blend perfectly with a well finished product.


For if appearance is important, comfort and performance are more. These leggings are certainly bicolor, but are mostly bi-material. We said: right now, the roads are wet. Alone or in a pack, each spin is synonymous with splashes coming wet our ankles. To remedy this, Castelli cleverly thought of installing a gray waterproof reflective material to keep us dry. The result is the appointment because we have felt no moisture in the ankles during our tests.


Nevertheless, we must admit that this textile, stiffer than, not as nice as the black top leggings. Difficult when it is winter Flex waterproof with a soft inner fleece. Indeed, the waterproof fabric covers only the ankle. The entire joint is she wrapped the soft fabric, comfortable to the point of becoming a second skin. Thus, the bending is done without gene when pedaling cycle. Furthermore, this part waterproof fabric and the holding strips Giro3 the top of the pad ensures impeccable maintenance, even proof terrible Hell of the North pavers. At the time of coating the product, the zipper located on the outside of the ankle makes it easier and compensates the rigidity of the fabric. The performance gain of the pad thus alters its comfort. Similarly, the main function of protection from the cold is accomplished.


Another advantage is to signify security side. In this time, its gray, the rain comes sometimes weaken the visibility and brightness down quickly in the afternoon. It is therefore important for us cyclists, to better inform us of other road users. We all agree: a lighting kit disfigures our beautiful bikes. The manufacturer has embedded in the waterproof fabric of fine crystals making the reflective fabric.


In summary, leggings are effective, intelligent and beautiful. But who says high-end product, says very high price. Their price varies between 80 and 90 Euros depending traders and are available in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL). In this regard, we recommend carefully check the size guide. To conclude, we cannot assure that: the leggings are pledges of satisfactions.