Protective clothing for firefighters upgraded

When one thinks of the reflective protective clothing for firefighters, then come to mind immediately the colors blue or black. But that will soon be closing. In the course of two years, the equipment will be switched to sand-colored uniforms - for better protection.

Years ago, the then 15, standardized for Bavarian fire departments, protective suit Bayern II was replaced by a modern from Nomex fibers. Since then, the appearance of Ismaninger firefighters was dark blue in. In recent years, there was part of the protective clothing manufacturer, some technological innovations, particularly in the area of ​​new fibers.

After an intensive market analysis and various fitting appointments now opted for a protective suit of PBI Matrix. This synthetic fiber has compared to the old Nomex fabric on significantly higher tear strength and increased insulation in fire fighting. The reflective tape meet the guidelines for high visibility clothing in road traffic, the multi-layer structure of the jacket and trousers meet the standards for fire protective clothing that is worn in the inside attack.

The fiber itself is not colored and is available only in their original color, thus bears the Ismaninger firefighters future sand-colored protective clothing. The conversion of the protective clothing will take about two years.

Already In 1994, the New York Fire Department on protective safety clothing made of PBI Matrix. In recent months, also has numerous other volunteers and professional fire brigades were upgraded throughout the country on the protective suits of PBI Matrix with reflective fabric.