Reflective clothing is necessary in car

Did you know that fond of beer Czechs and Slovaks do not allow to drive a car under the influence of alcohol, even a little? And reflective clothing is necessary in car. In Italy, you can have up to 0.8 per mile. Know the rules in force in European countries, in order to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant surprises. Also, where and how much that I have to pay for the use of motorways.


Germany - In our western neighbors’ car should be a first aid kit. Highways are free. The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand (0.0 per mille for people with driving license for less than 2 years). Speed ​​limits: 50 km / h built-up area, 100 outside the city, motorway - no (speed recommended 130).


Austria - By choosing to Austria we have in the car, a reflective vest and first aid kit. Highways are paid in the form of vignettes. Cost: car 10 days: 8.70 Euros; 2 months 25.30 Euros. Speed limits are 50 km / h built-up area, 100 outside the city, 130 highways. The permissible level of alcohol in blood: 0.5 per mile.


Belgium - In Belgium, you have to have a car mandatory reflective vest. Its absence may result in the mandate of 50 Euros. The use of motorways is free. You can have up to 0.5 per mile of alcohol in the blood, and if it is exceeded this standard, you have to reckon with very high fines. Limits speed: 50 km / h built-up area, 90 outside the city, 120 highways.


Bulgaria - On mandatory car equipment in Bulgaria must be reflective safety vest, first aid kit and a set of light bulbs. Honored Polish driving license, a green card is not obligatory. On the highway you have to have a vignette. Vignettes, which should be applied to the windshield, are sold at border crossings at the entrance to the area of Bulgaria. There are three types of vignettes: Weekly (5 Euros), monthly (13 Euros) and annual (34 Euros). Price widget (in Euros) depends on the category of the vehicle. The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 parts per thousand. Speed limits: Speed limits: 50 km / h built-up area, 90 outside the city, 130 highways.

Reflective Clothing and Accessories for the Honda X-ADV

A complete line for the Japanese brand scooter, Termoscud apron, rainproof outfit, touring reflective vest.


Tucano Urbano presents a range of clothes for the brand new Honda X-ADV scooter-trailer. The Italian brand wanted to design a complete line to pass safely from the city to the dirt roads, whatever the weather conditions.


Rainproof Super-Compact

The equipment maker this time drawn in his collection to offer a waterproof package to ride under all climatic conditions. Its polyamide exterior and welded seams are made not to let drops of water pass inside. The set includes a jacket and pants with reflective fabric prints on the back of the jacket, designed to be identical to those of the Honda X-ADV.


Touring Jacket

To keep you warm, Tucano Urbano has completed this line with a 4-pocket Touring jacket. This one is made of Oxford and Mesh fabric which adapts to all the conditions: it is in fact equipped with a detachable windproof lining and a waterproof insert against the rain and the wind.


Termoscud Apron

One more declination for the Termoscud! This waterproof nylon model takes its name from its patented thermoregulation system that uses hot air from the radiator. The two side deflectors can thus be closed to keep the hot air inside the apron. They can also be kept open to prevent cold air from entering when the engine starts.

Saddle bag


Tucano Urbano offers a saddle bag designed to be in harmony with the apron. A model made in the same reflective material as this one, waterproof. It is equipped with hooks to be able to hook it to the saddle.


The Honda by Tucano Urbano collection also includes hand protectors with integrated neoprene sleeves, tank protection, 6-pocket cargo pants, and summer gloves.

Sport or work of functional reflective clothing

In winter, the weather is not bad, but bad clothes. And it is up to each of us, whether we choose to sport or work of functional reflective clothing and will feel even in large the storm comfortably, or will prefer clothes from conventional materials, which quickly and easily from cold working up a sweat.

In functional clothing is important to choose a fiber structure of the fabric. Fibers determine the speed of removal of moisture, moisture absorption resulting fabric, fast drying and coloring, dyeing and printing option, the degree of abrasion, pilling and shrinkage.

Weave structure determines the degree of thermal insulation, measure hold moisture, drying speed, mechanical properties and intensity up process.

"The properties of individual fibers in combination with different bonds or mutual combination of fibers and links allow you to create the final knitted for different climatic conditions and physical stress," says Miloslav in a safety vest.

Natural materials, today called renewable, used since time immemorial. The most famous cotton and wool can now be complemented by viscose and bamboo fiber. Their usefulness is proven in various climatic conditions over many centuries. But we cannot individually meet today's requirements we expect from fiber - must be light, strong, flexible, pleasant to the touch, non-absorbent, must drain the water well, also must cool in summer and warm in winter, be thermally inert. Must be resistant to bacteria, fungi and insects and must be well maintained.

Natural materials but have compared the synthetic fiber of high water absorption. Exceptions are primarily produces wave that during high water absorption is not cold unless nevypotíte more than it can hold. Body moisture is stored in the fiber structure and evaporates very slowly. It's the same speed as the drying after washing.

Merino breed of sheep wool is very soft and the fibers 14-16 microns are acceptable even for sensitive skin. Thicker fibers are not suitable for the production of laundry. Wool absorbs odors and has self-cleaning ability, to fibers nechytají dust or dirt. Current technologies are able to better categorize wave and only the longest fibers are then made quality yarn.

Reflective Running Jacket - With 450 lux is immense. The outer material jacket reflects incident light and thus ensures greater safety while jogging. Jacket repels water and does not restrict movement. Highly functional jackets not only for snowboard manufactured in the Czech Republic. Quality workmanship is complemented by high water column 20000 mm H2O.

The drivers with reflective clothing waiting

   "Once you know that you are driving along the highway in the opposite direction, immediately turn on all the lights including warning you to be good to see, because the car traveling in the opposite direction on the motorway none of the drivers with safety clothing waiting, as quickly and as safely slide into the emergency lane on the highway, where it goes. The car then quickly leaves and calls the police, "said Vaclav Irking.
    Police spokesman Martin Koran ova added that the driver should have a reflective vest and all the crew must quickly get to safety. That means a minimum of guardrail at the edge of the highway, better still is on the slope above the highway, if there is one.
    "It is important to call the police so they could be held as soon as possible and ensure safety on the highway," said Martina Koran ova.
    Officers warned against attempts to turn on the highway
    Traffic policeman with reflective uniform Vaclav Koura warns against attempting to turn right on the highway or in the opposite direction to try to reach the nearest highway exit. In addition, it smacks of an accident with serious to tragic consequences, are waiting for a driver's conduct strict penalties.
    "To ride in the opposite direction or turning on a highway seven penalties, cases are handled in administrative proceedings, and financial penalties in addition there is also a ban on activity," says Koura.
    Warn others of a car traveling on a highway in the wrong direction should try and drivers themselves. When you see such a car, turn on the hazard lights, slow down and drive the car mostly in the right lane.
    "If the car with reflective tape hands free and through on such a car immediately inform the police. Call anyone from the vehicle. It is better if the police on a car traveling in the wrong direction on the highway warn more people than if they did not call anyone, "she added Koran ova.

Bring the reflective clothing to passenger

Anti paparazzi handkerchief, it is all the rage among celebrities who want to go unnoticed, such as Paris Hilton or Cameron Diaz.

They have dubbed 'the Palestinian intifada against the paparazzi and the reflection of the reflective fabric, made with pure wool, is enhanced with increasing darkness, reaching create an extreme contrast that does not allow images captured beyond the tissue of the garment (it costs 338 Euros).

The creator of this innovative material Dutch, which had been working for five years, nor imagined in his revolutionary product boom within weeks, thanks to Integra, which moves mountains as far as fashion, is concerned.

The website ISHU brand has had an international takeoff and since the signing and sending orders to all parts of the world, but for now it is with the American celebs among which has better depth.

And this is just the beginning, because from ISHU think already in a collection of women and reflective fashion. So soon we will see the famous disappear. Not all, because I do not I imagine most fashion icons like Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham championing this fashion. Three years ago they would have more than disappointment.

The best idea summer: wear the reflective vest as co-pilot

In Moggs there were rows in stores selling jackets wholesale.

The issue of mandatory use of reflective vest has been paid to confusion, bad parts removed and people walking with the security element position, pure psychosis.

Such is the demand that the vests, which previously cost no more than 2,000 pesos, now marketed up to 8,000. Near the Barrio Moggs, in Biscayan Guerrero with Gerbera, about 50 people lined up to buy reflective vests wholesale. The importing closed almost immediately because, they say, there was no stock.

"They want to raise their prices 1300-2500 pesos. They have stock and are there to raise the price," said one of the merchants who went to buy. There are people with reflective clothing from other cities in Chile who spent the night waiting to buy.

Leader with reflective clothing allows him

Friday night experienced skiers flying down the road from Tallinn to Revere night. The total length of the route is 100 kilometers.
Ööskeidi Tones Palme leader with reflective clothing allows him to test the route and pass the entire distance skating in front of the spine. In 2012, he traveled to Tallinn to Parma by using the same style. "Who wants to see if I can do the whole way upside rollerblading, can join us on Friday night," calls Palme uisusõpru to participate.
Everybody is welcome to join, who feel that they are able to withstand 100 km long distance. Palme emphasizes that no one would assess their capabilities. "Since the race is physically demanding and exhausting, but we recommend that you strictly attend to come rulluisutajajatel and experienced riders who are able to successfully complete the distance," says Palme. It is mandatory to wear a helmet and reflectors and reflective vest, the latter of which can, if necessary, also from the organizers.
Skaters will congregate in the evening on July 11 from noon 23.30st Pyrite Salver’s parking lot, where the participants will end a long journey ready. Fun night trip to Revere half begins July 12 at night around 0:30 pm. Driving is performed during a stop, to breathe and to eat and drink. The trip ends early Saturday morning in Revere Aqva Spa at the races after a long swim and enjoy pleasures.
What to bring: decent skates, which should be a distance, helmet, reflective vest / reflectors, eat and drink, extra clothes, shoes and other necessary. Takeaway supply can provide at Pirate Salver cars can be deposited. Receive Car and transportation of items will be charged a participation fee € 5. The journey back to each organizes them.

The visibility of motorcyclists with reflective clothing

News - Published Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 19:45 by James Vidal
You do not have put your yellow reflective vest under the seat to prevent the plum of Control? Axe Club 14 and give you a chance to fall in line with 30,000 vests soon be available in branches and on their website. An offer which is, we believe, half good news.
Axe Prevention and Club 14, emanations of the insurance company Axe France, distribute, from 1 to 31 March 2016, 30 000 high visibility vests for motorcyclists and scooter riders. This operation, designed according to the organizers to remember the importance of being seen motorcycle delight those who are reluctant to acquire Vest said despite the contravention threat of Control. It will at the same time cringe those who feel that the wearing or carrying of fluorescent jacket and retro reflective is the responsibility of everyone, without requiring legislation.
30,000 offered yellow vests. Yes, but…
After years of maneuvering on the part of government, a decree made the possession of a retro-reflective vest mandatory motorcycle since 1 January 2016. In case of non-submission of this vest with reflective tape, fine (1st class) is 38 € (minus 11 €). We have published several articles about this obligation; we let you read our review about it.
Highlighting the safety of motorcyclists, Prevention and Axe Club 14 will therefore proceed with the free distribution of 30 000 of these jackets in the Axe Group agencies but also online since 7500 vests will be available via the website from 1 March.
We will spare you all the copied statements in the press release. A sentence has, however, we pounce. Serge Morella, President of Club 14, says "Club 14 since 2013 emphasizes the need to be more visible and give drivers the means to more easily identify the two wheels; it appears natural to us to support this measure of detention of a safety vest while leaving the rider or user of a two-wheeler decide under what conditions they must wear.”
AVIMOTO Study: A motorcycle embedded in the visual noise of fires journey sentence which is also yellow smile vest given that Club 14 was not really opposed to the systematization of daytime running lights on cars while experts on the subject agree on the dangers of this measure makes the motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians less visible and therefore vulnerable (see our article on AVIMOTO).
Improving the visibility of motorcyclists with reflective clothing is an initiative that we cannot really condemn. However, so much energy it would be deployed to train drivers to be aware of their surroundings and the most fragile.
One point on which insurance largely has the means to intervene to its members, without telling them that bikers are the ones who drive too fast...

Pedestrian with reflective clothing was hit


Tallinn-Nava highway became a taxi outgoing young woman with a disfiguring injury add.
Tallinn-Nava highway got tonight super heavy injured a young woman who had exited the taxi and went along the road after a car accidentally votes.
Today, around 19 pm came the announcement of a traffic accident on the Tallinn-Nava road 22 kilometers. According to preliminary information, the taxi was moving, led by 53-year-old man from Tallinn towards Nava, in order to proceed to the gas station to refuel fuel, but just before reaching there had run out of gas. The taxi driver stopped the vehicle and went to a nearby gas station of fuel.
At this time, when the taxi driver was a petrol station, a woman came out of a taxi and went to the roadside to vote. At that moment, a pedestrian with reflective clothing was hit by the vehicle moved towards Nava Peugeot 407, driven by a 32-year-old man. 24-year-old woman was taken to hospital in an extremely difficult position. According to preliminary data might be missing pedestrian reflector, said a spokesman for the North Prefecture.
Both drivers of vehicles were sober. A taxi was parked beside the road in the direction of travel and vehicle was turned on the hazard warning lights. This section of road is unlit and the road conditions were the scene of the accident was not the police, according to the good.
A North prefectural operational Valdo Moose note that recently occurred in a number of tragic traffic accident in which a pedestrian has moved in the dark on the road has been hit by a private car.
"Difficult weather conditions and time of the blind will complicate the visibility of road users, must therefore be both pedestrians and motorists to be especially careful and attentive. The roads may be slippery and therefore has longer braking distances for vehicles. Pedestrians should make you as visible as possible by using a reflector or a reflective vest, for example, a flashlight, "says Moose.”Of particular importance is the above-mentioned safety following the highway just moving where there is less light than in the city, and vehicle speeds are high," says Moose.
Kriminaalemenetlus the incident has begun conducted by the northern prefecture and draws the Northern District Prosecutor's Office.

Drivers with reflective clothing reduce accident

He patrols an area of ​​134 km between and Le Pay du four. Day and night, summer and winter, highway workers and colleagues, ensure the safety of motorists.
Fire extinguishers, absorbents and cones are stored in the yellow truck. The emergency light arrows work. It is 8 am and 30 Lionel, yellow pants and safety vest with reflective strips on the back, leaving the service center of Chenille. Lionel stopped at the rest area. Cleaning toilets, garbage collection and waste abandoned by unscrupulous drivers.

Lionel spots a car stopped near the toll station. "The hazard lights are on. It may have been uncomfortable, "ventured the worker approaching. The driver opens his window. He calls. Lionel tells him the parking lot, located a few meters. "People stop anywhere to call, he says. He agreed to park but some do not listen to us when he goes to the security of all. "

"We must think ahead to what might obstruct traffic.”

On standby, Lionel went to look for her shortly before 21 pm. No result. Back at home, the phone always nearby. "These nights, we sleep differently. And in case of accident, it is quickly awakened, "he says. At night, workers have 36 minutes to speak. A time reduced to 24 minutes during the day.

9 are 40. Driving at 110 km / h, Lionel slows. He spotted something on the floor. He slowed down and snaps the bright arrows to warn motorists to shift to the left lane. On the emergency lane, it is reversing over fifty meters. He goes out and retrieves a piece of lighthouse. He's going back. The intervention lasted less than two minutes.

Trémentines on the area, the man in yellow is hailed by a Lithuanian truck driver who has burst. Lionel contact Roadside Assistance via the central Angers. Here there is no risk. "For the motorway workers are there to help.”If it helps drivers and a bolt is not tight, it can be harmful," he justifies.

The tour goes smoothly, despite the flow of vacationers intensifies. 24,000 vehicles are expected each day during the summer. "We do not know what the day will be made. It avoids monotony. "

The Superman of the roads is no less exposed to danger. At each intervention dozens of cars graze the 130 km / h.

The risk does not frighten Lionel. "If we start every morning in fear, change of job," he loose. In 2014, 49 highway workers were struck in France without any death is regrettable. "Only vigilance can save our lives.”

Lionel has had a few scares. His vehicle was hit twice on the emergency lane. The first time a truck had carried his rearview mirror. The driver explained that he had "thought hit a bird." The second, a heavy weight had torn the whole side of the truck. Light Arrow, walk back out of the truck. Lionel takes away an owl crushed pavement. "We picked them because others could come eat leftovers, scaring drivers with reflective clothing and cause accidents," he continues.

"End of the safety tour. Back to district, "warns Lionel in his radio. It is 11 h 38.

Reflective clothing presented in the London Olympic Games

Tuesday Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LNOC) the headquarters of the country's athletes curiously watch mannequins dressed in the first light of day išvydusiais clothing and accessories from the new collection of clothing designed in 2012 London Olympics startuosiančiai Lithuanian national team. The collection is dominated by feverfew green and yellow-green hues, close to a national coloring, as well as various Lithuanian history and tradition reflecting national symbols.
LTOK long-time partner - the company "weaving" - produced Olympians clothing introduced at exactly 500 days before the London Games opening ceremony.

The presentation was attended athletes were able to get acquainted with the new reflective T-shirts, track suits, caps, scarves. Athletes appreciated and parade uniforms Lithuanian drawings.

Clothing seems to be very fun. The Olympic Games is a holiday, so the clothes should be celebratory, - shared his impressions of the 2004 Athens Olympic vice-champion, For women, it is important that clothes would be nice, tight. Judging from the storyboards, ceremonial costumes look impressively. LTOK president Arthur Poviliūnas hoped that the new outfit will allow Lithuanian representatives to stand and be clearly Games. "Despite the financial difficulties, the stampede to London is very high. Early in the year we had to give the most realistic candidates to participate in the games list. These are 105, including potential participants Lithuanian women's basketball team. So far, we have 18 athletes, which is more than in 2008-s (16 sports) were in Beijing, "- said the leader of LTOK A. Povliūnas. Reflective Clothing manufacturers are According to representatives of Lithuanian Olympic for the use of advanced technology. A unique opportunity to create accessories for the best national athletes will have DELFI readers. Tuesday DELFI communication manager Aistė Žilinskienė presented the Olympic portal initiatives and called on the country's sports fans, "developing" Olympic fever before the London Games Home. DELFI invite all the people of Lithuania to build the Olympic symbol of success - bracelets, bearing strength, strength, inspiration symbolism in. All the models will be presented DELFI, and readers will be able to select most beautiful and the most suitable to be Olympians good luck symbol bracelet. Made bracelet before leaving for London will be awarded the entire Lithuanian delegation and the Olympic family. Buy them together to support Lithuanian representatives in the British capital will all wish. In addition, DELFI invite all the people of Lithuania Olympics collect the most promising country olimpietį. After the Olympics three most sympathies earned the young athletes will be awarded prizes.

Reflective clothing is essential in winter

Old, slim and terribly sensitive: bikes for urban transport have considerable show values. But for the German winter they are not created. In Encyclopedia of the good life, there are tips on how man and bicycle stay healthy and heal even in the cold season. First of all, warm safety clothing with reflective tape is essential in winter.

Just do not say Fixit. Mortimer is a personal concern, I expel this trivialization. "It is Fixed Gear. Fixit, that sounds stupid, "the owner of the bicycle shop Kieran says in Berlin Kreutzer. His shop sees itself as a" Cycle Cafe Culture ", not as a mere workshop plus spare parts inventory. In front salesroom there is drinks and Fachpalaver, hanging on the walls classic steel frames from Italy and rare stamps with two wheel designs. Mortimer colleague Gary Graham is in the rear showroom in the saddles. I think a wonderful specimen high, white with tiny holes in the leather. "The saddle is nice, but not necessarily suitable for the winter," says Gary.

Too bad also, but I'm here to get some advice. Last winter was added my bike pretty, moisture and road salt goodness I had to replace some parts. I want to know how I can protect myself better not only my bike, but, prior to smoothness, cold and now - when something is in bicycles - aquaplaning. Warm reflective jacket was taken by me when ride bike. I put the white leather saddle with the holes on the shelf. "Aquaplaning there on bicycles not", explains Mortimer, meanwhile me on, "as fast as you can not actually ride a bike." That's why a tire with extra-profile made little sense.

"In the end you have more grips with slicks, even in winter." Slicks are coats without profile, smooth as a baby's bottom. I thought with the things you slither already on wet roads in a secure accidental death. But I am deceived. The opposite is the case. Tires with profile go faster broken If the ground is wet, more remains in the grooves stick, stones about and said salt, and then press into the soft rubber.

While I look at the gloves with reflective fabric, Gary digs a highlight shows: Heated grips. "The need to charge in advance, then keep warm." Who needs something, I ask, courier driver? Mortimer laughed. "Nah, that can be the not afford," he says, "that's what for mountain professionals, want to train in the winter.”At a cost of 200 Euros I decide to give up several hours and shot trips sprawling city tours. Gloves are perfectly adequate. One can also get inexpensive dry and healthy through the winter.

Nike unveils new reflective clothing

For those who prefer to run while the sun sets: Nike has released collection 100% reflective clothing.

These products are part of the collection Winter Running and are based on a waterproof technology that enables the most demanding runners to stay dry. The more of these new textiles is also to ensure high visibility for the wearer. In fact the entire fabric is coated with a reflective material: Even in the thickest fog you will remain visible!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we invite you to click on the gallery below to contemplate these developments.

Note that these clothes with reflective fabric are now available on the Nike Store.

Reflective clothing: good strategy to avoid the paparazzi

The DJ Chris Holmes invents a collection of reflective jacket that prevails among celebrities .Because it reflects the flash of cameras and photographs ruin 'red-handed'.

The paparazzi have been, are and will be the major headache of celebrities. The photographs in the act are fears most famous, and that can cost the good image they try to show the public. Now the celebrities can now rest easy, all thanks to Chris Holmes. This popular DJ US has launched a clothing collection made with reflective materials that ruins any photo.

The musician has christened its new line as Anti Paparazzi Collection since infortuitos avoid shooting is the end of their work. All garments are made with a material that reflects the flashes of cameras. As a result, and if a snapshot is taken, the subject's clothing shines so much to hide his face.

The original collection is inspired by the pieces of clothing with reflective tape that wore in concert with the WASP group, of which he was a guitarist, and "served to ruin the public photos." Years later, decided to recover "for a better purpose" and that's how he devised this innovative fashion company, says himself in his shop.