Reflective coverall meeting higher standard

The 40 rescuers willingness the cavalry division was equipped mid-year with new turnout gear. The reason for the acquisition of these new standard-compliant reflective coveralls and the reflective fabric on it lies in the rules for safety and occupational health and safety (GUV-R 2106) of the Federation of Accident Insurance Companies.

This change was adopted in the new service and dress code for DRC units in Lower Saxony, as had the willingness Lateen his active helpers for the new requirements to equip. The main and most striking changes arise in the new color scheme.

The work reflective jacket is now shining red and has more reflective strips.  "This clothing, we are optimally equipped for future missions," said Holler Bartram, willingness head of DRC readiness Latten, adding: "Especially on public roads the new turnout gear is an important protection for us all healthy and accident-free come back home ".

The new protective clothing with reflective tape is different to its predecessor in the warning effect, processing and durability of the material. Even in poor visibility and darkness in the material is more visible and thus complies with all current standards and regulations. "We as DRC-Region Association and especially me, it is important that our Rotkreuzler that day and night are in use, receive the best possible use of reflective clothes, sure-footed are traveling," said Red Cross Region willingness director Michael Mayan.