The Flash Season 3 with reflective element

In season 3, The Flash completes his Rogues Gallery with Mirror Master - aka The Master of Mirrors - will make its debut in Central City under the Gray Damon traits. The actor who wear reflective vest takes a role in Aquarius will be present in episode 4 of Season 3, scheduled for late October or early November.


As usual, there was no one Mirror Master. It will nevertheless be the original that will be appearing in the CW series, namely Sam Scudder. This is a creation of John Broom and Carmine Infantine which was introduced in The Flash # 105 in 1959.


Criminal with a big ego discovering that it can travel through any reflective surface, Sam Scudder is determined to prove he is the greatest thief of Central City by performing a large number of crimes. The Flash should stand in his way.


In the comic book, Scudder is a "Rogues" criminal group in which we find Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Captain Boomerang (Nick Tara bay), The Trickster (Mark Hamlin and Devon Grayer), Golden Glider (Peyton List) and Pied Piper (Andy Menus). They then worked as a team against the Flash, although there is unlikely at this stage that happens in the series. In the skin of Mirror Master, Gray Damon currently been announced for a single episode.


Gray Damon does not also debut on the CW; the actor in reflective clothing was in the distribution of star-crossed. However, it is best known for having played Hastings Truckle in the last season of Friday Night Lights.


New Balance 247 Sport with reflective element

New Balance announces the release of the 247 Sport pack, included the reflective clothing. Featuring an urban and modern style, these sneakers combine the craftsmanship of the contemporary inspirational brand details. The 247 features a design and fit quite innovative but takes inspiration from the iconic models New Balance performance by combining an upper structured mesh to a building in neoprene sock.


The N reflective logo, the strap of the collar and the rubber tongue are details borrowed from New Balance running performance but revisited for this model 247 lifestyle. The inspiration to past models also includes asymmetric details on the tip, it is a subtle reference to the model 1300; while the strap design on the neck recalls the previous models 574 and 576 midsole is a lighter version of the Model 998.


"The Sport pack is a symbol of product innovation and performance characteristics of New Balance running," said Brian Lynn, Senior Product Manager, Global Lifestyle. "The lightweight mesh upper, an in neoprene sock structure, reflective fabric inserts and details in pop colors give this sneaker a more technical and attractive look. Style 247 is ideal anyone wanting to freely express their way of being in everyday life. "


"The 247 is the first model made for our evolutionary concept of 'Style of Your Life'. A nod to our iconic styling but with an important step forward in representing the intersection between sports and lifestyle," said Shinichi Kubota, Vice President, and Global Lifestyle. "The design of the model 247 combines the craftsmanship, technology, comfort and fit New Balance, providing the versatility needed for the modern consumer."

Reflective element is widespread used

Be back to our song. Newly admitted to the Hall of Fame which has reflective element and incidentally to the Union des artistes, our star accountant has just discovered the virtues, what I say, and the privileges, to be an artist and to be able to claim a finger: Champagne, showbiz! To such an extent, that his new hymn is the blues of the businessman and his mythical refrain: "I would have liked to be an artist".

Let us pass on the irony of writing a chronicle on the too generous tax advantages granted to artists at a time when the big economic news of the day is the annual salary of the highest-paid CEOs of the country.

According to the Canadian Council for

 Policy Alternatives, quoted by The Canadian Press, the highest-paid CEOs in the country had already pocketed the average annual salary of a Canadian full-time worker, just 48 hours after the start of the New Year. This means that at midnight on Tuesday, January 3, these CEOs - whose average annual salary was 9 million - had earned $ 49,510, without raising a finger, except perhaps to order a good cocktail Struck by a turquoise pool under a tropical sky.

Knowing this, I do not see how one can want to sing "I wish I were an artist".

At the same time, on the part of an accountant, this is not surprising. The one I consulted for 20 years and who officiated in an austere cell above a funeral home in Verdun, kept urging me to do like him and bring my lunch to the office to save and Offer me a golden retirement - retirement that my accountant has never known, having succumbed to a heart attack at age 50. But I'm moving away...

To return to our accountant and new personal finance guru, this one is stunned to have a tax deduction for the copyrights of his book. He finds that someone who, like him, earns a living elsewhere, should not be entitled to tax deductions on his publications.

But where does he live? Does he not know that the lucky ones like him or like Ricardo are counted on the fingers of the hand and that unfortunately the vast majority of Quebec writers do not live by their pen and even less by their copyrights?

Does he sincerely believe that these tax measures have been adopted to create a millionaire club of literature? If that is the case, let us say that the Quebec government missed out on it.

McEwen is also surprised that artists can deduct the cost of 50% of the clothing purchased to perform in public. According to him, the measure is unfair for accountants and other self-employed workers, who must dress well to receive their customers without being entitled to a deduction.

While it is true that an accountant or consultant can hardly meet a naked client and dressing reflective vest, these self-employed workers do not live under the reflectors or in the uncompromising eye of the public. The last time an artist was deprived of his tax deduction and donned the first jeans and t-shirt that came to hand, she was called Sofia Nolin and she was crucified in the public square.

Instead of seeing artists as spoiled children paying a chic wardrobe at the expense of taxpayers, he should see them as people who are not allowed to walk down the street or go to the convenience store not made up and dressed in slack without being reproached in the 7 Days.

Although McEwen is an intern at the Union des artistes, he has no idea of ​​the daily life of a self-employed worker who goes on audition without ever getting the first or even the last part.

And if the actor wins the big prize and gets continuity in a series, nothing guarantees that the series will be renewed or that its role will be renewed the following year.

You have to be accountable for not understanding the precariousness of a profession where you are continually subjected to the will of a screenwriter who wants to get rid of your character or a director who dreams of dismissing you to replace you a younger, hotter, more fashionable actor.

To defend his fellow men, the self-employed, who have only one client for 10 years and who are not entitled to the same tax advantages as the actors of continuous series; he cites the case of the series Virginia and Linn Of the black dog. Let's go on to the fact that Virginia left the antenna seven years ago and that du chine noir saw her last hours...

As for their actors, only Chantal Fontaine worked for 10 years and exclusively on Virginia. All the other actors’ wear reflective clothing had contracts elsewhere: in the theater, in a pub or in another series on another network. They all split in four, split and ran after their tails to have the immense privilege of practicing their trade.

It needs more reflective elements in construction

155 complexes, consisting of, among others, The three-star Hampton by Hilton, an office building and shopping complex, is expected to be ready in early 2018. This place, associated for years with plastic shacks and tents with used books and records, is to become one of the city's business cards. After investing the landscape of the vicinity of Center is to change very much. There will be a 19-storey office building with a height of 76 meters to become the highest building of this type. Next to it will be a seven-storey hotel, connected with 4 thousand square meters. In the past year, the investor - Properties co-owner of the Master Management Group - together with the city, praised the beautiful visuals. Deadline of construction is at beginning of next year.


If the investor wanted to get to the deadline, the construction site should boil, as in the hive. Meanwhile, nothing has happened for two months. Cranes stand unused, heavy equipment has disappeared, there are no workers. "For a long time, peace and quiet," says a security guard who wears the safety jacket working in a neighboring building. It seems that, however, construction site someone is watching. From al. Kosciuszko in the security guard in the chair sits a puppet, more specifically a jacket dressed in a reflective vest and construction helmet. We have not been able to talk to the puppies.


Why did the construction stand? With Master Management Group we received a message that ... "construction work is under way". The company rates the construction as "dynamic". The general contractor finalized the relocation of electricity, gas, water and telecommunication networks and completed the construction of slotted walls in accordance with the agreed schedule of works. We have started work on dewater drainage and installation that will be under the floor, which will take about 4 to 6 weeks. The next stage will be the execution of the bottom plate and the reinforced concrete structure of the hotel and office building "- wrote Roland, project coordinator of the Master Management Group, the developer, manager and investment agent 155.


On the information board on the fence of the square we find a telephone number for the construction manager. - On this issue, please contact the investor - interviews engineer. He repeats it several times that should need more reflective element to keep safe when we try different ways to ask for a breakdown.


More talkative is Igor Galas, architect of PRC Architects. His name also appears on the notice board. "There is actually a small delay in construction, but as far as I know, the construction will soon be resumed, and the gap will be made up," says Galas. Why did the work stop? - It is a very big and difficult investment. The delay is due to some intricate financial structure. But I believe that everything will end well. I keep my fingers crossed because I'm connected to Lodz myself.


The construction of Hilton is probably the most unlucky investment in the city. This branded hotel at the junction with al. Mickiewicz was supposed to stand seven years ago. Bacilli Properties was purchased for PLN 18m. The contract was designed in such a way that for possible delay in the investment was punishable by a penalty of 5 million. Another $ 5 million was to pay if no construction would ever take place.


And indeed it happened without much reflective fabric cloth for workers, but the company paid not intend. The city has brought the case to court. There was a settlement. Bacilli Properties paid a penalty of 3 million zlotys and pledged to realize the investment on time. As you can see, the probability of this happening is decreasing day by day. Now for failure to comply with the contract threatens a penalty of PLN 6 million.

The Ministry of the Interior freezes the reflective logos

The turn of France of the regional logos with reflective element: everything and nothing but the graphic creation really takes a hit... But could we do better for simple administrative authorities without historical legitimacy?

Lees verder...

Mandatory reflective elements for pedestrians

The amendment will become effective probably in the spring, says Transport Minister Dan at the start of a campaign to increase pedestrian safety. Reflective tape of safety vest will give out and the police. It promises that even after the introduction of new obligations will be people rather than negotiate is fine.

Lees verder...

For the lack of reflective element threatens

This year's edition of the police action "Candle" is likely to prove one of the most tragic in recent years. After a weekend statistics are not optimistic, and the day's biggest traffic we are still ahead.


During the pre-Christmas weekend in 272 cases, 23 people died and 338 were injured. In three days, police in safety vest arrested 776 drunk drivers. The police, however, only wait for the biggest wave of traffic. In the evening, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 on the road will leave millions of people. During one of the most tragic of the "torch" in recent years - from 31 October to 1 November 2001 year - 407 cases, 62 people died and 505 were injured. This year, the weekend adjacent to All Saints Day has prompted many people to take a trip further than usual.


Ongoing since Friday of the "torch" officers examine, among others, sobriety managers, technical condition and vehicle speed. The safety of travelers disarmed several thousand officers. Increased number of patrols is particularly evident on the access roads to the cities and in the vicinity of cemeteries. The officers’ direct traffic as the largest cemeteries in the cities changed traffic organization. It is worth checking planned difficulties and instead of going to the gates of the cemetery, guided by a specially designated parking space.

The actions associated with these particular, the November days of police other uniformed services. The security officers attend the Military Police, municipal police and municipal and Railway Security Guard.


Police points out that in moving onward journey, each driver should remember a few basic principles. First, you must get in behind the wheel, being sober and rested. Secondly, before heading out on the road you have to prepare your car to drive: check that all lights are working, or fluids in the engine are completed, if the tires are properly inflated, do we have all the documents. Another principle is to wisely plan your journey - so as not to defeat the whole, sometimes we go distance at a time, just spread it into several stages. It is at about 100 km, take a short break: get out of the car, stretch the legs, and breathe fresh air. Fourth, traveling, remember that everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt; the driver must always be switched on in the car lights.


About their safety they should be take care not only control, but also pedestrians and cyclists. The turn of October and November is the period where the weather conditions are highly variable and faster nightfall. Each pedestrian and cyclist should ensure that, in order to be visible. Reflective vest, pendant, bracelet, or even a simple flashlight will make moving around the dimly lit road will be more visible to oncoming drivers. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users. Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers. For the lack of reflective material element threatens the mandate from 20 to 500 zł.


During the last year of the "Torch 2015" on Polish roads in four days there were 294 accidents in which 36 people were killed and 340 were injured. Research carried out by the police sobriety led to the elimination of traffic in 1337 drunk in charge. Many of the accidents occurred due to reckless drivers and speeding, which was supported by a truly spring weather during the day, and the frost and fog in the morning.

Reflective element that reflects so strong

Trains made with reflective element that reflects so strong, that they can blend into the landscape. It sounds more futuristic than it is. In 2018, they should whiz by Japan with nearly 600 kilometers per hour.


The new bullet trains are designed by the acclaimed architect, who previously developed buildings that went up in the area. They used for this purpose an extremely reflective material. The train will thus are not really invisible, but very unobtrusive.


Scientists have been trying for decades to create an invisible stuff, but succeed so far to avoid the only radar detection, not even to outwit the human eye. This is still some improvement needed in nanotechnology.


Initially seven trains will be made every eight wagons. Hopefully, the designer also thought of a way to warn bystanders in safety vest as the train rumbles down on them.

Do not forget to bring reflective elements

Beware of thieves and pedestrians in dark areas around graveyards, police warn. It was Wednesday evening because many families set off to light a candle deceased to the cemetery and honor and their memory. Busy will not only cemeteries, but also roads and paths. Annually, the police recorded an increase in thefts and accidents.


In the field, it is true even of "All Souls' Day were policemen moving around cemeteries and in busy places, but they have not in such a large scale as just last weekend, when the police with safety vest had a nationwide event focused on the driver, but also monitor the nearby cemeteries.


"Officers from the local police departments to patrol the roads are normally well as foot patrols appear on some cemeteries," advised Michael Richter, spokesman police.


Pedestrians should also have taken into account that they must wear according to the amendment of last year, at least one reflective material, light from a mobile phone or handheld flashlight is definitely not enough. These equipments have appealed and policemen from Rakovnicko random and it will also spokeswoman Michelle Richter control.


Visible up to 200 meters

According to police statistics, only in 2016, died in the Czech Republic, 131 pedestrians because drivers on the road are not seen in time. Even policemen Rakovnicko are planning a publicity campaign where they want pedestrians to explain the effectiveness of reflective elements. The marked pedestrian is required according BESIP visible to drivers at dusk or darkness for up to two hundred meters.


Goer dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of the vehicle at a maximum distance of twenty meters.  "Publicity campaign plan to the traffic police in the Thursday, November 10, and not just in the morning but in the afternoon, when it was already getting dark. In addition, we will distribute reflective strips, "said Michael Richter.


"We use reflective tape quite frequently, and it came even before the new law. I travel a lot on the bike on the road and without these elements would not even did not depart. It is enough when summer rains in the evening. I think that every normal person for their own safety, these elements used routinely. I'll take it because even now when the road to the cemetery, although children go off the road on a dirt road, “

Reflective element on a school bag or clothing

On the way we move without headphones. I pedestrians and cyclists welcomed by reflective vests.

This is a very difficult time on the road. Tore police suggest how to ensure the safety of children - including cyclists with reflective vest - on the way to school and back.

Soon dusk begins to fall earlier and earlier, and the darkness did not once "catch" students when classes they will return to their homes. And while in the children move are usually lit sidewalks, so the villages often go in complete darkness. There are a few simple ways to increase the safety of children.

The most important thing to a pedestrian or cyclist is visible. This is possible thanks kokum reflective, reflective element on a school bag or clothing. If the child moves the bike should be additionally helmet and pads. Same bike but must have lights front and rear, and efficient bell brake. A student should also have a card cycling and safest when moved will be on the path designed for two-wheelers - explains Wetter Dansk, a spokesman for the police Torun.

That glare really work, knows every driver. After dark, a pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of the car a distance of about 40 meters. While walking, sporting reflective clothing, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters allow the driver to brake safely and get around on foot.

One of the most serious sins pedestrians and cyclists on the roads is to use headphones.

The law does not explicitly prohibit the use of such equipment. However, the road user must see and hear everything that was happening around him - adds Drake Witt.

Easy cause fatal accident without reflective elements

The Development Ministry will undertake during the 2016 construction of five underpasses the French Way to avoid the most dangerous crossings in the section that runs through the municipality of O Pine at different intersections of the Pilgrim's Route to the N-547, between Santiago and Lugo.

One of these steps will prevent the crossing where last April 30 died Lugo hit one pilgrim. Indeed, the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, and different positions of the Junta de Galicia, including the Regional Minister of Infrastructures, Ethel Vazquez, announced on state project at the site of the fatal accident in the summer without reflective elements and measures that were installed warning for drivers and pilgrims.

The five underpasses planned in O Pine are distributed on a path six kilometers and will be located at the intersections of the road with the national highway at the height of Salved (76 + 480), Coerced (76 + 450), Emplane (79+ 370), Santa Irene (80 + 260) and O Burgoo (82 + 560). These five underground roads will join another already in the Lugo town of Pales de Reid (35 + 800), about forty kilometers away. The estimate for Development for the work, including taxes, budget exceeds two million Euros, a figure collected in the state budget next year.

Ana Pastor itself moved that the deadline set by Foment is that the tender process is conducted in the first half of the year, a period which hinders the work is completed in summer, when greater influx of pilgrims.

Both Pastor and Castro stressed the importance of improving road safety in the different Jacobean routes blackheads by eliminating these steps. Along with this measure, Nava Castro, regional head of Tourism, also announced that in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructures presented a new model of reflective vest adapted to the pilgrims, with a size and specially designed to ensure greater visibility.

Flashlights and reflective elements on clothing

In the night race at the Luzhniki Stadium was attended by 4000 people.

 In Moscow held a massive night race on 10 kilometers. At the start of the Luzhniki reached 4000 people. Everyone has been in the hands of flashlights and reflective elements on clothing.

"Moscow Marathon" - a classic Olympic distance through the streets of the metropolis, said "TV Center".

"It's very prestigious. There marathons in Paris, there is a New York City Marathon, and Marathon have in Moscow. It passes through the picturesque places along the waterfront, we have something to show and have to show results," - said the head of Moscow Sport Committee Alexei Vorobyov.

Preparation for the “Moscow Marathon” begins in six months. The second stage - 21 km along the embankments of the capital in May. Throughout the summer, athletes, amateur teams, pairs and alone, even participating in the "colorful" and "musical" races.

View from the side - the usual summer get-together of young people. In fact - after the warm-up dance club rhythms, many aspire to a serious wrestling.

This year, to participate in the marathon nearly 5000 registered members As a result, at the start of cross-country trails at a single wave of light breaks. The two circles on the avenues of Luzhniki and here - at the finish line there is a winner.

Development of sports in recent years, Moscow has been active. On the streets of the metropolis appeared bikeways. The parks and recreation areas are organized cross-country trails and hiking trails of health. Only in the capital is already engaged in mass sports more than 3 million people in reflective clothing. And every year their number increased.

Wear clothing with reflective elements is necessary

The truck knocked down a 33-year Ulyanovsk on the track.

The accident happened on September 28 about two o'clock in the morning on a highway Ulyanovsk - Dimitrovgrad - Samara.

A young man in the middle of the night for unknown reasons is left to the side of the road. A few minutes later he saw in front of the headlights. Truck running 57-year-old driver, according to preliminary data, was moving with speed limit. Most likely, the cause of a collision with a pedestrian became reflective clothing of the victim: because of the low-key things, he became invisible on the roadway at night. Fortunately, Ulyanovets alive, he is now in a hospital.

Police appeal to residents Ulyanovsk region kindly asked to wear clothing with reflective elements. You can also use wristbands and badges to be better visibility at night.

Glamorous clothes with reflective elements of spoiled pictures

Chris Holmes (Chris Holmes), working as a DJ in the world tours of Paul McCartney, was often frustrated when his glamorous clothes with reflective elements of spoiled pictures taken with a flash, creating a strong glare and hotspots. And once Holmes inspiration struck - why not turn "harmful" effect is useful?

The idea is to create a collection of clothes with the strongest reflective properties, is intended for people who do not want uninvited intrusion into their private lives and who do not want to turn out well in the pictures. The first is, of course, celebrities, precipitated not knowing restraint paparazzi photographers.

A collection of "anti-paparazzi", if it is indeed released (no small clause), will initially consist of a jacket, scarf and jacket with a hood. Each element is made of special reflective materials that look cute in normal conditions, but strongly reflects light when illuminated with the flash.

Currently, Chris Holmes tries to get support online Beta brand Think Tank - the site where visitors can vote for the ideas, worthy, in their opinion, to be translated into actual products.

A motorcycle suit with reflective elements is necessary

And on top at the pedestrian crossing! From the site of the accident he drove away - injured boy, which caused an open fracture of the foot or not you call an ambulance!

Painful and scary-looking biker fracture caused a young boy at the crossing at the intersection Koterovská and Slavonic alley. The boy was taken to hospital. The culprit, however, without stopping went on to the city of Pilsner. "After the bikers who traveled from place currently intensively investigating," said police spokeswoman in reflective uniform. The police are looking after any witnesses.

"Beyond the punishment for bodily injury, the extent of which, of course, still unknown, offenders face a punishment of up to 5 years for the offense of failure to assist a vehicle driver." said police spokeswoman Pilsner.

According to witnesses, the biker was driving a black Honda scooter. He was wearing a black motorcycle suit with orange reflective elements. The district Doudlevce he even caught the camera system. Potential witnesses let him hear on line 158 or they go to the precinct in Pilsner Street U Borski Park on the 20th

Reflective element is important for cyclist

Police in the South Moravian region is point to start cycling season and encourage cyclists and drivers to exercise caution. "Cyclists should wear a helmet that could save your life in an accident," she told ČTK today police spokesman Kamala Haraštová. When reduced visibility, it is necessary to use reflective elements that a cyclist can see, adding Hedonic police spokesman Peter Locksmith.

Police in southern Moravia recorded each year hundreds of accidents involving cyclists. "Last year in the county there are happened 257 accidents involving cyclists? In three cyclists died. In 28 cases, the cyclist child," informed the Regional Police spokeswoman Petra Verona. According to police statistics are cyclists (along with pedestrians and bikers) on vulnerable roads. Cycling dominates everyone, not everyone is aware, however, that he is on the road, and it becomes a full-fledged participant in traffic.

That is why the police have appealed to all road users to bear in mind the increased movement of cyclists on the roads. "It is necessary to count on and be considerate of each other. Drivers should be far-sighted and expect the unusual behavior of cyclists. People on bikes would again have the proper equipment," said the locksmith.

More important than the passive safety helmet

It is pointed out that everyone should have cyclist helmet. "Experience shows that if a cyclist involved in an accident, at best, can escape with minor injuries. Although the law imposes an obligation to wear a helmet for cyclists under 18 years of age, it is recommended to have everyone," stressed Haraštová.

The same opinion is also spokesman for the South Moravian rescuers Barbara Zuchová. "Riding without a helmet is a gamble with life. One may even collide with the car, but just fall off the bike, which can end badly," said Zuchová.

According to the Ministry of Interior, one of four serious bicycle injuries are head injuries, and half of all bicycle accidents is affected by the rider's head. Most serious bicycle accidents happen on busy roads, but on the quiet side streets. It is therefore necessary, particularly for parents have a constant overview of where their kids are moving, and to ensure that their children are properly equipped bicycle use and bicycle helmets with reflective tapes.

Helmet must be approved and must be well attached to the head - not moving his head. Each type of helmet must have Attest 8SD (product complies with EN 1078). The helmet not only protects the neck and face, but also partly the face, temples and ears.

Reflective elements to reduce accident rate

The large number of accidents occurs in poor visibility, easy way to protect the child in this case is the use of reflective elements such as reflective vests, reflective tapes and other materials that can be attached to clothing, shoes or a school bag. These materials will allow drivers to register pedestrians at distances up to 200 meters, while a pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen at a distance of about 18 meters in light clothing at a distance of about 55 meters.

"Because all of us to lives and health of our children depends receive from us all Prague first graders reflective vest, which will guide and protect you during trips to school," said Deputy Mayor Jeri Vera that the lives and health of our children, are the most valuable and most important what we have. Therefore, it is in all our interests to protect them at all times.

The main town in Prague this year, we have prepared for all first-graders in Prague reflective safety vests. This year a total of 14,500 vests offer to 825,000 crowns. Distributed to individual schools provide municipal police officers.

Ways to prevent accidents: usage of reflective element

Establish and enforce limits of 0.05 g / dl or less for all drivers and lower limits of 0.02 g / dl or less for young drivers;

Enforcing the rules on driving under the influence of alcohol through checkpoints and random breath testing;

Restrict the sale of alcohol through legislation setting a minimum age, regulate the types of establishments authorized to sell alcohol and set their hours of operation; Limit the marketing of alcoholic beverages to children.

Use of helmets with reflective strips by cyclists and motorcyclists

With regard to children, the helmet is the single most effective strategy to reduce the risk of head injury when riding bicycles or motorcycles. Regardless of age, proper helmet use reduces the risk of head injuries among cyclists by 69%, while among motorcyclists reduces the risk of death by 40% and serious head injury by over 70%. The following strategies can ensure the helmet:

Impose and enforce by motorcyclists, helmet standards stipulating the type and form of helmets by age group; and of course, don’t forget about the reflective tape.

Introduce criteria internationally recognized manufacturing cowling, to ensure they are appropriate for children;

Ensure the availability and affordability of helmets for those in need;

Supporting community initiatives targeted at children by sensitizing their parents about the use of motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets and provides free or reduced prices for children who do not wear reflective clothing.