Reflective fabric is used by cyclists

Levi Strauss, the alliance has something to surprise. Thought for urban cyclists, the Jacquard project was presented last week at the Google I / 0 2016 conference in Mountain View, California. Sensitive to touch, the reflective fabric of the first jacket connected allows interacting with its Smartphone, without having to take it out.

In 2011, we launched the Commuter Trucker collection. Dedicated to urban cyclists, the line adapts the classics of the house to the specific needs of those pedaling in city dress. Thermal properties, resistance, elasticity, protection and even safety - we have worked on reflective fabrics in the dark, to make cyclists more visible at night - the collection aims to combine design and performance for the benefit of sports. So, because innovation is inherent in the Commuter collection, we thought it was the perfect place to incorporate the Jacquard project.

It allows cyclists to control their Smartphone from a distance. By way of example, the jacket may, by vibration, indicate when the user receives a call or message. The user can program the gesture (tapping, friction) which will activate the desired functions on his telephone. Listening to music, taking a call, launching a GPS, or learning about the buildings you are crossing ... all this becomes possible, just by touching your left sleeve. The garment thus becomes a co-driver, avoiding the pedal to let go of the handlebars and divert his attention.

The engineers in charge of the project wanted to create the simplest technology to facilitate its integration by the weaving factories. Thus, they have created a fiber similar to a reflective material, but incorporating wires of conductive metal alloys. This allows you to integrate a tactile interface directly into the fabric. This simplicity of integration is what makes Jacquard's interest.

Soon, we will develop more diverse interfaces solutions, such as LEDs, hap tic feedback (which allows us to reproduce real touch sensations on a tactile interface) and microphones. APIs will also be introduced to allow manufacturers and developers who wish to see their applications used with our clothes.

 Aesthetically speaking, the garment is very successful because it looks to be mistaken for the iconic Levi's denim jacket. How did you manage to reconcile fashion and technology?

Do not let technology constrain appearance was our main challenge. Fashion and technology must work together, but there is an inherent tension between the two. We wanted the garment to look like any other Levi's jacket, the technology was as useful as possible and its appearance as discreet as possible.

Another constraint was that the jacket had to go through the machine. For this purpose, it is sufficient to remove the electronic module which covers all the operation of the wearable device before washing the jacket.

The connected fabric will not be reserved for Levi Strauss. Other brands will be able to use it, as they would with any other fabric. More than the technology itself, it is the designers and their apprehensions of the needs of the consumer who dictate the architecture of the product and value the connected clothes. By abandoning the idea of ​​exclusivity, we want to create a creative ecosystem that will benefit everyone, and in particular consumers. We are proud of this technology and look forward to seeing it evolve and expand on a large scale.

A test version of this first connected reflective jacket should be available to developers this fall, before being released in the spring of 2017. No awards have been announced.

Reflective fabric is used in the Riding School

"Project Parsifal" is the motto at the premiere on Sunday (8 pm) in the Horse-riding hall. The production is based on a text by Tanked Dorset.

The "Parsifal" fever has also reached the theatrical clubs with high visibility vest of the "Jungle Land esthete" a month after Richard Wagner's stage festival "Parsifal" celebrated its premiere on the stage of the Great House: Parsifal, the impetuous would-be rival, leaves a lot of burnt earth on his way, until after a long grave search for repentance and repentance. "Project Parsifal" is the premiere motto on Sunday in the riding hall (beginning: 8 pm) according to a text by Tanked Dross.

 A hero wear the cloth with reflective fabric in the tension field of youthful overflow and experience-oriented lifestyle - which substance could be better suited for a joint project of Youth Club and Club 56? Starting out from the medieval Parsifal myth, the club members explore the topics "freedom and faith" from the perspective of two generations, the young ones, who are still full of ideals and strive for freedom, and the older one, reflectively on their lives Looking back and remembering past moments of happiness. Is there an innate sense of justice? Does it need a superior moral authority? And what is the right way in life?

 The concept of space opens up new perspectives for the audience to the stage. The otherwise usual separation of the auditorium stage is canceled. It was arranged around the playing surface with some reflective element in an aristocratic manner surround a round table which creates an inner and an outer view on the circle of life: in the middle people who are at the beginning of their journey, on the outside people who look back on a part of their years Table all meet. - Further performances: 16th, 17th May, 23rd, 24th, 25th June, 8 pm.

Reflective fabric clothing for cyclists

By Bosch are some tips on using the e-bike during the colder season.

The days are getting shorter, it gets colder and biking trails are less busy. When winter comes, many leave the bike in the basement or in the garage and come in only in spring saddle. It is a pity! By following a few rules, you can go even bike in the coldest season using the e-Bike all winter without any problem. Of course, the safety vest is need whatever which bike you ride.


How to prepare your e-Bike for winter

During the winter there is more moisture, colder and darker than in summer. So it is always advisable to do a complete control of the bicycle, whether it is a normal bike is that it is equipped with an electric drive system. The lighting system, the brake pads and the change must work properly to be prepared for all weather conditions. The humidity does not block the e-Bike, because its components are protected from rain and water splashes. At temperatures below freezing, the battery is protected by a neoprene covering provided by the dealer.


How to protect battery

The battery is the most sensitive component e-Bike. At low temperatures, the capacity can be reduced, compromising even the autonomy. In case of operation during the winter at temperatures below 0 ° C, it is therefore recommended that the battery is removed, stored at room temperature and only little e-Bike inserted before starting the journey. At the end of the trip, the battery should ideally be kept inside at a temperature comprised between 15 and 20 degrees. While the battery is charging, the same principle applies: the cell lithium-ion battery should be charged at room temperature.


What to do in case of snow and ice

In the case of very adverse weather conditions, such as ice or snow, you should not use either the e-Bike or conventional bike. During the winter it is advisable to use them only if you are comfortable to travel by bike in these conditions. Careful driving is essential especially on roads covered with snow or ice. The e-Biker should avoid traveling with much assistance to the engine (on Bosch traction systems in Turbo mode), because the wheels spin and lose traction. For those who regularly travel in winter on roads covered by snow, it can help the wheels Spike, only approved for pedicels with support for up to 25 km / h.


Dress appropriately

As for reflective fabric clothing for cyclists, e-Biker have a great advantage: if the temperature is lowered and therefore become necessary heavy winter garments, thanks to the electric media still do not sweat much. This also reduces the risk of getting sick. However, even when driving with the e-Bike are advisable breathable jackets that insulate body heat but leave the air to breathe and offer good comfort? Cycling fingers cool very quickly, so you must not forget the gloves. Headbands and thin caps keep the heat and entering under the helmet, which must never be left at home, even during the winter. In the hours of darkness, the longest in the winter, it is also very important to make yourself more visible to other road users. To do so, wear bright reflective clothing.


How to properly maintain the e-Bike

The e-Bike can be stored both indoors and outdoors if you are in snow and ice cover. Garage and basement are ideal. Who retains its pedaled under the carport or in unheated areas, however, must remove the battery and store it at room temperature. Even in the case where the e-Bike is not used throughout the winter, the battery should be removed and stored in a dry place and not too cold, with a charge of between 30 and 60 percent of its capacity. Unlike some other batteries, Bosch Power Pack during the period of non-use must not be charged, regardless of the length of the period in which the e-Bike is not used.

Reflective fabric is visible in all circumstances

Three years ago, the county fire service and rescue (SDIS 64) initiated a study of protective gear against the fire of his firefighters. After two years of tests in different centers?? fire and rescue (CIS) department, the first held, responding to regulatory changes, improving personal safety of firefighters and allowing better comfort ?? Use, were delivered in July.

Tuesday, October 7, is from the rescue center Mourned / Arty, captained by Joel Prod? Man, Lieutenant Colonel Ararat, head of the group of general means, came to the presentation of these outfits to number?

"We were asked that were our expectations in terms of protection, comfort and efficiency?" comments Humid Raga firefighter at Mourned rescue center, with some of his colleagues, was wearing the new outfit for this presentation.

Exit dark blue, red square, decorated with reflective tape, "much more visible in all circumstances”. Second change, this new outfit is made of a short jacket and pants Amount, allowing a better ease in the squatting position. It is lighter and its complex sorting layer permits an evacuation of water, so heat.

Many small practical details of loops thumbs that keep the handle back, reinforcements at the back and shoulders for comfort when the door firefighter breathing apparatus, a front pocket dimensions of the new radio stations portable, two large pockets on the legs to put the material, two rings on the jacket to hang the gloves and harnesses passes for fall protection kit.

The interview was also thought. The quality of the reflective fabric, seams and reinforcements gives an average life of tracksuits about 8 years, against 6 for the old. The wash procedure no longer requires a product of re-impregnation and 25 washes are guaranteed. "It is therefore a long-term investment. This outfit meets our regulatory and practical issues, while coming within a controlled budget, "said the colonel Ararat.

Maximum security guaranteed by reflective fabric

You need to be seen when you change your bike for your urban machine carbon steel. It is then when Thou salt hand Marquette jacket Bondage, a padded jacket and light, perfect for autumn or spring, with reflective fabric that you can use when you need to be seen for your bike rides.

The Marquette jacket is a lightweight garment Wind Profile fabric, windproof and durable finish that repels water. But it is also a piece that houses due to its insulating 80g 3M ™ Thins late ™ Platinum that retains heat without being a bulky garment with reflective tapes.

Marquette features a long YKK zipper with windproof flap, a zippered pocket on the left chest and zippered pockets for hands. It is a comfortable garment due to its loose fit allows freedom of movement and an informal style. The back is longer (2.5 cm) with an elastic drawstring at the waist for a precise fit on the bike. The flap brackets with reflective elements and high visibility fabric provides maximum security in the city.

Reflective fabric can protect riders from risks

Already in September, bicyclists will be able to buy in the shops invention of scientists from the Technical University of Liberec. They presented the jacket for cyclists who just cannot protect riders from the rain, but also from bigger risks. In the darkness is flashing diodes and extra reflective fabric show in the direction of travel when the cyclist turns.

  Signaling jacket developed two years a team of associate professor Anthony Havel, let her patented invention as a unique world. At the birth of the idea was to use modern "smart" textiles to increase the safety of cyclists. News is also suitable for cross-country skiers or skaters.

   Outwardly regards conventional reflective jacket, but which are built LEDs. The back pocket is an electronic device with which the LEDs light up. On the cyclist presses a button when he wants to make a turn.

  Biker jacket in dark or poor visibility the driver can see up to 500 meters, and very well at 250 meters. Commonly used reflective elements to warn the cyclist at a distance of 200 meters, Anton in Havel explained. The advantage is that the illuminating jacket is better seen in curves, where ordinary reflective materials lose their effect.

  "Deviating cyclist in common yellow jacket was seen during our test already fifty meters. In contrast, the man in the jacket signaling is seen clearly, "said Managing Director Fillip Josef Kales Sportswear. His company will produce jackets.

The battery is then recharged about two to three hours. The jacket is breathable, partially resistant to rain. It is machine like any other functional clothing, but must remove the electronic unit.

  In the Czech Republic, the jacket with reflective tapes will go on sale in September. In autumn should also appear on the market in the UK.

  It will not be cheap. Jacket with LEDs, but without flicker when turning, will cost five thousand crowns. The entire electronics, the price climbs to nine thousand. "People can also get a cover for the backpack at 2,990 crowns," said Havel. "Prices could reduce until the jacket begins to mass produce."

New reflective fabric be presented

"We present a new range of high visibility PPE to EN ISO 20471"
Public-Info. Interview with Frederic Coppers, sales manager T2S and communication based in Scribers (Loire). The company specializes in products for safety and road signs.
T2S party on protection 40 years, what is your activity?
We manufacture and market products for maximum visibility of the men and their vehicles, in their interventions on the road. It is high visibility personal protective equipment, retro reflective fabrics and films, additional signage products for vehicles, signaling accessories, clothing accessories and sports & leisure ... proof of our rigor and professionalism, our company is Certified ISO 9001 version 2000 since 2001.
Which markets you intend your products?
Our products are available from distributors specialized in PPE, they address such diverse sectors as construction and public works, local authorities, the law enforcement, and firefighters with reflective workwear. But also transport companies, petrochemical and waste collection. Not to mention the rental and cleaning of PPE companies, equipment manufacturers, etc.
What is news T2S?
We have leveraged our 40 years of experience and know-how to rethink our high visibility collection in order to provide holders comfort, modernity and security. T2S will officially present at Expo protection 2014 its new range high visibility Deli conform to EN ISO 20471. We have also developed a range of retro reflective film Rethiotex ® certified Oeko-Tex® we invite you to discover on our stand (M22) where two new catalogs, one devoted to PPE and other retro-reflective fabrics, you will be awarded.
What new features are planned for 2014/2015?
We will market more than 20 new models in our range of PPE 2015: 4 in 1 parka, Soft-shell jacket, cool vest, sweatshirt, rain suit, t-shirt, polo shirt, vest, ... T2S will also present its customers new retro reflective strips Rethiotex® micro beads labeled Oeko-Tex®.

waterproof clothing made of reflecitve tape are favored by cyclists

Ideal on dry conditions, Craft cuffs and leggings will bring real comfort to the cyclist when temperatures drop below 10 degrees.
The Craft brand of Swedish origin is thirty years specializing in sportswear and underwear thermoregulatory fibers at the forefront of innovation and good price. And it is popular for the sportswear is made of reflective fabric. Since 1977, Craft has been actively involved in research and development of various tissues with ventilation properties and moisture wicking. The fruit of these efforts is there. With Warmer Weather, Craft has successfully designed cuffs and waterproof leggings and windproof while being breathable and allowing breathability. They use the Wind Ventair technology that provides excellent protection and ventilation in windy conditions.

To be both waterproof and breathable, those two articles are composed of two different tissue types. The first consists of 100% polyester and the second 83% polyester and 17% elastane. This distinction provides a windproof front which still remains elastic and breathable back panel for thermoregulation through Thermo Cool technology combining two polyesters, napped on the inside for thermal regulation. Such a large demand for the waterproof or windproof safety clothing, the windproof layer leaves a slightly plastic feel to the touch and tends to form wrinkles on the joints, but all is not as much unpleasant or embarrassing for pedaling. The breathable layer is for its sweet and does not feel when the weather is dry.

Over the years, Craft dug deep to understand the individual needs of cyclists. Depth knowledge of how the body works in intense sport situations allowed them to design both products with seams that perfectly fit the shape and allow movement without any discomfort. We must however take time to place them properly if you do not want to have a feeling of discomfort.

For maintenance, Craft placed two silicone bands on the upper part, an indoor and one outdoor, for attaching to both the skin and shorts or jersey. The system therefore acts as clips to keep the headlines and leggings in place. The only small negative point to note about the maintenance is the lack of reflective tape on the bottom. If leggings are tight, they tend to rise slightly. The solution is to put the socks over the shin pads so they do not move.

As for design, Craft remained sober for these accessories. It found only in black with a red border silicone in length. The brand logo appears with a reflective material so as to be seen in bad weather or during late release.

Leggings Warmer Weather and cuffs have been tested under dry weather with temperatures ranging from 5-15 degrees and a cold rain to 6 degrees. During outings to dry, no feeling too hot or cold was felt. Thermal regulation is ideal. He at low speed is possible (eg mounted) and less than 15 degrees, the regulation is a limit on the arms only. To do this just lower the headlines wrists or simply turn the arm to guide a little breathable forward portion for passing a small refreshing air. However, it is in the rain they have shown their limits. Waterproof reflective fabric is necessary. The rear section is not waterproof did a little "sponge" and therefore keeps moisture and cold. However the front plays well his role during the first half hour. Then moisture is felt, but thanks to windproof fabric cold feeling does not appear. It puts to dry quickly when the rain stops. You will find the leggings to 55 Euros and 45 Euros headlines.