The daily protection of reflective jacket

Pilot Equipment

Accessories and BMW equipment are recognized for their quality for many years. Often expensive, they displayed an important consideration technical and best meet the strength and function requirements. The Urban range represents a new step in the manufacture of equipment for bikers and urban scooter riders. The rate content does not betray however the strength nor the real utility of the elements, and only the back protector is missing in jackets and reflective jackets, as to reduce the cost of leaving the choice of model (integrated or autonomous). We found the selection offered by BMW for this autumn.


Air Helmet Flow2

This medium jet helmet (as it is small) claims the greatest possible lightness and the best level of ventilation in the category of jet helmets. Cordons to color with that of the scooter, add half a screen that can be smoked. The shape is special, and it looks like a ski helmet...


System 6 Helmet

It is compatible with the BMW modular communication kit is one of the most efficient in its class. Designed by BMW as a set of very precise specifications, it is not like the Schubert helmet which it derives. A pledge as much silence as quality, with higher standards yet.


Urban jacket with reflective tape

This waterproof laminated layers 3/4 3 highlights its extreme discretion and resistance uncommon. The especially soft touch fabric is also more significant. The high collar is removable for its share. Urban the jacket is sealed and impermeable. Two hydrophobic outer pockets to keep dry personal belongings, but only the waterproof internal pocket is able to carry a mobile phone.


Coverall combination

The combination while a BMW is integrally composed of the superposition of external tissues Corduroy 500, an intermediate layer of thermal regulation and a waterproof insert. Breathable and waterproof, it incorporates original light and soft protectors at the elbows and shoulders, but also knees (adjustable to two heights) and hips. Of 3M® reflective surfaces are arranged on the shoulders and back. The loose fit allows the wear over his clothes. Many adjustments are available and 2 pockets on the trousers and one on the chest, water resistant. Inside, a completely tight bag completes a pocket on the right arm.


Together Tour Shell man or woman

in triple laminated layer lined with Corduroy Highly resistant to the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and designed for both men and women through a specific cut, this two-piece is distinguished by its use all seasons and its resistance to cold and rain. The removable and independent thermo-active membrane (you can wear only) CARE, has for its part of breathable, waterproof properties. Once removed, it can be folded and stored in the inner pocket, provided for this purpose. The K-Way is small! The semi-rigid and removable covers are adjustable to three heights at the knees.


A giant with a reflective jacket and a solid handshake

They sweated and worked underground for 17 years, 360 days a year and 24 hours a day. When the Gotthard base tunnel is inaugurated with great pomp next week, many of them have already left the scene. The 2,000 miners employed at the construction site remained anonymous, while they realized the work of the centuries.


Nostalgia, pride and satisfaction; this is what René Kaufmann feels when he thinks of the tunnel. René Kaufmann, a giant with a reflective jacket and a solid handshake, has just spent 14 years in the Gotthard base tunnel. First in mine rescue, then in equipment management and finally as a locomotive engineer in Sedum (GR), where the difficult geological conditions allowed to work only with explosives.


Blasting is the queen discipline in the tunnel. The blaster master performs a final check round before proceeding with the explosion. The detonation is deafening, the huge shock wave. The acrid smell of ammonia rises to the nose of the miners. It's hot - up to 50 degrees - wet and dust is ubiquitous. Thus the 46-year-old man described his daily task: "I had to carry comrades out of the tunnel because they collapsed."

Team work in the heart of the mountain is hard: ten days of work, four leave. Quick starts are not uncommon. "Either you're done for the tunnel, or you're not." René Kaufmann has been doing this job for thirty years.


His great-grandfather and grandfather were already working in the mines. A small town in East Germany, this is tradition. The locality was known for decades for its pure copper ore. Since he was sixteen, he is in the mines. The daily work has undergone dramatic changes: while René Kaufmann has learned the craft from scratch, satellite-guided machines perform many tasks today. The first workers in reflective vest were still attacking the rock with pickaxes and shovels. But for Kaufmann, the challenge remained the same: "snatch" a tunnel into the mountains.


What has also remained the same: risks? Despite the most modern technology, the fear is there when the elevator drops 800 meters to Sedum and a new day begins. Blocks of unstable rock, chemical substances, fires or accidents: many dangers lie in the mountains. Kaufmann learned it painfully: two comrades lost their lives in the tunnel. The memory of this 28-year-old German is lively, has become daddy shortly before and crushed dead between two wagons of ballast.


"These were hard times. Also because these accidents could have been avoided, "explains René Kaufmann. His compatriot had forgotten to press the emergency button to stop it. A miner must not only respect the mountain, but also the machines. The miners also count on Sainte Barbed, their patroness. There is no tunnel under construction that is not guarded by the saint.


It is not only the blows of fate that bind miners. Their lives reflect their work in the mountains. In Sedum, Kaufmann and his comrades lived on the outskirts of the village, in containers installed above the building site. Each had a single room. WC and showers were upstairs; meals were taken in the canteen.


All the minors came from abroad, especially from Germany, Austria, Portugal and Italy. Fellowship is crucial: "We are a small family". We invite ourselves for grills, we play football or cards. René remained in contact with some colleagues, "thanks to Facebook". Only teamwork allows for a real family life. After eight days, Kaufmann wear safety vest took the wheel of his car and was 800 kilometers. He spent five days with his wife and two sons before returning to Switzerland.


The future remains open. And René Kaufmann is a bit disillusioned. He expected a little more consideration here: "Once the tunnel is over, they drop you like a hot potato." Currently, he takes care of the last interviews in the gallery. His contract expires the day before the festive inauguration of the tunnel. It has already been announced at the ORP, the regional placement office.

It takes away the stop as a joke and is arrested

The description that Charles Ross in reflective jacket coined for his YouTube channel includes comedy, words, courage and creativity. Based on these principles, the US 22-year old, however, has crossed the boundaries of common sense and ended his last performance with an accusation aggravated theft, which could cost him a detention for up to five years: Ross has removed a stop sign from a cross and he was held in custody by the police, when the video of his "enterprise" had already been published on the Internet (before being removed). Ross was wearing a helmet, a reflective vest and gave a rather confused explanation of the reason for the gesture, revealing that he had removed the sign because this was missing until a few years ago.


Ross runs the Ross Creations channel and is one of those in the US are defined prankster, or a kind of comic whose jokes really angers victims. In her videos Ross causes motorists, wet, bodybuilders and even police officers, so as to have already spent a few days in jail after being placed at the center of a teasing video, where before they jump with a somersault as they sit for a coffee and then mocks them. The young man in reflective clothing was reached home a few hours after putting the video online and spent the night with the handcuffs, waiting for him to be notified of the accusation. In the days he organized a fundraiser on the internet to get the $ 5,000 needed for the legal fees, which admits to not having, however, explaining not blame those who will not help him because he believes is an idiot.

Reflective jacket make you visibility at dark

Le coq sportive, a partner of the Yellow Jersey since 2012 - and until 2021 at least - after making the distinctive jerseys from the 1951 to 1988 editions, remains an emblematic brand associated with the great moments of French sport French in Grand Slam, Tannic Noah in 1983, barely older than the last French winner of the Tour, Bernard Hainault in 1985). What makes it more logical, therefore, that the cock decides its partnership with the Tour de France with a range of bikes ranging from short shorts to winter products. We were able to test the Classic N ° 2 Soft-shell reflective jacket. A very nice product is good, but effective and more is better. And here is why.


Two colors are available. The first is darker, navy blue on the top, light gray on the bottom. The second model, the one we tested, is bright yellow on the top for a same reflective gray on the bottom. First qualitative point, this jacket is very visible and plays on both tables, both the yellow vest that must be worn when the evening falls, and the shiny gray that reflects well and makes the rider even more visible to the motorists.


We have consistently worn this jacket with a single undercoat, whether it is raglan underwear or long sleeves, depending on the proposed temperatures. By fog, cold humidity, dry weather and cold weather, in the rain, the jacket was never defeated even at the Venous when the snow began to fall at Chalet Reynard. A jacket ideal or almost to resist is both cold and rain, with its 100% polyester reflective fabric particularly water-repellent. Nothing to say is effective. In short sleeves, the scratched inside is very pleasing to the skin. The wide enough zip is thought for the winter. It has a lining that covers from the inside this potential point of air intake. A good point again.

On the front, the jacket is sober. The blue-white-red logo of the sporting cock evokes the Troyon origins of the company that of the Tour de France recalls the partnership in progress. The sleeves are yellow or navy blue, and the coastline is very well finished, with long gloves, without air intake, and without compression of the wrist. At the back, access to the two pockets is simplified. Two side zippered pockets close from top to bottom, large enough to put all its gear to prevent puncture as more personal goods. They are easy to access, their capacity is very important, you can even put an extra layer for the case. Finally the only risk, with this type of pocket, is to overload! The pockets are very well designed, which allows you to wear this jacket in "civil" without looking like a cyclist who lost his bike!


Note that the sizes range from S to XXL, it is the only small reproach that will be made to this jacket that size well, in anticipation of the three layers certainly, but a size XS would be well seen. For 1.81 meter and 65 kg, S, especially with a single layer, it's almost too big. Little concern reinforced by the fact that this jacket is not proposed in the women's range, you will not even be able to type in the range next door. The price offered is 219 Euros, nothing to say, the product is beautiful, efficient, and it is a reasonable purchase for those who want to limit in basic endurance or not.


This jacket is sold on the online shop of the cock and in specialized shops bike. It is indicated windbreaker, but do not rely on it, it is indeed a winter jacket with reflective tape. Do not try to take it and consider it once you are hot!

Reflective jacket is popular in a club

The Girl Power collection was inspired by Wonder Woman, created by William Marston. The inspiration for the creator was his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, whom Marston regarded as the unconventional, liberated woman. Energetic red, expressive cornflower and sunny bile are the themes of the latest brand collection, referring to this type of personality. Continuously widening the range, Cardio Bunny has decided to launch projects that are not only suitable for training, but also complement the daily styling of every Cardio Bunny woman. Reflective jacket which are ideal for both clothes that we can wear after training, but also we can make up for it every day look.

Other suggestions for both training and everyday are Lily's suit and Isabel's body. Made of elastic knitwear perfectly match the silhouette. For the customers looking for comfort, the Girl Power high visibility vest was made entirely from dark blue valor. Perfectly suits you during your day of rest, on the go, but also covered us after training. Jenny's sweatshirt and leggings are also new, adorned with white, reflective stars on the sides. They will make their wear comfortable, but also will certainly attract not one look. Cardio Bunny has also prepared a new look for Bunny socks for its customers. They come in new color variants: yellow, red and blue. Made from the highest quality cotton fibers, it was enriched with antibacterial properties with finish which lasts up to several dozen wash.

As usual, the brand put a great emphasis on the quality of materials, introducing new reflective fabrics and knitwear from foreign and Polish manufacturers. Used to make body Isabel's knitwear is ecological cotton, created for women who love nature, respect for its power and beauty. All products are made from the highest quality fabrics, knitwear and accessories to meet all the challenges facing our products on a daily basis.

Reflective jacket is required by motorcyclist

It has been equipped with a number of adjustment points to adapt it to individual anatomical features when wear reflective vest. It has adjustable sleeves and waist circumference. Inside is a removable warming pad and breathable DRYSTAR waterproof membrane.

 After removing the inner layers, we get a tourist jacket for warmer days, and in the warmest days we use ventilation vents to ensure optimum air flow inside. Just remove the sleeves from the outside, and the arm and elbows are in place because they are attached to a separate grid on the basis of t-shirts.

The manufacturer has not forgotten the laminated seams. The reflective jacket is equipped with shoulder and elbow protectors with CE certification. The certified back protector is available as an accessory.

The practical functions are complemented by four front pockets and a large back pocket fastened on the lower back.

Multilane construction is made of abrasion and tear resistant materials, based on Poly material.

 - Reinforcement in sensitive places with very strong Rip stops material

- Removable waterproof breathable DRYSTAR membrane

- Removable warming pad

- Removable front pocket, which can serve as a sachet

- JVS ventilation system with strategically placed air inlets for optimum fresh air flow

Removable sleeves

- Adjustable flange at two heights

- Two waterproof inner pockets

- Shoulder and elbow protectors with CE certification

- Back pocket with CE certificate

- Chest pockets with CE certification

- Reflective elements.

Lightweight reflective jacket with artificial heat insulation

What to choose heat insulation? Or better will be the model of the panels on the sides or full reflective jacket for cooler conditions? Rather soft outer material and only waterproof or waterproof and stronger? Rather slightly or somewhat more solid? Questions when choosing a mountain of clothing is as always a lot - throw some light on a light jacket with artificial heat insulation.


In reality the mountain and the vast majority of outdoor light jacket - whether down or with artificial heat insulation - have their place in your backpack (or at least in the trunk) throughout the year. In the summer we use them most evenings in the camps, field tents and bivouacs while climbing, as well as in the morning, when we provide comfortable waiting for the coming of the sun.


Spring and autumn is a time of increased use of these reflective products; period of hot weather during the day significantly shortened, and mornings and evenings are beginning to offer frosts or, at best, a solid cold.


Winter jackets come into play heavier caliber; to make yourself a morning coffee, most often we reach for something "Armored," just as soon as the sun disappears somewhere far to the west. Otherwise the case is during the day; when we are devoted to the activity in the ski race and climbing, and for that - although there is frost - we have a typical day "Lamp" and hard "Trolling" begin to feel uncomfortable.

The solution can only be one thing: light jackets by reflective fabric. They replaced the largely classic "Polar" and are now used throughout the year, offering skiers, climbers and tourist’s better performance in relation to its weight and more attractive, more modern look.

Reflective jacket ensures superior performance

Practicing cycling in winter has its good things and it’s not so good things. It’s dangerous without warm and warning safety vest. Among the good ones, nothing like enjoying wonderful landscapes adorned by snow and ice or benefit from a greater caloric consumption to reduce the weight on the scale; Between the not so good ones, less hours of light and, obviously, the low temperatures. How to roll comfortably in winter?


Spink puts at the disposal of the cyclists two pieces of high quality designed to keep to the rigors of the winter. The collection consists of jacket and culottes made with the most advanced fabrics to provide the cyclist with a warm, waterproof, breathable, comfortable and very light insulation. As a practical summary, the line Spink Elite Plus has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclist and achieve maximum comfort in the most intense conditions of cold and wind.


The Spink Elite Plus reflective jacket ensures superior performance in the coldest months of the year, with a range of use between -5 ° C and 8 ° C. It is built with Prim aloft technology, which offers thermal insulation and high-temperature thermoregulation capabilities with ultra-light weight, as well as incorporating the advanced event membrane, able to protect from wind and rain with optimum performance in breathability and sweat evacuation.


Other interesting details on the jacket are its waterproof YKK zipper, two back pockets plus another YKK zipper, and high visibility reflective fabric inserts. The jacket is available in sizes S-3XL.


Spink Elite Plus pants are designed to achieve extra insulation on the toughest days of the year. Thanks to its membrane panels M2V in the front and lumbar area offers effective insulation against wind and water. It is constructed with ergo dry Warm ballistic fabrics with inner lining and flat seams, with an anatomical pattern of 10 pieces tight. Other details to highlight are its integrated straps and reinforced with grid inserts for better breathability, its elastic interface optimized for outputs up to 6 hours and its reflective material elements to promote the visibility of the cyclist. The culottes are available in sizes S-3XL.

Forcing the girls to reflective jackets

Jackets for prostitutes on the streets: Deputy Mayor confirms everything and adds them paid "out of pocket". The town in the province of Cremona has decided to adopt a unique "hard line" against prostitution on the old street and on the road 1, forcing the girls to reflective jackets by day and also to long pants to reflector tape at night. If they do not wear them, there will be 500 euro for fine. After the "hype," he told Milano Today what happened.


Deputy Mayor, then she confirms: jackets she paid for them?


"I explain. We have the so-called day shift, until six in the afternoon, they work in black girls. Then, in the evening, come the European. We have warned girls of color order. We have replied that no they would have had problems and asked if it was common to provide the reflective vest. At this point, these being the most exploited and destitute, I thought I'd pay the jackets of my own pocket. "


It has already delivered them?


"Yes, I've done between Friday and Saturday. I thought I'd make this gesture because they are more sensitive to exploitation."


The others, just like those of the "night shift"?


"They do not, make do. Friday night we took a ride with the local police, to let them inspect the ordinance and doing sign for receipt. From this moment start the sanctions."


He believes that prefer to move or accept the safety jackets and pants?

"I have the impression that some of the evening, it is already gone. Maybe they will move to another place, I feel sorry for the other place. The mayors of neighboring municipalities can always adopt the ordinance; it would not hurt homogeneity on the territory because it would help the work of the police ".

Motorcyclists: Reflective jacket can save your life

In the first two months of 2015 it registered 68 road deaths, of which 20 were motorcyclists without reflective jacket, representing 29% of deaths in this circumstance.

Of the 68 deaths, 18 occurred in people who were traveling in a car. In addition, run over 14 pedestrians were killed, 10 of them by their own recklessness.

In 2014, of the 355 people who died in traffic accidents, 114 were motorcyclists who do not wear safety clothing with reflective stripes, which represented 32% of cases. In the last four years the most deaths on motorcycles registered was 2014.

Third deaths cyclists, who added seven deaths so far this year, appear.

Traffic police calls drivers to have a responsible behavior on the roads.

Children over five years should ride with a helmet and reflective clothing as any adult and under no circumstances should travel more than two people on a motorcycle, fewer children.

Sun protection reflective jacket launch the market

A new style of reflective jacket just launches the market. They are very light and are equipped with reflective elements for better visibility and IKK zippers and fabric treatment UPF 50+ sun protection against UV rays (depending on model).

Its design is perfectly designed to ensure comfort and mobility of the user, effectively being suitable for the body of women in its female version. They are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, in different colors.

Technical tights, skirts and pants

For men and women, committed MONTANE pants, leggings and skirts technical, elastic and soft tissue, pleasant contact with the skin and treatment of UPF 50+ sun protection against UV rays (depending on model). They also bring Polygene® antibacterial treatment and are very resistant fabric thanks to AEROFLYTE QD in the most exposed to friction and falls areas.

To optimize performance, they include small pockets to carry the keys or energy gel, and are equipped with reflective material to improve visibility. They are very light and ultra fast drying.

Available in black color, with various carvings, pants, skirt, short mesh pirate or long mesh type, these products have been made with flat seams and silicone ring adjustable parts to provide better comfort and accommodation in career.

Waterproof windbreaker jackets

MONTANE presents its full range of waterproof windbreaker reflective jackets, with refreshed colors and new carvings adapted for the practice of Trail and Mountain Running for both men and women, from both known and highly appreciated by users until Minimums and Featherlike models Trailblazer like the Shark or the novelty of the season: Ales Micro Hooded.