Reflective jacket ensures superior performance

Practicing cycling in winter has its good things and it’s not so good things. It’s dangerous without warm and warning safety vest. Among the good ones, nothing like enjoying wonderful landscapes adorned by snow and ice or benefit from a greater caloric consumption to reduce the weight on the scale; Between the not so good ones, less hours of light and, obviously, the low temperatures. How to roll comfortably in winter?


Spink puts at the disposal of the cyclists two pieces of high quality designed to keep to the rigors of the winter. The collection consists of jacket and culottes made with the most advanced fabrics to provide the cyclist with a warm, waterproof, breathable, comfortable and very light insulation. As a practical summary, the line Spink Elite Plus has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclist and achieve maximum comfort in the most intense conditions of cold and wind.


The Spink Elite Plus reflective jacket ensures superior performance in the coldest months of the year, with a range of use between -5 ° C and 8 ° C. It is built with Prim aloft technology, which offers thermal insulation and high-temperature thermoregulation capabilities with ultra-light weight, as well as incorporating the advanced event membrane, able to protect from wind and rain with optimum performance in breathability and sweat evacuation.


Other interesting details on the jacket are its waterproof YKK zipper, two back pockets plus another YKK zipper, and high visibility reflective fabric inserts. The jacket is available in sizes S-3XL.


Spink Elite Plus pants are designed to achieve extra insulation on the toughest days of the year. Thanks to its membrane panels M2V in the front and lumbar area offers effective insulation against wind and water. It is constructed with ergo dry Warm ballistic fabrics with inner lining and flat seams, with an anatomical pattern of 10 pieces tight. Other details to highlight are its integrated straps and reinforced with grid inserts for better breathability, its elastic interface optimized for outputs up to 6 hours and its reflective material elements to promote the visibility of the cyclist. The culottes are available in sizes S-3XL.

Forcing the girls to reflective jackets

Jackets for prostitutes on the streets: Deputy Mayor confirms everything and adds them paid "out of pocket". The town in the province of Cremona has decided to adopt a unique "hard line" against prostitution on the old street and on the road 1, forcing the girls to reflective jackets by day and also to long pants to reflector tape at night. If they do not wear them, there will be 500 euro for fine. After the "hype," he told Milano Today what happened.


Deputy Mayor, then she confirms: jackets she paid for them?


"I explain. We have the so-called day shift, until six in the afternoon, they work in black girls. Then, in the evening, come the European. We have warned girls of color order. We have replied that no they would have had problems and asked if it was common to provide the reflective vest. At this point, these being the most exploited and destitute, I thought I'd pay the jackets of my own pocket. "


It has already delivered them?


"Yes, I've done between Friday and Saturday. I thought I'd make this gesture because they are more sensitive to exploitation."


The others, just like those of the "night shift"?


"They do not, make do. Friday night we took a ride with the local police, to let them inspect the ordinance and doing sign for receipt. From this moment start the sanctions."


He believes that prefer to move or accept the safety jackets and pants?

"I have the impression that some of the evening, it is already gone. Maybe they will move to another place, I feel sorry for the other place. The mayors of neighboring municipalities can always adopt the ordinance; it would not hurt homogeneity on the territory because it would help the work of the police ".

Motorcyclists: Reflective jacket can save your life

In the first two months of 2015 it registered 68 road deaths, of which 20 were motorcyclists without reflective jacket, representing 29% of deaths in this circumstance.

Of the 68 deaths, 18 occurred in people who were traveling in a car. In addition, run over 14 pedestrians were killed, 10 of them by their own recklessness.

In 2014, of the 355 people who died in traffic accidents, 114 were motorcyclists who do not wear safety clothing with reflective stripes, which represented 32% of cases. In the last four years the most deaths on motorcycles registered was 2014.

Third deaths cyclists, who added seven deaths so far this year, appear.

Traffic police calls drivers to have a responsible behavior on the roads.

Children over five years should ride with a helmet and reflective clothing as any adult and under no circumstances should travel more than two people on a motorcycle, fewer children.

Sun protection reflective jacket launch the market

A new style of reflective jacket just launches the market. They are very light and are equipped with reflective elements for better visibility and IKK zippers and fabric treatment UPF 50+ sun protection against UV rays (depending on model).

Its design is perfectly designed to ensure comfort and mobility of the user, effectively being suitable for the body of women in its female version. They are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, in different colors.

Technical tights, skirts and pants

For men and women, committed MONTANE pants, leggings and skirts technical, elastic and soft tissue, pleasant contact with the skin and treatment of UPF 50+ sun protection against UV rays (depending on model). They also bring Polygene® antibacterial treatment and are very resistant fabric thanks to AEROFLYTE QD in the most exposed to friction and falls areas.

To optimize performance, they include small pockets to carry the keys or energy gel, and are equipped with reflective material to improve visibility. They are very light and ultra fast drying.

Available in black color, with various carvings, pants, skirt, short mesh pirate or long mesh type, these products have been made with flat seams and silicone ring adjustable parts to provide better comfort and accommodation in career.

Waterproof windbreaker jackets

MONTANE presents its full range of waterproof windbreaker reflective jackets, with refreshed colors and new carvings adapted for the practice of Trail and Mountain Running for both men and women, from both known and highly appreciated by users until Minimums and Featherlike models Trailblazer like the Shark or the novelty of the season: Ales Micro Hooded.