Adidas new design with reflective material

To anticipate the arrival of spring and summer, Adidas reissues its collaboration with Porsche offering a special collection of clothing and shoes with reflective material. The ambassador of this collection is none other than the Spanish player of Bayern Munich: Xebio Alonso.


It is now a tradition at Adidas. When spring looming, the three reflective stripes took the opportunity to launch his collection in collaboration with Porsche: the collection Porsche Design Sport. And as in previous years, Adidas has appointed Xebio Alonso as muse for this collection. It is true that the future retiree has a perfect profile for this collection: mature, experienced, elegant. And for this edition Spring / summer 2017, Adidas and Porsche have decided to emphasize the everyday player, from the house to the training grounds.


Moreover, the collection Porsche Design Sport 2017 consists only of clothes and shoes for the city (jackets, sweaters, backpacks, sneakers) instead of soccer shoes like the last year. So this is a new world "lifestyle" that wants to highlight Adidas and Porsche. A new universe that appeals to Xebio Alonso: "With this new collection Porsche Design Sport Adidas, I know I'll always elegant when I do my daily tasks. I love that spring / summer because I wear several different items each day and regardless of the activity. When I go to training, I wear probably the reflective jacket and when I go to family dinners, I have a choice of stylish outfits from the collection."


The great return reflective bracelets funniest world

Back funny bracelets

You remember the lines bracelets of reflective material, which were a hit in the 90s? Tie bracelet on his hand gave a lot of fun, but their time has passed. It turns out that not forever. Bracelets "slap" to restore this season, the Spanish fashion house Balenciaga. The same is which has launched a huge scarf with a great logo.


While doing research, it turned out that not only had Balenciaga attempts at popularization of this model bracelet again. In 2013, the brand Opening Ceremony sold in their stores models bracelets "slap" for approx. $ 1,000. The idea fell. Keno later introduced a similar model collection.


More fashion reflective accessories for the coming months

However, only Dena Visalia and creative director of Balenciaga and took them to the workshop successfully. I must admit that the Georgian designer has a great talent for giving new life to things that potentially have no chance of survival.


Reflective bracelets with the logo of the fashion house are available for purchase US $ 195. Excessive price, but considering the ongoing boom in things BALENCIAGA logo, tells fortunes that soon disappear from the shelves. And for those who like this trend, we look at the markets. Maybe you have at home the hottest add-season, for which you will not have to pay that kind of money.

The magic reflective material that saves the night cyclists

With this aim Volvo has decided to contribute with Life Paint: a spray that allows you to spread on clothing with reflective tape, used when cycling, a water-based substance. Invisible to sunlight does, however, "light up" the interested parties affected by the light of car headlights.


Life Paint can be removed easily by washing the clothes and its reflecting effect lasts for ten days. The reflecting effect is good like the safety vest. It can reflect light at night then make you be seen clearly.


According to Volvo it can be safely applied to clothing, helmets, shoes and backpacks. The reflective material is special and good for light to keep safety when you active at night.

An artist built a house mirrors by reflective material

An artist built a hut made of a reflective material, in the California desert. A building reflecting as a landscape is constantly changing that what the viewer wants to see. 

Lees verder...

Increase the visibility has reflective material inserts

The Dutch firm wide equipment its range with the new style reflective jacket touring Sand 3. It is designed to protect and ensure greater safety for motorists on their travels and motorcycle routes without renouncing their own style.


The new jacket Sand 3 forms the perfect balance between comfort, protection and design. It is made from polyester, rips-top, and PWR | 500D shell, a material with tremendous resistance to abrasion and tear, which favors durability of this jacket. It also incorporates a removable hydrate® triple-layer membrane, which ensures full waterproof jacket, for the days you need more ventilation can remove the liner.


The Sand 3 incorporates a removable thermal inner lining to protect the coldest days, allowing you to use the hottest months. To ensure better comfort features seamless panels under the arms to allow greater freedom of movement.


This new model is designed to fit everything possible to motorists, for this reason incorporates multiple adjustment options, including laces on the hips so that the jacket to taste tightens. It also has multiple pockets and wide, both indoors and outdoors. The jacket is prepared for that can be used with the Challenger and HV Connector safety vest.


Sand 3 has been designed without sacrificing security features, incorporating protections SEEFLEX level 2 compliant with EC approval level 2 , also has an opening on the back with a capacity to house a SEESOFT type RV trellises. In addition, to increase protection biker, this jacket is ready for use with the Least and MOVEO collars. And to increase the visibility has reflective material inserts.


The jacket Ravi’s! Sand 3 is available in three colors, black, silver and khaki, and in sizes ranging from S to XZL and its price is 449.99 Euros.

Traffic psychologist advises reflective materials

The darkness in the winter can be dangerous, because one is as good as invisible to motorists. Therefore, one should be made visible with the reflective vest, advises the Austrian Road Safety Board.


The ability of people to perceive objects in the dark is reduced by 80 percent. Especially pedestrian or athletes roadside are not perceived in time. Even if the driver only with 50 km / h on the road, he has no chance to stop for a pedestrian who is 30 meters. "But at 30 km / h is a risk that the pedestrian thereby dies at eight percent," said Dieter Karin.


Wear bright or reflective clothing

Traffic psychologist advises bright clothing or reflective materials, if you are traveling in the dark. For walkers, it is simple reflective strips that you simply may be of any suitable jacket. Sportsmen will find a wide range in stores, so Robert Stony, salesperson in Eisenstaedt.


Reflectors available on various garments

"There are clothes with reflectors, or taking a headlamp with which it is seen by motorists. Especially in the dark you can also see where to go, "says Staudinger. There are already on hoods, gloves and jackets reflectors. Also sets are available.


"I am convinced of the safety vest. It is convenient, you see the reflectors very well because they are not hidden or understated, but are large. I go myself often run at dawn; I know how important it is that you will be seen, "said Stony. The special winter running shoes are already partly equipped with reflectors. These are clearly visible at 100 to 200 meters.

Warm clothing with reflective material is necessary

Winter sends his herald: In Germany it is cold to chilly these days. Many Freelance sportsmen refrain in the dark season on the outdoor training and make it a rather comfortable on the sofa. Other drives in safety vest all weather conditions despite daily with cycling to work. With the right equipment must be in no way renouncing on jogging or bicycling.


Regular exercise such as walking, running or cycling strengthens in the cold season, not only the immune system and protects against infections but also helps against postpartum depression during the dark season. Sport and exercise in the fresh air, keep the production of the stimulant hormone serotonin and the circulation going. Even with gray, cloudy sky natural light is still three to four times as much as the room lighting. Therefore, experts advise to go if possible half an hour daily outside.

A cold start is taboo in winter. Coming from heated rooms to sports outside, the organism has to adjust to the low temperatures. Who starts the same with full intensity, breathing too fast in the cold air and risked to irritate throat, bronchial tubes and lungs? Thus, the common cold risk increases. Warm clothing with reflective material is necessary. Even muscles and joints take longer to reach operating temperature. In winter, the proper warm is therefore particularly important. The warm-up should be about 20 percent of the total training time.


Many athletes dressed in wintry weather too warm to. The best athletes dress in wind or freezing temperatures after the three-layer principle: underwear, a warming insulating layer around fleece, which does not store moisture, and a protective layer. This may for example be a breathable windbreaker which moisture can escape from the inside out, but the wind, rain and snow keeps.

Advisable are also hats, scarves and light gloves because the person loses about 40 percent of body heat through the head and neck. Who rides a bike in winter, must be well protected especially hands and feet against the cold, otherwise they will quickly numb. For hands-lined, windproof gloves are a must. Two pairs of socks help only when the shoe is not too tight, because the air acts as an insulator between foot and shoe. Also neoprene overshoes and a breathable rain pants help against freezing temperatures.


Bright and reflective clothing increases safety for joggers and cyclists. A safety reflective vest in yellow or orange fluorescent paint can help cyclists in addition to be better perceived by the public. The wheel should be clearly visible in the dark, both through its own lighting and reflectors. In addition, the can in accidents have expensive consequences. By the way: bicycle trailer need own lighting system. They must be fitted in the dark with a tail light when the rear window is obstructed on the bicycle by the trailer.


In ice and hard packed snow cyclists should slow down and enter into neither curves nor brakes. To get more grips on the road, air can be let out of the tires to the prescribed minimum pressure. Also for bikes, there are now special winter tires and provided with metal pins road spikes. Who also adjusts the saddle lower by a few centimeters, gets quickly when needed with both feet grounded?

Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility

Spring is coming, the time for many bikers to meet their engine again stable. The Traffic and Transport Council (HVO) Groningen, the Traffic and Transport Consultation VVBD and the police in safety vest help bikers love to stay safe on the road. This spring they ask to go through a campaign of attention for safe motorcycling and motorcyclists give tips to protect and visible on the road. The slogan of the campaign this year is: "Motorcycling is a party as you stick to the dress code.


Good riding gear can save lives. A motorcycle suit of leather, nylon or fabric protects shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees well when dropped. Thick gloves and high shoes or boots provide extra protection. Finally, wear a properly fitting helmet of course mandatory.


Visibility is not only good protection, but also stand out is important to prevent accidents. Clothing with reflective material enhances the visibility of motorcyclists. The road itself is wise to keep a sufficient distance to other road users. Continue working lighting is important to look ahead. Other road users see motorcyclists better than additionally.


Technical condition finally motorcyclists do well to check their engine before the first Spring Rally. The last stop in the winter for example, is not good for the tire. Also practice driving here can prevent accidents.


Flyers and posters via Face book and Twitter indicate the HVO and the police the next time tips to remain safe and visible on the road. Also, motor clubs, dealers and meanwhile campaign posters and flyers receive chance to hang out and share. In addition, the campaign from late March to see across is the county on reflective tape signs along the side of the road.

They stand out for their reflective material

"One of the milder winters we have experienced in France." That's a refrain that keeps coming up in recent weeks. In both heady and intoxicating for a cyclist in reflective vest, it’s happy to give up chocolate. Usually in keeping with the period, these dishes are already replaced by the energy bar, energy drink and asphalt. For us cyclists’ friends, partying resumes differently. In our famous new regions, temperatures do not climb all the same. The parallel is simple and Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, the trend is heavy sprinter André. The wind, humidity reign, he does not do well out. "This is the North" as well said the late Michel. But the passion remains stronger when you think to hedge. Let them!


Aesthetically, because even the winter everyone wants to be beautiful on the bike, this accessory is simply elegant. No more black or plain white classic, bicolor Castelli goes with the combination of black and gray, all identified by the red zippers and borders. The discrete seams and inscriptions "Castelli" blend perfectly with a well finished product.


For if appearance is important, comfort and performance are more. These leggings are certainly bicolor, but are mostly bi-material. We said: right now, the roads are wet. Alone or in a pack, each spin is synonymous with splashes coming wet our ankles. To remedy this, Castelli cleverly thought of installing a gray waterproof reflective material to keep us dry. The result is the appointment because we have felt no moisture in the ankles during our tests.


Nevertheless, we must admit that this textile, stiffer than, not as nice as the black top leggings. Difficult when it is winter Flex waterproof with a soft inner fleece. Indeed, the waterproof fabric covers only the ankle. The entire joint is she wrapped the soft fabric, comfortable to the point of becoming a second skin. Thus, the bending is done without gene when pedaling cycle. Furthermore, this part waterproof fabric and the holding strips Giro3 the top of the pad ensures impeccable maintenance, even proof terrible Hell of the North pavers. At the time of coating the product, the zipper located on the outside of the ankle makes it easier and compensates the rigidity of the fabric. The performance gain of the pad thus alters its comfort. Similarly, the main function of protection from the cold is accomplished.


Another advantage is to signify security side. In this time, its gray, the rain comes sometimes weaken the visibility and brightness down quickly in the afternoon. It is therefore important for us cyclists, to better inform us of other road users. We all agree: a lighting kit disfigures our beautiful bikes. The manufacturer has embedded in the waterproof fabric of fine crystals making the reflective fabric.


In summary, leggings are effective, intelligent and beautiful. But who says high-end product, says very high price. Their price varies between 80 and 90 Euros depending traders and are available in four sizes (S, M, L, and XL). In this regard, we recommend carefully check the size guide. To conclude, we cannot assure that: the leggings are pledges of satisfactions.

Something with reflective material enhance visibility

Shorter days, cooler temperatures, leaves on the streets and fog - the autumn holds many dangers for road traffic. The practical advices of TCS help to be safe on the road in this season.


The first fog banks are there, shorter days and falling temperatures announce the fall season. To avoid the annoyances or worse, there are a few basic rules of conduct.


See and be seen - good visibility is important

Good visibility is a prerequisite in order to be safe on the road. Something with reflective material can enhance your visibility. A clean windshield contributes significantly to the good view, especially at dusk and at night. It is therefore appropriate at this time especially to control the wiper and to clean the windows inside and out regularly. To improve visibility and increase the visibility of the vehicle and in particular the windshield should be possible completely free of snow and ice in winter. Clean and well-controlled rear-view mirrors are also important.


In reduced visibility, the vehicle lights are valuable aids. A check of the light bulbs as well as clean and well-controlled low beam headlights and are especially important in this time of year. Running lights instead of just using daytime running lights help, moreover, to be seen by other road users - especially when the low sun hidden and because with daytime running lights are often the return is not automatically turned on.


Even pedestrians and cyclists should be careful to be seen. We recommend light clothing, possibly with reflective tape - on bicycle helmets. And of course the bike lights should work properly and be visible from a distance. Advantage they lit even when stationary - only flashing lights are not allowed way. Recommended are tires with reflective bands.


Respect for wildlife

In wooded areas increased caution is needed especially at dusk. Wildlife can suddenly run into the street. We therefore need to adapt the speed to keep the roadside and the surrounding fields in the eye and to increase the braking readiness to respond quickly. If an animal are spotted on the street or near is dimly; intense light can irritate. With this they can shoo risky evasive maneuvers should be avoided. An injured animal should not approach, but directly to the police, which will summon a gamekeeper, hunter or veterinary.


Winter tires from October to Easter


At lower temperatures and before the first snowflakes of winter tires are recommended. The rule of thumb O to O states that it should be up to Easter with winter tires on the road from October. If the tread depth is less than 4 mm, the TCS recommends new winter tires. Low tire pressure not only increases fuel consumption, but also has a negative effect on the driving behavior during braking or evasive maneuvers from. The TCS has recommended checking the tire pressure regularly. The correct tire pressure is monitored for newer vehicles by a tire pressure monitoring system in older cars will find the necessary information in the operating instructions or on the tank lid, the door frame or in the glove compartment.


Further, the TCS-guide "winter tires 2016" is an important decision aid. It can be ordered via the website, or be obtained from the technical centers of TCS. In addition, the tire test results on the TCS-app are available. Thanks to search, tire comparison and FAQ appropriate tires of different sizes are indicative of simple and fast. The results of the TCS-tests and more tips about safe tires are also under.


Always adjust the speed ratios. – For Pedestrians and cyclists recommend light clothing and reflective fabric. - Warm clothing and gloves may the not restrict use of the vehicles. - Care Clean discs clear vision - for safety's sake. - Daytime running lights mandatory - at least in the dawn and dusk, the Low beam. - Animal crossing in the dark: In Wooded areas is expected to Wild on the road. Correspondingly drive carefully. - A good battery is important, especially in winter. When in doubt, a battery check at the Technical is recommended Centers of TCS or a garage. - Winter tires in winter indispensable: Time for an appointment for the due October Tire change agree. - Also for bikes and motor bikes recommended winter or studded tires. - In addition to the right Equipment is especially suitable driving style decisively.

Clothes with reflective material will help the river

Something as simple as a brisk walk every day can help you live a healthier and enjoyable life. And it will be better to take some reflective armbands when you go out, it can help to enhance your visibility when the light is dark.

Physical activity does not have to be complicated. Something as simple as a brisk walk every day can help you live a healthier and enjoyable life. Daily walking has many benefits as it helps to maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage many conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, strengthens bones, lifts your spirits and improves your balance and coordination.


Convert your normal running in an exercise requires good posture and voluntary movements. Ideally , look this way when walking: head up looking forward not down, neck, shoulders and back relaxed , not vertical stiffness, swing your arms freely with a slight bend in the elbows, keep your abdominal muscles a little tight and back straight, not arched forward or backward. Do not forget to rehydrate.


- Choose shoes with proper arch support, heel firm, thick and flexible to cushion and absorb shock sole. If walking at night, wear bright colors or reflective tape.


-Avoid Roads with broken sidewalks, potholes, low branches or uneven turf.


- Walk slowly for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up the muscles and prepare for the exercise.


-At The end of your walk, walk slowly for 5 to 10 minutes for your muscles to cool and gently stretch the muscles.


It is recommended that at least 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous activity and strength training at least 2 times a week. Do at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity in one, two or three sessions throughout the day. If you are not used you can start with 5 minutes a day the first week and then increase 5 minutes up to 30 minutes.


Keep you safety when you walking at road, wearing some clothes with reflective material will help the river to see you easily.

Keep track of how many steps you take, walking distance and time can help you see where he was when he started and serve as motivation to see your progress. Record these numbers in a journal or keep a record in a spreadsheet or an application to track physical activity. Another option is to use an electronic device - to calculate steps and distance.

New uniforms with reflective material of Brussels agents

The kings wear beige reflective garments, because "it's chic." And, incidentally, because it is "not messy", see no serious flirtation - their job is essential.

For this woman and seven men are officially "Brussels city officials in contact with the public," the Brussels ambassadors of sorts. And according to their function, new beige Belgian adds yellow or fluorescent orange (for "Road works" services), navy blue (service "Perceptions") or pink (service "Education"). In the Gothic Room of the City Hall of the capital, so they took the pose in their new uniform, which is the perfect contraction between a functional work wear, highly technical reflective fabrics, the need for these pediatric nurse comforts, cleaning agent market collector or paver and indigenous creators’ cravings.

Because he had remembered that Walter had, in his time, revamped the garbage collectors of Antwerp, the Tourism Alderman, Personnel and Finance Brussels Philippe Close has begun the process there are five, with the help of MAD Brussels. The result is finally out of the garment factories and will soon be visible on the streets, spotted in a snap thanks to the color code, with reflective tape and vintage logo where Saint Michel carries the torch while slaying the dragon. The man with the shovel, Michael, repairing sidewalks, 44 house, lagoon eyes on solid mustache pepper and salt, is delighted: "It is good that uniform" especially reinforced knees, the kind of detail that account when working on the pavement, only (minor) downside, the pocket for the meter is left, it will eventually get used to it, as it looks great.

Wear the reflective material required by law

It is the fourth section. Criminal Court of Cassation, with sentence no. 35834, filed on 30/08/2016, welcomes the use of a driver convicted of manslaughter, for investing and thrown into another vehicle a pedestrian who was circulating in the same direction without the reflective vest prescribed by law.

While the lower courts had emphasized the excessive speed and failure to main-beam headlamps given the poor visibility on that stretch of road, the Supreme Court attaches decisive weight to the behavior of pedestrians who walk in the same direction of travel of the vehicles and failing to wear the reflective material required by law to report their presence, he has implemented a so anomalous behavior and unpredictable, to constitute by itself the cause of the event, or in any case it is impossible to move a rebuke to the investor. The process will have to start from the Court of Appeal of Salerno, in a different formation.


The victim was left without petrol, a distraction that cost him his life. Got out to look for a distributor, he committed a second indiscretion, not wearing safety vest that shines in the dark to the vehicles in transit, imposed by law. Finally, at the time of the accident, he was driving along a deceleration lane in the same direction of travel of the vehicles in transit can, instead of always walking in the opposite direction, as prescribed by law. The predicted deceleration lane came that night a car, which seems to go too fast and high beams, which hurled to the ground making him the pawn overwhelmed by an oncoming vehicle in reverse. The Matera Court and Court of Appeal condemned the power motorist first investor pedestrian manslaughter, according to art.

Day and night with a reflective material

At the time of purchase, few cyclists keep their bikes in the state. To stick closer to their tastes, they most often choose to customize their new locomotive on two wheels. In addition to a neat appearance, consumers also show demanding security. "The current offer has nothing to do with that of three years ago; cyclists want to be valued and in total safety, say Frederic Jung. Our jackets and our helmets have visible colors to be aesthetic; it's true, but also to be seen on the road. "At Saigon, a Canadian brand well known in the technical sports clothing, jacket donned by -Desks clothes and suits the brightness of the day and night with a reflective material.”This is a product that works very well because it is very convenient, without the cyclist looks like a lamp once inside," says Mathieu Forget.
Who said bike helmet also said....? Initially shunned by his appearance marked yet very sport it is increasingly adopted for urban cyclists. A change in behavior perceived as a desire to secure on the road ... but also reflects the news. "We saw a lot of people rush into shop after ski accident Schumacher," said Mathieu Forget. On 29 December 2013, the former Formula 1 champion German fall violently on the slopes of Maribel, Savoy. Six months in a coma at Grenoble University Hospital later, Michael Schumacher ... and wakes up his case raises important security issues in snow sports. "It has exceeded the area skiing, resumed the seller of Cox. Many people have purchased a helmet after it had happened, as if the drama Schumacher had pulled the alarm. "
Problem: The helmet is often associated with a bulky accessory, poorly adapted to city life and his travels from morning to night. Discomfort understood by Overate, a company founded by Philippe Arrogant, which markets since July 2014 a foldable helmet. "By doing market research, we realized that the congestion was indeed the first obstacle for cyclists; they did not know what to do ... Here, size is divided by three, you can easily slip it into a purse or a backpack.”According to the contractor, only 20% of French wear a reflective helmet ... rolling against half of Britons.
Sold in over 200 stores in France, the Overate headset also has the support of the municipality of Paris. To meet the customization needs, the brand's model declines in several colors with small shields and "covers", both to protect themselves from the rain and sun and reflect the tastes of the cyclist.
"We went updated classic, black and white, and with five colors available for the protections, in order to change the look of the helmet, say Philippe Arrogant. One of the original goals was to have a nice helmet with soft curves. Although it is a technical product, we did not want to make a style Tour de France with vents everywhere. "The Overate helmet costs 75 Euros.
If consumers spend on average 307 Euros for their bike, they spend between 10 and 20% of bicycle accessories price. "For us, the accessories currently represent 70% of our turnover, calculated Benjamin Hogue, of Wynona. But it's a little bit special for us; it was ten years ago, we started with only parts, eventually creating bikes from 2009. If today this activity is only 30%, this should be reversed. The accessories market will reach maturity in the next ten years. "
Long marked by offers either focused public (Decathlon), more upscale, the sector is booming mid-range brands offering a single product, as Overate helmet mentioned above, but also recently Move and waterproof jacket produced in Colombia through crow funding (see box).
Obvious next step in the evolution of the cycle: connectivity. It is already widely used for tools location and GPS; connected cycling with reflective vest today is primarily an electric bike.... "In its 2016 catalog, Wynona offers bike whose nerve center is the Smartphone, announces Benjamin Hogue. There will be various possible applications: a GPS course, but also the lighting or the mode of operation "The market is still in its infancy". It remains tedious today, insofar as it must still go through a computer. Tomorrow, it will be quite possible to go directly and solely by phone "provides the responsible Wynona. At Twin, the question is more to the locks: "One thinks of tracking (the ability to track your bike if it is stolen), says Frederic Jung, but we remain highly dependent on existing technologies. Moreover, these are long and difficult projects to emerge. "

Functional sports equipments with reflective material

At the end we left the band functionality, but about it we will not write much. The manufacturer shall ensure that dries quickly and the reflective material is breathable. We liked that it is light, and that it does not have any colorful ornaments. The black looks just right.

After a fairly accurate examination, it was time to go out into the field and see how lid owe products stand up in action. There was no time to overcome long distances, so she had to settle for a modest us a run. But it was enough to say that in your pants for 34.99 can be successfully run. They lie very well, the upper part is made of soft-shell material impervious to wind, and elastic leg holes adapt to the shape of the legs of the holder.

What is important - pants do not hamper movement. They are comfortable regardless of the task, which carry with us. The walk, sprint, or warm - do not interfere in any activity which, moreover, were created. When it comes to visual qualities, they do not look at the product from a discount store. It also may be important for someone who is considering buying them.

The workmanship is good. We did not notice any the naked eye. On the other hand, we cannot currently determine how exercise reflective pants will be at a more intensive use over several months. It already has to check for you.

Gloves and headband during the test gear did very OK. There is no point over them too doctorate. Band actually is very light, well fitted and protects the ears and back of the head. Gloves also proved to be a useful gadget, but inserts dedicated to the service of smart phones would be necessary to work out because they did not meet until the end of its role.

Summing up the test we must admit that reflective clothing with Lid surprised us a plus. It turns out that the low price does not necessarily go hand in hand with low quality. Checked by our speed wardrobe items we can confidently recommend novice runners, and even the slightly more advanced paths sports patrons who do not necessarily like to spend three-digit amount for trendy gadgets known brands.