A healthy start in school with reflective school bag

Tips about a healthy start in school gives the fourth-WAZ consumers check. Recommending adding reflective tape on the school bag, an environmental consultant visited a family in Grummet.

No way in the bag! "First, since there are a lot of harmful chemicals in it. Second, the need no I-males, "says Ute Wegener. Hanes understands and nods - and gives him to the school start like with an eraser satisfied.

When WAZ consumers check our readers get help firsthand. Nature Accessible Balcony Greenery, mortgage lending in low-interest periods and trouble with the phone bill: The first three home visits this year Experts important tips and hints gave the consumer advice.

Knapsacks pass the test

Before the summer holidays environmental consultant Ute Wegener and the WAZ turned in family Amman in Grummet. Topic: healthy start in school. Hanes changes in August from the Laborious-kindergarten to the Laborious-primary school. "I'm happy, especially on swimming!" While parents Stefan and Julia have already so many prepared in their cozy home at the Olestra for the start of school. But "good stuff is still missing. First Ute Wegener takes his knapsack under the microscope. For the family has studied numerous reviews and scoured the shops on four afternoons. Advantage: Julia Amman is a teacher. Maybe that is why the counselor is highly satisfied with the brand satchel: “It is particularly important that the knapsack is light, padded and waterproof, and the straps are adjustable" Hanes has the "reflective stripes" (he means the reflectors) back: "So you can see me in the dark" when filling the balance does a good job. Ten percent of the weight of the child shall be the upper limit.

Pins should be as natural

Nothing to complain about has Ute Wegener also to Hanes' new Case. "Parents should take special care that the colored pencils are as natural as possible and not too heavily painted. The children love to chew around it. Therefore, it is most advantageous to buy pencil case. The can equip themselves. "

Anyone who wants to help Mother Nature a helping hand, also accesses recycled paper. "Then you have to look, however, in many cases. Our mystery shopping showed that recycled paper is hard to find in the Bochum trading and usually on the shelves is quite a ways down, "says Ute Wegener. Nevertheless, for example, the Blue Angel was emblazoned on all possible and numeracy booklets. Reference addresses, visit the Consumer.

Does not go

Water fountain with interchangeable colors ("He does not have to be equaled discarded"), crayons instead of permanent markers, a lunch box instead of aluminum foil: Hanes and dad listen to the other recommendations of the environmental expert attentively. "And what should in my reflective school bag?" Finally, ask the class Tot and proudly holds a truly great dragon specimen into the air. Plasticize, sports gear, a breakfast box (which Hanes immediately gets paid): Ute Wegener knows what is important for first-graders. Some well-meaning relatives also give vitamin pills, shudders yourself. The entirely come not in the bag.

Why markers should not smell

2,400 boys and girls in Bochum begin school next month. Consumer advisor Ute Wegener waits for first-graders, but also for all other students with some tips.

Respect for booklets, pads and folders on recycled paper. For paper with the Blue Angel no trees are cut down; at the quality they stand for paper from virgin fibers in nothing. Unfortunately, the angel-books are not to get anywhere in trading.

The satchel should be light, robust and comfortable to wear. Parents should make sure that it is labeled in accordance with DIN 58124. This ensures, inter alia, sufficient water resistance, cushioning and reflectors. Knapsack with this DIN must have at least 20 percent of the total area with orange or yellow glowing reflective materials. Parents check with Sifting Ware test or Octets.

 In complete cases should be omitted just for starting school. Instead empty pencil case itself should be equipped. Fountain pens, ink eraser, writing templates, compasses or pens are not in the knapsack.

Accesses crayons without paint reference. These heavy metals could be included, which are released during chewing stick in the mouth.

Felt-tip pens for children may not smell. Film writer with slogans such as "permanent", "All markers" or "whiteboard pens" are taboo for children. They contain organic solvents. They are recognized at the sweet-chemical smell.

 A good alternative are crayons. Here particular attention to the EEC regulations EN 71, as well as in Wassermalfarben.

For the hobby supplies a paper glue stick will do just fine. The adhesive should be water soluble and free of organic solvents. Tip: adhesive can be made of potato starch itself.