High quality reflective shirt

We can find it in a variety of sizes and in two colors, pink and blue pictures with matching sleeveless reflective shirt.

The ION Long Sleeve Helix is proof that aesthetics and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive. The colors in line with pants "Nina" and the special touches that give ION know like a photo negative it were, makes just prove a spectacular tandem.

No missing details on the shirt, we find a functional cloth to clean our glasses at the bottom of the shirt and a small zip pocket on sleeve indispensable when having to hand the ski pass.

The perfect balance between performance and comfort can be found in the tissue "Rerelease" on the front. This dry tissue four times faster than traditional cotton, and combined with conventional sleeves and back of breathable reflective fabric, achieve a high level of breathability and freedom of movement, being soft and pleasant to the skin contact.

We can find the shirt "Helix" long sleeve shirt, pink / blue images and gray / yellow / blue. Versions with 3/4 sleeve and short sleeve, all in the following sizes: 34 / XS - 36 / S - 38 / M - 40 / L - 42 / XL.

An important aspect to note about both garments are the reflective details that make safer we are committed circulating in lighting situations and Sanitized antibacterial treatment that prevents unpleasant odors.

ION Bike protective stockings that we used in the test with foam protections BD_SOCK 2.0, ankles and shins kept safe from any unforeseen impact. They also have an antibacterial treatment that makes us forget the bad smells, getting to become the icing on the cake of a perfect kit.