Traffic safety: Mutual respect enormously important

So we can all reach their destination safely is one thing above all important road safety: Mutual respect. Particularly pedestrians, children and bicycle or motorcycle riders are in an accident little protection and no "crumple zone" that could protect them in a crash from injury. "Mobile Bavaria - destination safely" with the Road Safety Program does the police on the issue of road safety attention.


As from the security police report stating there was in 2015 in Nested / WN total of 3001 traffic accidents: Of these, 2,120 accidents involving body damage, recorded 547 accidents with more substantial material damage and as many as 334 cases involving personal injury. In the district of Nested / WN, there were even six fatal traffic accidents. With the Road Safety Program “Bayern Mobil - safely to their destination," the police want to reduce accidents and reduce the number of road deaths.


In an accident after all pedestrians, children and cyclists have - motorized or not - over a motorist always lose out. But for every road user, the question arises: What can I do to prevent accidents? Such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can actively protect? "Helmets for example, protect cyclists and motorcyclists from severe head injuries," says Werner, First police chief inspector and head of the police station Nested. Reflective clothing with reflective tape can make pedestrians and cyclists more visible in traffic. For cyclists also true lifesaver Number 1: "Light, light, light when it is dark. Driving without lights is life-threatening. "


In these and many other indications, the police drew attention at an information booth in front of the Sparks’ branch in Nested. "It is important the awareness of all road users to sharpen for road safety," said Gerhard, board member of the savings bank. In a contest that passers-by could also equal to prove whether they have the traffic safety tips also noted: The participants had questions in the contest on the subject of road safety answer to have a chance at great prizes.

Advanced waterproof jacket with reflective tape

Just over a year ago, Gore introduced the One Gore-Tex Active, a cycling safety vest with a permanent waterproof outer layer thanks to a revolutionary fabric. Now comes the turn to One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, the female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket in the world.


The number 1 manufacturer of waterproof garments and fabrics launches the women's version of a jacket that can repel water permanently thanks to a revolutionary fabric: Gore-Tex Active. What is special about this reflective fabric? As it eliminates the classic three-layer construction (lining + membrane + outer layer) to give way to a fabric composed of inner lining plus outer impermeable membrane, offering the most complete and efficient protection against water ever seen in a waterproof garment.


The One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry arrives in stores in two versions, Bike and Run, the first one dedicated to women cyclists and the second, with integrated hood, more focused on the practice of running. In both cases, the jacket features a feminine cut pattern with a modern matte black finish and matching reflective patterns.

In Toto Mountain Bike: One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry, female version of the most advanced waterproof jacket with reflective tape in the world


In addition to the waterproofness and breathability, the One Lady Gore-Tex Shake dry also stands out for its lightness: 133 grams in the Bike model and 158 grams in the Run version.

Chicken’s clothes with reflective tape

Farmer from Dillinger equips its chicken with protective clothing

Immediately have chickens, which erupt repeatedly from their enclosure and participate as a pedestrian on the road, wearing safety vest. Those caught without signal vest, must reckon with a delicate fine of up to ten fresh eggs.


Farmer Clemens Kerman from Dillinger leads by example and has its outliers Chicken Polly equipped with the protective clothing. "Polly regularly flies over the fence and go for a walk on the main road 51st we did not clip the wings of her. That's why they now wears a reflective vest for their own safety," explains Kerman.


He had discovered the model on the internet with an English manufacturer. A bit of fun must be the farmer where the chickens live in free range. Polly feels apparently comfortable with the unfamiliar chicken’s clothes with reflective tape and takes her trips as usual. Only the rooster could not believe his eyes at first.

Preclude the introduction of reflective tape

Volvo is known for its strong commitment to improving road safety. Swedish manufacturer is not focused only on cars, also takes care of other participants of the road.


Volvo for some time draws attention to the safety of cyclists, who are often participants in road accidents, especially after dark, when they are barely visible. The British branch of the brand came up with an interesting idea that cyclists were always visible, without having to set a reflective vest.


This innovative approach is Volvo Life Paint, or fluorescent paint spray that can be sprayed onto any surface - the bicycle frame, tires, helmet, or simply clothing. On the night of the material covered in paint reflects the light of car headlights. The strength of the reflection is the same as for standard safety vest, so the probability of deductions so well visible cyclist dramatically decreases. The innovative product was created to increase the protection of cyclists, but it might as well check it in improving the visibility of pedestrians.


Volvo Life Paint This event promotional campaign (cans were distributed for free on the London bike shops), but the Swedish brand does not preclude the introduction of reflective tape and fluorescent spray paint for sale in their showrooms. It can already be purchased via the website of the manufacturer, the company Albedo100. The inks are available in various colors, glare, are also divided according to the type of surface on which can be applied. Life Paint costs about 100(plus postage).

A vest with reflective tape of high quality

The government spent more than $ 31 million in bulletproof safety vests RB3 US, 10% more than a RB2 domestic production. Justify the decision.


The Ministry of Security bought 2,600 imported bulletproof vests and spent more than 31 million, two million pesos more than it had originally stipulated. This difference may be because, according to authorities in the portfolio, vests than those now working in the police force were acquired quality. This progress was made in order to replace the defeated 6,500 police vests that had until last year, although there are still 600 more to complete the final figure.


The purchase was carried out by way of direct contracting under the Provincial Emergency Act 8842 Safety, adopted in March this year at the request of Gov. Alfredo Cornejo. The government chose between two bidders who took the call price and opted for the most expensive proposal, presented by the Buenos Aires provider Armoring Systems SA: a bulletproof vest RB3, imported from the United States, at a cost of 12,000 pesos each. Its price is 10% higher than the RB2 vests offered by Gurban 360 SA (quoted at 10,970 pesos per unit) and 5% higher than the RB2 of the same company (11,400 pesos) but stressed Security is an object "higher quality".


Diego, Director General of Administration of the Ministry of Security, told MDZ the reasons why the government decided to buy a model more expensive vest: "The RB3 is a vest with reflective tape of high quality that offers greater protection and are used in police of First World countries. And the price offered is really very convenient. Security has never been able to have what we now have and are proud to give the police this kind of quality. "


"It is not always awarded to the cheapest, as erroneously believed, because if I have something, checked on paper, better quality to more expensive 10% price, it is preferable to ensure the safety of the police and to have higher technology equipment, "he said.


In turn, Lazarus said "the purchase has been transparent and impeccable" and that, when in doubt, you can file a petition for clarification during these days. "We are having better prices because we pay well and the market has become more competitive because there are more bidders," he said.


Regarding ballistic testing, Security indicated that the company awarded already submitted all the documents issued by RENAR, which validates the authorization of the product, and that in the coming days the necessary tests will be performed two vests to test their effectiveness.


So far, the government bought 5,900 bulletproof vests for the provincial security forces. The first 1,000 units were purchased in March RB2 America Shield (linked to Gurban 360), while others made 2,300 vests RB2 in Military Industries arrived in September thanks to a grant from the Nation. To complete the missing reflective vest, they should buy 600 units more than the expected Province in 2017.


"We closed a year in which, perhaps without being visibly moved to citizenship, much has equipped the police, and changes begin to be felt, as improvements in operational patrol" said Lazarus. He stressed that the ministry bought new phones, firearms and uniforms, and advances in integral parts more than 140 police stations and prisons in the province.

Girt with a life jacket and reflective tape

Investigating Court 2 directs intervention stash in a freighter with flag Tanzania and arrested four Turkish citizens.


Given the 'fishing grounds' where the old boat had been fishing, it was logical to think that carrying in her womb were bales of hashish. Officials of the National Police wearing the safety vest which with the invaluable assistance of colleagues Customs Surveillance and distance aircrafts and air media followed the tribulations of ‘Mungo’ were safe. They were convinced that the merchant, a kind of 'zombie' floating 59 meters long and 9 wide, carrying pregnant resin casings 'cannabis'.


They had put eyes on last August, when agents of the Narcotics Group of the Commissariat of Cartagena and the Unit against Drugs and Organized Crime (UDYCO) Central detected the purchase of the ship by members. Everything in the following days was pointing to the band was preparing for the introduction in Europe of a drug shipment: the merchant had been acquired in Rotterdam (Netherlands) by a holding company, had been assigned a provisional flag of Zanzibar (Tanzania) and they had hoisted a pavilion of the African country, had been painted to give a more respectable appearance offered, had hired four Turks and all crew had been thrown into the sea announcing heading towards Turkey. With the help of French customs, first, and later and with aircraft and helicopters Customs Surveillance -dependent Agency, the route led those to an area of ​​the Atlantic, next to Morocco, where it is customary for transshipment of large quantities of hashish between ships are undertaken. When, sometime later, the merchant crossed the Strait and headed towards Spanish, no more burden than clandestinely could have hoisted aboard the crew off the Moroccan coast, researchers were convinced that the stash probably -very , hashish was on board and had time to take action.


The collision took place last Tuesday in international waters. The ship sailed through the Sea, about thirteen miles north of the island which gives its name to the maritime area between Andalusia and Algeria, when Customs agents and the Central UDYCO pounced on him astride two patrols wearing reflective vest. The four crew were immediately reduced and arrested, but a quick visual inspection at that time did not allow any glimpse drug on the freighter, so that his transfer was decided the Port of Cartagena to review it more minutely.


Nervousness to joy

Police and customs and spent a few tense hours looking for what they thought would be bulky bales of hashish, and nothing appeared, and some were already slogging when the cache was found. The drug was traveling hidden in the hollow anchor under many meters thick and heavy chain, which made almost undetectable.


Nervousness gave way to relief and, almost immediately, to the unbridled joy when they found that the stash was not composed of hashish, as they thought, but by a dozen sacks of 50 kilos of cocaine. And the 'Mungo' has revealed, and without doubt, the police suspicions that drug trafficking organizations were using the 'hashish African route' to enter large amounts of cocaine.


The fact that the drug was wet, and the fact that each bundle was girt with a life jacket and reflective tape, which allowed to locate in the dark, suggests that the cache had been anchored at sea by a boat, probably from the Moroccan coast, and later hoisted aboard by the crew.


The half-ton of cocaine is one of the largest stashes of the drug seized this year. Both cocaine and detained, the ship and the police had passed yesterday available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2.

Wearing a cloth with reflective tape

The winter trail meshes are ideal for winter outings. And it need to attention to safety. Wearing a cloth with reflective tape will enhance the visibility. Its plush interior provides comfort and unbeatable warmth. They are also much more than a simple mesh as they are enhanced with many details that, without a doubt, improve our comfort and autonomy.


Its excellent reflective fabric brings us a great thermal insulation and at the same time, when the cold is not extreme. The ability to coat is more than enough for the coldest day and particularly in freezing conditions, can be combined with a first thin layer with a waterproof or in the case of rain or heavy snow.


The pattern is excellently adapted to the morphology of each combination with polyester and spandex. The material is elastic, so it snugly legs achieving a total capacity of movement. The rubber waist is wide enough to ensure good grip and distribute the compression exerted by it in a larger area, feature you will decreases the possibility of offering a feeling annoyed in that area. In addition, together with the rubber also wear drawstring closure to ensure that the rubber is not going to open and, also, to bring greater pressure and adjust if desired. 


Just as the maillot, meshes also stand out for their details that make our life much when weather conditions are demanding. It has two side mesh pockets with flap closure that are useful and accessibility. Just as the shirt of reflective material is pockets of considerable capacity so we can perfectly carry two bars in one pocket.


Shins are reinforced with small points besides protecting silicone give a more elaborate garment and if the mesh dresses boots allow a better grip aesthetics. The winter trail meshes are equipped with a bottom zipper that allows us to move the foot comfortably and can open when we are hot. On the inside there is a flap so that it did not touch the skin directly and we can cause some discomfort.


Women meshes have a weight of 295 grams, 320 grams of man and both have a retail price of 74.99 €.


I tried the meshes in winter trail running both outputs and mountaineering and mountain skiing on sunny days and cooler days. In all cases I have used as a single layer, but if conditions are extreme can be complemented perfectly with a first inner layer or a over trousers, as we advanced. Just as the shirt of the same set, it is made from a highly elastic and comfortable reflective fabric. It is a mesh we guarantee excellent thermal insulation while very good breathability.


Inside plush gives unsurpassed warmth. After testing the meshes in winter outputs more than seven hours using them as single layer have not undergone any type chafing or discomfort. Freedom of movement offered is remarkable.


It is a mesh that adapts perfectly to the body with a wide waist, which gives us an unbeatable comfort. It also has a drawstring for us is fixed at 100%


The side pockets have found it useful. They are easily accessible as it has no zipper, but have a small flap, inside is perfectly safe. Nor it can fall, nor do we bother movement. It is an element that I consider crucial because it saves us the trouble of searching the backpack and guarantees autonomy.

Students ensure their safety with reflective tape

This is the most emblematic purchase of school. The package is to appeal to students but especially to offer them comfort and ensure their safety with reflective tape.

In traditional version or backpacks, schoolbag schoolchildren and college students have two major flaws: it weighs heavy and no reflective tape. Once filled, the average weight is 8.5 kg, on average 20% of the child's weight as it is recommended not to exceed 10%.

Such overload causes back pain and may even result in a deformation of the spine. The Ministry of Education has recognized the problem and some institutions have implemented solutions like double set of textbooks (one at school and one at home to avoid transport) or replaced by a digital tablet. But until the generalization of these practices, it is very important to choose a model binder preserving maximum backs of children.

Except the schoolbag, it is also recommended that children wear reflective safety vest or at least clothes with reflective tape or reflective heat transfer film.

Pedestrians without reflective tape also repeatedly

1. Control your bike is obliged to use the road for a bike lane or bike if they are designated for the direction in which it moves or intends to turn. Control your bike using the roads for bicycles and pedestrians with safety clothing, is obliged to take special care and give way to pedestrians. 2. Children under the age of 7 years can be transported on a bicycle, provided that it is placed on the additional saddle for safe driving.

3. You MUST bicycle or moped is prohibited:

Driving on the road next to another traffic participant, subject to paragraph 3a;

Driving without keeping at least one hand on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals and footrests

Pick on vehicles.

4. it allows extremely ride on the road to the rider next to another bicycle or moped, if this does not hinder movement of other traffic or otherwise endanger the safety of road traffic.

5. Using the pavement or pedestrian by the rider is allowed in exceptional cases, when:

He takes care of a person under the age of 10 guiding bike

The width of the sidewalk along the road on which traffic is allowed at speeds greater than 50 km / h, is at least 2 m and a lack of dedicated cycle paths and lanes for bicycles

Weather conditions threaten the safety of the cyclist on the road (snow, strong wind, heavy rain, black ice, and fog), subject to paragraph. 6.

6. Control your bike using the sidewalk or pedestrian path, it is obliged to go slowly, careful and give way to pedestrians.

As you can see, cyclists cannot always move along the sidewalk. Unfortunately, many of them break the rules endangering pedestrians. It should be noted, however, that pedestrians without reflective tape also repeatedly show ignorance of the law and ignorance of signs vertical and horizontal.

Often we can meet with a situation when a pedestrian moves by bicycle, even next to the sidewalk. This is not only a lack of knowledge of the law but also ignoring the signs of horizontal and vertical. Please note that both the bike path and sidewalk have the appropriate designation. In most cases, also, bicycle path is paved with red dice, which should be a warning for walking to her not to enter. According to the Code of the road, pedestrian can move by bicycle only if there is no sidewalk or shoulder or inability to use them. Pedestrian using the cycle path, in addition to a disabled person, is obliged to give way to the cyclist. For failing to follow these rules can be fined.

High visibility vest with reflective tape compulsory

From July 1, a reflective vest requirement also applies in Germany, and it must be present in every vehicle a safety vest. Motorists should have for each occupant a vest available, experts advice.
  Who from 1 July has no safety vest in the car, which may be a fine of 15 Euros will be imposed. And who bears at an accident no safety vest, who even risked his insurance coverage.
Safety vest: Pay attention to the norm

Available are the red, yellow or orange vests, which are mandatory in other EU countries for years on the Internet from two Euros. But many gas stations have safety vests. But beware: The vest must conform to DIN EN 471 or EN ISO 20471: 2013 match.
  Pro car only a high visibility vest for the driver must be available to the new rule. But expert’s advice carries several West. Ideally be for each occupant a vest in the vehicle, advises TÜV Rhineland. Inmates must wear the vest when leaving the vehicle includes a breakdown or an accident on public roads.
Reflective jackets are compulsory: Act now yet especially private car owners are affected by the new safety reflective vest duty. For commercial vehicles it was considered for some time, motorcycles are still excluded. The vests shall comply with European standard EN ISO 20471: 2013 match. This requirement calls for a 360-degree visibility by encircling, at least five centimeters wide reflective strips. Furthermore, fluorescent material is prescribed in yellow, orange or red-orange. Finally, the vest must have a Velcro.
  "Important in case of emergency is natural that the safety vest from the driver seat is available quickly," says Clemens Klink by Dakar. "Therefore, it should in the glove compartment, are kept under the seat or in the side pocket of the door - not as in the trunk." The expert organization also discourages them to hang the vest over a seat: With sunlight, the signal color to fade with time.
  With the new high visibility vest with reflective tape compulsory Germany follows the example of many other EU countries, where it is partly for years in force. In some countries, it is, unlike in Germany, that any person who leaves the car around in case of breakdown, must wear a vest. The fines abroad are partly sensitive high.
  According to the ADAC relates the motorist in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary? In Portugal motorists should expect a fine 120-600 Euro.

The number of mountain bikers with reflective tape

Through the local mountains biking and later with the Oberlandbahn home to Munich: gorgeous! Unfortunately, the BOB capacity problems - and allows cyclists back on track. The polemics of AZ reporter.
  Boarding arrive losradeln - this is the slogan Bayerische Oberland Bahn (BOB) to mountain biking enthusiasts from Munich. In droves they carts then for ordinary 35 euros (including return) plus five Euro fee bicycle towards local mountains.
  It should really be called: enter, arrive, losradeln - and good luck on the way back. Because last to lawsuits piled fact that cyclists on the way back to Munich no longer allowed to go into the BOB: Maximum achieved capacity bike, the train is full, safety must be respected. Reported is the the often hungry and sunburned Radlfahrern then in the form of a taciturn course companion in reflective vest: "Do Gengan maximum no zwoa Radl nei, then is final"
  On the platform is therefore bustling's almost 50 excursionists with two wheels. The tone is rough. The athletic composure must give way to the biological survival instinct. I could not care less who remains, the main thing, I'll come clean. If one does not go on a sunny bank holiday or a weekend day at the start stations in Lenggries, Tegernsee or Bayrischzell, chances are that you look at one of the later stops on the famous stovepipe into Wendelstein Mountains, unfortunately well. To the twelve bicycles are allowed in a provided for Radl haulage wagon. If you consider that the Oberlandbahn annually transported about 80,000 Radlfahrer, you have to be no Einstein to realize that this is a chaos is programmed. Especially since the number of mountain bikers with reflective tape increases even more.
  How about an extra car for Radl? Do not go, informs the Press Office of the BOB. This is technically not possible because the tracks were not designed for. In addition, some platforms were too short for more than three cars.
  How about a train only for Radlfahrer - at least on the weekend? Send a train packed with athletes and their bikes out at 8 am to the south and the same games umara 16:00 back? Do not go, because the clock is already so tight that not can more trains, says the BOB.
  There is no question that the Oberlandbahn must comply with the safety regulations. Until the roof crowded trains, where arms and handlebars from windows and doors sticking out like on a railway journey from Bangalore to Mumbai, no one can want.
  Trouble concerning delays: Oberlandbahn feels thwarted by train
  It is striking that there are no reports of abandoned am Starnberger wing station cyclists. The trains would be crowded but even in the early in Munich. The People in Fischbachau who are passengers in Munich will be denied, must be somehow morning got there yes.
  Why there is no safety vest carrier and dusted cyclists off the train when it is full? Whether it's is that many would probably then return their ticket back immediately? Evil to him who thinks that BOB would first collect and then leave the passenger in Oberland yourself.

The murder of Russian journalist with reflective tape

 Court of Donetsk Rostov region acknowledged Hope Savchenko guilty of the murder of journalists of VGTRK. At the courthouse, meanwhile, social activists held a picket, demanding a fair sentence.
  In the Rostov region of Donetsk in the courtroom Picket: activists with reflective clothing  demanded that the court render a fair verdict accused of involvement in the murder of Russian journalist Nadezhda Savchenko.
  As previously wrote "Reedus" Hope Savchenko found guilty of the murder of Russian journalist with reflective tape, but she continued to read out the verdict. "Savchenko murder committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons based on hatred and enmity" - this is the decision of the judge. The court also ruled that the Ukrainian aviator made illegal border crossing.
  The picketers intend to continue the action until the end of the reading of the verdict. The placards activists reading "Savchenko, pleaded guilty," "Awards Savchenko - a reward for brutality", "Previously, Ukrainian heroes fought against fascism, not indulged him", "Savchenko was involved in the murder of Russian journalists!", "They fought for the freedom of speech "," their death is guilty Savchenko, "" our journalists do not return "," Kornelyuk and Voloshin -! heroes of our time "!
  Besides, the participants of the picket are holding portraits of slain journalists Igor Korneliuk and Anton Voloshin, tied with black ribbons, and a helmet with a bullet hole and green reflective vest with the word "Press". At the end of the action participants will leave them at the entrance to the courtroom, as well as to lay flowers in memory of the dead Russian TV channel RTR journalists.

Use of reflective tape on them

Reflective vest can keep embarrassed or inexpensive life insurance. Siiri Saarinen’s mouth turned into a reflective vest Taikaviitta. One woman has received a positive campaign, thousands of people excited.

Orimattilalaisesta Siiri Saarinen, 24, is in a few days become the kingdom of reflectors on the unofficial spokesperson. Saarinen founded by facebook a few days ago to encourage the use of the reflector group, which is associated with more than ten thousand people.

People share a group of photos of themselves, their children and pets reflective vests. Many tell themselves decorating their reflectors as a Christmas tree.

The group idea is that even if the use of reflectors would be embarrassing to someone believes that, in this case, it is cool and clever to be embarrassed, says Saarinen set up a group.

- We encourage people to look “ the magic of the robes “. People have put a huge amount of pictures reflector equipment ​​and the nature of the tamineissa iikkuvat dark outside. Positive comments have become a freak, which is great!

Taikaviitta Saarinen means reflector vests. Stimulus for the creation of the group came when Saarinen was forced to explain its use of reflective tape on them embarrassed appointing the parent of a small child.

The mother of his child: reflective vest is an embarrassment

Saarinen is home to a couple of kilometers from the center of Orimattila. He jogs dachshunds with Matin and Niilo often unlit trails.

For your own, pet and other road users Saarinen has acquired for itself and his dog reflective vests, which is worn out before the departure.

Last week, outdoor pursuits came against the situation that left Saarinen’s breath away.

- I went for a walk with the dogs. Against came from the mother and the little boy who asked me what my dog ​​is on. Boy praised the dog flashing heijastinpantaa tidy and fine. Then the boy asked what I myself have a site, Saarinen times.

He was, as usual, pulled onto the outdoor jacket reflective vest.

- I was responsible for a child that is upon Taikaviitta, so cars can see me in the dark. Son hihkui joy and screamed to her mother that wants the same. Mother replied to his son, that ‘you must not’ and ‘it’s embarrassing. “

Saarinen mother’s reaction was incomprehensible. He went on so confused that it could not say anything, but later wrote in an encounter on Facebook.

Saarinen’s view, far too few people use the Finnish reflector. Him a key role in the spread of cheap life insurance are the adults and the children’s parents.

When I was actually in elementary school, it was humiliating to be on top of Taikaviitta. One of the safety vest was able to put on a jacket with long teeth. I would hope that the attitude of the education and road safety works would leave the parents. If an adult finds it embarrassing to use magic refers, it is also embarrassing for the child’s mind.

Lots of dark rolling Saarinen recalls that the use of the reflector is also a consideration. He is scared myself more than once, when the vehicle is in the spotlight human being appeared out of the darkness.

The bicycle reflective tape posteddo

The safety of your bike for your safety, so it has to be that you examined from time to time especially before driving long distances, the following are the most important points that must be examined.
    Inspect the bike brakes and make sure they are working properly, you may bike on a flat surface and then use the hand brakes more than once if the bike has not changed speed and stop, then not led by the need to overhaul the defect. Inspect the bike tires and make sure they are not pierced, bring a pot filled with water, then place the entire frame it, though if some bubbles appeared on the surface, it means that the frame should be pierced and repaired or replaced depending on his condition. Make sure that the high chair bike suitable for you, all you need is to sit on the bike properly, if your toes touching the ground, this means that a height suitable for you.

Your clothes is an integral part of the leadership of the bike safely, so we must take into account the following instructions sufficient to maintain safety.

Wear bright clothing, reflective vest, bike or provide some bright lights is very important to motorists paid any attention especially on busy roads and fast cars, you must also be careful to buy reflective stickers for bicycle and backpack if you're wearing, especially during the night one.
Wear comfortable shoes. Completely avoid driving Benal bike or shoe is comfortable, better to wear a pair of walking shoes and be sure that the laces tied well so as not to impede your movement or cause your fall.

Clothes hook around your waist while driving a bike is very dangerous, it wraps around the back of the frame and cause the bike coup and fall on your head, and thus would be a great harm, as they may obscure the reflective lights not everyone notices you, wear the best leather belts to install pants' if you want but do not use Clothing.

In some countries wear a helmet while cycling is mandatory inevitable, but even if not, in your city, be sure to wear Vasabat head is the most common among cyclists usually be dangerous, it may affect the brain directly.

Sir quickly either with or reverse the air could lead to the entry of dust and insects in your eye while driving, and the speed of the air may cause increased secretion of tears to moisturize the eyes therefore you will see you confused what threatens your safety, so be sure to wear plastic goggles even during the night.

Whether they were cars or bicycles or people walking on their feet, we must maintain a half-meter distance at least between you and any behind a person or in front of you to avoid any accident, wear safety vest, it may seem simple and unimportant but make sure that it will help you avoid a lot of situations.

Cycling at night is very dangerous things, and preferably avoided as much as possible, but if he must, choose if a paved road and well lit, has slowly than usual during the day to allow you time to act quickly in the event of any danger, best also have some lamps in the bike in order to illuminate the way for you and help others to see you, especially on the highways.
Use hand signals correctly

Use hand signals of very important things, especially during the transition between the sides of the road, you should be alert behind you that you are on the verge of cutting the road, in order to allow them time to calm their speed and allow you to cross.

You must have the appropriate means to alert especially in crowded places the bike in order to alert pedestrians to you are therefore make way you the way, For example, in the bicycle posted,the bicycle reflective tape posteddo not use and unobtrusive way so as not to bother those around you endanger yourself or legal repercussions.

Used as accents in lines or reflective tape

Nothing worse than a sports wear ill-fitting, the seams that rub or fabric that breathes bad! With good weather that brings, is a good opportunity to renew your sports wardrobe to beat the bitumen, to adopt the posture of the warrior or push the intensity of your workout to the max with appropriate clothing your specific needs ... that also have style!
More than ever, the athletic trend sweeping fashion, with sneakers, leggings and other technical materials that slip into the clothes every day. At the other end of the spectrum, sports reflective clothing are more likely than ever. For sports, it's good, but with a studied look, it's even better ...
The sports apparel and athletic look are popular. Besides the many large specialty stores in the clothing and sports equipment, number of ready-to-wear brands want their cake and launch their sportswear collections who want to offer style and
Among them, Ritzier, with Park life and TNM collections, but also with its Active Forever 21 collection. It is also thought to Hype brand, powered by Reitman’s, which just launched on its website a guide to help women to choose their training pant according to physical activity, but also to Wal-Mart, with its new sportswear collections, Active wear and Dan skin, that encourage people to get back to move, at low prices.
For their part, sports apparel companies look increasingly to stand out with their looks modeled on current trends.
"We see in yoga with Californian brands like Aloe Yoga, or race with the Danish line New Line: really are mixing fashion business with the performance," says Vanessa Lacombe, buyer for Sportier
"So we will find hyper technical fabrics, breathable, which give good support during physical activity, but also a fashion side with new colors, such as pastels, and prints" says Vanessa Lacombe. Sportier where she works, is a new big box store that offers numerous sports and lifestyle brands for men and women.
For spring, the bright colors make a comeback, for both men and women, says Allan Daigneault, specialist in race and cycling for Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). "In the clothing, we see a lot of neon colors: green, yellow, pink, color" high visibility ", and also phosphorescent material that will be used as accents in lines or reflective tape.”
Practical colors to be seen on the roads, whether you walk or bike, but who also have a purely aesthetic function. The companies are also well aware that sports today are not only looking functionality, but also the look, adds Mr. Daigneault: "You can have the most technical windproof lighter, with the best value, but if the color does not please the customer, he did not just buy! "
This trend is particularly marked in the yoga world. "Increasingly, yoga is a lifestyle and visited the" fashion "," notes Ms. Lacombe. You notice this season in the attention paid to detail in the back of camisoles and bras: "In yoga, we like to have a beautiful back for various postures. The backs are very detailed, a trend we also see in swimwear. "
But it is especially in leggings that creativity is distinguished manufacturers: inserts of various materials and use of transparency play on textures, cohabitation of many colors and colorful prints and extravagant, "motto" style ... everything is allowed this season, it's time to have fun and from traditional black leggings.
Because yoga clothes no longer worn only in the classroom, but outside. Just put a nice sweater over his pair of leggings, and presto! We join friends for a short 5-7 after yoga. "Today style" perform "visited a lifestyle. People are mixing sports clothing and every day, "says Coulomb.
The camisole is made with the technology of ... (PHOTO COURTESY OF SALOMON) - Image 5.0
The camisole is made with seamless technology Seamless garment and fabric laser micro-perforated to increase ventilation. Elevated Tank Tunic, $ 60, Solomon offered in major sports surfaces.
This interest of stylish clothes does not make the less technical side, on the contrary. Breathable reflective fabrics, supporting or odor, innovative textiles, but also eco-friendly made from recycled plastic, windproof, waterproof: manufacturers continue to develop new technologies to attract consumers.
For example, Solomon designed a seamless garment technology called Seamless used for the spring in a coat which is also manufactured with a fabric micro perforated laser, which ensures better ventilation as the temperature increases. The company also offers this season its new technology Advanced Skin Active Dry, for a t-shirt ultrarespirant.

Recommend Road Safety Council to have a reflective tape

With the transition to winter time is one hour earlier dark. And in the next weeks and months will be earlier and earlier dark. Therefore, here are three tips on how to ride safely in traffic when it is dark.

   Are you the pedestrian, wear a reflective vest.

Without reflex watching the drivers you are not on a dark road. As a pedestrian on a dark road has typically experience of being fully informed of the passing cars. But it does not mean that one is visible to the driver.

   With the high beam you see curves, turns and people or objects on the road much earlier than if you drive with daytime running lights. So use the high beam whenever you can without dazzling other drivers.

   In the dark you can in many places be obliged to reduce speed to below the speed limit, if you want to run securely and could reach to orient yourself properly. This applies to the narrow and winding roads or in bad weather. Although roads can seem deserted at night, so there is good reason to be vigilant - that may suddenly appear a pedestrian or another motorist up.

   Further advice from the Road Safety Council

   Reflexes, if you go:Reflective Brik (mCord) It should hang so that it is visible from all angles. Road Safety Council recommends that it hangs low - at the edge of the jacket - so it hangs freely, so the cars are easier to see it in terms of both height and movement.

   If there are quite dark, recommend Road Safety Council to have a reflective tape hanging both front and rear.

   Ideal to hang a reflective piece fixed to the child's schoolbag, as the better fit and therefore last longer. It would also be appropriate to hang fixed to the jacket pocket, so the child can snuggle reflex in your pocket when no longer outside.

If you walk in the dark on a road without sidewalks, recommend Road Safety Council to have a reflective vest, and then recommend the course to a pedestrian walking on the left side of the road - against the traffic.

   Reflective Tapes: If you do not have reflective tape on both arms and legs, recommend Road Safety Council that spans reflective tape stuck to the legs, where a motorist can very quickly spot them due to constant movement.

First, you must first and foremost comply with the rules applicable to the bicycle lamps. The rules require, among other things, that you must have lights that can be seen from 300 feet away.

  Police defined rules:

   Headlights and taillights should be prominently displayed at least 300 meters and will also be visible from the side. Headlights and rear lights must be mounted so the lights respectively straight forward and straight back - they must therefore not hang and light into the ground. Powerful headlamps designed to illuminate the road in front of the rider must be mounted with the light slanting downward and does not dazzle oncoming.

    New battery bicycle lights sold in Denmark, should be bright enough to meet the statutory requirements for visibility at least 5 hours. The lamp or sales packaging must be marked "Operating time / Runtime" and an indication of how many hours, the battery can meet the requirement. This must also be stated in marketing material such as advertisements, brochures, online, etc.

  Compared to reflectors recommend Road Safety Council that you use reflective tape on both legs when cycling. If it rains, they recommend that you have a safety vest on.

Statisticians expect with reflective tape

In the Altai region we have prepared everything necessary for the All-Russian agricultural census
  Barnaul, 12 April 2016, 09:50 - REGNUM From 1 July 2016 the Altai Territory will start the All-Russian agricultural census: it will affect all farmers in the region, from the owners of gardens and to large agricultural enterprises. Altaykraystat already received census forms, census takers complete equipment: reflective vest, visors with the symbols of the census, briefcases labeled "Rosstat", - said today, 12 April, the press service of the department.
  Recall, in the Altai Territory private farms occupy more than 48% of total agricultural production, and the production of certain products of plant growing, their share exceeds 80%. On January 1, 2015 in the countryside edge lived 44% of the population (26% - in Russia on average, 27% - in the Siberian Federal District).
  "Much has been done preparatory work for a national survey. Completed painstaking process for drawing up lists of the census facilities, conducted Census Mapping - the division of the territory of the municipalities on the instructor and counting stations. Taking into account the sampling method in general survey for the Altai Territory formed one thousand. 89 enumeration areas and 182 instructors. On the basis of census geography determined the number of workers in safety vest needed to collect information from the census objects. The results are sent to all municipal districts, urban districts for the selection of premises for instructor stations and storing census documents, providing vehicles and communication services ", - reported in Altaykraystate.
  As previously reported IA REGNUM, to collect information to be used tablets, in which census takers will immediately enter the respondents' answers. This was done to save human resources and improve the quality of the operational work. Preliminary results of the census will sum up in the fourth quarter of 2017, the final - in the fourth quarter of 2018.
   Statisticians expect with reflective tape to get an accurate picture of the situation in agriculture of Russia, thus develop relevant measures to support agriculture.

The bike with reflective tape is moving slowly

Unfortunately, not many people without reflective vest are aware that compliance with the Highway Code applies to them as well. But do not just rely on due to traffic violations in Cangas punishment: the Code also requires that the mandatory installation of the wire donkey. Good to know that if only one of these is missing, tens of thousands of forints penalty count on the bike. It is as follows equip your bike before you set out!
- Because it's the road we ride is one of the most important to be visible to motorists. The bike with reflective tape is moving slowly in vain, does not protect the body, so if we run into a blind trust just lucky enough to get away with all of the accident. The mandatory equipment are used to avoid such a situation - explained Francis Trace transportation expert.
1. It is essential fixture on the white front, rear red taillights.
The second marker must be visible from a distance of 150 meters is dark, clear weather. The front and rear light should emit continuous light.
3. At least the front wheel küllőjén be amber reflector or rear of a bicycle can be one or more non-triangular reflector.
4. If you are in poor visibility in the dark, outside of built-up area of ​​the two-wheeled fly, do not forget your visibility safety vest.
5. The standard features include a bell, and a good grip front and rear brake.
6. It is not mandatory, but recommended to everyone to draw helmet. Although the lack of no penalty, you can save your life - warned the expert.

Two policemen with reflective tapes on clothing

VIDEO - Var: a customs officer killed by a gunman, the gunman arrestedA customs official was killed this morning by a gunman in Saint-Jean du Vary in the Vary, police sources announced. The shooter was arrested.

TV shows that customs intervened in the context of legal transaction related to arms trafficking. The officer was killed by a heavy weapon firing and two policemen with reflective tapes on clothing were injured, added the chain.

The attacker, who had a bulletproof vest, opened fire with a type of weapon M-16 assault rifle of the US Army, found at the scene, said the prosecutor of Toulon, Xavier Tarabeux . At this point "no element collected" by the investigators used to connect these facts to a possible terrorist act, he said. A second customs officer was injured by the gunfire, and transported to the hospital for help arrived, the prosecutor added. A policeman with reflective uniform was also shot, more lightly on the arm during the arrest.
The gunman, aged 33, known to justice for drug use business and contempt of police officers with reflective clothing, was taken into custody, said the prosecutor. The shooting took place in front of the building of the attacker, who was guarded by customs officers, reported the prosecutor.

Car with reflective tape can be reached

 Like last in action at Toad Action Group Association welcomes volunteers with reflective jacket to rescue the frog tomorrow Garancsi Lake between Tinnye and Piliscsaba.

  The Toad Action Group Association organized volunteers to help frogs baffle fence built site near the capital tomorrow a safe passage for the animals in the program. The terelőhálóból, crates and stakes and / buckets available system construction will begin at 10 am.
Required equipment: equipment needed for the work (shovels, hammers, hoes, pliers, or rake), reflective vest.
  The Tinny Lake Garancsi coach: Árpád Bridge bus station No. 2 car status of the bus starts on Saturday at the Lake Garancsi
stop 9.20 pm) or by car with reflective tape can be reached between the running and Tinnye Piliscsaba road, parked near the lake can be. The lake is near the road.
  We welcome all volunteers helping intentioned!
  Biologist Dr. Miklós Puky
  President of the Association Toad Action Group

Reflective straps adjust the backpack close to the body

Krieger R25: The Best of motorcycle backpack bag!
Soft Luggage maker deemed the Channel, Krieger is gradually moved to France. We tested the backpack on R25 over a year, in any weather and the verdict is clear: the Krieger R25 is part of the best of its kind!
Number of users of PTWs daily use a reflective backpack and often are content with a model bought in supermarkets or sports store.
For occasional trips, but this may be enough under intensive annual use or to go on a trip, this type of product quickly admits its limits: perfectible sealing risky posture, endurance and strength limited ...
In such conditions, backpacks specifically designed for motorcycle and are therefore better suited Krieger, a well-known manufacturer in England, made his specialty.
Krieger R25: The Range Rover motorcycle backpacks
Sober, if not austere in its unique black hue, Krieger R25 is one of the bestsellers manufacturer in the UK. It is suitable for everyday users because, with a capacity of 25 liters, it can accommodate a laptop or something to go to a gym.
Much more innovative in contrast, Quad loc its patented harness system provides excellent support while completely freeing the movements at the shoulders. Once settled, the side headgear reflective straps adjust the backpack as close to the body and the setting is very accurate.
We discover the relevance of this system virtually allows forgetting the presence of the backpack ... everything being relative; it obviously depends on its load. Tested on many bikes, the trail to the sport, the Krieger R25 has always offered excellent ergonomics.
Among the storage tips developed by Krieger include a concealed pocket in the outer flap of the backpack and another, inside, slipping to a computer or tablet.
The harness incorporates Quad loc meanwhile removable pocket called Kobe. As the backpack, she uses a waterproof YKK zipper. Effective, it still requires the use of a small zip lock type waterproof bag for rain days.
The R25 has finally coating ergonomic comfort and participating in an internal pocket that can accommodate an optional back CE approved Level 2 or pocket at Camelback water type.
After a year of use in all weathers, the backpack Krieger R25 has retained all its qualities. Harness side straps and zippers are intact and the bag remained relatively impermeable. At most Reflective parts have they lost their luster.
The R25 has proved to be an ideal everyday companion as on long trips because it dramatically limits the weight of sensation induced by most backpacks. In addition, the harness that releases the movement is a valuable ally during walking sessions.
Sold € 139, the backpack with reflective tape Krieger R25 may seem a little expensive in absolute terms, but it turns quickly endearing to use. And given its robustness and guaranteed for 10 years, its price high after all appears quite justified.

Bike jacket is lack of reflective tape

Through a unique reflective fabric, Sago Zap Bike Jacket offers maximum visibility in low light conditions.
The word Sago is a Japanese term for "incredible". The designers are dedicated to the implementation of this corporate philosophy is "to give the best of yourself" to give birth to totally stunning sporting goods for triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, training and even for your relaxation!
In 2014, the brand innovates in rain and reflective equipment. It is true that being visible when driving at night or even just in low light conditions is a concern for most cyclists. Whether for commuting or night workouts after work for the brave, be seen by other road users is something to take seriously. It is with this objective that safety Sago reflective launched its range which includes the Zap Bike Jacket.
This jacket is made of 60% polyester, 15% polyurethane and 25% reflective material (Micro-Glass Beads in English or translated as "glass beads"). For the jacket is fully reflective, the brand has chosen to let the usual reflective strips aside for the benefit of many small raised dots distributed on all sides of the garment. That technological fabric is called Pixel.
n addition to being visible at night when artificial light is directed to it, the jacket is fully waterproof and windproof. It is also equipped with zipper front with waterproof sealed seams and a back pocket with a Velcro making easy access even with gloves. This is extended to the rear in order to better cover the back splash against the rear wheel. As for the interior, the jacket is lined with a thread creating a breathable appearance. The collar of the jacket is lined with softer polyester to avoid irritation of the neck. Sago uses for this technology jacket "Semi fit" that offers a slim fit safety jacket for not having a flag or parachute effect, but to be loose enough to wear different layers of clothing underneath it.
During the trial period, we have seen the effectiveness of reflective materials. We were able to do training rides in the fog, the rain, the snow and even at night safely. The reflection of light is increased when the jacket is wet with a brightness phenomenon, which is also beneficial since weather conditions where visibility is more limited are particularly humid conditions. Speaking of moisture, Zap Bike Jacket is a remarkable tightness. It is possible to drive several hours, without the water passes through the membrane. However that said, very waterproof, breathable said little. Indeed, the moisture released by the body tends to remain inside the jacket. We can still see the positive because even if you end up wet, the jacket keeps proper temperature. This allowed us to roll by -2 degrees with a simple technical breathable shirt with long sleeves under the jacket. Adverse climatic conditions being regularly accompanied by cold, lack of efficacy for breathable part does not prevent the garment from being a really nice product to wear during training rides.
For those who also use the Zap Bike Jacket for commuting in the city, the lack of reflective tape and discretion glass beads throughout the fabric makes the jacket Pixel quite trivial and discreet. It is possible to walk into town during the day without being compared to a lamppost, or have the feeling of working for a public service! It is available in black or red for even more discretion or color Super Nova (color test) for those who love the colors that peps!
To conclude the Zap Bike Jacket is available in sizes from S to XXL in three colors for $ 122.54 Euros. The Zap Bike Jacket is also available in Women in Black or Super Pink.

Sleeping bag with reflective tape for the homeless

The beautiful story of the day: a teenager invented a waterproof sleeping bag for the homeless
IRELAND - A 15-year-old from Limerick, Ireland, invented a lightweight, waterproof sleeping bag with reflective tape for the homeless. Presented at a show dedicated young scientists in 2015, the project was developed and is now present in the streets of Dublin.
The idea came to him when she was a fundraiser for a homeless shelter. Emily Duffy, a 15-year-old from Limerick in Ireland, had the ingenious idea of
​​creating a sleeping bag as convenient as possible for the homeless. "I wanted a bag that solves some problems encountered with conventional sleeping bag," said the girl to the Irish Times. The newspaper reports that Emily Duffy "replaced the tissue, which becomes wet when it rains, by paper metallic bubble."

The material is lightweight, waterproof and filled with air bubbles, concentrating the heat through the bag. A fire-resistant coating was also added to the metal casing of the bag which made its first appearance in 2015, during a show dedicated to young scientists. The bag is also equipped with reflective stripes and a pocket at the end: "The person who sleeps in it can put its dry clothes to prevent them from getting dirty or wet the bag becomes a pillow." says the girl in the Irish Times. But that's not all: the closure is Velcro, allowing entering and exiting quickly.

A bag made by homeless

The "Huffily Bag" Emily Duffy herself tested before putting it on the market, designed to last for years, "longer than a conventional sleeping bag," rejoices the girl, who says many people are already using it in the streets of Dublin. The Mendacity Institute, a charity providing assistance to the poor, decided to launch a program, paying 20 Euros homeless two hours just to participate in the making of these new generation sleeping bags.

"While everything is electronic today, you can have a cheap product and handmade by unqualified people," rejoices the Julian judge who authorized Emily Duffy to make her bag. The site, which also tested the reflective bag, reports that the judge is trying to improve the quality of the product based on feedback from the homeless community.

Protective clothing with reflective tape is required

New Mode: Off Blue Light Blue is now shining Sand beige

For American and British (film) scenes they are already familiar, the new uniforms, which now hold way into the copper town. Gonne’s is soon to the usual blue-light blue, which replaced the spat-orange turnout gear about two decades ago. At least in use 270 copies of the new protective reflective clothing want to raise successively by 2020 the city. Unit price around 1500 Euros; in the sum makes the six financial years distributed 405,000 Euros. One issue that has nothing of female offspring to do with burgeoning fashion consciousness due to an increasing interest in the work of the defense, but simply with the requirements and the risks of everyday life.

Since 1998, the fire service personnel were equipped with so-called internal firefighting clothing, which at that time was state of the art, of course. Today, the Blue Jackets are more classic cars. Hazardous old clothes, "in the meantime endangers the safety of emergency responders," said team manager Walter elections. Wear, UV rays effect, tearing of the protective substance helped. Today, the blue light-blue no longer meets the current requirements of protection classes. "This made a revised and restructured personal protective clothing with reflective tape is required," said election.

The military has analyzed, scrutinized and asked around for comrades. Attention was given to material comfort and functionality. Were considered increasing combustion temperatures that reach quickly up to 1200 degrees Celsius, when photovoltaic, thermal insulated building or plastics in flames.

It has been found new protective clothing from the PBO, which is extremely heat-resistant and dimensionally stable, has good wear characteristics, high chemical resistance, good clean ability and a small occlusive. In addition, the material is supported with Kevlar fibers so that an extreme tear and cut resistance is to certify - which in turn is important in the increasing number of technical assistance services to which the Stolberg Fire Department has to come out.

What sounds great in theory will be tested in practice. With success: Now the procurement of protective equipment to be advertised throughout Europe. "This is the original color of the material," said fire department spokesman Michael Conrad. It is easy to recognize, even more so with the reflective stripes on the model of the airport fire department.

Seniors get reflective tape to be visible

Perrot - The elderly, like people moving in traffic, have focused this week, police in collaboration with the regional coordinator be sip.

"The square uprising in Perrot, near the polyclinic, we addressed those who are elderly and warned them of the dangers associated with the movement of police officers in reflective uniform with the regional coordinator Be sip distributed to seniors hundred reflective passkey traffic at night and in poor visibility," said Misuse Zajícová from Perrot Police, which is responsible for prevention.

Seniors by it belongs to a group that dresses in clothes rather darker tones, so they are visible to drivers through a very short distance.

"Each of the respondents received a reflective armband and a recommendation that he used it for his own safety. In total, we distributed them into a hundred pieces, "she said. With the same events, the police intend also to other areas of the district Perrot.

Driving and walking safer with reflective tape

Meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure was devoted to Deputy first reading a draft law amending the Law on Road Traffic and Law on vehicle drivers. The amendment concerns the introduction of a provision conferring a pedestrian in safety vest priority ahead of the vehicle not only when the pedestrian is on the crossing, but also when it intends to enter the crossing and signals a waiting directly in front of him.

It is better to see, safer driving.

In the province, Silesian only from September 2013 to March 2014 recorded at pedestrian crossings deductions 306 accidents in which 14 people died. At the same time, police statistics across the country registered 2,059 such events. They killed 86 people.

However, they are not the cause accidents and collisions, but motorists themselves, who often knowingly ignore existing traffic regulations or do not maintain proper precautions and not even wear reflective clothing, approaching a major road. Slake, in the same half of the year, recorded 5105, and killed 15 people in them. On a national scale failure to give right of way until 37821 was the cause of accidents. They killed 162 people who did not wear reflective accessories.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee one hundred percent road users safety or pedestrian crossings or at intersections. There are, fortunately, from time to time, ideas and trying solutions that have an impact on reducing the number of these tragic events.

Recently, with the idea - a simple, interesting and inexpensive to execute - appeared Traffic Department Police Headquarters in Katowice. This innovative concept consists in: setting tables with a road sign on two parallel poles spaced about 10-15 cm (thanks to an array of character is well protected against accidental or deliberate its reversal); and improving the visibility of support structures, or posts, which are mounted on road signs. The latter effect is achieved by bars with reflective tape. This makes them perfectly visible in the spotlight from afar.

According to traffic police officers Silesian, not all road signs deserve such a distinction. Just when you get new forms three most important - from the point of view of traffic safety - signs, set in a particularly dangerous vehicular and pedestrian:  A-7 "Yield" (yellow bars), B-20 "stop" (color red), D-6 "pedestrian crossing" (white / gray).

By way of experiment, these characters set on certain roads administered by the Board of Regional Roads in Katowice. With information coming from managers and road users that meeting their objectives and wearing reflective garment are accepted by drivers.

Increase your visibility – Use reflective tape and flare

So much is said about enhancing the visibility for motorcyclists. We wear reflective vests, have the greatest amount of reflective on your clothes, and now we can put on a helmet Fiber Flare MVP.

This product is the dedicated riders who want to take care of their safety, and it is mounted on a helmet. Fiber Flare MPV is a kind of luminous batons, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is lit red, white or yellow, and is visible from a distance of 300 m. The four AAA batteries, power Fiber flare, sufficient for approximately 30-80 hours of operation (depending on whether the light is fixed or flashing). If using reflective tape at the same time, it will be better. The cost of the device is about 34, 99 €. In our view, this is a good solution for rainy weather or fog, and if you can help save the life of even one rider, is worth the money.

Educational campaign on reflective tape

To show that the reflectors are visible from a distance of at least 150 meters and when they are gone the distance is reduced to only 20 meters away? The new educational campaign Autostrada Wielkopolska SA (AWSA) "Bet on the reflection ... before you hit the monument" points out that the lack of reflective tape can directly lead to ... a monument. And not about the monument for his contribution here it comes...

In the autumn and winter months on Polish roads it comes to the greatest number of accidents involving pedestrians. In 2013, on the road in Poland it came to 9 498 such accidents, which caused an estimated 1 140 people, and 8 802 were injured. In every fifth accident that occurred in the area of ​​undeveloped man he was killed. Furthermore, in 4 723 cases, 304 cyclists were killed and 4 144 were injured. Although the routes of highways spaces non-traffic areas, there are emergencies in which the driver is forced to leave the vehicle and then it is necessary to assume a reflective vest that can save lives.

This year's campaign Autostrada Wielkopolska SA It is to encourage the use of a reflective jacket and realize that this universal element, although widely regarded as outmoded, it can save your life. Surprising and somewhat controversial title of the campaign is to encourage discussion about the disastrous consequences of the lack of glare.

Reflective tape is essential for pedestrians and cyclists

It is the proposal to improve transit through the street. There would arise a pedestrian crossing and drive for bicycles or since cyclists are allowed to move new technical sidewalk along the Canal Fredonia. It was built under renovation trough. Although it is not a classic bicycle path, because it allowed for a movement of pedestrians, cyclists can easily meet there. They should wear reflective tapes on clothing to make them visible. They feel safer there than going to and from the center of Gdansk busy Tract St. Delbert. The problem is that the way they said sidewalk intersects the street. Suburban - the busy street that connects among others Orinda upper with Orinda and further from the city center. Within an hour can ride there almost 3 thousand Cars. Some cyclists do not care for it and pass the road as if it were part of road cycling. Meanwhile, priority is given to their cars that cyclists should pass or get to located approx. 30 meters further crosswalks and bike perform that way. On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before.

On the road it is sometimes so dangerous. Often, drivers are forced to brake suddenly. The problem already described the first year before. Cyclists: it will be safer there may yet change. Gdansk Cycling Campaign reported to the Citizens Budget for next year project to improve safety, which includes, among others, a number of reconstructions on the existing cycling infrastructure. The project won the primaries (in the category - projects citywide) - vote took place during the Great RIDE Bike June 14, 2015 on. One of the improvements included in the project will be the demarcation of pedestrian with safety clothing crossings and a bicycle ride on the conflictual intersection. - Cyclists and so that way can ride, do not introduce anything new. But we want to improve their safety there. In addition to the painted lane markings also want to set the mirrors, which improve the visibility of all those who move there - says Michal Bait of the Gdansk Cycling Campaign. It also has a Yield sign appear of way to cyclists.

ADFC cyclists controlled was given tips to wear reflective tape on clothing

Members of the ADFC local group Radolfzell control cyclists on Thursday on the Moustelon Square. Cyclists, their bikes are not sufficiently illuminated or not equipped with reflective tapes to be stopped. A special service: For minor repair work, the ADFC members themselves have on hand.

The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) controlled cyclists on Thursday. Hans Peter Biirgel, chairman of the local chapter explains the action

Mr. Biirgel, as are the reactions when you stop cyclists who are traveling without or with poor lighting in Radolfzell?

We do the action now for three years and most are grateful that we draw attention to defects. The location on the Rene-Moustelon Square is optimal - as we reach cyclists from all directions. Many remember the date but also before and come visit us voluntarily, in order to examine the free lighting system on the bike. Like last year we are again with six experienced wrenches in use, in order to also make the same repair in mild cases can.

What are the most common causes that the lighting system is not working?

The classics are connection problems, corroded connections and defective bulbs. But also the ground connection often causes problems. If we find the causes are not equal or the repairs are too costly, the cyclists of us get a voucher for the repair Radgeschäfte Joos and Mees, give the 20 percent discount on parts and repair. However, we emphasize the fact that cyclists can repair the damage immediately, so the voucher must be redeemed within four weeks.

The lights must be firmly attached to the wheel?

Meanwhile, not only dynamo powered lights are allowed, but also battery or battery-powered front and rear lights. However, it must be a holding device is present and the lights have to be carried. Not approved by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, head lights and flashing lights hand, as you see more. The bicycles must also have two on each wheel spoke reflectors or tires with reflective strips. Reflectors are also required on both sides of the pedals. Who is the lighting check with us; we get a light action badge

Preserve security in village using reflective tape

Not everyone liked the idea of ​​residents to the traffic in village policewoman in reflective uniform watched Albino. Dummy sympathetic interest in the County Road Administration officials, who say they need to examine whether it was legal setting.

Albino policewoman sows terror among speeders, and even do not get salaries...

Residents have long complained that drivers passing through the village routinely exceed the speed and dangerous. On their own they constructed a dummy, which equip a suit, vest, hat with reflective tape. From a distance it is difficult to Albino, as it was dubbed, distinguished from traffic cop. Drivers willy-nilly take off their foot off the gas.

They reported the case to the police

The mechanism worked very well, but the BBC Albino interested in officials from the Board of district roads. They want to see if resident’s commendable initiative is in line with the law. We performed the matter to the police. Upon receipt of this opinion will be able to decide whether the mannequin can be set in our lane - says Katarzyna Wozka, a spokeswoman for the Poznan branch of the board.

The officers praise the ingenuity of residents. - The most important thing is that the drivers know that speed should not be exceeded. The majority of drivers does not note the speeding and don’t want to wear any reflective clothing. I think that the goal is to preserve security in this region, it has been preserved - admits asp.


Safeguard children with reflective tape

Do not be afraid to enter into the road and have a good point. Safeguards children at crossings near schools are no pleasure. Even if a man wearing a safety vest and a red disc in hand, some drivers to disregard. "Not every driver before moving stops and some even ignore the instructions constable. Already happened to me many times that I almost removed the car and I stood in the middle of transition with a warning traffic triangle, "says the officer Zeneca Back." When there is no eye contact with the driver, so it is better in this case children at the crossing stop and tell them to wait and let the car pass, "the officer instructs volunteer Jeri Duffel.

I need to orca.

It is long retired, but recently to oversee the safety of children at the elementary school. "My son pushed me to do, I said just be sitting at home on the computer. And he's right, it will help me and also those children, "says his motive for volunteer work at the transition Duffel." I was a little orca, his still stand in the way of moving cars is not always easy, but I can handle it. One must learn ignore the transition from the perspective of pedestrians, but whoever for the people of this transition is liable. "

This is only a test phase of the project. The involvement of the three seniors, the goal is to get seven more volunteers. "The idea is to engage both the public and police officers to help out in some way to extend the scope of other transitions that could just watch the seniors," said a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Liberec Dana. "Currently supervises morning over fifteen crossings near schools. If cooperation proves to seniors, we can expand the number of crossings guarded and request them all to wear reflective vest. "

Help for schools.

Seniors are equipped with safety jacket with the Inscription School and stopping target. They also have a certificate from the course, which entitles them to stop the car at the crossings. "Permission was however only applies to traffic at crossings near schools not only in the morning when the children go to school. It is not possible to make a possibly active senior afternoon issued directing traffic necessary to downtown, certainly not, "he adds with a smile.

Father's Day Party: safety secured by reflective tape

"You have to have music, you need to have an umbrella and a rain pavilion, and a reflective vest on the car" says the young man from Summerland. With seven friends he is traveling. It took them until they reach the port on foot in Kolmar two hours. There they have now set up everything. Core of their profession is a big car, with which they have towed all. "Everything roadworthy," he stressed, pointing to the reflective tapes on the car ". With a tractor you've always trouble," The grill is smoking to drink, have the young men beer, coke, and grain here.

Father's Day in Kolmar, the port is there known for its beautiful view of the Elbe. The benches on the dike and on the pier are full, the tables and benches at the snack and Bierwagen well staffed. Countless motorbikes and bicycles are parked; dykes and the bus terminal point are shown as paid parking. Kolmar is a destination for many fathers day tours; and because of the Assumption is a lot going on, a lot of people come for watching. "We always get from what, thus saving enormous," says an elderly lady with reflective clothing who briefly sitting with her three girlfriends on a bench in front of the pier head, close to the focal point of the celebration. "The older movies, drinking the younger ones," is how Hans-Jürgen Pawlowski from Barmstedt the situation together. He is brought here by motorbike and now eats dyke gefläzt an ice cream.

Students designs costume with reflective tape

Missing the green coat, forgotten work blue and adding reflective tape, students ferry terminal pro CGEA (Conduct and management of a farm) and MMA (Maintenance of agricultural machinery) of Martin Gilbert High School designed the reflective costumes for the twenty-first century farm.


They in any case tried to give a kick in the classicism of their uniform without reflective fabric. That was the meaning of the project they have undertaken as part of their course of socio-cultural education, under the guidance of their teachers, and Anis Dominique Hurler Rapid. "It's a way to bring a different perspective on the world of work. It allowed them to reflect on the social status and how one wears a suit, "Dominique Hurler develops.


The discovery of the reflective garment is made in a very general way, including visiting museums, and by focusing on working clothes, with the help of photographer Charles Freer (clothing specialist) and costume designer and stenographer Raphael Limy which was responsible for the creation, with the students.


"We set up a shop project, looking at clothes, photos and documents. In groups, the students then completed a costume project, they designed and sewed themselves, using only the reflective material, and playing with the functionality and fantasy, "says Charles Freer , who photographed the costumes and students situation, after creation, "to make heroic outfits, not far from science fiction."