A vest with reflective tape of high quality

The government spent more than $ 31 million in bulletproof safety vests RB3 US, 10% more than a RB2 domestic production. Justify the decision.


The Ministry of Security bought 2,600 imported bulletproof vests and spent more than 31 million, two million pesos more than it had originally stipulated. This difference may be because, according to authorities in the portfolio, vests than those now working in the police force were acquired quality. This progress was made in order to replace the defeated 6,500 police vests that had until last year, although there are still 600 more to complete the final figure.


The purchase was carried out by way of direct contracting under the Provincial Emergency Act 8842 Safety, adopted in March this year at the request of Gov. Alfredo Cornejo. The government chose between two bidders who took the call price and opted for the most expensive proposal, presented by the Buenos Aires provider Armoring Systems SA: a bulletproof vest RB3, imported from the United States, at a cost of 12,000 pesos each. Its price is 10% higher than the RB2 vests offered by Gurban 360 SA (quoted at 10,970 pesos per unit) and 5% higher than the RB2 of the same company (11,400 pesos) but stressed Security is an object "higher quality".


Diego, Director General of Administration of the Ministry of Security, told MDZ the reasons why the government decided to buy a model more expensive vest: "The RB3 is a vest with reflective tape of high quality that offers greater protection and are used in police of First World countries. And the price offered is really very convenient. Security has never been able to have what we now have and are proud to give the police this kind of quality. "


"It is not always awarded to the cheapest, as erroneously believed, because if I have something, checked on paper, better quality to more expensive 10% price, it is preferable to ensure the safety of the police and to have higher technology equipment, "he said.


In turn, Lazarus said "the purchase has been transparent and impeccable" and that, when in doubt, you can file a petition for clarification during these days. "We are having better prices because we pay well and the market has become more competitive because there are more bidders," he said.


Regarding ballistic testing, Security indicated that the company awarded already submitted all the documents issued by RENAR, which validates the authorization of the product, and that in the coming days the necessary tests will be performed two vests to test their effectiveness.


So far, the government bought 5,900 bulletproof vests for the provincial security forces. The first 1,000 units were purchased in March RB2 America Shield (linked to Gurban 360), while others made 2,300 vests RB2 in Military Industries arrived in September thanks to a grant from the Nation. To complete the missing reflective vest, they should buy 600 units more than the expected Province in 2017.


"We closed a year in which, perhaps without being visibly moved to citizenship, much has equipped the police, and changes begin to be felt, as improvements in operational patrol" said Lazarus. He stressed that the ministry bought new phones, firearms and uniforms, and advances in integral parts more than 140 police stations and prisons in the province.


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