Reflective vest is necessary when visibility reduced

On the A2 Bucharest highway, road traffic takes place in dense fog between Drina and Feet, visibility being less than 50 meters below this time. Police advise drivers to wear safety vest to enhance visibility for safety.


On the A1 motorway - Arad belt road, road traffic is under fog. Between 530 and 584 kilometers, visibility is between 50 and 80 meters.

The same phenomenon is also a problem on the A3 Bucharest - Ploiesti highway, here the visibility is between kilometers 14 and 68 under 150 meters. The reflective material is necessary for drivers to keep safety on road.


In addition to the usual rules on foggy traffic, some motorway recommendations should also be considered: Follow the indications displayed on the electronic panels, first of all those related to speed!


Increase driving distance!

Do not stop on the traffic lanes and on the emergency lane! In case of a feather or technical failure, switch on the hazard warning lights, fit the reflective vest, remove the passengers from the car outside the carriageway and place the reflective triangles one after the other at greater distances! You can also request support from the Highway Police through the Single National Emergency Call System 112.

Berlusconi wear reflective vest with other heads

A little off playful program with the translator. The Prime Minister, Silvia Berlusconi, during the ceremony for the inauguration of the extension works of the Panama Canal, allows himself to jokes and a funny sketch with the translator, 'guilty' of committing some inaccuracies in translating into Spanish the words the prime minister. In more 'reflective clothes, Berlusconi jokes with the audience when he remembers that you design the locks were two Italians, "not me, I'm old but not so' old...” Then jokingly he corrects the translator who missed one of the names of the two inventors. And again, when he says that in Latin America there are so many Italians to do "almost another Italy", the translator translates the almost 'more' of Italy "and Berlusconi ready:" No, no, then the newspapers are saying that Berlusconi has made a mistake, but it's a mistake".


And again, when he invites many of Italian origin living in Latin America and in Central America to come to our country, not realizing that the translator is translating her words, she jokes: "The lady went to the toilet." To end with a mark of 'reconciliation': "I close my speech - even Berlusconi jokes - so a bit 'special: do' a kiss to the translator 'cause I treated badly." After the inauguration ceremony of the extension works of the Panama Canal, Berlusconi wearing hard hat and reflective vest, and, together with other heads of state, it goes to the places where they will be made the work of the new locks, not without having given prior to the many photos that are required.


No intention to leave politics at the end of the legislature. Silvia Berlusconi does not mince words and Panama uses the invitation of the President of the Republic of Panama, Ricardo Marginally, to return for the conclusion of the enlargement works of the Panama Canal, inaugurated today by the rider, to send a clear message "I was planning to leave politics in three years but - warning - having to come back here, I have to continue. Mr. Berlusconi is not about national politics, no comment, not a syllable on the fibrillation in the majority for the wiretapping bill. Only one criticism the political world in general: "I and marginally are not professional politicians, but we come from a business world. He said they are a word person. In the business world - it clarifies Berlusconi - must be maintained, but in politics the word is not maintained almost never. "The lunge continues:" When a politician not keep his word - he adds - its admirers say that is a person able to adapt the changing needs of the situation. "


The Toni cambia no when the prime minister, after holding a bilateral meeting with President of the Republic of Panama and signed with him a memorandum on security, arriving by train to Colon to inaugurate the third Channel closed system . Having shelved the officers outfits Berlusconi appears in casual attire (jacket and blue shirt without tie) to kick off the official to work. The rider says he is in Panama to make "the Italian entrepreneur" and took the opportunity to praise "excellence" of our businesses and in particular the ability of the Bell Pease entrepreneurs: "We do not have oil and gas - precise - but we have the courage and ability to take risks.”Qualities that the prime minister calls" the black "Italy's gold." we are a small country - underscores - but we are in seventh place in the ranking of world economies. “Then there are the jokes, especially with the translator, as he calls the knight: "Please translate well - says acting on an inaccuracy in reporting his speech in Spanish - otherwise the Italian newspapers say the president Council has made a mistake.”


The Prime Minister ended his official visit to Panama, then to return to Rome, inaugurating the project of a children's hospital built by several Italian companies. The health center will be built outside Panama City and will have 86 beds. To welcome the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony, at another hospital, the San Tomas were the children who danced with traditional Panamanian dress. The Knight shook hands with each of them, giving him a pat on the face, and then he gathered them in the center of a hall for a group photo. "For the realization of this project will take 18 months," he said the president of the Council hoped to be able to be present at the inauguration of the plant. "If God gives me life would be happy to come back here," he added. Berlusconi in safety vest then recalled the construction of an orphanage in the Amazon to Brazilian children and one in Thailand for orphans. The prime minister then spoke to tell the emotion I felt in seeing a movie on the children in an orphanage, "I am so touched to see the video I decided to build another orphanage."


Students in reflective vest to celebrate new project

A nice walk to the pupils wear reflective vest of the primary school "Galileo Galilee" of Ponte an Ebola was, this morning, an opportunity to celebrate the imminent launch of Pedi bus project. Initiated through a participatory process funded by the Tuscany Region, and implemented by the Company of the Lower Health, in collaboration with the service of education to the health of the ASL 11, saw right away the support of the City of San Mankato, which it runs for the fourth consecutive year. A healthy and accompany children on this walk, was attended by the mayor, the education commissioner and deputy mayor, Chari Rossi, the industry leader of personal services, Franco and Head of Education, Gloria Tonti. The service will be effective from October 13 and will cover the primary school in Ponte an Ebola, the school "De Amices" and the school of La Scale. This is an opportunity that children have to go to school on foot every morning, so a healthy, ecological and pleasant to start the day by meeting friends, doing movement, reducing traffic in front of schools and making a practical lesson in "education civic ".


To accompany the younger students there will be two educators, complete with a shovel to stop the traffic and they will receive a reflective safety vest with the logo of the City of San Mankato, in order to properly report their presence along the way. All Pedi bus paths are appropriately indicated and, at each stop, they were placed information boards, with their collection times, just as the bus stops.


"It's a great opportunity for all these children, not only from the point of view of health and reduces pollution, but also as regards the knowledge and attendance of our country - said the mayor. Children wear reflective clothing are too often used to car trips that do lose their good taste of the walk and find out what's in the place where they live. This service brings you to the rediscovery and offers them the opportunity to grow and learn, and gain health."


Keep warm and safety in the new autumn winter

TUCANATE Admit any of you (almost) in their lives motorcycle / scooter has had some head Ticino Urbane. Now, for the fall-winter collection, Ticino Urbane starts from the road. From here, in fact, the Milanese brand has always taken inspiration.


COOL HOT After the Cool Fresh, pillow that does not sweat, here is the Ticino Urbane Cool Hot (EUR 39): is a smart thermal skirt waterproof reflective material, perfect for shelter from the cold and rain. The Linocut, cover for mopeds, conquest new graphics, to feel more and more.


TERMOSCUD Also renewed the classic Ticino, suitable for maxi-scooters, equipped with the system to avoid fluttering in speed and provided with one year of coverage against theft. Now, to ensure maximum water resistance, it has been certified as PPE (1st category of Personal Protective Equipment), according to CE EN 343: 2008. To protect the saddle, there is instead the Niño Seat Cover (14.90 €), waterproof seat covers in three sizes (small, medium, large) and anti-theft tape.


JACKETS LONG AND COURT But the motion-urban scooter riders want to be stylish. So here Ticino, bike-coat very elegant, like all the others in the collection, it is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, with protectors on shoulders and elbows. Of note are the parkas for men (Central Park) and women that boast the clever pocket hug, which acts as a hand warmer for the passenger. Finally, there are short jackets, more motorcycle cut: Task, with the bottom knit bomber, genuine cowhide leather with quilted and removable inner reflective vest.


PANTS here too, style yes but with judgment (and protection) for the winter they arrive Ticino Urbane Genoa Gag, and Leo cargo, with side pockets. Everyone in agamid fiber inserts on knees, hips and buttocks, as well as knee protectors. They cost 149 euro.


GLOVES AND SOCKS Twenty pairs in total (seven new stuff) to please everyone: the motorcyclist with Ticino Urbane Swift (79.00 €), Winter Bob (49,00 €) and Rockers  (79.00 €), with scooter Lord Nock (69 euro) and Harry and Sally, 65 euro. By popular demand the return of the glove leather Softy Icon (69 euro) , even in the Lady version. But the cold is fought also with the technical underwear, such as Upload Plus (mesh, 49 euro) and the Download Plus, pants, to 39 euro. Both have softer windbreaker inserts. Finally, the novelty Pippin, the sock made of thermal yarn Thermopile and with reflective tape on the ankle.

Reflective vest requirement on board for motorcycle

Anyone who wanted to take a ride on the French roads riding a motorcycle, a scooter with three wheels or a quad, will be obliged to acquire the yellow safety vest to wear when stopped on the roadway. For offenders the fine ranges from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 135 €.


Always keep on board...

With the new year, in France, it has taken a new "rule" that has already made up their noses at many motorcyclists from across the Alps: as announced earlier this year by the Government, to improve visibility on road and thus ensure greater security, as of January 1, 2016 the French biker - and for bikers we also mean the three-wheeled scooter owners or "light quadricycle fitted with fairing" - will in fact have an obligation to have on board a fluorescent yellow vest with reflective strips.

II offenders, specifies the decree, they will be punished by a fine of from 11 to 135 Euros, the same penalty provided for motorists who have none.


Despite the advice of the French Federation of Motorcyclists in Anger (FFMC), convinced that the use of the vest should be regarded as a personal choice, the law came into force: Beware therefore, if you happen to go to France during the next motorcycle trip, be sure to bring your reflective vest!

The legislation require a reflective vest in the car

In some ways the interpretation that the police in reflective clothing could not ask those who do not wear the garment came out of the car.


From 1 January 2016, all cars in Chile must have a reflective vest in an accessible location, which should be used when out of the car to any emergency. If not, police could fine the driver.


Friday, however, the newspaper El Mercuric published an interpretation that said you could effectively pursue infringement for not carrying the pledge security, but not use it to get off the car.


In conversation with DNA, police clarified the issue. “The use is both the size and use of the safety vest. You can use whether the vest is not in the car in an accessible or if the person gets off the vehicle without using place," said Major Juan Rodriguez.


Rodriguez added that there will be a trial run, but do not know how long. The part will be about 21 thousand pesos.

Reflective vests can protect pedestrians

This principle takes on a special dimension in the context of the protection of the lives and health of pedestrians and cyclists. On the road they are the least protected, and in the case of road accidents with their participation are the most likely tragic consequences.

In 2015 on the Polish roads killed and wounded were 8 398 pedestrians. This figure is lower by 404 than in 2013, but in European statistics we are in three of the countries with the highest pedestrian prevalence rate for all accident victims. Romania and Latvia have the highest rates in Europe - 40% and Poland - 35%. The EU average is 22%, which means that every fourth casualty is walking.

Due to this situation, different actions are taken to improve pedestrian safety with reflective material. One of them is the introduction of the use of reflectors as pedestrian equipment moving from dusk to dawn outside the built-up area. This provision entered into force on 31 August 2014. Dismissed from glare we are only in a situation when we move outside the area built on the road only for pedestrians or on the sidewalk.

Reflection is an example of how small equipment can improve our safety. Without it, the driver will not be able to see the pedestrian only about 30 meters away. This distance will be even smaller if it is raining or snowing. Remember that a distance of 30 meters gives you little chance of a proper driver response.

Assuming the average response time of the driver is 1 second, the driver traveling outside the built-up area at 90 km / h over 25 meters before taking action. In the event of a collision of a man with a car traveling at a speed of over 70 km / h, man has no chance of survival.

Reflective element will cause the driver to notice the pedestrian from a distance of about 130 meters. This will allow time to take appropriate action. When using reflectors, be sure to attach them to places that are clearly visible to the driver. The best part of the body from the side of the road was at the height of the chest. I encourage you to use a few glare. According to research, the best sign is the one that shows the movement of man. For example, we can mark hands and feet at knee height, because this way we will be even more recognizable to drivers - explains instructor Skoda Auto School.

 The lack of reflective is punishable up to 100, and its purchase should be treated as an investment in its security. Let's not confine ourselves to the situations described by the regulations, because the reflection can save lives also in the city, on a poorly lit road. Also remember to have a reflective vest in your car and if we leave the car, let's put it on. True, it is not required by law, but no one free us from thinking and taking care of our safety. Let's see, we use glare.

Reflective vest will protect people

The territory of the gendarme Army  have to wear reflective vest throughout the district of Taormina continues through the territory of the local Company and the gendarme of the various specialist components that have come to support in view of the forthcoming G7.

 The massive presence of armed soldiers in the territory of the Ionian Pearl has become more and more frequent and more effective, which in the last few hours has allowed three people to be arrested, one for outrage, violence and serious injuries An official public and two for detention for the purpose of dispatching narcotics.

In the first case it is an Italian citizen, born in Colombia, who without wearing a safety vest and an apparent reason flung himself against an officer of the Municipal Police of Fuci Sickle, causing him injuries to the nasal septum and excoriations. Stolen by the intervention of the Jonick Company's military, the man was brought to the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Messina, while the aggressor was first detained in a security room and then judged for the most direct

In Santa Teresa Riva, then the gendarme arrested a 37-year-old prisoner for detention for sale. The boy who was long-timed by gun soldiers was surprised at home with several grams of amazing heroin-type substance divided into 20 doses and 10 grams of marijuana-like substance, well-concealed in the pocket of a jacket, Interior of the closet. The 37-year-old was detained at the Taormina Station's security chambers, waiting to be judged with a straight rite.

Along with Santa Teresa Riva, finally, the milestones of the Operating Rate of the Taormina Company together with the operating companies of Palermo and Bari, especially for the G7, arrested an Italian citizen, already known to the forces of the ' Order class '61 and deferred in the state of liberty his consort for holding for competition purposes. The spouses, after a personal and domicile search, were caught in the guilty of the crime because they held 2 grams of cocaine-like substance and 100 grams of hidden hashish inside a drawer. The arrested was detained at the security rooms with yellow vest of the Guarding Naxos Station waiting to be judged with direct rite before the competent Messina Judicial Authority.

The reflective belt soon be mandatory in school transport


No mandatory belt and reflective vest, more than 3,000 student’s ghosts or the lack of escorts. The safety Critical in school transport rain. The Walloon MP MR, Valerie De returned to the charge in Parliament to the Minister Antonio Di Carlo (transport and mobility).


For the liberal parliamentarian, it is essential "to drastically improve the security of school transportation." Four points need to change to improve the safety of school transport. First, it’s compulsory wearing of seatbelts. Second, impose the presence of a fluorescent vest in each bus for each child. Third, set up an evacuation plan for school buses and ensure its effective communication to users. Fourth, provide continuously children a secure waiting area.


In Parliament, she questions the minister on the four proposals discussed above. "Sir, can the minister tell me where he is in this thinking? Are there a project to improve safety inside but also outside the school bus?"


Minister Di Carlo Antonio (HRC) said that various Tec have conducted here and there some actions to improve the situation.


These include the training given in schools. "During this initiation, an instructor teaches students including the proper way to evacuate a large size vehicle. Emergency plans in coordination with the emergency services were set up in two provinces, and a third experience in preparation “, said the minister.


Regarding the reflective yellow vests, Tec, with the approval of the Minister, has opted for a smaller model, the reflective armband. It will be provided "to pupils attending school routes, as part of an awareness campaign on how to equip when traveling in the dark."


The Minister concluded that security will be strengthened in the new specification, "including imposing the compulsory wearing of seatbelts."


Reflective vest and triangle: no to the double verbalization

"40 Millions Of motorists" denounces the double verbalization, regularly practiced by the security forces in the absence of the cumulative reflective vest and triangle.


Reflective Vest and pre-warning triangle are mandatory in all vehicles since October 1, 2008, under penalty of fine. Since the practical implementation of the Decree, the Legal Committee of the association "40 Millions of motorists" is seen entering many cases of members fined twice by the minutes of 135 Euros, for failing to present or safety vest or triangle. Today, the association denounced the illegality of the practice, too regular.


No legal basis

For the Legal Committee of the association, if Article R416-19 of the Highway Code states that the driver "should have a triangle" and have at hand "a high visibility vest," and that any Violators will be punished with a 4th class fine, nothing stipulates, however, that's driver who has neither jacket nor triangle shall be assessed two the minutes. For the President of the Commission, the double verbalization is therefore devoid of legal basis and calls on the authorities to give the faster accurate and interpretative texts instructions to avoid any abusive verbalizations field.

More than half of the staff in reflective vest strike

The largest regional public laboratory was on strike yesterday morning. Reflective vest on the back, in rows of two or three on the side of the road, a hundred officers Labored head to the roundabout Sabot. The first hold banners in their hands. "Labored, our health: Danger" or” Labored: personnel suffering." A filter dam goes up very quickly. Motorists and Road then recover the leaflet demonstrators. On the latter, several claims: more "human and material resources to carry out analyzes in good conditions" and "respect for human beings to make a public service of quality and trust." Why more than half of the agents of the former departmental analysis laboratory Cotes have they decided to show their anger on Thursday morning? "There is a real suffering among the staff. Yet we do not refuse reorganizations. But it has to be done in the sharing and respect for individuals. Only today, the decisions are all taken unilateral manner without any consultation, "says Elvis in safety vest the Good, the CFDT.


Employees of private rights and public servants

The fear in the personal strike yesterday morning is to switch gradually in the private sector. On 1 January 2014, the county analysis laboratory Cotes (the largest in France) has, in effect, merged with its counterpart to give birth, largest public territorial lab France. A merger accompanied by a change of legal status for the emerging entity that becomes a public interest group. "On other sites Quimper and Brest, 60% to 70% of agents are private personnel, while here we are almost all officials. Management played on these differences to divide ', states Jocelyn, departmental secretary South union. "One speaks more than revenue over working time," said Elvis in reflective jacket, which calls for an outside mediation. "We are extremely attentive to what is happening and open to dialogue," merely states the elected socialist, currently in the countryside for re-election in the future county council.

Police want to order a reflective vest for pedestrian

While the number of deaths of drivers dropping rapidly, pedestrians killed is still more. In November, they accounted for over a third of casualties. Officers want to tighten the rules for pedestrians - such as having to wear reflective clothing. What other changes can be expected on the roads?

Lees verder...

Ordered - Prostitutes must wear reflective vests

In the Italian city your mind upon the need to better protects the health of prostitutes. However, there is talk about using contraception or medical tests. Lightweight women hovering along the road will have to wear reflective vests. Lees verder...

assengers as they received reflective vest

The policemen on Monday light the driver when preventive action. They also targeted visibility passengers in the event of an accident. Passengers as they received reflective vest. The event was held in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau and SCUBA.


Policemen on duty stations controlled by drivers of motor vehicles, comply with all legal provisions relating to road traffic - use of seatbelts, compliance with the ban on consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances before and during the journey. "They checked and mandatory equipment, which cannot be missed reflective vest," added police spokeswoman Lena.


BESIP regional coordinator for the Liberec Region is reminding drivers to duty vehicle reflective vest. Risk of injury affects all in the vehicle, therefore the passenger unless label reflectors. "They also may be visible to road users in the event of an emergency standstill and when moving around parked vehicles," Dorval appeals.


During the event, police officers checked more than three dozen vehicles. Similar preventive actions, where passengers will receive a reflective fabric vest, police spokeswoman in the Liberec Region will hold a few more.


The fine for incomplete or incorrect mandatory equipment may climb to two thousand crowns. Be careful especially on the contents of the medicine cabinet, which must conform to legal standards and must not be expired!


Mandatory equipment Cars:

- Replacement bulbs (one of each type of bulb exterior lighting and signaling, with the exception of lamps).

- Spare fuses

- Key wheel nut

- Hand jacks (jack)

- Spare wheel (except vehicles equipped with a tire defect indicator with emergency emotion)

- Warning triangle

- Reflective safety vest

- First aid kit

Confusion around reflective vests for cars

Not so long ago, the motoring public outraged obligation to change the content of these chests, even if it has not been used in any part of them.


In doing so, experts said that some medical reflective materials have a much longer life than what is declared on the roster. Most drivers take at least this provision as a waste.


This week, some news sites Rosslea white series drivers with information about the need to change the mandatory reflective vests for new ones, according to new EU regulations. Then it but responded Transport Minister Dan stream with a simple statement: Drivers may not change reflective vests equipped vehicles.


"The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements. I'd like to reassure motorists clearly that they do not throw your jacket that you made earlier and not have to buy new ones, "said Dan.


The requirement of implementing the new standard EN ISO 20471, according to the office applies only to manufacturers, who market the new safety vest. Older vests that have the desired properties, it is not necessary to replace new.

"We're the new ones do not even have, but we do not sell anything that does not pay," said a saleswoman at a gas station under the new bridge, where the editors newspaper tried to buy a new vest.


People in buying a new reflective vest in any case must now check the label, and complies with the European standard. Old standard EN 471 is no longer valid.

Warning vest, designed as mandatory equipment for motor vehicles according to current regulations, is that which is marked by EN ISO 20471: 2013 and AS INDICATED four-digit identification number of the notified body that it has tested.


According to available information, the "old" vest according to EN 471 should be resold for cyclists and pedestrians, but the product must be removed the name 'warning vest "and an indication that it is a high-visibility clothing. While vest according to the old standard cost around thirty crowns vest according to the new decree will come to around sixty crowns.


The new decree brings many surprises and controversies, such as the recent controversy around the right of way at roundabouts. Warning vests may not be the last.

Lightning with a running reflective vest

To find out what this safety vest is made, surely he can accomplish on the exclamation: What?! Well yes, it is indeed a goose feather! And that's not the only gadgets that you find this piece for connoisseur’s surprise. "Flash" in the name implies that you run not only as a flash, but will also shine so. Exactly this waistcoat will this year bring Jesus if you were nice the whole year, you're helping travelers and exalted above anybody.


The vest has on the chest and the upper two-thirds of the back classic tunnels filled with insulating material. Here, however, they are not so packed. Filling vest is designed that when a cold paddocks plays well, but at the same time not overheat. The manufacturer had to take into account the specificities of active movement at low temperatures. This corresponds with the processing of individual tunnels. Their departments do not have the classic stitched seams, but the seams welded latest technologies. These connections are wider in the middle, each with a laser-cut, regularly alternating smaller and larger ventilation openings. On the back permeate right through the reflective fabric vests, chest, however, in two layers, which follow one another like bricks - where it has a top layer of insulating material has a lower layer ventilation holes and vice versa. Although that ventilates the chest area, while you keep the wind does wind.


Above is topped with small collar vest, which may at first sight give reason to regret that he had no proper turtleneck collar. However, it is well recalculated - when the runner is hot, cold feeling will pass on his neck, and he can enjoy a pleasant touch of a small elastic collar, which avoids stiffness longer covered. Vista also has an elastic side panels so you do not have the slightest fear that when you run limit movement. Her back is extended, leaving you out of it even in a highly dynamic running back.


Vista is switched zip with two counter-rotating drivers, so you can unbutton from the bottom and only when, for example, in the mountains or hills you need to extend the step and you do not want your clothes summarized. I'm just the beginning always a little surprised that I'm the rider on the other side than I would have expected (and indeed it was the men's variant). But it's just a habit, so the manufacturer has fitted all zips for men's models. Please superstructure, which gives you a relative drought and spend some have lighter.


You will definitely appreciate a pair of zippered pockets. Each conceals little secret. One contains a sewn-in elastic armband and has sided zipper. So vest Wooden HOUSE enough to cram into this pocket, turn it on - and you have a lightweight, practical package of warm clothing for the journey. The second pocket can be found even small internal pocket for an MP3 player or perhaps a key to the house.


The upper two thirds vest front and back is printed huge amounts of reflective segments. If you something shining in the darkness, you will definitely see even from the international space station. It's just glitter like lightning. Having a different point also forms a very interesting design element that even under normal daylight interesting opalescent. The same theme uses Nike and other apparel for this year's winter collection. At the rear of the back is a large additional reflective stripe.

TIP: The vest is machine washable. Once you do so, put her (in addition to the appropriate device) is also a tennis ball. Feathers remain fluffy and will not stick to each other so much.


In vain I wonder what the best reflective vest is this really. Goose quill? I cannot decide on what the exact reason why a person in this warm girlfriend falls. But know that the cross-country with her you do not want to leave. Nor run away.

It is mandatory carriage of reflective vest

The measure will apply to individual and collective locomotion major and minor.

From January 1, it is mandatory carriage of reflective vests inside cars and major and minor public transportation. The legislation seeks to reduce the risk of collision with drivers for some reason must descend from their mobile on the road or in the streets of the city.


Gabriela, executive secretary of the National Committee for Traffic Safety, explained that the purpose of the initiative is that drivers for some emergency must be off the vehicles in high speed tracks, become visible from the rest of automobiles, since the down drivers become pedestrians.


The authority noted that "the main factor of the abuses in our country is the lack of visibility. By using a reflective element one becomes visible around 150 meters from a vehicle that comes to 100 kilometers per hour and can reach to make a maneuver to avoid a hit. "


Rosanne added that in 2014 in the region of O'Higgins were more than 5,000 accidents, of which 114 people were killed, where 43 of them died run over.

Coast executive secretary said that sanctions for not carrying a reflective safety vest inside a vehicle ranging from 8 thousand to 22 thousand pesos.

Finally, Rosanne said that the value of a reflective vest is around five thousand pesos, so it is "a fairly inexpensive insurance to avoid an outrage".


Rural received vests

The Federation of Rural Collective O'Higgins Region lived during the day yesterday the delivery of about 40 reflective vests for its members by the Sarema of Transport and Telecommunications and the Mutual Security.


As explained by the SEREMI portfolio, Francisco Lara, the initiative came from the guild, which seeks to deliver these elements that influence compliance with the regulations.


Ramiro Aguilera, president of the Fetor, said the federation is very concerned about the safety of their members due to accidents occurring, so that "we believe we should start spreading this minute the law so that our drivers have it very present".

The leader explained that the idea is that their drivers use the vest with reflective material once it starts to get dark, because in one way must exit the vehicle one or more times.

Cycling license with wearing safety reflective vest

1,200 children from the city of Regensburg made the Cycling license with wearing safety reflective vest. Now it was about the pennant honor.


1200 pupils the city of Regensburg was formed in the two youth traffic schools by the traffic police educators. After passing the test, they received the "bicycle license". The best children qualified for the honor pennant tournament for the students of Regensburg schools.


In the school year 2015/2016 led traffic educator of PI Regensburg Nord, Patricia Apostolicism, Herald Rod, Hans Winze and Josef and the PI Regensburg Suds, Simone Kolb and Franz Schmaltz, at around 1200 students the bike training in the two youth traffic schools.


The best participants who completed their theoretical and practical test very well received as a special award the coveted among children honor pennants (can be visibly placed at the wheel) and qualified in order to participate in honor pennant Tournament 2016. The tournament itself is a community event of Road Patrol and police. Overall it is part of 160 students. The main prize for the winner there was a bike that was donated by the Jepson-car group. For the runners there were prizes, donated by Staler.


"The children have now acquired the tools to cover their school by bicycle can," said the head of the police inspection Regensburg Suds, Chief Superintendent Thomas Stonier. He also appealed to the adult cyclists: "Be the children an example, stick to the traffic rules and wear a helmet." On the course, the children had to face, could only be driven with safety vest and helmet. Under the watchful eyes of the police, which was hidden from no fault of the participants, all straining to very? The winner was John Gospel from primary school (GS) Burgeoning. Hot on the heels, relationship wise spoke, he was the runner-up.


The winner of the challenge cup for the best school was the GS Bishop Manfred Muller-school. At the award ceremony were beside Mayor Joachim Walberg’s, (from the city of Regensburg youth traffic school were asked 20 new bikes available) attending Theresa Jepson from the car group Jepson. The blessing of the bikes took before Prelate Peter. Superintendent Jorgen Dowell pointed out that the children should wear reflective safety vests by reflective fabric on the road.

A policeman in reflective vest armed with a long gun

Police armed with machine guns patrol the streets of Polish cities. They look dangerous. Black uniforms, safety vests, boots, sometimes helmets. Not only that, they have the usual pistols on his belt, slung it by the neck. Armed patrols appeared in Warsaw, but also in other cities too.

Anxiously as the line of fire

- In the Warsaw Station Downtown I saw police officers armed with automatic weapons. It's maybe my touchiness, but I started to look around, if not lurking assassin. Or not stand on the line of fire. Seeing the patrol felt more threatened than encouraged a sense of safety - says Andrej from Warsaw.


The more he was surprised to patrol because I had not heard about the threat of assassination in the capital. It is surprised that no one reacts. Recalls uproar when city guards. Similarly the hunters, who in addition to rifles decided to equip themselves with handguns.

- And here, please housed the parade with machine guns and they all nod of acceptance. This is sick!


Poznan targeted by bombers?

Uniformed view of the long weapon is a common image in Western Europe. Poles could be noted during their holiday trips to Arab countries. In Poland, however, they arouse surprise.

- When I first saw the beach in Cyprus with uniformed weapon that impressed me. Later, I got used. What was my surprise when I saw a policeman in reflective vest armed with a long gun in front of the shopping gallery Arcadia - says Catherine, a resident of Warsaw.

Meanwhile, not only the capital must be at stake. Heavily armed patrols appeared in Poznan.


The summit ended patrols were

- are a continuation of the security patrols were made before the NATO summit.

As explained patrolled there are places where he is especially a lot of people, or train stations, airports. - Prime Minister then issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat - the press office of the Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz.

Alarm expired on August 1, but still patrols. How does it explain the capital as police...?

- We use measures are adequate to the threat. As you can see situation after the recent events in Europe is uneasy - explains Anna of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Warsaw.


They fulfilled our fears?

Kiel also advised to call the Police Headquarters with a nagging me, asking who is responsible for the cancellation patrol the streets. He recalls that on July 2 came Anti-Terror Law, from which the current authorities have seized. First, before the NATO summit in Warsaw from 7 to 10 July introduced the first stage alarm Alpha. There were patrols equipped. Bravo to the degree of cyberspace. All these projects have secured WYD.


We wrote a lot about the law, which came to power officers from vending machines. We warned that the new law gives a lot of the ruling powers. Worse law can be used against government opponents. Not only the power of Law and Justice, as each succeeding. Against these provisions also protested the Ombudsman? Do heavily armed police in safety jacket are already examples of power dishes too big powers?

Why not canceled patrols, since there is no alarm? Questions addressed to the Police Headquarters. After a day of waiting I got the answer that I have to wait a few more.


That's why I turned to an expert for more security. Head of the Terrorism Research Center, the current situation may be a lack of coordination between departments: - On one hand, we have to ensure that there is no danger, and the other boys carry such a weapon. I have mixed feelings about the introduction of its patrols. From the point of view of ordinary Kowalski can arouse fear. But we have to slowly get used to this.

For all visitors wearing reflective vest waited quite

On the occasion of the winter holidays District Police Headquarters opened its doors and showed how the police work "backstage". The greatest interest in visiting the command enjoyed among children in safety vest who had the opportunity to see the equipment police crime lab, show or training police dogs.


On Wednesday, all those who were interested in it, how the work of police officers, have the opportunity to learn this. The local District Police Headquarters organized for open days.


For all visitors wearing reflective vest waited quite attractions. The car park is presented to train service dogs and the latest police cars. Inside the command officers presented, in turn, bulletproof vest, handcuffs, helmets, and technician showed traces of the method of disclosure.


- The police handed out postcards to all participants related to the topic of safety during the winter holidays. The interest was high. Command visited by nearly 350 people from groups, a lot of mothers and fathers with children and grandparents with grandchildren - police spokesman, asp. Peter in safety clothing with reflective tape.

Old reflective vest have to change

The panic around safety vest is useless. Transport Ministry responds to information that motorists will have to change old for new vests. "Motorists change warning vests of necessary equipment does not need to," says the Ministry of Transport.


Panic sparked amendment to the Decree, which implements the rules of road traffic. To it got delayed for several years, specifying the applicable standard form reflective elements.


"From January 1, 2016 is valid in the Czech Republic as part of mandatory equipment for vehicles waistcoat according to CSN EN ISO 20471: 2013," says Denel DAS shelf from the company that manufactures first aid kits and car accessories. The amended ordinance and adopted a standard that is valid in the Czech Republic for three years. "The standard EN ISO 20471: 2013, which is harmonized by Government Regulation 21/2003 Coll., Replaced the standard EN 471 1 October 2013," says George of trade "It specifies clothes with high visibility, gives the test methods and requirements."


Previous form ordinance valid until the end of last year, therefore, required to keep under no corrections. The amendment introduced a delay in accordance with the decree and applicable standard.

Kristina Marketing firm that manufactures reflective fabric elements, states that vests and other products made according to the applicable standards EN ISO 20471 since 2013.


The original appearance of the standards by Denel knew three grades and luminance reflective elements. "The differences between the stages are really striking," says Denel. The new standard was canceled for various levels and is precisely specified parameters of quality materials and reflectivity.


"Of the Decree is no obligation to change the vest," calms the Ministry of Transport. "The protective properties of the vest that matched an earlier European standard EN 471, are sufficient in terms of safety and meet the technical requirements," says Thomas Neola from the ministry's press department. "It is true that the vest, which is part of the compulsory equipment must comply with European standard EN 471 and EN ISO 20,471th from any enactment but does not mean that older vests filling this standard are not right, and people can use," he adds.


What standard vest filled, easy to find the label that is sewn to the vest.

"Manufacturers continue to have an obligation to affix CE marking on a product, which expresses conformity with the essential requirements of Government Regulation and the Directive," says Thomas Neola. Warning vest mandatory equipment vehicles but according to the Ministry not among those protective clothing, that according to the standards they must indicate the number (four digit code) notified (authorized) persons assessing conformity with regulations. "This applies to other, specialized, protective gear," explains Neola.


According to one of the dealer’s reflective elements who do not want to be named, these products are usually tested in Germany.

According to information on the Czech market, there are products with reflective material of Chinese origin, which have much less ability to reflect light. He has to go on different tapes and accessories, which since February mandatory for pedestrians (more here).

A tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest

Tracks around the stadium Dan completely rebuilt a year ago in Timisoara; prove to be extremely attractive for young lover’s motion. Enjoy those runners, cyclists, and those who practice roller skateboard with wearing a safety vest.


More young people were shot while having fun posing copious bikes and after dragging a column rifles roller after it gets dark. It’s hard to be seen clearly at night without wearing reflective clothing.


Although the tracks were declared closed forever auto traffic, drivers are still plenty of cars out there that come with putting them in danger those who are targeted.


And this can be noted and footage of gang youth, in which we see a taxi coming from the front right on the space surrounding the sports arena that is apportioned in 4 color, one bicycle, one for roller and skateboard a tape running and last for pedestrians in reflective vest.

Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

The initiators of the proposal to amend the Highway Code consider fines for lack of these accessories - on which there have been good business, but were committed many abuses - "irrational, unnecessary and unfair". This is because the Criminal Code criminalizes already failing help him to announce authority’s times when a person is in danger and detriment to the civil Code penalizes legitimate rights or interests of others.


Submitted to parliament on November 9, 2015 and under public debate until January 9 this year, the project will enter the agenda of the two houses of parliament in the near future. Until then, police in safety vest will be able to divide further fines for absence or expiration of these accessories.


Completely unnecessary accessories

Regarding fire extinguisher small, which is not binding in any EU state, it was concluded that it is completely useless, unable to extinguish any fire remains of a barbecue, let alone a car in flames. In addition, the outbreak of such a fire, drivers and attendants must depart as soon as the danger, with a safe and authorities later announced.


Referring to medical first-aid kit, which cannot dress more than a scratch, it was found that it is completely useless, cannot save any lives. This accessory can be useful professionals come to the spot and the less drivers. In cases of major trauma, current kits - approved based on dubious grounds - they are completely useless, and in case of minor injuries, can expect specialized medical intervention and emergency paramedics.


Two reflective material triangles and a reflective vest

Although the production, sale and approval of these extinguishers and medical kits were made business extremely lucrative to the detriment of owners and users of motor vehicles, until now nobody had curiosity to find out who is behind which damaged million consumers. Also, one can notice the police possibility exists currently, the abuses committed regarding the expiry of accessories such irrational, unnecessary and unfair.


The same proposal to amend the Highway Code also provides for mandatory detention of two triangles, to one now and a reflective vest. Luckily these accessories do not expire and are cheaper.

Riding with wearing reflective vest is the disability sport

In addition to fun exercise have intercourse with horses a relaxing effect for many. And there are many approaches to choose from - in addition to dressage and show jumping, for example, even eventing, vaulting, endurance and driving. Riding with wearing reflective vest is also the largest disability sport in Sweden.


See price comparisons of riding schools here.

Riding schools now offer their students more choice than before, and teaching can be organized in different ways, says Nina Anyai, district of the Swedish Equestrian Federation and the riding school at Clare's riding club with 40 years of experience in riding school.


- Many students have individual preferences as they may be difficult to make up a day of the week. It may also involve groups of fewer students to requests from students, but at a slightly higher price. Every year damaged some 13 000 people in connection with riding or handling of horses, and 700 people who work with horses.


Through the years, therefore, the requirements and restrictions increased on safety and protective equipment and safety vest. I think Nina Anyai is good, although it also requires more of the riding schools. All riding schools that are connected to the Swedish Equestrian Federation take out membership of the pupils. This fee also includes a member insurance that provides good protection, she says.


At Clare Mountain keeps it open seven days a week, from seven in the morning until ten in the weekday evenings.

- Riding School also serves as recreation. There is always staff. In addition, we organize activities during the holidays.


Club activities are dependent on a lot of voluntary work and on weekends and holidays, many active to help with the family days, cleaning days, children's activities and so on.


- But we must not forget that the horse is a living tool that should have care every day of the year. Unlike many other sports, a riding school, therefore, not be operated with only voluntary contributions, this also requires trained personnel, says Nina in safety clothing.


The ride is relatively expensive. One semester with a lesson a week can cost upwards of 4000 kronor. It is customary to also be able to purchase single lessons, and often there is try-off for those who want to test a few times.


Nina Anyai wishes Riding School sagging raising lecture fees from year to year.

- As a nonprofit organization, we strive to keep the fees in order to make horseback riding accessible to more people. We want to give those who do not have your own horse the opportunity to learn to ride at a reasonable price and also the opportunity to compete at the riding school horses.


Swedish equestrian sport is unique in the world, both in scope and availability. Riding club is a stable slope with many opportunities for local residents, not least in terms of public health. It is high time that the municipalities strategically and seriously take advantage of the important resource that consider Swedish Equestrian Federation that are actively working to strengthen the dialogue between riding clubs and municipalities.


Nina Anyais experience is that the attitude to riding school differs between municipalities.

- Those who are familiar with the matter understands the importance of supporting our business, and that investment in riding schools is incredibly valuable back. You realize how much togetherness with horses actually provides for people of all ages - in addition to the riding itself, you learn to take responsibility, to develop leadership ability by managing horses of several hundred kilos and you get a nice community with both humans and animals.


Fact: As you begin

Visit some riding schools with experienced and well-trained staff. Is there access to the riding arena? Good trails if you like to ride out? Ask how the queue system works and when to enroll.

The equipment need not be so advanced in the beginning. First, you need helmet and suitable footwear, preferably also safety vest. It is important that both the helmet and vest fit the rider. A safety vest with reflective tape in the wrong size can do more harm more than benefit.


The helmet should sit firmly on your head and not loose. A helmet with a bang, for example, dropped in the stable time, is replaced. Avoid any time to borrow a helmet. Check that the helmet is CE marked. Folksam's test of riding helmets last year show large differences between the best and worst helmet.


Shoes or boots should have heels, so the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Choose soft trousers, preferably without sharp seams. Sweater or jacket should not have fixed hood.

Should you decide to continue riding, you can invest in breeches, horse riding shoes or boots - are used for good prices.

People are wearing reflective vest for the holidays

“The quality of care is absolutely crucial ... professionals need you ... It will take you by the hand tourists" ... This wish formulated by Valérie Pécresse (LR), President of the Ile-region -France, will perhaps be realized. One hundred students spotted with their purple safety jackets, paid on the basis of an internship, will be made from this Sunday on thirty attractions in order to "give the image of a welcoming France. "This" Tourism Volunteers "will last until 31 December,


The partners are numerous: The Louvre, Paris airports, department stores of Paris, Montmartre, Fontainebleau, Provins, Versailles Auvers-sur-Oise, Saint-Denis ... It would be a faultless if Paris had not launched the controversy on Friday, saying they were not informed of this initiative.


But this is only the beginning. One hundred young people are wearing reflective vest for the holidays. They should be thousand next spring. Meanwhile, Paris and the region will undoubtedly have pooled their forces. It is urgent since the attacks. In the first nine months of the year, despite the holding of Euro 2016, the region is a decrease of 14% of hotel nights occupied by international tourists. "We must make every effort to attract new visitors and retain those who want to return," insists Valérie Pécresse.


A strange initiative by the city of Paris

The city of Paris was arrested Friday, the president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse on its plans to deploy at Christmas "volunteer tourism". "We have at no time been informed or coordinated the deployment of the volunteers in the Parisian public space," wrote Jean-François Martin, assistant to the mayor of Paris in charge of tourism.


The elected recalls that Paris has already set up since July 2015 "volunteers of Paris' youth in civic services whose objective is to perform a tourist reception on the main task of the capital sites.”It would appear somewhat strange that the Regional Council can deploy this new device on sites already squared by volunteers from Paris, without any form of articulation with the existing device," insists Jean-François Martin, denouncing the passage "a serious problem of method "and" a strong questioning of the legitimacy and compatibility "of the regional system.


Nasrou Othman, vice president of tourism in the region, does not include: "This is a sterile controversy. All initiatives are good to take...”


Lola, 19, a student in a school of tourism, is aware of this issue. "We need to answer questions from visitors, guide them when they are lost. We also need to reassure the security and tell them that Paris is a beautiful city, and they should enjoy. “Lola will be based in Roissy - Charles de Gaulle. She speaks English, German, Korean and a little Chinese.


"The reception is a sector of excellence," said during the training day of the young, a representative of the Paris airports. "With your purple safety vest, you will color our airports," she was glad. "On arrival at Versailles, you will guide visitors to the castle. Can you help them to return to Paris, "Said an official practice of Versailles?

Tony Estanguet, ambassador of the Olympics in Paris has already set the challenges for the future: "In 2024, we will need 70,000 volunteers!”

Reflective vest in France from now mandatory

From January 1, 2016 is also on the engine in France for driver and passenger are required to have a CE-approved reflective vest with him. It is then obliged to raise this as a rider or driver of a tricycle if you are outside built-up areas is to consider a non-functional motorcycle / tricycle or in an emergency stop for another reason.


The penalty for not having with him a fluorescent vest with € 38 certainly not high, but an emergency can provide more cost; for it not to have the safety vest the fine can -as additional Breakdown rise up to 750 Euros! Moreover, this rule also applies to cyclists and drivers of a wheelchair. Cars are still the familiar warning triangle and an alcohol test, but the latter two do not apply to motorcyclists.


As always and everywhere reigns subjectivity and emotion over rational.

It is not always true that more striking with a yellow cardigan.


This is the contrast that you have with the environment. It's a hell around, summer day, lots of light; you fall right in with dark clothing. And most motorcyclists ride in good weather and when it is light.


Neither in low light trap you neither are your clothes nor with what color, is you seen as your clothes reflect light. So the best thing is normal dark motorcycle with lots of reflective surfaces.

But unfortunately, as usual, take the political decisions that are totally not related to the actual fact.

Protective reflective vest for emergency responders is important

August 15 last year, when in Rohlstorf the gas tank of a crashed car exploded and ten firefighters were injured, showed once again how important good protective reflective vest for emergency responders. The volunteer fire departments were then in many places already into the years having come and pants checked and replaced.


Other fire fighters like Jan, fire chief in bulk, want the trade fair "Inter protection" be used for further information about modern protective clothing to June 13 will be held from 8th in Hannover. The fact that the purchase of expensive protective clothing is something completely different than times just briefly go into a store and buy a pair of jeans, Segeberg firefighters is the example of the bath significantly. "In master's theses are written. For years we breed already about what is the right protective clothing for us. We must not forget, finally, that such a purchase a large financial expenditure, "says Bad Segeberg fire Chief Mark Zielinski.


Not only that range of manufacturers is great - the price. The cheapest protective clothing (jacket and pants), which may be used exclusively for the technical assistance is to have for 500 Euros. On average, however, the municipalities with 1200 Euros per protective pants and associated safety jacket for firefighters are. Up the price segment is open.


"Only protective clothing that fits properly can also protect reasonable. Are the sleeves too short, it may cause an injury, "says platoon leader Sven (39), which is also active in the ABC-train the District Fire Brigade Association. Three years took he and his colleagues Fire Department until they had decided on the sand-colored protective clothing from the Austrian manufacturer.


"The color we have chosen because of the better day visibility and because it soot and other contaminants are much more visible," said Ehmke.


Nearly all manufacturers equip their garment made with membranes welded to the outside, rainwater not let in. However, the reflective strips were always a problem. Most companies use this plastic, which is manufactured without appropriate membranes. The downside: Among the reflective strips Condensation collects.

Many other factors play an important role in choosing the manufacturer. One factor is the color. The ABC-train the District Fire Brigade Association had chosen years ago for the color red to be recognizable as ABC train immediately. Only this particular field of use, the signal color is red but not reserved. Currently, the Bad Segeberg firefighters toying also with the red of the ABC-turn in which the vehicles of Bad Segeberg firefighters are painted. Fire chief Mark Zielinski: "Decided we have not yet. But for me firefighters are red. "


Wahlstedt relies on visibility

For train drivers Sven (39) has the sand-colored clothing use Wahlstedter firefighters the advantage that contamination and damage are much more visible than in darker turnout gear. Three years has got the military needed to choose a manufacturer and this color. To protective clothing, it differs only in the outer reflective fabric.


Firemen Red for NBC train

Robin (22) carries the red turnout gear the ABC train of Segeberg District Fire Brigade Association. It was purchased several years ago, when almost all fire departments were still equipped with blue protective clothing. Meanwhile, the Volunteer Fire Bad Segeberg has his eye on the jackets and pants in the traditional "Fire Department Red".

Blue is the color of Rohlstorfer

Fire chief Stephan Kuhn (35) has chosen with his comrades blue turnout gear for firefighters Rohlstorf. The injuries of Rohlstorfer firefighters at the LPG accidents have shown the importance of protective clothing for the task forces. The accident prompted to check their own equipment and renew for many municipalities and fire departments.

30,000 fluorescent safety vest for motorcyclists

Since January 1, lugging a high visibility vest in the trunk of his bike or scooter is obligatory under penalty of a fine of € 11 or € 135 in case of an emergency stop without this equipment on the back! The insurer Axa helps to equip free by distributing some 30,000 fluorescent safety vests in its branches and on its website Axa Prevention.

Although a high visibility vest does not cost very expensive (about 3 € in automotive stores) is always better than nothing!

This initiative implemented by Axa Prevention and Club 14 will continue until 31 March and comes to echo the position of the insurer in favor of wearing the reflective vest by the user 2 and 3-wheelers.

“The requirement to hold a vest is a factor in improving safety on motorcycles we support with 14 Club and we support with the free provision of 30,000 high visibility vests. We are going even further since we recommend wearing the vest in case of rain, and the night to be better protected, "said Eric Lemaitre, President of AXA Prevention.

All reflective vests are free

Handlebars, two wheels, a seat ... and a touch pad, attached to the top of the windshield of this extraordinary bike. Launched last spring, Velord is an electric bike reserved for tourists. Once equipped with a yellow safety vest and helmet, they can explore to Paris alone, guided by the tablet. Gone is the group visit. "You leave when you want, you go at your own pace, you can take breaks," says Stephaney, creator of Velord. Before the start, everyone is entitled to an introduction to the handling of the tablet, earphones, safety equipment such as reflective tape, but also bike, whose unexpected accelerations may destabilize the followers of more traditional bicycles. Some pressure on the tablet and the start is given the Street (4th arrondissement).

The route is displayed, presented in live action and detailed by a narrator. First step, the Pompidou Centre, a few meters. A building called "pipe Notre-Dame" to the land of output, we learn, headphones in ears. The tour continues through the Saint-Jacques Tower and the State Council. In total, the route has fifteen stages for nearly four hours of walk, punctuated by brief comments of the audio guide on the Place de la Concorde, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Opera Bastille ... all without end frazzled, thanks to the electric assistance vélo. All reflective vests are free and provided by government.

Drivers should wear retro reflective vest

After four months of increase in the number of road deaths, the government wanted to hit hard in yesterday announced twenty new measures decided on at the Inter ministerial Committee for Road Safety (IRB). Focus on the most emblematic reflective tape and safety vest.

Signs indicating the presence of speed cameras will be removed and the settlements cards will not be made ​​public. In the same logic, warning of these radars will be banned. Measures welcomed by road safety associations. "We were wondering for a long time, this will allow people to adopt more responsible behavior," says Genevieve of Victims & Citizen s. Conversely Laurent, CEO of 40 million motorists, deplores the removal of signs "that contributed to the pedagogy" and believes that the government "only seeks to trap motorists."

Speeding more than 50 km/h will now be criminalized, after the first offense, and therefore only for repeat offenses as before. This offense is punishable by three months' imprisonment, of 3,750 euro fine and a withdrawal of six points. "Good thing," according to Chantal League president against road violence, although it regrets that the Government has not gone further by limiting the speed on the narrow country roads.

AC greater than 0.8 g/l at the wheel will be sanctioned by the withdrawal of 8 points, 6 against currently. A decision is unanimous among associations. But Genevieve, "this ad will not help if the government does not multiply the controls, especially at night."

Sanctions for use of the phone held in hand will be strengthened. The 2nd class ticket (35 Euros) will be replaced by a 4th class ticket (135 Euros) The offender shall be punished with a loss of three points against two currently. A move hailed by the associations, although Chantal is "shameful" that the hands free-kit was not prohibited "while the Road Safety revealed last week a report that a crash of two was due to the use of mobile phones while driving. "

Motorcycle drivers should wear retro reflective vest. "An intelligent measurement and easy to implement," according to the associations, which also welcome the requirement now for users of bike that did not result in the last five years to go through the training box.

A more repressive preventive plan

"With the announced measures, it is about all repressive" Judge Lawrence, General Delegate of "40 million motorists, who regret that the Government has not as focused on the second part of the Road Safety: Prevention. According to him, "You have to multiply the communication campaigns on the risks at the wheel, such as drowsiness and not wearing safety vest." A view shared by Didier, President of Automobile Club, "the emphasis should be on education. Example: Austria has implemented a post-license training to ensure that drivers have good reflexes. This helped to bring down drastically the number of youth accidents. "

With stiffer penalties for people who commit odd on the road, the Automobile Association also fears that the number of unlicensed drivers increases in the coming years.

Reflective vest for motorcyclists are at the moment

From 31 August each foot, which will move at dusk on the road outside the built-up area, you must have a glare. During his absence threatens mandate in height from 20 to even 500 zł!
  So far, to wear glare applied only to children under 15 years of age. The analysis shows that after dark pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of a vehicle with a distance of about 40 m. In contrast, a person who is wearing reflective safety vest, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 m.
  See also: Reflectors for children remain mandatory,
  With the new provision in force since 31 August 2014., Outside built-up after dusk pedestrians must be scheduled on your body reflection, placed in a manner visible to managers. The exception to this requirement is only movement without reflective elements on the pavement or paths designated for pedestrians.
  Reflective clothing for motorcyclists - a new quality
  On the streets, we see more and more motorcyclists equipped with reflective elements such as vests or belts. Most often, unfortunately, are products of poor quality - for cleaning work, the application of a motorcycle is simply uncomfortable and often poses a threat.
  On the initiative of motorcyclists create new products. To our store they were just a vest and reflective strips to the company Hen Visible. Reflective are made from materials 3M. As one of the few do not lose their properties in contact with water, and it is in poor weather conditions good visibility is paramount. Life jackets are made of perforated material so the wind flows around us while driving, and on the back is not formed balloon. Also included is a wide range of adjustment and long Velcro to prevent odpinaniu of the product while driving. Eliminated large plastic clamps that in case of accidents pose a threat to the driver of the motorcycle. This has all been tested and tuned by motorcyclists every day moving in a reflective vests and belts.
 These reflective vest for motorcyclists are at the moment one of the most elaborate elements protective clothing motorcyclist in order to improve visibility. When using the highest quality materials we failed to keep an affordable price.
  Is it worth it to have something like always with you and raise your safety and peace of mind?    This question and leave you. If the answer is positive welcome to shopping

The reflective vest must be accessible

"You do not have to get out of the car without the vest to find the vest," said Andrés Gomez-Lobo DNA today, as from January 1 must wear the safety vest, the triangle and the fire extinguisher kit as part of emergency vehicles.

Transport Minister Andrés Gomez-Lobo emphasized today the importance DNA putting it before leaving.

"It has to be accessible from inside the car, the cabin, because if naturally a person would have to put to get off the car, for example to change a wheel or had a problem on the road, you have to not get off the car without the vest to find the vest, "he said.

Secretary of State confirmed that the audits by the end of weeklong Christmas harden.

At least 500 thousand people will leave the metropolitan region today. It is also expected that 280 thousand cars go by these days.

Gomez-Lobo warned that "there will be many controls alcohol throughout the country, Send and police, ambulances also stationed at these checkpoints to make the breathalyzer directly."

"There will be a very tight control over these weeks, and I would call on the people to be responsible, and if they will take not drive, and if they will not manage to take," said the minister.

Planning, key to the success of a cycling route Spend a whole day, a weekend or even a vacation on the bike can be something exciting, far from what can be used to do, so if we like the bike and we have never done this kind of adventure, he is never more planteárselo, because it not only allows us to keep in shape but enjoy cycling with our colleagues but completely disconnect from the daily routine. There is something very important in this kind of bike trips to be taken into account; they must be planned properly to succeed and everything goes without a hitch, and although we can find any mishaps on the road, it never hurts to prepare a route, especially if we are going to pedal with more people. You may be going solo can go a little "adventure" although it is always advisable to have everything well studied. Not only have to plan the route by road but take one that offers us rest areas or any other characteristic that we should consider, as if it has dirt roads, areas that may be dangerous or anything else that gives us a plus may pose safety or do more kilometers from the account. The path we must prepare our ability to know. Of little worth 100 kilometers set ourselves when we know we cannot do it. The group should also be according to our level, always homogeneous, so that there is not much difference between physical form or the capabilities of our partners, nor that we should not make a physical effort on we will then take their toll. Although classic is tracing the route on a map, a GPS or Smartphone, we may download an application to prepare and share it with our colleagues, where we can make stop ways, times, areas of some danger, earrings, places of interest, etc. You always have to prepare the path around these features so that everything goes as is intended. To avoid problems, always have to choose a road that has berg and not too close, allowing us to move a little more security, a point that we should not make concessions, we should try to always be as safe as possible. When drawing up the route we must also, in addition to road mark to follow, if they have a high volume of traffic or not, forcing us to seek alternative routes to reach the destination marked. Otherwise we may have to choose another endpoint or even change the route. The intention is to enjoy cycling in reflective garment without having to avoid hazards or risk at any time. The weather will also be another aspect to consider finding out what kind of clothes we wear to avoid spending too cold or heat, which hinder the smooth evolution of the cycling route, so we have to learn about the weather that we can find. For this we have a large number of applications that inform us about the forecast for the next few hours or if you prefer we can consult the website of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) in, where you will find the prediction by different municipalities completely updated Spain. A comprehensive review of our bike is also, or should be part of the preparation of a getaway bike. Check the condition of the tires and their pressure, brakes, handlebars, chain changes and are a must review. Other important points are correct saddle height if I had to, check the anchors of the pedals and even include reflective vest and rear LED lights front and just in case we are made at night or are in an area with very low visibility. Helmet, gloves, clothing against the cold, sunglasses (although not shine) and waterproof are also highly recommended for wear. The food (but then stops at a restaurant to eat something) should always go with us, either in the form of bars, nuts or something containing sugars or mismamente a gel. We cannot go without anything. Hydration is also important in this as in any other sport, so at least we will have to carry two drums and if it is a spring or a water source, the better the route; this may be one of the locations of water supplies for the entire group. As you can see it is rather simple tips, but indispensable for a cycle tour with our fellow travelers is an activity worthy of repeating.

Reflective vest saves lives

For generations we have known that reflective vest saves lives. This is Budstikke editorial Tuesday, 18 November 2014: Therefore, it is discouraging when so many apparently forgot it when the autumn darkness comes. This increases the risk of serious accidents on our roads. A survey presented by Asker and Traffic Safety Association says that the numbers of reflective vest users, despite strenuous efforts, remain low. In 2014 1514 registered, of which only used 29 percent flare. The same sad figure reached by census year. 28 percent was then reflex users. Read "Reflex consumption increases not" here

One number is fortunately something nicer, there is use among children. Here it was this year 58 percent who went with reflex. The knowledge that reflex saves lives is old in our society. Also parents and grandparents generation got in his childhood and adolescence inculcated that sewn-on reflective tape or reflective vest was absolutely necessary to be visible to other road users. When we know that 35 per cent of fatal accidents in Norway happen to air in the dark, there is not one good argument that the reflex is not used.

Parents who are not careful to ensure that children use reflector, takes on a heavy responsibility. One day is unlucky also in Asker and Brume.

We think not legislation is the way to go. But when we see how the requirement for use of seat belts by a few years gave overwhelming results, some will ask whether society should take more powerful in order to ensure that everyone uses reflex. It will reduce injuries and mutilations on some roads and would therefore be a major contribution to road safety.

Asker and Traffic Safety Association take reflectors use seriously. On libraries association has laid out 20,000 pieces.

Read more opinions and debates here so parents, run and fetch or run and buy a reflex chip.
Road Safety has estimated that reflectors use reduces the risk of being hit in the dark by 85 percent. The same association has wanted a trial by decree on reflex, but has been refused by the authorities. In a survey MMI has undertaken want 3.2 million Norwegians an amendment calling for the use of reflex. All adults have a responsibility for themselves and their children. And we would like to: own parents. Reflective figures in Asker and must significantly up over the coming months. Many companies are preparing Christmas with corporate gifts. Why not this year let the money go to reflex and a proper advertising campaign and purchase of reflective element? We assume that a request for Asker and Traffic Safety Association can be the start of an awareness campaign that reaches the kitchen table at home and at all workplaces, kindergartens and schools in Asker and Brume.

Compulsorily wear a reflective vest

 At last came the long-awaited summer vacation. If you are the lucky ones who are already enjoying their leisure time, congratulations! If you are in the other half still in town, heated and stressed, take air and thinks it will have less to start them. If you're going to use the car or motorbike with reflective tape to get to your destination beach or mountains are some tips to enjoy a safe trip.
  During the holidays the number of long-haul journeys by road, which makes circulation becomes more intense and congested and accidents multiply. This summer, between July and August, 84 million journeys are expected, according to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) so that precautions should be maximized driving. Here are 10 tips before you start rolling toward your holiday:
    Check the vehicle. The first before starting a long road trip is to put your car or bike ready. To do this, you must check the status and tire pressure to ensure good adhesion to the road as well as the state of the steering, brakes and engine. You should also check the vehicle's lights, including lights, the brake fluid levels and oil and wiper operation. And do not forget the obligatory papers. Check that carries a driving license, traffic, insurance and technical inspection card.
    Triangles, safety vest and spare wheel, you must compulsorily wear a reflective vest, and two triangles approved signaling danger in case of failure. Remember to place them in front of and behind the vehicle, about 50 meters away. Staying spent hours in the sun after a puncture does not sound good start to your holiday, so do not forget to bring a spare tire pressure and the necessary tools for installation.
    Plan your route. Days before your trip plan your route, choosing less confrontational way. Calculate how many hours will your journey with reflective element and decide in advance the stops to rest and be aware that your trip can be extended. Find out what stations there on the road and service areas to organize your stops. But you do not stress yourself behind the wheel if you find a lot of traffic, remember, you're on vacation.

The staff with reflective vest is kind

I wish I got to see the northern lights and I'm lucky, I've seen it before I go home. Maybe we also get us more of what the area and towns here have to offer, says Austin Blocker.

He says that the soldiers with safety vest usually work twelve hours on and then have twelve hours off.

After work, we are all so tired that we just are up a few hours before we go to bed again, so do not get experienced so far.

They all agreed that Stjørdal is a great place, a little cold but otherwise fine with mountains, snow and nature.

 When we went to Trondheim other day we saw areas along the way where we saw mountains, water running down the mountains and into the sea and beautiful vistas, says Blocker.

Garrison at Verne’s describes as a nice base. The area, good food, the staff with reflective vest is kind and polite, the structure and that it is well maintained there. Only they do not like is that the roads are a bit slippery so they've fallen a few times. Brag Norwegians

They describe the Norwegians they have encountered that kind, courteous and helpful. Very open and inviting and extends always a hand if there's anything Americans have needed help.

Most people speak the English so it is easy and communicate. It’s cool how you learn English at school from you is very small, wish they could do such a thing in America as well. The only provision of learning languages ​​which only lasts for 3-4 years, says Tiller. Strict rules

Americans are subject to strict rules during the visit. There is no law and be out after midnight, and soldiers will not allow moving out without reflective tape around the base so that people will see them along the road in the dark.

Do you and continue in the military or do you want and do something else?

For me it is a little uncertain right now, but I'll definitely be educated and see how it will come. But now I travel around the world, and I like that, says Blocker.

I'm not sure if I should be in the Marine Corps or not. Maybe I use my experiences, scores from school and find me a good job when I get out. Tiller.

Depends on the school, hard work and what I do in the coming years, says Marks.

I will most likely remain, says Valona.

Cyclists with reflective vest do not get me wrong

 There will be sporting cyclists with safety vest, which makes it even fun. With the lightweight racing machine they swim at a speed of 40 plus x in the slipstream of the cars on the investment ring in the traffic stream. Everyday rider however feels on the small Giessen ring rather than traffic obstacles umbra’s of cars and vans. Especially in the sections without protective strip sits many cyclists fear in the neck. Reader Dr. Markus Grimm, as ravel Direction commuters between Kinzenbach and Phil II University is almost every day on the road, one of the abutment rings to "definitely dangerous place" on the way to or from work.
  Situation: Between Selterstor and Westanlage there is no protective strip for cyclists, complained Markus Grimm. Various opening into the investment ring biking trails ended in nothingness. The motorists changed their lanes, mostly without blinking, and tried to squeeze in gaps that are sometimes the only reason why there because one or more cyclists between the cars were in a queue. On the wide part of the Western system at the level of the restaurant "Alt Giessen" many motorists WOULD CHOOSE from the far left without blinkers and look to the far right over. Grimm: "I was able several times to prevent accidents only by a full stop."
  Solution: Construction is currently not in sight because of the traffic area, the establishment of protection strips as in the Ostanlage not yields for reasons of space - it is often said. Political advances there have been repeated, wanting the way the investment ring completely provided by the CDU, which announced in 2008, with protective reflective tape, so. In maintaining two lanes for car traffic
   Behavior Tip Jan Fleischhauer from general Bicycle Club (ADFC) in Green says to the "problematic overtaking" on the investment ring: "We recommend that the cyclist on the right - or when turning to others - lane (s) located more towards the center . "Position in this case is recognized by other road users that on this lane cannot be overhauled so that the car would have to remain behind or outdated on the other track. Fleischhauer:. "As motorists already must hold 1.50 meter lateral distance when overtaking cyclists is nobody hampered by this driving," biking that are traveling, cycling then experienced as much more relaxed than when on the right side of the road " stick ". The Rechtsfahrgebot should cyclists with reflective vest so do not get me wrong, but always leave 80 centimeters distance between the handlebars and walkway and keep parked car a car door width distance. Since the Giessen motorists are accustomed to butcher observation "cyclists on the roadway, the coexistence of cyclists and motorists folds also usually better to our observation in casting than in many other central Hessian city".

Pedestrians with reflective vest injured

Road safety: Soon reflective strips on school bags schoolchildren?
Eighty-six children less than 12 years were killed on the roads of France in 2015 and 4295 were injured. Faced with this poor record, the Road safety calls for a general mobilization through a new campaign "Zero children killed on the roads of France."
Among the measures unveiled by the association to stop this mortality is the requirement to include fluorescent bands on school satchels ensembledes. When night falls early, the children would be well visible at 150 meters instead of 30 meters. "With any law, safety devices would be widespread, fairly large and mostly well placed in front, behind and to the side," said the Parisian Anne Laved, President of the Association Road Safety.
"A third of young people killed on the journey from home to school"
This measure was inspired by the German model where 20% of the area of
​​school backpacks is covered with reflective tape. The device seems to work: there are proportionately fewer children killed on German roads in France.
Philippe Leisure, accident's specialist children's accident Laboratory of Biomechanics and analysis of human behavior (Lab), "all we can do to reduce child mortality is worth taking. "Especially that" a third of young pedestrians with reflective vest injured or killed on the road is on the home-school journey. "
Secure management of all pedestrian crossings
The Road safety also requires a whole lot of other measures including a VAT rate of 5.5% for car seats against 20% today and generalization of pedestrian collision avoidance systems on all new vehicles.
She wants assume speed limit of 30 km / h around schools, gyms, parks and public gardens and secure management of all pedestrian with reflective clothing crossings with zebra and a stop line one meter before passing.

Learning to make your own reflective vest

Up to $ 12,000 can buy a reflective fabric cost to comply with the rule that went into effect on January 1. However, it is also possible that each driver can make his own vest to comply with the law. An expert in wardrobe provides some care and tips you should consider when making the garment of the moment.

     Seeing how expensive these days buy out a reflective vest, he did not miss the funny that insinuated transform a bag Falabella in the garment required by law since 1 January. The truth is that the rule allows everyone their own vest makes, according to the specificities of the Decree, ie with yellow fluorescent material and bands of reflective material of a width not less than 50 mm.

   Do you dare to make your own vest? "It is not so difficult. The materials can be purchased in neighborhoods like Rosas and Independence and the manufacturing process is not that complicated, "says Alejandra Alvarez, academic coordinator of the School of Costume Design and Textiles at the University of the Pacific.

   To buy the fabric, the dimensions are fairly standard. "For an average Chilean man almost 70 centimeters of fabric are used, since it is a sleeveless garment, but most likely is that sold by 1 meter. For women should be 50 or 55 cm. fabric, and in this case is possible if you can sell ½ meter of fabric, "says the designer.

     Once we have the materials, it is passed to clothing. "For sewing thread would be good to use some of the same yellow fluorine or any of transparent polyester, because there is no special yarn refract as the tapes. Not to forget some type of clasp to close the reflective vest, which can be Velcro and a plastic closure of a colored fabric akin to, "says Alvarez.

     Before cutting the fabric, measures of the person who will use or that usually drives the vehicle must be taken into account. It is best to compare it with a garment that we use daily. "Keep in mind that is a pledge to use what we have as well in the winter season, therefore it can not be too tight. In addition, if it will be used by more than one person it may be appropriate to consider measures largest user "emphasizes the professor at the University of the Pacific.

    Thus, the reflective vest should be loose so that it is easy to put to the driver and for others as well. "You should measure the outline of bust, which is the broadest measure of the torso, and that give you a few extra centimeters for added clearance. can also be used as reference a garment that we have in the house to use these measures, "says costume designer.

     When and fabrics and molds are cut, it passes to the final phase: the seam. Here we must not forget that the law clearly specifies how they should be arranged reflective huinchas, for which there are three alternatives: The first is with two horizontal bands encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm, where the lower band must be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the vest; the second alternative adds to previous vertical bands that attach the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder and forming a cross on the back; and the third is like the previous one, but only with a reflective tape in the torso.

"When sewing is easy. With a home machine can be done without problems, because the materials are not very thick, but it would be advisable to work with the largest stitch and tension a little loose to avoid problems "says Alejandra Alvarez, academic coordinator Costume Design and Textiles University of the Pacific.

The fluorescent reflective vest complies with the regulations

The compulsory yellow vest in January 2016 for two motorized wheels
Road safety - Like motorists, drivers of two or three wheelers will obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow vest, according to a decree published Sunday in the Official Journal.
Officially called "high visibility vest," "Reflective vest" or "fluorescent jacket" by some, this accessory will be within hand drivers of "motor vehicle with two or three wheels or a quadricycle engine, without fairing. "
"They should dispose of them or in storage of their vehicles (net, trunk) and wear it when they come down from their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility," says Decree.
Mandatory since 1 July 2008 for motorists - like red triangle - the fluorescent yellow vest, complies with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be endorsed by the driver before leaving his vehicle in case of immobilization on the floor or its surroundings after an emergency stop.
Violators will incur a fine of 11 Euros if no jacket on board, 135 Euros if they do not carry the following emergency stop.

Motorcyclists must wear reflective vest Bucaramanga

 In fact, the Transit of Bucaramanga gave them last year 3,000 897 parts equal number of motorcyclists that obviated such a requirement. Most of motorcyclist should equip with clothing with reflective tape.
 According to the director of Transit of Bucaramanga, Rafael Nunez Horacio Latorre, the authorities may require drivers and their companions using that type of garment after 6:00 p.m.
 At least so it stipulated by the Ministry of Transport, Law 1239, in which it reported that for motorcyclists and their passengers must wear that 'phosphorescent suit' during the night shift.
 "Motorcyclists should be visible when driving between 6:00 hours pm and 6:00 am the next morning, beyond the visibility is poor or not," he replied Holder Transit.
 The use of this kind of safety vest overnight, according to Nunez Latorre, "is not capricious, it is a preventive measure to reduce accidents."
 Official statistics revealed that last year, 324 cases of accidents involving motorcyclists, drivers involved in such mishaps were not carrying their jackets.
 It is worth noting that, in the Santander capital, a motorcyclist who is caught at night without that reflective vest receive a fine corresponding to 15 days of the legal minimum wage.

Reflective vest arrange to respect both day and night

Temperatures started dropping below freezing point and weathermen promise that he will be better. With time, we have a full fat autumn and with him ever shorter day and dark and dark evenings. We runners do nothing else than to accept the situation and change to the dark side of the Force - to start running in the dark. Whether we give our portion of kilometers in the morning before going to work or coming home from her evening, the dark queen of our favorite lines, because the darkness is probably unavoidable. Let's test it one of the reflective vest to increase its passive safety!
 When enclosures in this weather is no good to think well on your comfort level. It may not be exactly shrouded as Eskimos, but the T-shirt he also will not be right. A good portion of the thermal protection as well as excellent passive safety ensures a reflective vest in the decathlon.
Reflection eyes to merge
 For cross-country vest that I was still wearing, this is no exaggeration best equipped in reflective tape. Reflective surfaces found on the back, shoulders, armholes, at several points on the hips, abdomen and lesions on the cover fasteners. Runner becomes one huge, visible in the distance reflector.
 The manufacturer guarantees a minimum visibility from a distance of 120 meters, in the range of 360 °. While according to some sources, the 120 meters was a personal vehicle enough to stop even a speed of 130 km / h on a wet road. Reflective material manufacturers certainly spared no expense, moreover, it used high-quality production from 3M.
 Delight but also a selection of other materials and their processing. The entire back, with the exception of the uppermost parts reflexive implementation are led in meshové fabric. Decently mesh are also areas in the armpit. Which is not used or reflective mesh material, you'll find a bright yellow polyester fabric. It adds to the visibility and safety as well as daylight.
Indeed for runners
 In testing, I felt as if the man who designed this safety vest, was himself a runner. He thought about everything. Vesta adequately ventilated while the right places to protect athletes from the wind. The back is nicely extended and more so protects some parts of the guard.
 Pockets, mesh inside, are large enough to accommodate even the largest mobile phone, handkerchiefs or a handful of energy gels. The entrance is guarded them quality YKK zippers and cover extention. In addition the pockets are sewn so that it can also be used inside in which actually consists of two other pockets. Though not closing, but if necessary, represent an additional storage space.
 Quality and sturdy zipper is also used to fasten the vest. Cover Legum form a mutually reflective material. In addition, placket at the upper end creates a so-called garage, so after you complete tensioning zip will not rub on the chin. The collar is worked into the collar. Protection from wind and nowhere neplandá nor avoids stiffness.
 The vest is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. My person short little over 170 cm size M fell like a glove. A very pleasant surprise was the price. Less than 650 crowns came to me for this piece more than folk. Basically for the same price I was on sale (!) Once he bought a reflective running vest from one world tinged manufacturer. Scanty reflective elements and bad treatment from her soon made a hated piece of equipment.

Pedestrians with reflective vest were killed

Cell phone, non-compliance with traffic and pedestrian facilities ... 75% of parents admit to risky behavior when they accompany their children to school.
In this week back to school, it is time to lead by example. According to a poll commissioned by the Opinion Way consortium Insurers Prevention, many parents whose attitude would not be a model of road safety: 75% of them recognize indeed have risky behaviors with their children in the street during school and extracurricular trips.
For five years, 2500 pedestrians with reflective vest were killed. Less visible and mostly unaware of the danger, children under 15 are particularly prone to road accidents: in 2012, 2,500 young people were injured and 35 were killed.
Whether the numbers of road safety or those of this study, the figures are alarming. Especially since pollsters interviewed a sample of 1,009 people representative of the French population.
If the telephone at the wheel usage multiplies by 5 the risk of accidents, write an SMS ... multiplied by 23! Nevertheless, there are not only leading the laptop decreases the vigilance of parents: the latter readily acknowledge it hard to do without, even when they are expected to supervise their children on the sidewalk.
Thus, 58% of respondents said the march phone glued to his ear, 42% say write or read SMS and 23% walk even with their laptop in hand ... for playing, reading or viewing applications. The Smartphone represents a new factor in risk, with which to be reckoned according to President of Prevention Insurers Nicolas Moreau because "in everyday life, people are not necessarily aware of the danger of such behavior.”Indeed: only 14% of respondents recommend to the nanny to drop his phone to fully ensure the safety of the child they care.
Six in ten parents cannot make the journey themselves, and have to rely on family or if a nurse to take over. If the surveyed parents allow some variance with their children on the way to school, they turn anxious and much more demanding when they entrust their offspring to third.
54% and give safety instructions to follow, including cross on crosswalks 64% recommend, even though the majority of them (54%) say they do not always respect the rule literally.
Walking on the sidewalk is also a requirement for 52% of parents surveyed, while over a third (37%) admits to walk on the floor with their little one.
The safety of our kids through the education they receive at home. Here are some tips, easy to apply ... and that can change everything.
Children mimic the behavior of their parents, and then lead by example!
Start learning about road safety from 3 years: not to run on the sidewalk, locate the white stripes of the crosswalk, waiting for the "green little man," look left and right before crossing ...
Emphasize the process "to stop, observe and then cross" even on zebra crossings: one third of pedestrians killed on the road were killed on a pedestrian crossing in theory.
Finally, increase the visibility of your children: light-colored reflective clothing, neon binders and / or equipped with reflective tape ... and will they are perceived at night over 150m by motorists, against 30m.
If the summer is still the deadliest for motorists and two-wheelers, pedestrians are especially vulnerable from November to February for visibility issues.
On these boards, Caradisiac wish you a happy return ... especially rhyming with security.

The pedestrian is wear reflective vest

The time difference highlights road accidents at night.

Be careful if you go for a walk on Sunday afternoon. With the time change do not be surprised by the darkness. This is the call of road safety. It found that between November and December are more pedestrians involved in accidents than the rest of the year ... in particular because the lack of light.
The time change took place that night from Saturday to Sunday. And on this occasion road safety the opportunity to do a little wakeup calls. It must be said that accidents are increasing with the lack of brightness. And the first victim, the pedestrian is wear reflective vest. In 2013 on the roads of the Dome, 87 of them had an accident and 12 have died. More than a third of the accidents occurred just between November and January. Or three months where there is less sunlight in the day. Robert Francis, coordinator of road safety in the Dome warns you:
So caution if you plan to go for a walk on Sunday afternoon, do not do surprise you. Robert Francis, coordinator of road safety in the Dome, it is very easy to be an accident when one is pedestrian.
Some simple tips: If you are pedestrians, dress with bright clothing to be seen, do not hesitate even to wear vests or reflective tape. If you are motorists, be even more careful and think both désambuer your windshields and windows.

Driving in night with reflective vest

Driving in night city by bike: remember to equip you!
Many city dwellers now ride bike including winter night. But most bikes are not equipped with lights. Cyclists are very vulnerable as well. Even if the regulation applies only outside the cities, it is better to be equipped with reflective vest.
Last year the number of deaths on the roads has increased and is among cyclists as the number of victims has evolved the most 155 in France last year.
Near Besancon late last year a man traveling without lights had been hit by a car.
Road safety recalls on its website the necessary equipment on the bikes.


Heavy traffic with reflective vest through an intersection

Thursday moron was at different point of School road to Roseland skulk control with people from the Public Roads Administration, police and FAU. Here lasted cycles, reflexes and behavior in traffic checked.

Where only parts tomorrow there is heavy traffic at the intersection of King Haakon vet and Kale road at Ryland nursery, in particular in the years just before school starts.

Second paper, cyclists and motorists with safety jacket should be through the same junction which is well lit with good signs for those who will be crossing vegan.

There was much praise for pupils from school Roseland Thursday tomorrow.

The inspection showed that pupils from Roseland skulk mostly had mostly okay. Bicycles had light; the children used both helmet and reflective vest.

It was worse with them slightly older youths who were on their way to ungdomsskule. Many came bikes at high speed through the intersection. Dei had corked light on your bike or helmet on head. When they additionally often was dark clothed, there was not a lot of praise to get from checker.

This is when you for instance, commented Roland Cato, senior engineer at the Public Roads Administration, to pupils who do not were secured. And he reminded them at securing customs.

Federation handed out reflective vests at the reception

Norwegian Truck Owners Federation shared Tuesday out reflective vests to residents in the reception center at Kop pang. - We have received several reports of accidents due to pedestrians without reflectors in the dark of night, said deputy chairman of the association, Tore Volte.

Now hope Norwegian Truck Owners Federation that asylum seekers are leading by example and creating a trend.

Uses a reflective vest is simple yet lifesaving reflex. Children and people who trimmer is enough best people to use flare. Older children are probably not quite as good at it, says Volte.

Tuesday's vest-distribution on Kop pang he hopes that contributes to increased focus on just reflex use.

Using reflective or preferably reflective vest is obviously important for everyone traveling along the roads, but those staying at asylum reception often have no choice but to go to get from one location to the other. It is enough so that they are better at taking use of their legs than us Norwegians when they should anything. They are far out in the "cityscape" says Volte.

They are therefore overrepresented group who are out walking in the evening, he adds.

Ahead of Tuesday's vest-distribution has Truck Owners Federation received several inquiries from our own drivers about accidents due to lack of reflectors use.

Today we handed out 50 jackets, but we had with us vests for everyone on the reception. Hopefully everyone will now use them to lead by good example. We hope they experience this as a positivity measures. It has been working actively with reflective use of reception before. When we arrived, there were many who had already clamoring reflective jackets and wondered whether they should have them soon. Being vests used in traffic, we have achieved a lot, says Volte.

Policemen time instead of fines handed out reflective vests

The basic rules of the road "see and be seen," Police in reflective uniform warned drivers Kuna Hoar during Thursday's pre-emptive action. This will join the action police headquarters, in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau from 15 November nationwide preventive actions focused on increasing visibility for motorists.

Traffic policemen in conjunction with the press officer of drivers talk on the topic and gave them visibility reflective vest, which is intended for co mimořádých events on the road.

If a driver, for example, when solving a technical defect or traffic accident rises outside of the village on the road, they must always wearing a reflective vest, which is bound to have a vehicle. Ongoing preventive action aims to remind drivers that obligation and also draw attention to the security of the vehicle crew.

Indicate tourists in reflective vest

Dalia Santos, spokesman of the Traffic Department of the National Civil Police, leading motorist’s road accidents, which are vulnerable derived using these two-wheeled vehicles.

As a matter of Santos, some of the factors contributing to the increase in the rate of road accidents involving motorcycles are not wearing a helmet and reflective vest and overloading vehicles and even the irresponsibility of the same drivers.

Motorists repeatedly violate the provision preventing them to move among vehicles, i.e. between lanes.

He added that the September 30 data from the National Observatory of Traffic Safety, which are obtained by the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), accounted for a total of 1 million 57 thousand 945 motorcycles in the country, equivalent to 36.35 % of the total vehicle fleet.

Despite the provisions of the Arrangement 395-2013 Traffic Regulations governing motorcycles and their drivers, who must meet the passenger limit, wear a reflective helmet and vest properly identified and no weaving; the law seems not met since, in addition, a study of DTPNC showed that more than half of those who drive motorcycles has no driver's license.

Motorcyclists forced to wear reflective vest

MC Sari’s club members gathered to motorcyclists in reflective jacket Cusco and marched through the streets of this city in protest.

Dozens of riders took by assault the major cities of Cusco in the midst of a peaceful demonstration against the Legislative Decree 1216, which requires motorcycle riders to ride with a reflective vest and a helmet with plate number.

"The club MC Saris Cusco with friends from different clubs, and independent groups got together today to join the protests that are taking place at the national level against the absurd decree that aims to force us to wear jackets and helmets with license plate numbers, as if we were criminals or vehicles "she quoted Danny Filches, skillful club president.

The pilots made a tour that began in La Culture Avenue, then reach the Plaza de Aromas continue on Agenda El Sol and finish in the Pachacuteq mall.

"With this event we call the consciousness of our authorities, forcing us to wear reflective clothes that do not want to run over directly to our constitutional rights, are not criminals to walk with numbers on the back, only use the motorcycle as our livelihood and transportation not discriminate against us, "he quoted the president of MC Saris.

Finally, the bulk of riders who participated in addition,, stop that, failing to find support resort to all possible means to change this policy they consider absurd.

Theses Heike reflective vest is visibility for the rider

Be seen when riding a motorcycle is a determining factor rider safety. Therefore, the Italian brand Heike designed a reflective vest, Theses, to be easily visible to other drivers on the road.

Evil has developed a new high visibility vest for use on any garment or jacket: the Tees. This garment thanks to its fluorescent yellow and reflective strips laminated surface achieved increase visibility Biker when driving with low lighting conditions on the road.

Heike The new vest has been made of polyester material that gives it great resistance and also gives a high lightness, a feature that allows it to be stored easily in a pocket. For the vest fits snugly to the body of the rider, the Italian company has built stretch fabric at the waist.

Theses meets the safety standards imposed in most European countries on issues of visibility on the road. In particular, the garment has been approved by the UNI 471/1995.

The Theses Heike vest is available in three sizes (S / M, L / XL and XXL / XXXL) and sold for a price of € 37.30 (VAT included).


The woman wore a reflective vest

Truck rammed cyclist (photo, video).

The incident took place on Sunday 13 September before noon on the route from Now Sol to Kożuchów. Cargo man rammed a cyclist. The woman died on the spot. - Cyclist and the truck were traveling in the same direction - says Sgt. Headquarters. Catherine Wąsowicz, a spokeswoman Now Sol police. Police officers on site tragic accident for some time introduced a pendulum motion. The victim is a 60-year-old woman, most likely from now Sol. - The woman wore a reflective vest - said Sgt. Headquarters. Catherine Wąsowicz. After being hit by a truck, he fell from the bike out of the way. The truck stopped a few meters away. The driver was sober. He was detained by police and taken to the headquarters in Now Sol. There was to be questioned. It takes determination of exactly how a tragic accident.

Out with reflective vest

Hard principles for the bike segment, 5 tips to take better.

These early season, will make hard for cycling, especially cold temperatures and little sunshine.

Here are some tips for these outbursts of season.

1. If possible, use the alternative BTT or the growing trend of cyclotrons. They are disciplines that novel in our routines will make us more pleasant start to the season, apart from funny, moving other muscle groups and have less cold.

2. If they do go on the road, if we do a light early morning or evening, reflective vests, lights and reflectors.

3. Bundle up, even if we see that it's sunny out with some more clothes or warmer clothing. It is always better off clothes on the way to catch a cold that leave us out of action for a week.

4. Avoid group outings. We are at the beginning of the season and the important thing is to achieve gradually form. A group outing, especially in these first beginnings Kamikazes is full of people that abut winter and spring creeps. Also avoid piques or follow the wheel if we are alone and someone happens to us. The season is long, and how fast it gets, just as quickly lost.

5. Time of change. All the changes we had planned to do in position, measurements, new reflective material ... it's time to do it, start from scratch season will adapt pull the new bike. This will avoid injuries; we know cases of people injured by moving creek or change crank length. It is also time to go out with the tool in your pocket and test positions.

Reflective vest is compulsory equipment for the car

After the May adjust the points system and the fines going to Germany next change of traffic laws.

From July drivers will have in Germany into cars, for infringement can be fined. At the same date also tightening environmental rules for entry to some German cities, in which he will not be allowed car with red and yellow emission plaque.

The inclusion of reflective vest in the car compulsory equipment should improve the safety of drivers in the event of an accident or breakdown must leave the car because motorists in nearby vehicles better see it. The new regulation does not specify whether it should be reflective vest orange, yellow or green. Unlike Austria, the German regulations do not require a jacket for each passenger cars will need one per vehicle.

If the driver does not have reflective clothing in the car, threatened him at the roadside fine of 15 Euros (410 dollars). German automobile club ADAC but warns that if the driver vest when leaving the vehicle he not, it is not an offense.

The riders are oblige to wear reflective vest

As of July 1st. Entry into force of the Road Traffic (ECN), which will oblige the riders during the day to wear reflective vest or drive with the lights switched on, on the cycling outfit began to think from a different angle and clothing designers.

They argue that now, more than ever, the need to combine fashion with road safety. The new initiative "Fashion protects your creative works have already joined clothing designers Martin (March design studio"), Joana and Eve ("LT Identity") and Anna Romanov ("IS IT PURE). The newly adopted procedures to look creatively both cyclists and reflective clothing designers called ERGO Insurance Group, this year all comers “participants free accident insurance. In addition, during residents are invited to the workshop, where with the help of its designers bringing an ordinary T-shirt will make a trendy, on the road which protects clothing.

Motorcyclists wear reflective vest to be attention

Motorcyclists (indeed moped) cyclists and attention: from 12 October under the new code of the road taking a ban and a requirement that will be best remembered. And that is the so-called "helmet bowl", known by the acronym DGM, from October 12, you can no longer use even on mopeds. And cyclists will have to wear the reflective vest or suspenders reflectors from the evening hours when they move outside the towns.

The "bowl" (to understand the helmet of chips, the motorcycle cops of the famous American TV series) had already been forbidden on motorcycles over 50 cc, but in a few days will be taboo even on scooters. Be allowed only the approved models according to the strictest standards of law, established by Regulation Eke / UN 22. These codes identify the unique helmets that can be sold and worn in the European Community driving any motorized two-wheeler. It should not be clever: circular with the "bowl" from 12 October will result in the risk of a very fine salt, from 79 to 299 Euros, and impounded the vehicle for 60 days.

As for the bike lovers, always in reference to the new Highway Code, from 12 October it will be mandatory for them to wear a reflective jacket or back braces reflective high visibility when moving from the towns in the evening and at night but also in urban tunnels. The penalty for those who do not adapt is between 23 and 92 Euros.

ADFC cyclists with reflective vest controlled was given tips

Members of the ADFC local group Radolfzell control cyclists on Thursday on the Moustelon Square. Cyclists, their bikes are not sufficiently illuminated or not equipped with reflective tapes to be stopped. A special service: For minor repair work, the ADFC members themselves have on hand.

The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) controlled cyclists on Thursday. Hans Peter Burgle, chairman of the local chapter explains the action

Mr. Burgle, as are the reactions when you stop cyclists who are not wearing reflective vest traveling without or with poor lighting in Radolfzell?

We do the action now for three years and most are grateful that we draw attention to defects. The location on the Rene-Moustelon Square is optimal - as we reach cyclists from all directions. Many remember the date but also before and come visit us voluntarily, in order to examine the free lighting system on the bike. Like last year we are again with six experienced wrenches in use, in order to also make the same repair in mild cases can.

What are the most common causes that the lighting system is not working?

The classics are connection problems, corroded connections and defective bulbs. But also the ground connection often causes problems. If we find the causes are not equal or the repairs are too costly, the cyclists of us get a voucher for the repair Joes and Meets, give the 20 percent discount on parts and repair. However, we emphasize the fact that cyclists can repair the damage immediately, so the voucher must be redeemed within four weeks.

The lights must be firmly attached to the wheel?

Meanwhile, not only dynamo powered lights are allowed, but also battery or battery-powered front and rear lights. However, it must be a holding device is present and the lights have to be carried. Not approved by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, head lights and flashing lights hand, as you see more. The bicycles must also have two on each wheel spoke reflectors or tires with reflective strips. Reflectors are also required on both sides of the pedals. Who is the lighting check with us; we get a light action badge.

My profession of wearing reflective vest is cool

Sometimes I still remember that I wanted to work in high heels and a skirt to go, and here you need to wear boots and dress for onions. But this profession of wearing vest with reflective tape is also cool. Every day something happens. And later, when you see that everything grows, the walls, the whole building ... it gives you such great joy!

At nine in the morning I put on the construction of the Polish Army Street in Bydgoszcz. The square is so big that from one end to the other could safely drive a car to save time. For a moment I look at the work, which apparently lasts from the morning. I'm moving ahead, passing dozens of people in reflective vests and helmets of different colors.

Where are you going in the mud? - Calling me amazed at you in a white helmet. I suspect that moved him my work by walking, foot-in soft ground. I can see how indulgently looking at my heels. - They have gentlemen here some friends on the site? - I ask. - Sure. The best! And what is your job? - No, I want to write about the ladies of construction. To the newspaper - Oh, would you please write that these are our best.

This is my third building, and yet every time at the beginning is just as fun - admits Magdalena tinsel, petite and smiling lady foreman. To talk to her, I had to grab it straight from the muddy works. An object that co-creates will have three levels with a total area of ​​51 thousand. Esq. It was here since last April created Green Arcade, the largest shopping center in Bydgoszcz, a huge investment company ECE Poland, carried out by Strabo.

Whenever in these first days I go to work, I hear quiet comments: "See, see, babe on building" - continues amused. - Earlier I'd been embarrassed, because some crews actually I'm such raisins, but now I perceive it positively. Colleagues are trying: A good day and get enough sleep are you, and how there day passes ... With so do not talk to each other. And I remember me long. It's nice.

At each he has about 50 masons and three subcontractors. In the same breath mentions the scope of their duties: - So in a nutshell? At the beginning I was responsible for the plot B, the building shell, which is reinforced concrete and carpentry. Later, I was shifted onto brick walls, all external and internal walls on all floors. When he starts to step I would have been another chapter works.

I listen intently for all plans of action, which together throughout the period of the autumn of this year, work will be approx. 1500 people. Not for a second does not lose enthusiasm.

Do you know what is best...? - Interrupts. - That I am a trained accountant. All my life I've dreamed about going in a skirt and high heels to go to work nicely dressed, make-up, rather than wearing reflective vest in construction site. I not even figured out that the ideal would be my job at the bank. In college I went to practice and only there I realized that it was not my cup of tea. Eight hours a day in the office, and I wore! I remember the evenings in the dormitory were thinking, what we could do with that life that was different. I fell on the building. Everyone was terribly surprised. They thought I cannot handle, they shall fall and quickly wrap up with this construction. And this is the fifth year doing, how I work and promises not to change. Sometimes I still remember that I wanted to walk in those heels, and here you need to wear boots and dress for onions. But this profession is cool. Every day something happens. And later, when you see that all this arises, it grows, the walls, the whole building ... it gives you such great joy!

Construction normally associates with a masculine field. But if a closer look at the example of our investment, it turns out that working here a lot of fantastic women - notes Iowan with ECE, director of emerging just a shopping center. - We have here representatives of various professions, from assistants by inspector, architect, Mr. responsible for different stages of construction, the translator, these from finance, or those that take the most important decisions. And the gentlemen of the building must listen to these ladies!

With equal vehemence confirms Thomas, contract manager of the company Strabo: - Departments, where women work even does not make sense to replace. The ladies are ubiquitous, whether it be the pre-production stage whether strict implementation of projects and scope of the executive. I was over him, too, have a woman boss. And it is for me to work in this system very well. Moreover, I believe that the presence of women affects the efficiency of the entire team.

How? The manager explained to me that male workers wearing safety vest with the ladies more try. Women often give of me a lot more, because they feel that they have to demonstrate in this way. In fact, everyone is treated equally; I'm assuming employees always take into account the qualifications, not favoring anyone. But women still want to show that they are not worse. And it also mobilizes their colleagues.

Robert, construction manager, adds that the woman on building commands respect: - I I'd even said that men listen to women more often manageress. By this these, our friends are much more effective. Why does this happen? Put simply - get a reprimand from a woman on a construction site and it’s still with colleagues ... please imagining. Well, after all it's a shame!

Security forces shooting in reflective vests for explosives

Security forces close the roads leading to the White House, after throwing a people for explosives in the surrounding, and the security forces in reflective vests have already been able to arrest that person.

The US Navy headquarters in Washington on Monday witnessed the shooting, killing seven people and wounding five others in the vicinity at the Navy in Washington on Monday.

He said a US official who asked not to be named, said the circumstances of the shooting are still unclear and under investigation.

The US Navy and is valid for Lyon, spokeswoman for the Washington police in reflective uniform have announced that at least ten people were injured in the fire inside the headquarters.

The Navy and Lyon a gunman dressed in black fired shots inside the building, according to the network (CNN) and the American news.

ABC News quoted a spokeswoman for the FBI as saying that the police had returned fire on the bomber, note the occurrence of dead and at least one.

See the original content on the electronic gate Dawn. Dawn Gate: Close the roads leading to the White House after throwing firecrackers proximity.

Reflective vests and safety jackets for workers’ safety

A total of five employees of public works (VPP) were chosen as assistants Jawbone Municipal Police. Tuesday, May 5 from watching these men Jawbone five pedestrian crossings, with the right to stop passing cars and allow the safe movement of pedestrians crossing the street. "This is only a test run if certify expect expansion of the number of assistants," said the director of the Municipal Police Jawbone and Nisei Lobos Raiser.

Workers in hats and reflective vests with the word SCHOOL assistant MP are equipped with white target to stop the operation. At crossings near elementary schools in Liberec, May 5 and Falcon and at intersections of streets and May 5 Pink oversee road safety at a time when children go to and from school, i.e. 8.15 and 7.30 in the morning 12.30 pm 13.30.

"The afternoon service at crossings are new, we introduce us to ensure maximum safety, especially younger children returning home from school. We have not had sufficient capacity constables, assistants allow us to expand services. I believe that their work is successful, "says director Raiser afternoon patrols.

Jawbone helps long-term unemployed

Jawbone in terms of employing long-term unemployed on top. "With office work in public works has been cooperating for more than ten years, currently Jawbone magistrate in various modes employs a hundred people," says Mare office secretary Sultan.

VPP workers with safety jackets and public services generally perform cleaning work, helping in schools with cleaning outdoor areas are cleaned at the Town Hall, which perform simple maintenance work.

These people also cleaned at the Town Hall, which perform simple maintenance work, working as a receptionist in houses of special purpose and now also as an assistant metropolitan police.

Labor unemployed in to see the streets and sidewalks in the city are tidy. "It is important to remember that these are people without work habits, who also could sit at home on a bench in the square and their work effort is needed to be tackled as such. On the other hand, the municipality will save thousands of dollars a month, which we had to pay for the work to outside suppliers, "he said frankly Jawbone Mayor Pert Built.

In other cities, the Jawbone oversees the crossings, as well as in Jawbone, mostly policemen with reflective uniform. Newly however, this activity will take, for example, in Tankard Assistants crime prevention. They begin to operate in both cities since the beginning of June. At present, candidates for the job are also looking at Jawbone.

The experience of an athlete in reflective vest

The international athlete wear sportswear with reflective tape had just returned from a training camp in Spain. Exhausted by transport and the time difference, he went to lie on the bed of his younger brother, as he often did, to rest and to tell him his experience.

"We talked for about fifteen minutes; I told him what I had experienced during my training camp. My brother was my best fan, he said, sobbing. A beautiful moment, it was a beautiful moment. I do not expect it to be the last. "


Following in the footsteps of his older, Pierrik Houle was a passionate physical activity. Around 20:15, it is dressed in his reflective clothes he left the family home to go running. He planned a workout than an hour. He never returned. "I still have the image of my brother left, he was happy to show me her new shoes," the witness continued.

Hugo Hole then went to bed, but he is not asleep right away. He first felt his mother impatient that his brother is not back, and then it was the turn of his father pacing before going in search of the jogger.

"When my father left, I got up. I felt that something was wrong. I contacted friends Pierrik whether they had seen. They also worried, everyone decided to come help us find it, "he says.


"It was like in a movie. I had the sense to put me kneeling next to him and take his hand, it was cold. " Shortly after 23h, Danick Jutras, a family friend, came running to the family residence of Houle with bad news: Pierrick was found dead near the road 259. It had been hit by a car. Panicked, Hugo Houle called his mother, and then crossed his father who was returning empty-handed from his search around. "When I told my father, he fell into my arms."


The cyclist with reflective vest then went to the scene of an accident where he found his brother lying on his back, eyes open. Since the impact took place in his back, he had no obvious signs of injury on the front of his body.


"It was like in a movie. I had the sense to put me kneeling beside him and take her hand, she was cold. I stroked her hair while we gave him heart massage. I do not know how long it could last, he says in his vest with reflective stripe. When blood came out of his mouth and ears, I knew it was over.