Safety clothing saved his life

Monday was played nasty scenes at Halmstad. The driver Peter was taken to hospital after receiving the horse kicks in the chest and leg. It’s luckily that safety clothing saved his life.

In addition, the trotting horse Red Passion killed.

- She cut above the shoulder, it was probably nerve damage so they decided that it could not save her, says horse trainer Ingemar Book to trav365.


On Monday turned professional driver Peter Ingves kicked by the horse Red Passion at Halmstad racetrack stables hill. Park met so badly that the coachman had to go to hospital emergency.

Peter Ingves told on Monday how he perceived the accident.

- I felt that the horse was a little half-reed, and then she became afraid of anything. Then she defended them to start hitting. I did throw me off a bit, but it was so damn fast. I got hit in the chest also but I have safety vest, said Mr Ingves and says that the ambulance was delayed, he says.


Ran into Volvo

After the accident came Red Passion loose, and after running straight into a Volvo injured herself so hard that she got killed.

- The horse jumped over the fence and ran down the stable, and there was another horse in front and she swerved. Instead, she ran to the right, next to the horse, and there were cars parked. So she came at full speed into the trunk of a Volvo station wagon. She cut above the shoulder, it was probably nerve damage so they decided that it could not save her, says Ingemar Book to trav365.

"Bolt from the blue"


Bok coach says the horse has not shown anything that hinted that this could happen.

- This came as a bolt from the blue. She has never shown this kind of tendencies. But it is so with animals, anything can happen, he says to trav365.


He also comes with good news regarding Peter.

- I talked to him yesterday when he was on his way home. Nothing was broken, fortunately. Safety reflective vest protects him. He was kicked in the chest and in the leg. He was bruised and had pain throughout the body. So it was nice that he was the circumstances fared so well, he tells the magazine.


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