Motorcycle safety jacket for the summer

Ret Bike motorcycle reflective clothing manufacturer proposes a textile motorcycle jacket for the summer Ret Net - designed primarily for driving on hot days.


Ret Net jacket is sewn from fabric 600D polyester, and polyester-mesh. It is equipped with a detachable waterproof membrane. Lining, as befits the summer clothing, made of mesh.


On the shoulders, elbows and back provided certified (CE) pads. At the front of the jacket, sleeves and back are reflective elements. Sleeves, collar and belt are adjustable to best fit the size of the motorcyclist.


Kuaka has four pockets, two inner and two outer. It is fastened with a convenient zipper is also a possibility buckles pants. Ret Net jacket by reflective material for one-year warranty will pay 415 zł.

Safety jacket: Towards a 2nd class ticket

The National Council for Road Safety has just made its recommendation on the retro reflective safety vest motorcycle. Obligatory (at least under the seat), do not wear it if need be fined in the amount of € 35.
  Update May 10, 2015: The requirement will be for 1 January 2016.
  The NSRF therefore has to shell its recommendations to the Ministry of Interior. Unsurprisingly, the new (not so new) one size of number plates and the transport of retroreflective vest the Optional Port will figure prominently.
  Even Assent an oversight flashing
  It is by the end of the year that the recommendations will be, or not transposed into legislation, but the NSRF therefore formally proposed this morning that the obligation to have a retro-reflective vest to be extended bikers and scooter riders.
  Article R416-19 of the Highway Code
"II. - The driver must be of a high visibility jacket complies with regulations when it is brought out of a locked vehicle on the roadway or its surroundings after an emergency stop. In traffic, the driver must have this vest at hand. "
  Warning, if no penalty will be applicable in case of non-presentation of this vest during a control, non-use when needed can be suppressed, as for motorists, with a fine.
To date, this is a 4th class fine but the NSRF proposes lowering it to a second class. Or 35 € fine for any motorcyclist or scooter driver not wearing retro reflective vest following an accident or an emergency stop. As much as a change of direction without blinking, really dangerous act, very common and rarely (never?) Sanctioned.
  We will monitor the implementation of these proposals in the coming months, as the reactions of manufacturers, who already had to get rid of stocks armbands made for France before the cancellation. Dressing? 4 mandatory retro-reflective tape on the helmet (otherwise 135 € fine) are there for the night visibility of the biker when he is not on his motorcycle. Under such conditions, it therefore surprising that wearing the vest with a reflective vest in case of emergency stop is extended to motorcyclists. Unless it is considered bad mind to think that yellow waistcoat in the pipes for years, must be gently imposed, regardless of what the moaners and statistics.

A cyclist without safety jacket hit a boy

The accident happened in the morning, when the boy drove Hus Street towards the station.

"A cyclist without safety jacket has failed to adapt its speed capabilities and characteristics of the bicycle and crashed," said police spokesman Pave Scab.

 According to the spokesman the man suffered from the fact that the so-called saddled, a bicycle equipped with a direct transfer from the pedals to the wheel without freewheel, which forces the riders still pedaling. "Recently, it is a much enlarged fashion," he saw cockroaches.

 In addition to the young man who, after carom ended up in the care of the Brno physicians, crashed early autumn day in several other cyclists.

"With the incoming autumn, I alerted all cyclists to underestimate their gear wheels - especially reflectors and lights in poor visibility. Also reflective elements should belong to the standard bike. Indeed enable other road users more timely response, "added the spokesman.