Pedestrian need to wear safety vest on Street with no sidewalk

If a road is missing the sidewalk on which side of the pedestrian must wear safety vest and walk to comply with the rules? If the road was without a walk according to the rules of the road the pedestrian which side has to walk in order to demand compensation for damages in case the car would invest?


On the way not only the cars must comply with the rules but also pedestrians and when the sidewalk is missing, especially if the road is two-way traffic, pedestrians must respect the rules of conduct to prevent contributory negligence in the case of investment.


Missing the sidewalk on which side of the pedestrian walking?

The pedestrian must walk on the left side of the roadway or that contrary to the movement of the car in case of two-way street. If the road, however, is one way pedestrians will have to proceed along the right shore. In any case, the rule is that, if it is the time between sunset and sunrise, the reflective jacket must be worn.


Investment Responsibility

To clarify responsibility for any investment of a pedestrian on the sidewalk no way is the Court of Turin with a judgment which states that if the pedestrian walking in the same direction that the car's traveling invests no reflective clothing is not entitled to compensation damage. In this case, the driver cannot be held responsible investment because the pedestrian, not respecting the rules, contributed to the accident fault.


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Safer riding airbag vest

We already knew the body protector, but for those who want even more security there is now also the airbag pack for riders. Several companies sell the suit, which is also for rent.


The new safety vest inflates in a fraction of a second when someone falls off the horse. The first air jackets - like the suit is officially known - are now sold and leased stables. Many professional riders in cross-country are ride even with the suit. The idea is blown over from motorsport. "But those outfits were too bulky and heavy for the equestrian. You have as a rider remained agile, "says Delco Brewer Point Two Benelux, the company that imports and sells the suits.


The airbag suit with reflective material for horse lovers is much lighter (900 grams) and opens itself within 0.2 seconds if the rider falls off the horse. The suit is a string attached to the saddle. Therefore, the airbags inflate before the rider hits the ground. It protects the neck, the chest and the back. The head should a rider still wear a cap.


Brower has already saved lives with. This animal weighs hundreds of kilograms. Without air reflective jacket he had not survived. Brower said to be supported by the KNHS. Several stables rent the suit already. Many people are excited about the suit. The airbag pack is expensive: about 500 Euros.

Safety vest increased safety in the warehouse

Of course, safe work begins and ends with the forklift. What measures we take, even with the safest truck in the safest warehouse continues to make it possible accidents. Nevertheless, technical aids can indeed contribute to increasing safety. In this section we put five tools for you below. Part two will follow another five.


Show yourself

A pedestrian involved in four out of ten truck accidents. The problem is that often leaves much to be desired visibility of pedestrians. That is certainly true of men in gray suits who are another unknown in the warehouse. A simple and inexpensive measure is attracting a fluorescent safety vest, so pedestrians are often visible from a great distance. For fixed warehouse employees is workwear in bright signal colors, may be provided with reflective strips, a good alternative.


Look in the mirror

Fluorescent vests help obviously not as pedestrian conceals packed pallet racks or other obstacles. In that case on unclear points is a godsend. With it is possible from every direction of travel and the left or right at any distance in order to look at the corner of a rack. Also help here fluorescent vests and signal colors to quickly identify approaching pedestrians in the small mirror.


Warn with light signals

Reversing visibility remains a problem. A forklift driver looking over his right shoulder will see pedestrians and other traffic from the left rather well arrive. This is different to traffic from the right derived from the viewpoint of the driver from a 'blind spot'. Therefore let trucks beep when they are put in the 'backward'. A popular alternative is an LED lamp on the cage - with names like blue spot or floor spot - during reversing a typically blue light projected on the floor. Pedestrians who cannot see the truck itself even be warned by the usually fast approaching next light spot.


Watching with cameras

Another problem remains the view from a great height. Who with a truck has ever put away a pallet at eleven meters, knows the problem. Try this situation from the driver's seat once again to estimate the height. If it is not possible to accurately position the forks, it is likely that the pallet falls down. A camera on the fork combined with a monitor in the cab offers the driver a view that he needs to pick or put away pallets at height.


Throw blockages

Cargo can fall as drivers in reflective vest try to place a pallet at locations that are not big enough. Think for example of which pair of locations on the upper girders of pallet racks which are less high because of pipes, roof trusses or ventilation grilles than surrounding locations. In warehouses in which drivers are controlled by a warehouse management system, it is possible to block these locations with the software. That means that no driver ever is instructed to place a pallet. If it is going too far, the WMS can be tuned such that upon impact of activity is taken into account, the height of the pallet and of the storage.

Vehicles equipped with reflective safety vest

Kutenai policemen joined the action police headquarters, which is aimed at increasing visibility for motorists. Going to the place where Tributaries and the town are as part of preventive controls traffic on the road between the villages.


Reflective vests are intended for emergencies on the road. If the driver for the technical defect or when a traffic accident rises outside of the village on the road, must always wearing a reflective vest, which is bound to have a vehicle. A joint preventive action of the Police and the Czech Insurers’ Bureau not only aims to remind drivers that obligation, but also to draw attention to the safety of the entire crew vehicles and vehicles equipped with reflective safety vest passenger.


Reduced visibility when road users are clearly not recognize vehicles, people, animals or objects on the road from dusk to dawn, fog, snow or heavy rain is a moment when there are accidents often with tragic consequences for health and life.


Drivers and cyclists have a legal duty to shine. Pedestrians then its visibility can greatly increase the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing parts and accessories. While pedestrian dressed in dark clothing that is visible to the driver at only 18 meters road user reflective clothing is visible up to 200 meters. Room for maneuver to the driver in this case is considerably higher and the likelihood of a pedestrian impact is significantly reduced.

Wear the safety vest stressed the official

Although since 1 January all cars should have one, no fines will be studied. A day that the term product demand is met has doubled.


At 17 days the decree takes effect requiring motorists to carry in their vehicles a reflective vest, product demand has doubled in stores that sell. 

Given this situation, and considering the proximity of dates on which a large number of people go on vacation, police said that during the first few weeks in which the rule is in effect not party shall be forwarded to those who do not carry.


"White March was put into effect by decree. So these cases are made, especially with regard to traffic and what it has to do with violations, "said the prefect Colonel Roads and Traffic, Enrique. From Carabineers they added that audits by this issue will have an educational.


After this period, the extension is not yet defined; the fine will range between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM, $ 8,991 and $ 22,477.

"There is greater demand right now, but this is a standard that came 2014 and which are campaigning to remind people that as of January 1 must wear the safety vest," stressed the official.


The decree, published in the Official Gazette on 6 September 2014 requires that every vehicle in your kit includes safety reflective vest, but the use of the equipment is only a recommendation, not mandatory, since for this to happen it would to change the Road Traffic Act. According to the National Traffic Safety Commission in the last decade they have killed more than six thousand people outrages product on streets and highways. "That is why this is a priority measure on traffic safety," said Cristiana Bowen, deputy transport.


From the Ministry of Transport they have detailed that the change was made by decree because that would take effect more expeditiously doing so through a legal change. However, they advanced during the debate that is carried forward in the Congress on draft amending the Traffic Act in August; it could include information on the mandatory use of the vest.


The price vest in trading ranges between $ 1,990 and $. 10,990. Easy from the store, one of the outlets, indicate that "in recent months has noticed increased interest in these reflective vests. In fact, in several products in the same category are oversubscribed by 50%. "


Sebastian commercial manager specializing in LEMENTS store traffic and safety, said that "we have been fed up with demand, people are worrying about it. It is important that users buy the vest that meets what the ministry calls and not risk buying something that does not work". Regarding the color of the vest, the decree says this should be yellow and made of fluorescent material. In addition, you must have horizontal bands of a width not less than 50 centimeters surrounding the torso.


About the price of the item, Alberto Escobar, manager of public affairs for Chile Automobile Club, said that should not exceed $ 5,000. "While the warning vest with reflective tape will be cheaper lower quality one with good quality and duration should not exceed that price," he said.

Safety vests for school is necessary

The pupils of the first classes of Gruenberg School got reflective safety vest on Thursday. Policewoman Christine Neumann presented the more than 100 students from five classes their Awe-inspiring.


In keeping with the beginning of autumn were the youngest accept their safety vests. The bright yellow vest with hood is fitted from the front, rear and sides with reflectors.


To illustrate the students how important it is also to carry the vest and not to leave home, caring Kerstin, class teacher of 1e, the policewoman Christine Neumann for the handover of the West. Before handing they sharpened students the importance of safety vests.


"The West are in the dark winter months especially important," said the cop, "" often, students are seen late in winter with dark jackets of motorists.”Neumann has been involved in youth work of the police and is familiar with such cases. Especially the very young students would often overlooked by motorists, especially when they do is deceive dark clothing.


Then it would be at the Gruenberg School closing. "If possible, invite the children to the West now every morning on the way to school wear," predicts Kerstin. But even on day trips is to be used the high visibility vest. On their own initiative, the idea to buy safety vests for the first year was implemented.


The teacher took advantage of an offer from the ADAC. "Each year can be ordered Basic Schools ADAC safety vests for the new first-graders," said the teacher, "we have now used this offer."


The West got the school even free. This was made possible the existing since 2010 Project "Safety vests for school" of the Automobile Club. Since 2010 the Foundation supports "Gerber Engel" the action. With the high visibility vests to the safety of children in traffic greatly improved. While children are seen with normal clothes only from a distance of about 30 to 40 meters, they illuminate the motorist now already from a distance of about 100 meters towards.


To make safety vests for the students even more attractive, the ADAC has come up with two mascots for the reflective vest. Traffic Detectives Felix and Frieda, who can also be seen on the vest, are that motivate children to wear the vest.

The training sessions all occur in safety vest

Reflective clothing, prudence training: The instructor gives advice on compliance with which can save lives.


A Leverkusen motorcyclist (40) crashed heavily after an overtaking maneuver on Sunday evening. The man was traveling from Rosenthal towards Beechen, overhauled before a right turn two cars, but got due to high tempo not the curve and crashed into a ditch, reports the police. The man had been injured to the hospital. In Methane district a 26-round motorcyclists survived a fall not, a 55 year-old Haldane died after colliding with a car. Joachim Naas is driving instructors in Methane, motorcyclists and cochairman of Methane. It leads through safety training for motorcyclists.


What do you think are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Joachim the drivers overestimate themselves. This is true for both young and old bikers. You are driving faster than allowed and appreciate situations incorrectly. I always tell learner drivers: rather than arrive perish. If you have no driving experience, should attend a safety training course. And who has long no longer moved, a few driving lessons should book to refresh the knowledge or also participate in safety training.


What should I consider when choosing a driving instructor?

Quite often I see that driver teachers their students after driving in car and train them by radio. These are then often also teachers who have no motorcycle driving experience itself. I drive myself regularly and accompany motorcycle learner always on my motorcycle. Then there is a special case: owners of licenses that have been acquired before 1 April 1980 received since the beginning of 2013 after a shortened practical examination the license to license A 2, with which they are allowed to drive a full 48-horsepower motorcycle, These too are again people who have once with little driving experience on the road.


What else can you think of?

At the training sessions all occur in safety vest. As soon as they have the license and are not driving instructors going, wear some shorts and t-shirts to the helmet. If I then meet, they say: It's so hot today and I go not far.


Are there causes of accidents, which are caused by the technology?

Yes, of course. It was not until 2016 ABS mandatory. From 2017 no more than 125 cubic centimeter motorcycle may be more without the anti-lock brake system re-registered. However, there must be retrofitted any machine. So there are many older machines without anti-lock brakes go. Since full braking can quickly lead to a fall. Then there are middle-aged drivers who are not driven more motorcycle for 20 years or longer and a heavy machine with a lot of horsepower to buy, they do not dominate. Or they create an old machine on, very well maintained, but with old tires. The invest 1000 Euros in safe clothing and five-figure sums in their machines, but such defects do not recognize them.


Motorcyclists are overlooked by motorists. Why is that?

Naas motorcyclists own fault partly: Their favorite color is black. Bright or reflective vest are considered uncoil and supported by very few. Motorists often underestimate the speed of the bikers. You have to know as a motorcyclist and drive accordingly.

Driver always wear safety vest

Anyone traveling on snow and ice with the wheel, which come to meet the producers: More and more winter tires are sold for bicycles. Experts clarify whether this purchase is worthwhile and what is there to consider when snow still rides. Winter riding is cold and dangerous, driver always wear safety vest and warm clothing to keep safe.


1. Maintenance

Cold, moisture and road salt to make the bicycle art to provide - and the model is still so robust. The bike expert Ulf Hoffmann from the Sifting Ware test recommends in the book "The Bicycle Book", the Bowden cables to lubricate well with thin oil or Teflon grease so that brake circuit and not be stiff. Greased includes screws and levers as well as the bicycle lock, so they do not freeze up in frosty temperatures. Little help there, however, if the chain slips. This can happen quite quickly in slush when ice is between the cracks. Therefore, the General German Bicycle Club recommends that before each trip to check brakes and light, the wheel more often to clean - especially the chain, which must then be oiled again afterwards.


2. Winter tires

An obligation for snow tires for bicycles, there is not, it means the ADFC. But more and more cyclists equip volunteer to: "The proportion of winter tires for cyclists has increased," said the spokesman of the manufacturer Continental, Klaus Engelhard. Most of the commercial models have a special lug pattern that grips well in the snow, with ice and snow, but offers little friction. For driving on packed snow and ice advises retailers to tires with spikes - with small pins made of metal or carbide.


3. Traffic Regulations

The risk of falling in winter trips by bike is particularly high. But damages to fallen cyclists only be expected if the municipality has neglected its winter service, cited the legal expert of the ADFC, Roland chicken, from a judgment. Bike paths need only be cleared or sprinkled if they are considered important traffic. Or it is a dangerous section of road, slow experience has shown that the cyclist, dodge or change its direction of travel. For road mouths of law expert warns chicken Caution: Do not fall automatically into this category. A judgment of the Federal Administrative Court states also: If a bike path not scattered or free of ice and snow, the road, however, already, the cyclists must also street dodge.


4. Clothing

The optimal outerwear for cyclists who are traveling even at freezing temperatures, should be loud ADFC "be thin and breathable, windproof and water-repellent". Ulf Hoffmann, the onion principle advises: ". If possible, draw several layers one above the other," He keeps fleece clothing for the best solution. In addition, there are shorts that will protect against the legs and shins by water- and windproof material from cooling down.


Be seen mainly: When choosing the clothes the rule applies. "Therefore necessarily reflective clothing or a reflective vest attract" advises Hoffmann. "The gloves should be provided with reflectors." So in the dark hands are better perceived before turning. Thus, the head stays warm and dry, advises Hoffmann on the helmet or seal open face with tape.


5. Light

At present, the sun rises shortly after 8am on and about 17 pm under. People who drive to commute to work by bicycle; it therefore should do well lit. The Hoffmann Foundation holds a hub dynamo for the first choice: No loading, no battery change.

Dynamo headlamps are commonly referred to as reliability, low maintenance, and as always ready for use. Even if the cyclist must stop at a traffic light, the lamp remains lit thanks light function. The Sifting Ware test recommends paying attention to additional functions: To offer some lamps, a special daytime running lights or a USB port, can be supplied with power via the while driving Smartphone or Navies.


The advantage of the battery and battery headlamps is that they offer strong light in the state permanently evenly. However, the batteries must be recharged periodically - either via a USB port or power plug. Nevertheless Hoffmann recommended using battery-powered LED lights with reflective material next to the Dynamo: "They provide an extra margin of safety."

Note cyclists with safety vest in ice and snow?

Winter tires, an ice scraper and covering part of every good winter gear for motorists to. But what should note cyclists with safety vest in ice and snow? SR has compiled the most important tips on how well can cycle through the cold season.


For some cyclists, the season is over, when the first frost has come. But many grow even in winter on the wheel. By observing a few points, but does not need to fear from snow and cold.


Bike needs a lot of winter maintenance

The weather conditions in the winter it is particularly important to clean his bike regularly, said Yandi Lund pulse Sport talking to SR. Especially modern bikes which have many components made from aluminum are quickly affected by salt inclusions. Therefore, the wheel should be cleaned and oiled enough. "Oil and other lubricants form a protective film and prevent settling salt radicals and the formation of rust starts," said Lund.

Basically recommends Lund cyclists who once a week increases to the wheel to make do at least once a year inspection. Particularly before the winter it is advisable to have it checked everything to make sure that brake light and Co work.


From lamps and tire grip

According to Lund, a light must be attached to each wheel, front and rear. "For a while fragrant only lamps are used, which are operated with Dynamo. Meanwhile various lamps are released, which are operated with battery or battery," Lund said. In addition, the wheel must be equipped with side reflectors in the spokes and on the pedals. In addition, it is advantageous if the tires have reflective strips.


Stickpin tire - like a car, there are also Bicycles special winter tires, which offer a good grip. These are provided with small spikes, not so fast losing control on icy roads. Anyone traveling on a smooth ice surface should neither slow nor come to Lund. "In such a situation it is best if one shifts his weight back to reduce the pressure for the front wheel. And let then just roll his bike," advises the bike expert.


Since the law does not require special winter clothes, each cyclist must decide what clothing is appropriate when it is dark and cold. Lund recommends for your own safety but to resort to clothing with reflective material. There are, for example trousers with reflective tape or reflective vests.


Batteries are sensitive to cold

Cyclists who are traveling with an e-bike should also note that the batteries are sensitive to cold. This is usually accompanied with loss of range. "Driving in freezing temperatures is not a problem. However, an e-bike should never be left to stand for hours outside," Lund said.


Store at room temperature

Who still prefer to change to a car or other means of transport in winter, should store his bike dry and at room temperature. In addition, Lund in reflective vest advises a normal bike to lubricate the moving parts well before storage. Thus, no corrosion would arise when the wheel is for a longer time. For e-bikes it is advisable to charge the battery to 50 percent. So the battery would hold out the longest.

Now the safety vest is mandatory

The safety vest duty is 1 July. Here you can read what applies when traveling abroad - and which vest was best in our test.


FÜR three Euros, visit a Pills, this match a sausage, the Italians three scoops of ice cream - or a part that can save your life. Ever thought about a safety vest? Also car drivers must have a reflective vest in the car in early. A corresponding decree amending the Federal Council decided on 5 July.


When the safety vest duty is in Germany? A duty has been around for drivers of commercial vehicles. How should the vest look? For safety vests the European Standard 471 (EN 471) applies. That is, only the colors yellow, orange or red-orange are allowed. Two reflective stripes at the bottom of both sides are required.

How do I know that the vest complies with the standard? On the wash plate, which is sewn into the reflective vest, EN is 471. Where can I keep the vest best suited to? When getting out of the car, you should already wear the vest.


Must the safety vest are particularly active? No. In order not to restrict its function, protect the vest from direct sunlight and moisture, put back into the package after use. By the way: A dirty vest can be washed at 30 degrees in the machine.


How do I wear the vest right? You should sit as smooth as possible to the body. This means that the Velcro strips remain closed. Only then it is guaranteed that during the day the colored areas appear particularly bright in the sunlight, and that night the reflective stripes, the light of the headlights reflect.

What is true when traveling abroad? In many European countries there is a high visibility vest compulsory. Often not only the driver has to wear one, but every inmate, disregard threatens hefty fines. We recommend: a holiday a vest for all passengers.

All vehicle occupants must wear a safety vest

Many German fans drive to the European Championship to France. R + V advise the traveler to keep up to date with current safety instructions and to get on the road in time. "Since the attacks in November 2015, the state of emergency has been in France. This includes increased border controls with longer waiting times, "says Karl Walter in reflective jacket, a car expert at the R + V Info center. In addition, other traffic regulations differ from those in Germany - and for certain offenses significantly higher fines.

Particularly strict are the rules for distraction at the wheel: searching in the glove box, telephoning without hands-free or other distractions: Anything that interferes with the car is forbidden. Whoever looks at a screen, for example, has to face penalties of up to 1,500 Euros. It is also prohibited to wear headphones.


In France, a mandatory vigilance is required for all occupants

In the case of an accident or a breakdown, drivers should switch on the warning sight system and set up the warning triangle as long as they do not themselves endanger themselves in life. Unlike in Germany, all vehicle occupants must wear a safety vest when they leave the car - not just the driver. Anyone who violates these rules will be fined with a fine of up to 750 Euros.

In order to facilitate handling in the event of an accident, R + V expert Karl Walter recommends taking the European accident report. "The forms are the same everywhere. Each person involved in the accident can fill it in his or her country language. The report serves as a basis for the regulation of the damage for insurances. "Football fans can order the report from the German Insurance Association (GDV).


A parking ban in France is often marked by a yellow broken strip at the edge of the road. If the strip is traversed, this means an additional holding ban. If you do not pay attention to this, you must expect the car to be equipped with an auto clock or towed. Free of charge, car drivers are allowed on blue markings, the so-called "Zones blouse" - however only with parking disc.


More tips for driving in France

Different speed limits: On country roads 90 km / h, on motorways, cars can only drive 130 km / h. Radar warning devices and navigation devices with corresponding functions are generally prohibited. In case of violation, high fines are threatened. In addition, the police are pulling in the device.

As in Germany, there is a limit of 0.5 in France. Beginners in France may have a maximum of 0.2 per thousand alcohols in the blood. In addition, every vehicle owner is obliged to have an alcohol test. Motorists must wear reflective vest and solid shoes in France - flip-flops and similar footwear is forbidden. It threatens a fine of 75 Euros.

State Secretary distributed safety vests to seniors

State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport, distributed on Tuesday in Bad Nested safety vests to seniors. The action is part of the program "Slow down!” Which aims to reduce the number of road accident victims in the twilight?


Older people are particularly often involved in accidents. According to the Federal Statistics Office, more than half of gotten in traffic pedestrian or cyclist were 2,015 over 65 years. In addition, almost 60 percent of any injured last year in traffic pedestrian lost their lives in the twilight or darkness. Reason enough for Doro thee Bar to visit the old people's home in Bad Nested in the district Rhone-grave field. Overall, they distributed there 30 safety reflective vests to the residents.


National Traffic Safety Program

2015 nearly 397,000 people nationwide crashed on the road. 3,459 died there. 2011, the number was even higher. At that time, 4,009 people died in road traffic. That same year, a national traffic safety program was started. State Secretary distributed reflective fabric vest to seniors for their safety. It aims to reduce the number of road accident victims by 40 percent by the 2020th

The dangers to pedestrians without safety vest

In the meeting the officer Jog was now seniors Tips for safe behavior on the road. Inspired by interested questions from the audience, tires Schneider explained the dangers to pedestrians without safety vest in traffic.


Especially in the dark it was difficult for many drivers to see pedestrians in time. Therefore ripe Schneider recommends safety vests with fluorescent colors such as yellow or orange and reflection stripes. "Without reflection material, a driver can recognize a person only from a distance of 30 meters." With reflective material a pedestrian on the other hand already from 160 meters was seen. "It is important that you are recognized on the road early," warned tires Schneider.


For this are unavoidable safety vests in the dark. "This may not be the fanciest, but it can save lives." Buy one could vests in the automotive retailers in the technical inspection and surveillance services and petrol stations. Besides safety vests there are already too reflective Jute, a reflective umbrella had tires Schneider brought along for the demonstration. He recommended reflectors for spokes cyclists.

Safety vest is the heroine of the clip

Fashion designer argues that saves lives, and our reporter works in practice. Safety vest is the heroine of the clip ... by road builders realized. Bet on glare!" It is to convince young people that even though life jackets are not too chic, it is to wear them, because they improve safety. TVN24 reporter checked how much at night gives the assumption of the garment. Walking with reflective vest is visible from almost 100 meters, while a man in a black jacket appears before the mask suddenly, a dozen meters ahead of the vehicle. In such a situation there is no time to react.


Guarantor security how important is the visibility on the road, also convinces Josef, head of the Traffic Department of the NPM in Poznan. - Adequate visibility is primarily a guarantor of security. Then when we are visible, the driver can react and avoid an accident. The safety distance is the standard range beam which is 150 m. This distance is sufficient to control the vehicle, provided, however, that we are indeed visible?


They went on the bandwagon Drastic cartoon learning behavior on the highway Autos... read more » - Vest years has the same style, however, it is further appealing because of years of saving people's lives. That's what we intend to promote - says spokeswoman Autos. Help you have this person in the world of fashion, founder of the brand Risk. The result is short film collaboration with vests in the lead role. - We want to persuade most people to hold such vests - he says in the clip. To promote vests and reflective jacket invited wizard ever known fashion Karla. "It is yellow; it is ugly and does not fit into anything. But it saves lives," - he argued in the campaign. So we can say that the road builders... follow fashion.

safety vests equipped with vibrating motors

The company MMO announced the commercial version of the chair to be virtual reality. The seat with reflective material rotates 360 degrees, and holding his arm swings in either direction. Everything to reflect as accurately as possible what is happening currently in the game.


This is one of the most advanced gadgets associated with virtual reality, which will go to the broad sales. Production of specialized chair is a Ukrainian company MMO Company, which recently received a safety certificate by TÜV.


To act MMO needs high for at least 4 meters premises with an area of 27 square meters.


Promotional video is impressive. You have to remember that the chair simulates virtual seats. It sounds strange, but it simply means that the equipment works best in conjunction with the games in which you control a car or plane.

The feelings associated with the virtual filming barrels or falling from a height apparently is amazing.

It is not known yet how much will cost equipment, but manufacturers are planning to distribute in the form of leasing, and the chair would rather appear at the point’s entertainment or shopping malls with a reflective tape sign.


Virtual Reality 2.0

MMO appears as an ideal gadget for lovers of virtual reality. Sometimes we hear opinions according to which the actual beginnings of the VR-u we still have to wait. Same helmets worn over the head, even combined with motion controllers, do not allow us to empathize so well in a given situation. It's hard to talk about moving to the virtual world. I still feel that this is just the merit of the screen (actually two screens), which we have right before your eyes.

Partly with the problem that has measured the HTC that your set of virtual reality attached controllers equipped with a vibration function. Speakers mimic the actual impact or shots, what great feel, for example, in the simulator light saber from "Star Wars."


Another idea for the better perception of games in virtual reality projects of special treadmill moving in any direction. The device synchronized with goggles and a computer capable of a more powerful entry into the gaming world with the prospect of the first person, for example. In Warsaw disco VR, or arcade VR, so the running was connected to one of the posts with the game Counter-Strike.


And there are projects safety vests equipped with vibrating motors and speakers, which have to reflect the real world, including VR-those gunshot wounds.

One of the latest devices of this type is Vest's Wooer. Vests were presented in September 2016 year. It has four built-in sensors on the chest and two in the middle of the back, along the spine.

Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility

The big problem is that cyclist’s night is not well regarded. Wearing a safety vest can enhance the visibility and make cyclists be seen and be safer.

Well, now there is a spray that solves this problem...


Volvo has teamed up with a Swedish company to produce a spray Albedo100 whose job it is to make your reflective clothing. While day, natural light is invisible, it reacts with headlamp lights at night, and producing the same effect they have reflective strips.


In addition, it leads to first wash, so I do not have to wear the same clothes (or vest) every time you go out on the bike. It can be applied to a wide range of articles (and textures) different from accessories chic clothing, shoes, helmet, wheelchair or backpack with reflective tape.


Currently, the spray is able test - offering free vela six stores in London - and will expand the availability and internationally, if it proves feasible for commercialization.

Safety vest are so wet from sweating

With temperatures around the freezing point, it is wonderful to take a long hike. In addition, it is very important to maintain body heat. But how do you do now that you are not going to choke after some effort by the heat? Or that your clothes and safety vest are so wet from sweating that you have to go through the cold wet clothes?


In winter you can choose the best of several layers of clothing. Those ways you keep better determine your body heat. You get too hot; you just pull the top layer of clothing.


Three Layer systems

The lower layer ensures that moisture can be discharged, and is composed of thermal undergarments. This underwear is usually made of polyester synthetic fibers hardly retain moisture. Therefore, the sweat can be drained quickly and have a lot less problems with a wet and sweaty body. In very cold weather you can safely carry two thin thermoplastic shirts over each other. Between the layers forms a layer of warm air.


The second layer of clothing has an insulating effect. Think of a vest, a jacket or a sweater. You can choose the best for the fleece material, because of its light weight. The thickness of the material lets you depend on the current weather: the colder it is, the thicker your sweater to be. This layer must be able to drain perspiration.


The upper layer has a protective function: this layer should protect you from wind and precipitation. Also for this layer of clothing, it is important that moisture is easily removed. There are various types of clothing with to obtain such a protective effect, each for a different type of weather:


Windproof, breathable and non-waterproof cloth of this type you use in inclement, dry weather. There are several formats on the market such as light, thin, abrasion-resistant micro fiber (fleece), soft shells and windproof fleece;

Windproof, breathable and waterproof: clothing with these features keeps water from evaporating and allows perspiration. That sounds good, but there are also disadvantages. Not all sweat is removed, so you cannot avoid that you get a little wet. If your reflective jacket is also again on the outside wet by rain, the breathability decreases and you become even wetter;

Windproof, waterproof and breathable non-: actually this really is rain gear that you wear only during a downpour. As soon as the weather is dry, you pull these non-breathable clothing of course as soon as possible. You go there namely very quickly in sweat. Many hikers take a raincoat with them in their pocket or backpack. Do you see a storm coming, the poncho is so attracted. A rain suit slightly better protection against a momentary mood, but is more expensive. In addition, walking with a rain pants by many is experienced as unpleasant. When it is dry and not too cold, you can suffice with the first two layers.


Gloves and hat

It is not necessary to wear gloves constantly in colder weather. You may find it in the beginning fresh without gloves, but you will see, your hands are released quickly to temperature. And it's actually so nice without running. It is very cold; a hat is not a luxury. After all, you lose about forty percent of your energy through your head!



Go for departure after what the weather predictions, so you will not be surprised;

Prevent injuries by allowing your muscles are warm and good also to cool again. In the winter months is that more important than in the rest of the year. In extreme cold, you can warm up and cool down naturally do inside; note the wind chill. With a cold wind may feel colder than it many times indicating thermometer; in extreme cold, it is advisable to grease your lips and face with Vaseline; let your shoes do not dry in the heat, but do some crumpled newspaper in your shoes; beware with smoothness, choose hiking boots with a good profile; make sure that other road users can see you in the rain and in the dark. Use lights and reflective clothing or straps.

The new design safety vest

At this time of the year you can only better protected against cold and wet weather. Moreover, there is a new version of the ordinary Hot Pack. Rain and cold the past few days were ideal for the Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket test (130 Euros). The safety vest does what it promises and that is first and foremost protecting against rain. The droplets slide as the jacket off and the waterproof zipper and taped seams ensure that no leakage of fluid. You will feel more wetness by your own sweat, because the temperature in the Hot Pack can soar despite the breathability.


'Stretch' is another asset of this jacket. The stretch panels at the back and elastic cuffs ensure that the jacket closely. The jacket is rather small. At the front is quite short, at the back it is sometimes longer.


The Hot Pack No Rain Stretch Jacket is predominantly white, with black and red accents and reflective elements. It is easy to fold and fold into a pouch sewn with drawstring for a convenient stowable scoop. With its 130 grams, it is also very light to carry. For much quality you obviously pay a price.



In addition to the stretch version is still the ordinary Hot Pack, one of the best-selling raincoats in the market. In 1999 Sportful came up with the first Hot Pack on the market, a compact jacket against the rain and wind. Persistently test and refine brings us now to the 5th version of this lightweight guardian. This time the back was extended a bit to prevent splashing water, there was a reflective strip back to better stand out, there were fewer seams, some leakage of water prevents even better, and were sleeve closures made longer with an opening thumb to stop off even better the wind.


Hotpack is a compact jacket with a minimum of weight (79 g) and a maximum of protection. Schoeller NanoSphere fabric it makes it water repellent. Wind has no chance: 100% windproof and with an extra high collar. In addition, it has an excellent breathability. This is further enhanced by the extra vents on the back. The integrated bag back immediately serves as a storage pouch. You put him away in your pocket at the outbreak of the sun, or commencing the climb.


Hot Pack 5 is available in the reflective material jacket (85 Euros) and cardigan (70 Euros), and in black, white and fluorescent yellow. Specifically for women, the fit was adjusted. A fluorescent yellow version for women is now. Besides Hot Pack 5 have already a family.

Police in safety vest and traffic wardens

Thirty burned, woman grazed by a firecracker, three to fire bins in the year of bollards and barriers, the safety device worked.


The armored square, with counter-terrorism measures, has also deterred by the excesses and did not stop the fun in town. At New Year's Eve in Piazza XX in Pordenone, everything went smoothly. Be counted on the fingers of one hand, in fact, the mournful notes. There are imposing safety device fielded by the Committee for public order and safety: they took to the field police, police in safety vest and traffic wardens.


At about 2:30 a lady called the police: she had been grazed by a firecracker, launched by "a youngster." The culprit, however, managed to hide in the crowd. Unfortunately, many children and adults have bothered present launching raudi also among the people, regardless of the presence of children. Fortunately there were no consequences.


Entire Western Friuli, only one person was injured, however so slightly, from barrels at year end. It is a thirty year old San Giorgio, who went on their own feet to be healed in the emergency room. A firecracker him burned her forehead: five days of prognosis. It was not hospitalized, but he returned home.


Three principles of fire caused by barrels or fireworks: a fire two bins a cabin. Flames quickly extinguished by firefighters in reflective clothing. Police were called to a fight under the stage in the square, during the festivities. But when the officers arrived, the litigants had already left. Among the curiosities, at about 23:15 in the 113 he was reported a suspicious man with a bulge under his jacket, but it was only a bottle to toast.


One minute after midnight officially took service in the square the new commander of the municipal police Stefano Rossi. "Prefect and superintendent - said Rossi - have adopted a series of security measures that have proven successful, organizing the best agents and services, with tangible results: There were no injuries, no public order problems. Local police has made its contribution, with eight men. "


Even now it begins a close comparison and punctual with the city administration to draw up a list of priorities and plan the most urgent interventions, with targeted responses. "Not all the changes make an improvement, but we need to change to improve", it is the philosophy of the local police commander.


"The city administration - said for his part the minister for security Emanuele - thanks all law enforcement officers, municipal police wearing safety reflective vest in the first place, for having ensured order and security in the festivities. The agents were not able to spend New Year's Eve with their families, but the large presence of uniforms and plainclothes agents have been perceived and have helped to give serenity and happiness to those present. "

Children are protected with reflective safety vest

Holiday program: children wear reflective vest visit the police station background knowledge from television thrillers spot checks. A visit to the police station this year offered the holiday program. The small guests experienced child-friendly manner the everyday work of the police.

Police Chief Commissioner Britta Schroder led the "use", in which they had support from their colleagues Police Commissioner Matthias and police top champion. After being greeted by the deputy head of the police station, Michael, barriers between kids and police officers were immediately eliminated. An all stations of the tour a great Q & A sessions, where it became clear that, probably not least, although some pre-information, but also some misunderstanding from the police everyday made by TV detective series. The young learned that not murder and manslaughter are everyday of coalfield in the center, but rather "harmless" offenses prosecuted, be determined and clarified. A substantial part of the traffic safety, all managed in cooperation with the other departments of the Police Headquarters Freiburg, the Guard is subordinated, heard the children in reflective clothing.

Walking through the area set Britta Schroeder, Matthias also four holding cells in the basement of the building before and let the kids on a cot sample chairs. The children learned that the prisoners have to give their shoelaces and belts for their own protection. Unknown was most children that a police department may detain only 24 hours or less a prisoner. In the police station, the officers showed the technical equipment, the equipment and uniform of an officer of the gun on the handcuffs, baton through to safety safety vest, including a fitting. Fingerprints were taken and the children were - how it photographed at Tut-"real crooks". Of course, the officials had shown the vehicles, one could sample sit, press the siren briefly. All questions were expertly, but were answered for children. The officials understood it to bring entertaining cheerful but also serious stories of everyday police work over, praised the little Anna-Lena. That was so Britta Schroeder and Michael quite well in terms of the host. "We always want to operate with the Holiday Fun actions and recruitment campaigns, represent our most demanding, but also very interesting job".

Wearing yellow safety vest is good

From Thomas J. Schmidt examine companies in the Cargo City North in Frankfurt, why a reporter simply could march on their premises. They are responsible for their safety. Concerned is nobody.


"We would not be possible," says Peter, spokesman for the Munich airport. Anyone passing the barrier, which resulted in limited areas, such as a cargo center would have to show his identity card in Munich.

This has, as reported yesterday, wearing yellow safety vest by Gate 26 enter the Cargo City North and has come up at the airport fence, without being controlled.


"Open gate for terrorists" of the post in the Sunday newspaper is overwritten. Spokesman Christopher Notes: Who rides a bicycle around or whoever north of the A5 Cargo City South with the camera scans aircraft, which is also located directly on the safety fence. "And further than the fence, the reporter has not even come." But just that it is preceded by the Cargo Center North.


Just would not be possible in Munich, assured Prümm. "Everyone on the site must wear a badge on his jacket. Those who do not, is immediately apparent. "A yellow reflective vest, as in Frankfurt, thus is not sufficient in Munich, not to attract attention.


Holschier deems possible that other rules are as in Frankfurt. "Gate 26 is not guarded," he confirmed the newspaper article. "At the bar only, drivers are checked for permission, and that only because there are not many parking spaces." Behind the barriers you have to do it with a user's premises, in which Fraport indeed can build the roads, but otherwise had the resident companies responsible for security. Other approaches to the Cargo-Cities are however guarded strict. This is according Holschier mind that Fraport on the grounds behind it has its own properties and therefore strictly controlled.


Control obligation Companies

That this is so, to the Federal Aviation Agency in Braunschweig did yesterday give any explanation. It has oversight of security measures in the Cargo Cities, but still outside the fence, and clarified with the individual companies whose control obligations. These also depend on the safety requirements for the cargo being transported.


Air Canada is, as described in the article, the most densely at the airport fence. Here, the reporter came up to the fence and then vice versa. At the barrier he was asked by a friendly security guard in safety clothing, where he wanted to go for. Air Canada was concerned even with the internal examination of the incident yesterday and could not take a position.


The representatives of other German airports would not comment on the process - such as Cologne-Bonn. Katja from the airport in Hamburg differs between zones of passenger and visitor traffic, operating zones with limited access and security zones. "The reporter was never in a safety-sensitive area," she said, "but only in the operating areas." Comment wants it not.

Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest


"Good morning, Santa Claus would serve you!” Peter Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest and held out a chocolate heart. Together with a colleague from the ADFC was the wheeled coach at Ehinger Tor before the tax authorities and bestowed on St. Nicholas the cyclists who rode with intact light in the cold to work.


Even those who were illegally traffic no lights were given a gift: a voucher for a repair over a party of four on the action Ulmer bike shops. "But only some ten percent of cyclists had no intact light", Beckmann was pleased with the good rate.


ADFC participated together with the city this year again at the Nicolaus lighting action that the Ulmer Aktionsbündnis "FahrRad in Ulm" as part of "Tu's love" campaign of the working group bicycle-friendly municipalities in Baden-Württemberg performs.


"The aim is to make the cyclist's attention, the more they are seen on the road, the safer it is for them," said Christian, since one week bicycle commissioner of the city. Together with three other volunteers, she stood at the level of the Metzger tower the Danube Bike Path and she was impressed not only whether the rain cycling morning from six o'clock but also because they only encountered three of 85 cyclists without lights.


"There are actually encouraging many people in spite of the low temperatures with the wheel on the road," she said. And not only that: many have to their standard lighting also safety clothing in the form of vests, additional reflectors and flashing accessories per se.


"With the result we can live well," Peter Beckmann, who also led a tally on the passing Ulmer said. The result is impressive: 110 cyclists, of which only eleven with broken light. "But mostly was only the rear light affected," he said. But the most interesting was a Radler been told Beckmann, who had been standing at the traffic lights on and off his light before driving. Why, he cannot explain, of course.


How were the cyclists themselves the action? "Mostly positive", said Wolfgang Mattheis ADFC. Where not the entire offer for the discount voucher accepted: "Thank you, no time", one who drove without lights cried. In return, another was remorseful, but did not reveal their names.


It is actually when driving a bicycle without lights, as well as the car to a misdemeanor. And that is punished by the police in reflective vest with a fine. Exactly how much it costs, Beckmann did not know but: "Depending on the situation," he said. "If the police officer is in a good mood, sometimes leaves even with a ten."

Various facilities for cyclists in safety vest

Since Thursday, a radar speed sign was installed avenue of Paris, an initiative of a group of insurance, also contributing to an awareness campaign for students in reflective vest of a school in our city.

This insurance company also contributes to the awareness and road safety by providing the various cities and towns of a radar speed sign.


"This action is part of an educational framework; barometer developed by our company demonstrates in fact that the rate continues to be excessive in urban areas. 52% of drivers have a sense of insecurity in the city and 46% of them report regularly circulate at 65 kilometers above the speed limit, "said Celine at the reception at the Town Hall.


Joel noted "The city is very attentive to the safety of citizens."

Support Assistant the public space recalled the various arrangements made with the installation of speed bumps trays and various facilities for cyclists in safety vest and cyclists (more and more) without forgetting prevention at the school gate.


Mr. Lefebvre noted "The city will be able to better understand and analyze the speed and adapt its actions to improve road safety."



addition a poster campaign showcased their agency, and Pascal Vincent, in cooperation with Axa Prevention offered educational booklets in the series "The Adventures horn" to students the kindergarten and elementary school Laennec.

Playful and educational works designed by Axa Prevention in partnership with Michel Education.

Another gesture insurance agent, high visibility vests for pupils of the two aforementioned schools.

Safety vest let pedestrian isnít defenseless

In the autumn-winter period, police in safety vest have to caring more about pedestrians. The rain limited visibility, inattention of pedestrians and drivers, and soon the gathering dusk and misery ready.


Just last week in Gorzow there were two accidents involving pedestrians. Both happened on the street. 6 December, 21-year-old driver of the jeep hit a 13-year-old. The next day, a few hundred meters away, 74-year-old head of Ford hit a 52-year-old. The result of these events was fracture in foot. In 2016, the district occur 34 accidents involving pedestrians, who killed 4 people and 32 were injured. In 2015, there were 31 events, two people were killed and 32 were injured.


And here arises the eternal question - which is to blame? Is pedestrian who suddenly barged into the street and stopping even for a split second, whether the driver who did not slow down before entering the crosswalk? Each event is different, but many of them can be avoided. Police remind that pedestrians need to wear a reflective vest to take care of visibility. Drivers should be focused all the time.


- Short days are not conducive to the safety of pedestrians. Quickly the gathering dusk makes passing through the street people are barely visible. The situation does not improve clothing in dark colors - explains Yarashevich team press police. Pedestrians also forgot about the one basic principle that learning in every kindergarten, first look to the left then right and left again and just move briskly!


Poland does not have a provision that would require the driver to stop when a pedestrian approaches the crossing. - Pedestrians have priority when they are already on the transition - said Jaroszewicz. But it is worth to observe oncoming traffic. We are not sure whether the driver of the car in time we notice. Short way to set-off is a situation in which a pedestrian onto the road behind obstacles or directly under a moving vehicle. The driver will not have time to stop the car. In the autumn-winter period the braking distance can be extended by the wet or icy surface.


The police urge to wear reflective elements also in urban areas. Besides the pedestrians do not have other option - the rules clearly state that glare must wear each. But there are exceptions: the pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective material, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians.

Police regularly carry out actions aimed at pedestrian safety. Officer’s education starts already among the youngest. Those elders must reckon with the legal consequences of their behavior. Irresponsible drivers and pedestrians dismissive rules are admonished by the police. Officers traced back not only mandated blocks. In the event of serious infringements of the matter direct to the court.

Safety vest for the cycling enthusiasts

Autumn is obviously a time when we leave their bikes in garages. It remains; however, a group of enthusiasts who gravitate continue their kilometers with wearing safety clothing. You can join them! Just remember a few things.

The truth is that in our climate autumn cyclists does not spoil and often surprises with morning frost, rain and wind aura. For all these disadvantages should still make later rising sun and before the gathering dusk. In short - the cyclist fall is not easy.


The first and most important rule - Be seen! Cyclist traveling on the road must be visible to the driver. Not only dark, but in the day. Keep in mind that in the autumn air transparency is much smaller. Manufacturers of sports clothes have a wide color palette. It is worth investing in special armbands, reflective vests or other reflective elements. In addition, shortly after nightfall, remember to ignite lights: white front and red rear. The rear light is best to put on a backpack on his jacket or helmet. For your safety, you must shine like a Christmas tree!

Beware of road surface marking on the road, painted white or yellow paint, especially on the lanes and pedestrian crossings. This is what "white" on the road can be very slippery, especially after rains.


Thirdly, and no less significant than the above - consistently forcing drivers to comply with an order to circumvent wheelers at a distance of not less than one meter. Yes, deliberately and with premeditation I took the word "forcing". Horse "close as possible to the right edge of the road" does not mean running next to the curb. You have to take an amendment to the opening doors of parked cars, potholes and other obstacles. Hooking pedal curb can lead to overturning the rider and dangerous accident. Safe distance is about 1 meter from the curb - and beyond. Then biker has more room for maneuver if you notice any obstacle. It will be able to bypass the right rather than the left. I know from experience that this is not always possible, but helps a lot riding on at least half a meter from the curb, not next to him. If the way that you move is not even enough space to perform a dangerous maneuver safely try not to make sudden maneuvers, trying to avoid an obstacle. Remember that such a sudden "dodge" for moving the driver of the car you can be quite a surprise if in this moment is going to overtake you.


Security is one of the elements on which it is worth paying attention to preparing for the fall on a bicycle. However, we must remember to take care of appropriate clothing. What a pleasure to drive if we are cold and all have wet autumn rain?


The basic principle is to not allow extracting excessive amounts of moisture (sweat) by our body. Otherwise, simple cotton clothing will sweat and wet will stick to our body. That is why it is worth to reach for clothing thermo active. Thermal clothing provides better ventilation, easier to keep it constant body temperature. The main task of the service is thermo discharge of sweat from the skin surface. This is essential for our comfort. By moisture cools the body much faster than in dry conditions.


You should also keep in mind the volatility of the autumn weather. And this rain is the biggest bane of the rider. It is necessary here adequate security of your wardrobe. Manufacturers of sportswear offer a wide variety of jackets, trousers or raincoats. It is with you all the time to have a coat or jacket, which at any time can be removed from the bag or backpack. Such a protective jacket certainly is not a great burden for our luggage. A good solution is the reflective jacket tourist soft-shell or models with detachable fleece.

If you plan to ride well in the winter, you can think about the gloves of the membrane layer. As quickly we reach for the scarf and hat.

Primary School "quite bright" with safety vest

Especially for first year of school in the fall and winter is dangerous. Many do not know the route, and certainly not in the dark. In addition, each road crossing is a potential hazard. Remedy can create a luminous safety vest, so that children can be detected directly by motorists.


For this reason, the motor-sports friends Theeltal distributed in the ADAC under the safety action "A Bright Future" at the St. Michael Elementary School 51 west to the graders - 51 safety reflective vests 750 000 nationwide.


"The first year should see that they are much better and faster recognized with a vest of other road users. Thus, a timely response - which can save lives, "explains Lothar Schu of the motor-sports friends. He also appealed to the parents to ensure that the children every morning to leave the house with reflective jacket.

Safety vest is needful for winter travel by car

Heavy snowfall can paralyze road even in the most developed regions. Safety vest is needed on the road as an accessory for enhance visibility. We tend to forget that low temperatures are dangerous for us even when we travel by car. How to prepare for a trip at this time of year?


The holiday season is a time when many of us get behind the wheel, to visit their families. In addition to beautiful landscapes winter launches us a lot of dangers on the road. One of the causes of deaths in the winter is inappropriate to prepare the car for the season and the lack of knowledge of how to behave when stuck while traveling due to a car breakdown or bad weather conditions.


Check the condition of the car

Winter is not enough to change tires summer for "winter tires". You should also check the coolant level and oil. If necessary, change the oil on a winter version. By frequent rain are also needed efficient wipers and washer fluid level, also in the winter version. And most important, although so obvious - have fueled car.


HOW TO PROTECT AUTO from destruction?

An absolute must is winter tires. These seasonal are meaning less secure. "Winter tires" effective "discharge" snow, and above all they can to keep their optimal at low temperatures.


Prepare for travel

Check the detailed weather forecast. If the conditions on the roads will be particularly hampered by the rapid deterioration of the weather, it is better to consider the ratio travel to another date.


Even if you do not you are going to Siberia, take care of high-energy dry food, a thermos of hot drink and a couple of bottles of water. In the event of an unwanted stop, rationally utilize these stocks.

Leaving on a trip, you should also tell your family or friends about your estimated time of arrival at your destination.


Travel, especially the winter, may be prolonged. You never know how much time we have to spend in the car if you encounter difficulties. What in such situations, you should have with you? Certainly charged the phone and car charger - in the event of an accident will be able to ask for help or reassure relatives and inform about the delay. In the car we carry the sleeping bag or blanket; a small shovel will be useful and the torch - the best pulse with extra batteries.


Equipped with our car should include a first aid kit, essential medications and bright fabric, which, if the car is immobilized, will serve as a signal flag. It also serves an additional bright item of clothing, for example, Reflective vest.

The situation can save taken together handy tool - the wheel wrench, screwdriver or pliers, wires for the motor starter and snow chains.


How to behave in case of emergency?

When on the road will surprise us blizzard or your car breaks down, it is necessary, if possible, to push it to the side. If the aid is not visible in the distance, you should not go out of the car and look for it, when we do not know the area. We get lost and wandering in the snow and cold can only weaken our forces. On the air car's put a flag signaling.


When the "stuck" in the car, it rationally heating (fuel may come to an end). The engine in this case, turns on periodically. Make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered. We must be careful not to poison the exhaust.


Pushing a car at low temperatures may charge our heart. In such situations we should avoid overexertion, but do not forget the gentle movement exercises, which will help maintain proper blood circulation.


Alarm phones

When you're trapped by winter weather, it is worth remembering about the most needed numbers. And when you are waiting for the police, don't forget to wear reflective clothing even on the roadside.

Police in safety vest inquiry the accident

When police in safety vest ask the driver why stock the 70sheeps, the goods heavy driver claims that did not realize the presence of animals crossing the road.


Dozens of sheep were collected by a truck on the morning of Monday, September 5, in Almeirim County. The accident occurred when the herd crossed the 114 National Road (EN114), as happens regularly, a task in which participated a couple and their pastor. The driver of the heavy goods will be not aware of the presence of the flock, having just rammed by the animals, killing about 70 sheep. The herd owner refers to a loss of around 7,000 Euros.


The alert for the accident, which did not cause any personal victim, happened about 11 am on Monday, 5 September. Parents flock owner were at the side of the road, one in each direction of the road, armed with a reflective jacket, to signal the crossing of the flock. A task that is performed almost daily at the site of the EN114, between the roundabout linking Almeirim to Route Complementary No.10.


The heavy goods belonging to a company based in municipality, circulated towards Fox - Almeirim. On the other hand they followed a few cars that stopped to give way to the flock. Although not have wanted to make a statement to reporters, he said the trucker will only realized the presence of a dust cloud. It slowed its speed but did not stop and when he realized already had hit the animals picked up ahead.

Contrary to the version of the driver, the owner of the herd, consisting of about 600 animals, told newspaper, that the crossing was signaled by the presence of their parents, in both directions.


On site were 12 members of the Fire Department Almeirim Volunteers in reflective vest, supported by four cars, as well as soldiers from the Traffic Department and the Territorial Office, the National Republican Guard, which took account of the event and who conducted the investigation of the circumstances that that accident has occurred.

Drivers wear safety vest to keep safe

The risk education introduced in 2009 and became a compulsory part of driver training is found to have a negative effect on the 16-20-year-olds. It also reduces the desire to wear reflective vest.


According to an evaluation of the mandatory risk training, made by VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, the majority of respondents answered that the training has provided a greater understanding of the risks in traffic. The report, however, show a difference in younger people, those between 16-20 years. The group says they see negative changes in their own ability compared with other motorcyclists in safety vest and the perception of speed and alcohol after the training.


By and large, the report shows that the desire to wear so-called high visibility vest declined while more who have passed risk education have a better attitude to wear a helmet and safety equipment than the other.


As for the reason for why accidents and driving technique gives education a better risk awareness overall.

Safety vests on emergency evacuation bus

Security exercise organized by the County Council from 6th graders.

6th Students in safety vest had to get out as quickly as possible on the bus. In the first trial, it took nearly 30 seconds ... before finally reaching the timer 14 seconds on how to position themselves in the bus and how to get out without embarrassment.


Between these two tests: the valuable guidance of a volunteer of road safety.

For all this was only an exercise officially launching the operation organized by the County Council. Thus Nicolas Lacombe, vice president of the County Council in charge of Education and School Transport, was present, "to show our focus on safety”. Youth, he insists on wearing a yellow reflective vest, "especially when they are waiting in the countryside”.


At the end of the practical exercise, new college students watched a video raising awareness of road safety rules, so that they subsequently adopt in their daily lives, good reflexes. Note that since this year, the regulations were adapted and wearing this reflective fabric vest has become mandatory to access the bus.


In total, all the 6th graders (more than 4,000) have been trained in each college, "transport competence returning next year in the Region, it is probably the last time it is provided by the Department” stated Nicolas Lacombe.

150 self-service scooters with safety vest in Paris

Self-service scooters join the brigades in Paris. From this Tuesday, 150 electric City-scoots are offered, in the center of Paris, with helmets and yellow safety vest.


The City-scoots are added to the Vélib and Autolib Parisiens from this Tuesday. In the center of the capital, 150 white electric scooters are offered on a self-service basis. To be able to drive them, you must have a permit or be born before 1988. By the fall of 2016, they will be 500 and will cover the entire capital.


To take a City-scoot, no need for key or magnetic card, just have a phone and once registered, download an application. You will know where the scooter is located closest to you. You receive a code that will allow you to start the scooter. You have 10 minutes to go retrieve it. In the saddle of the scooter, there is a helmet and a yellow vest. The scooter is bridled and it does not exceed 45 km / hour.


A City-scoot can be rented from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm in the evening. They do not drive at night to avoid alcoholic drivers who might have an accident. Using a City-scoot costs 28 cents a minute, 20 cents if you take a pack. Count between 3 and 4.5 Euros for an average journey of 15 minutes. To park, it is the scooter that tells you if you are within the authorized perimeter. No need to lock it, just leave it on a spot. The scooter is permanently located.


The designers of City-scoot have been testing in Paris for 6 months with 1,500 people. They propose to the users who would not be used to driving a scooter to follow a free training for the handling of the machine. For now, out of 20,000 trips already made, only three clashes are to be deplored.


City-scoot hopes to make a margin place in Paris. Every day, 120,000 motorized two-wheelers with reflective vest travel the streets of the capital.

Road safety: the students wear safety vest

Bracieux nine college students received the National Order of Merit for their project around the port of yellow reflective vest.


Thursday, June 16, Hubert school in Bracieux has hosted prestigious guests. Valerie Goff, academic director of the department and Alain, Chief of Staff of the prefect, had traveled to greet the “amazing work and smart" 9 students.

For over a year, these college students and their history teacher, Romaric set up a project on the promotion of wearing safety vest. “We were surrounded by two professors of the college and then we got a grant from the Highway Safety to help us finalize the project," says Camille, a student participating in this production.

As a reward, they received the National Order of Merit awarded by the medalists and departmental chairman, Jean-Claude. “Now we will communicate this production to the national jury of the Order of Merit in Paris. We truly support this project because it is in time and we will do everything for it to go away, "says Jean-Claude.


Eight panels on a wall tell the story of the yellow vest over the centuries. It is amazing project Romaric and 9 of his students. “It was a kind of timeline incorporating the yellow vest in paintings and texts of our history book" says Camille.


"A Citizens' Agenda"

But basically, the idea germinated in the head Romaric. The teacher wanted to start a project that echoes an internal problem in college. “Many students ride bicycles or off the bus without wearing a yellow vest, he says, so we already wanted to trigger awareness in them.”

In depicting characters from the middle Ages coating the yellow vest, Romaric has integrated this item in history to "create a reflex" for these college students. Professor promotes another type of prevention, bypassing the awareness campaigns it deems ineffective.

This production, own students, allowed them to “take ownership history “, adding a touch of humor to the illuminations of the Middle Ages. What, hopefully, to get the message to their peers.

Students should wear the safety vest

Thursday, September 29, 2016 at dawn, a major road safety awareness operation took place in Saint-Lô in the direction of students using school buses. Students need to wear safety vest on the school bus.


It was still dark night, a little before 7: 30 pm, Thursday, September 29, 2016, when Olivier, Chief of Staff of the Prefect of the Channel , Hubert, coordinator of road safety, Dominique Morel , county councilor, Eric, the Service transport users Department and police were waiting for school bus near the Curie-Corot schools. They were there to educate young people about good attachment of the safety belts in buses and the port of yellow vest when the young is pedestrian, before taking the bus, or just after.


Because of school exclusion

Initially, the authorities are sticking to prevention. These young people can be prepared to start accompanied driving or consider soon pass the driving license for some of them.

"Everyone must feel their security officials”, said Olivier. As for Dominique Morel, she recalled that, in case of persistence reckless sanctions may occur: "Warning to families and temporary and even permanent exclusion from the school bus if not reflective vest”.

To motivate a little more these college students, a competition-challenge with questions about the security offered to them. With gifts to win and the opportunity for the best of the 74 colleges of the department of landing a trophy!

Safety vest keep youíre safer on Thanksgiving holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday and the weekend of Nov. 1 are marked by significant traffic flow. The security forces will control the road safety. When you need to go out, wearing a reflective vest is better than the dark clothes; it can make you be visibility and be safer.


On the occasion of Thanksgiving holiday and including November 1, traffic flows are important on the roads department. Morbihan prefecture called road users with the greatest vigilance, strict compliance with the rules of the Highway Code and adopt a responsible and prudent behavior, adapted to the weather and traffic. The move to winter time and the possible degradation of weather conditions in the autumn increase, in fact, the risk of road accidents.


Tighter controls

Throughout this period, the police thus remain at a high level traffic controls operations - including unmarked - to punish dangerous behavior (alcohol, drugs, speeding, and failure to respect the rules of priority or distances safety, use of mobile devices ...) and protect lives. It is the responsibility of everyone to travel safely during this weekend traditionally accident-prone. The road safety major operation "See and be seen", launched in 2015 by the gendarmerie group will also be extended from 31 October to 11 November 2016 on the entire department. Like last year, this transaction will allow police in safety vest, during roadside checks, educate vehicle operators, whose condition does not allow safe movement (lighting, wipers...), the risks they face. After the operation, the drivers still do not respect these safety rules will be fined.


Make sure that your headlights are in order (properly adjusted) and in good working order Turn-your headlights when the light of day decreases or when road conditions are bad Clean your windows (including side) both inside and outside, regularly check the condition of your wipers and tires have handy sunglasses. Be vigilant with respect to other road users who are less visible at this time of the year cyclists, motorcycles and pedestrians on public roads must always be seen by motorists and wear reflective clothing. This rule is especially fitting for schoolchildren on the way to school

Posted at the main entrance with its safety vest


“For a day reserved for saints, I find it incredibly alive cemetery!" There are Jokes a young woman with her arms. The same people who, since this weekend, almost all bloom on the graves of France, including those of the region. “I think this is the first year that I see so many people walking around with reflective material buckets, brushes, flowerpots, since last week ... this morning, it does not stop! "


Just steps from his office, posted at the main entrance with its bright yellow vest, watches the comings and goings of visitors. Holder of a day, a member of the association Canal (Assistance return to work) the rest of the time, “relieves people to arm a little too full of flowers," or those "who have trouble walking." “Oh no, that I refuse, it's not my type!  "He laughs. It is that paradox or not, it reigns as an air of gaiety in the cemetery of Roubaix, on Tuesday morning. That joke, that short, that “chatting quietly“at the corner of a grave. November 1 is finally an opportunity for many families to honor their deceased relatives but also to be together.


A striking contrast

And then there are the chapels (over 500), impressive gray graves that still bear the names of the largest families who made his fortune in Roubaix industry in the years 1800 - 1900.


Here, cracks, broken tiles or even yard grills sometimes replace pomponettes as an ornament. The few people crossed in the affected paths turn out to be visitors, architecture lovers or just curious. But no issue is in sight. "  Yet there remain but they are discreet when they wear the clothes with reflective tape come," "last week, the Mulliez were there," "most family members who are still alive no longer live in Roubaix, many even left France, "we says one between two graves. Strange contrast is between the first cross graves, flowers and colorful, and these, in certain charm but sadly neglected and gray ... At the point of becoming the great forgotten of All Saints?

Safety vest for the second night

Freddy Litter, technician Northern Athletics League, attended the ValJoly late last week to finalize the last details of the night trail that will take place on 22 October.

On this occasion, we met Freddy Litter, to know new 2016 event.


How is the preparation of this second edition?

Freddy Litter: "Well, we are in the final details for the course. The program remains the same as last year with a trail of 12 km, a gourmet walking 6 or 10 km and our tours are available, too, Nordic walking with wearing safety vest".


What's new this year?

FL: "This is an event which wants festive and casual with the best costume contest: winners win their entry for next year but also accommodation. This year, the enrollment of fewer than 12 is free to encourage families to move and try. This gratuity is possible if parents and young people are on the same type of test, that is to say, all in all, or trail running. Food lovers will be supplies to local color, sweet and savory.  "


What is the safety equipment necessary to participate?

FL: "We have more than 40 volunteers will be mobilized on the track and on the three supplies to ensure safety and smooth running of the event. However, each participant will be provided with a reflective vest and a headlamp. For trailers (12 km), a medical certificate is required to validate their registration. "


How many people are you expecting?

FL: "Last year, for the first, we had 550 participants representing 300 walkers and 250 trailers. Registration is open for three weeks, we have already registered 130, which suggest that we should meet and exceed the figure of last year. No registration will be done on site. It is important for us because it allows us to anticipate the needs for the big day. "


What type of participants with reflective clothes of the night?

FL: "We find road racers and pure trailers juice. However, the majority of participants are local because the proposed distances do not exceed 12 km. Nevertheless, the fact that there is accommodation on site is rare on most of the events calendar and can change this factor. And encourage participants living more than one hour ValJoly to come and try this type of event and a moment of conviviality. The winner of last year, Beauvais, will not be this year. "

Safety vest for the lighting and visibility of cyclists

Headlights front and rear, safety vest and reflectors on the wheels and on the pedals are compulsory equipment when traveling by bike, especially when night falls more quickly, as is the case today.


And there are still too many cyclists who forget that they are not always clearly visible to motorists without reflective material. An action will be conducted in Charleroi this thank you around 16:30 near the Form and the former roundabout of the three cocks.


For Hélène, the head of the GRACQ,"A motorist must see the cyclist as soon as possible so that he has time to shift in relation to him. We still see in the street many cyclists dressed in Wearing a reflective vest is not mandatory but it is advisable, especially young people who are not well equipped while they are, for example, on the way to school.”


At 16h30 this Wednesday, the GRACQ will distribute equipment kits to the cyclists too dark. And the others, better equipped, will be entitled to a small chocolate.

Safety vest in the car is compulsory

Many car drivers are likely to already carry a reflective vest in their vehicle. Because these are, for example, required in certain EU Member States for a long time and sometimes threatening heavy fines for non-compliance. Or because it is a commercially used vehicle - as applies the Reflective jackets are compulsory also for some time.


Who contrast still land filled until now no waistcoat in his car, must now be active. Because from the first July 2014, the safety vest in the car in Germany is compulsory. Then, all cars registered in Germany, as well as trucks and buses, have a reflective vest on board, such as the Dakar telling. Motorcycles are still excluded.


Per vehicle a safety vest for the driver must be available to the new rule. He must, if he leaves the vehicle on public roads, such as after a breakdown or accident, wear. The vests shall comply with European standard EN ISO 20471: 2013 match. This requirement calls for a 360-degree visibility by encircling, at least five centimeters wide reflective strips. Furthermore, fluorescent material is prescribed in yellow, orange or red-orange. Finally, the vest must have a velcro.


These vests can be seen everywhere in car accessory shops, often at petrol stations and of course the internet buying. Currently, car owners can but avoid the expense of the safety vest and still comply with the safety vest requirement: Because the Dekra the vests for free in their nationwide 76 branches write.


The safety vest should be deposited at hand, for example, in the glove compartment, under the seat or in the side pocket of the door. The seat should they contrast not better hang, because the signal color to fade over time by exposure to sunlight, such as the Dekra warns. Attention: applies in some European countries, unlike in Germany, that any person who drives the vehicle about at a leaves Panne, must wear a vest.

20 children are wearing the safety vest

The cold season begins and it brings mainly cloudy and poor visibility with it. Children are on the road to the most vulnerable road users. They are particularly vulnerable if they are not sufficiently "visible" to other road users.


To be seen better in rain, fog or twilight, children should wear bright, high-contrast clothing. The trade offers - pretty handy - even jackets with reflective tape on. For jackets or west without incorporated reflectors reflective designs can subsequently ironed for little money. Also good choices are reflective bands that can be worn around wrists and ankles, and if necessary can be applied quickly and find any jacket pocket.


For children who are traveling by bicycle, there are even bicycle helmets that shine. Should not be forgotten, the control of lights and reflectors on the wheel, which are used frequently in the dark season. Because: Especially with the battery after a long summer, where the lights were not needed, suddenly empty.


The school knapsacks have also reflective areas. If these are with stickers, they do not serve the traffic safety. The classic mounted on jacket or bag, are often lost. This has also Ulrike, principal of elementary school found: "tear off quickly."


Therefore, there is for the first year of school for several years now bright yellow west from ADAC hooded. They are not only quite loud and clearly visible on a few meters distance from other road users; they also have reflective strips and look pretty from. The following is the I-males. "The vests are cool", the students have found. Class teacher Cornelia has distributed the fluorescent jackets a few days ago in its class. Almost all of the 20 children are wearing the safety vest every day. The traffic safety training at the elementary school they become real little traffic detectives. And so it should ultimately be in the best case.

The obligation to hold a yellow safety vest

Since January 1, motorbikes of more than 106 hp can finally move freely in France ... if you count among the few models to Euro 4 standards, pending official statement in answer to retrofit! As if this maddening indecision was not enough, 2016 also marks the obligation to hold a yellow safety vest and motorcycle scooter and motorcycle begin training by the A2 license, regardless of age.

1. No retrofit ... but still more restrictions!

Since the beginning of the year, French bikers can travel on motorcycles with a power exceeding 106 hp - after some three decades unfairly clamped! - Provided they are equipped with ABS (mandatory in 2016 for all new motorbikes over 125 cc) and meet the Euro 4 standard, now imposed on all new models.

Among the few involved motorcycles available on January 1 include the Multistate 1200 DVT, accessible in "Full Power" for some months due to relevant administrative forcing Ducati.

In competition motorcycles over 100 hp with Euro 4 standards of new products unveiled in the second half 2015 whose official launch is coming. They will therefore not be available at dealerships for several weeks at best by the end of the month according to our information.

This is the case for example of the new BMW R Nine T Scrambler, Honda, Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZZR1400, Triumph Speed ​​Triple and Explorer or Yamaha FJR1300 and MT-10, and the KTM Super Duke GT (read our Special Feature New 2016).

However, no official statement has been signed by the Government to enable free movement in "Full Power" from all other motorcycles over 106 hp meet the previous standards - the overwhelming majority - despite pressure biker associations and manufacturers to clarify the retroactivity of the unlock, commonly called "retrofit".

This means that at present, it is impossible to buy a new motorcycle Euro 3 in free version, including the most recent like Yamaha R1 exits in 2015!

This stagnation also infuriating and unjust also prevents owners of motorcycles currently clamped to 106 hp to legally "skip the bride" on their motorcycle to restore the original configuration.

To justify its slowness, the government relies on the fact that the European Parliament certainly forced to end the "French exception" on the bikes sold from 1 January 2016, but his directive does not apply to the previous generations of motorcycles.

In other words, retrofitting and conditions are at the discretion of the French State, which intends to take the opportunity to dictate its rules: a draft decree presented in October and plans to limit the retroactivity of depredate solely bikes with the ABS...

2. Mandatory detention of high visibility vest for 2 and 3-wheelers

If the government is deliberately treading water when it comes to making the riders the freedom to which they have legitimate access (remember that no power constraint is exercised by car, regardless of the age of the driver or the car), its repressive methods, they do take no delay!

And since 1 January 2016, all bikers and scooter riders must be in possession of a retro-reflective vest and wear it in case of breakdown or accident.

This obligation involves not wearing the reflective vest while driving, but to hold a "storage in their vehicle (net, safe)," the official text. Nuance size!

In case of control, the fine for lack vest on board the motorcycle or scooter is 11 Euros. And if you do not wear in case of emergency stop, plum reached 135 Euros!

Two other important details to consider: from the moment it is CE, this vest "high visibility" can be a color other than yellow (orange, for example, like those used in public works), even if a majority of vests sold commercially adopt the neon yellow.

Moreover, a simple armband like those worn by cyclists is not enough: the order setting the terms of this requirement explicitly refers to a "garment worn on the upper body" type "chasuble, jacket or vest."

3. The A2 license for all!

Another new strain ready to fall on the helmet of motorcyclists in 2016: the obligation to begin training for the A2 license, regardless of the age of the candidate. So far, only the age of 24 had to go through the "A2 box", which restricts driving motorcycles of less than 35 kW (47.5 hp). Above that age, the training could begin by the license says "big cube" (permit A).

Ironically justified by the "end of the limitation to 100 hp power of motorcycle" at the IRB in October, this measure scheduled for early 2016 raises the concern of many professionals, who fear a decline in the number of registered in the motorcycle license.

And again, the unfairness of this measure what ruffle the hair since no restriction of this sort is imposed during the transition from automobile license!

Specifically, the government estimates that a driver of 18 years (or 16 years in accompanied driving) may well start driving a Ferrari 500 hp, but it is imperative that a rider of 30, 40 or 60 years make his weapons for two years on a motorcycle with only 50 hp ...

4. Mandatory soon Gloves

Finally, last measurement for both users and three-wheeled whose binding was announced last fall by Manuel at the IRB: the obligation to wear gloves motorcycle or scooter, as advocated by the report Regis prefect in 2013.

Originally scheduled for 1 January - decidedly! - This new law is not yet formally entered into force, until the State Council vote a decree specifying in particular approvals of standards imposed on those gloves with reflective tape.

This obligation will - for once - in a good way, to the extent that it will encourage all users to equip themselves well, already widely with reflective tape followed by almost all riders (with a few exceptions, notably in the summer city).

However, he would have considered good that this measure is accompanied by financial compensation (reduction in VAT, for example); to help motorcyclists and scooter riders cope with the added expense but also to equip correctly. But nothing seems planned in this direction now ... Too bad.

We comfort with a positive event for bikers in 2016: the establishment in February of experimenting with interfiles traffic on highways to Ile-de-France (including peripheral), Boucher-du Rhône, Gironde and the Rhone. The picture of the new year is not completely black for motorbike users!

Driverís participated pupils wearing safety vest

Near Elementary School in Lido on Friday held another event called the Devil or Nicholas. Together with the police to check driver’s participated pupils wearing safety vest of the local school, she told the server police abuse prevention Vltava Malay.

"Traffic police fine and received significant reinforcements. At a checkpoint near an elementary school in Lido helped them with inspections of vehicles and drivers of local students," explained Nalchik.

Children learn how control is done, what a breath test and why checks are carried out. About all of them except the police and said regional coordinator SCUBA. At the end of the scan and children acceded to drivers and evaluate the result of the check. The driver got from schoolchildren either angel or devil. Background with gifts opinion was not policemen, those in order to increase the safety of passengers handing out reflective vests. I coordinator BESIP came with a small gift.

"With children we checked before thirty vehicles. We found no serious violations. Even so, the children handed out seven devils drivers who did only some minor infraction committed. In most cases, these were inappropriate storage of items in the vehicle that would, in case of an accident may cause injury. He came and drivers with bad lighting vehicle and one driver yet nebula summer tires for winter, "said the policeman result of the action.

Fall is for pedestrians and cyclists with out on the road tragic. Relatively early nightfall

And many do not realize that without proper clothing are visible on the road, reflective elements then both September and 200 meters. It is a distance that can save your life.

How to shine on hundreds of meters?

According to BESIP are many colors of the clothes dangerous even in slow city traffic! They all should invest in a few kale reflective elements. They will not have to autumn and winter wardrobe change and yet remain in relative safety. The driver sees is more than ten times greater than the distance in dark clothes.

In the village, avoid dark

Even in the relative safety of towns and villages beware and avoid dark

At a speed of 50 km / h requires the driver to react and evasive 2 seconds after that traveled 28 meters. It's enough to make even not enough to react to pedestrians in red, black or dark blue.

Outside the resort: Only white and reflective

Walking in the shadows along the roads is a gamble with life. At a speed of 80 km / h travels driver for two seconds required for the reaction of 44 meters. The security is so ahead just people in white and reflective elements, other risk that there is not enough notice.

Participants should wear safety vest

The City Council Celle collaborates with the company routes in organizing the first walk Night "Alias Zombie", which will be the 11th and already has 500 subscribers. Cup matches Delegation of Orientation Sport, at 16:30, in the spa area of ​​twine.

The output of the hike is in the Spa of Alias from 21:30 to 23:00, every 15 minutes, and tours will be from 8 to 15 kilometers, making for the longer route to the last departure at 22: 00 hours. The price is $ 6, and includes supplies and chocolate. Participants should wear safety vest and flashlight.

And tomorrow, the People's House of twine hosts a symposium oriented sports, from 17:00 to 19:30 hours, for educators, in animation sports and tourism.

New Year: Departure massive vehicles in Region Metropolitan congested roads

It is expected that on December 31, about 43 thousand cars Santiago leave via exit South, with an average of 3 thousand vehicles per hour from 14:00 hours of the day at the toll Angostura.

During Wednesday night, several social networking users have reported a massive congestion on various roads, specifically those that unite tourist localities in the country with the Metropolitan Region.

Route 5 North, Route 5 and Route 68 had a large number of drivers throughout the night, with particular congestion in the vicinity of the tolls.

In fact, it was reported that the trip from Santiago to Vine del Mar, between 22:00 and 03:00 in the morning ended up taking more than five hours.

In the area of ​​San Fernando de la Route 5 southbound, traffic was interrupted by work for firemen in pasture burning. Meanwhile, on Route 68 occurred in an accident at Km. 20 towards Santiago, so it should have restricted the track.

It is expected that on December 31, about 43 thousand cars Santiago leave via exit South, with an average of 3 thousand vehicles per hour from 14:00 hours of the day at the toll Angostura, so slice up Rancagua could introduce delays for drivers with reflective tape.

However, if you try to rush the start of the large influx vehicle will be lowered and the rate in pesos from 07:00 am to 13:00 pm.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that on Thursday the entry to Santiago is close to 22 thousand cars, so it does not apply extraordinary measures traffic management.

According to reports from Radio Bio, the Minister of Public Works, Alberto Underage, explained that Route 68 will enable four runways open for those who are directed to the coast.

In addition, there will be a special contingent of police officers on the nation's highways, where they will be inspecting from one January reflective vest in the emergency kit should have in their cars.

Helper should be in safety vest

Join the party should also Eisborner citizens and as many guests. Brother champion Andreas Dannenberg is sure that we will succeed. After the long break the Antonius-shooters with reflective element are the first fraternity on Balver metropolitan area, which is celebrating its solemnity. Cause for concern to the Board only securing the parades through the village. For this year particularly stringent safety guidelines apply. "All side streets have to be closed off with beacons, where even a helper should be in safety vest, and there is no oncoming traffic allowed", Andreas Dannenberg says.
  No thought wasted the Eisborner Protect Board on the question of whether there will be serious contenders King. In the past, the search for a new shooter king Eisborn designed to talk a little difficult, but this year the owners are very relaxed. "2017 we celebrate big anniversary. Then we have existed for 175 years and celebrate two shooting matches. In early September, there is an additional Jubilee Celebrations. And since all former kings may mitschießen. That should be enough motivation to become this year new king, "estimates the brother champions.
  On Saturday it is at 17 o'clock with the Fall in at the Schützenhalle going. This is followed by 18 o'clock the Protect High Mass and at 19 o'clock the collection of the bird. At 20h on Saturday is the Great tattoo on the program. The intonation of the fire Musikzug Ennest and drummer corps Eisborn before from 21 o'clock the band "Night Shift" airs in the Schützenhalle to dance.
  On Sunday it's at 10 am with the traditional brunch on. Four hours later, it is then re-shows the grand procession. The will be highlight of the second hard day from 14.30. At the center of the radiant royal couple Benedikt Ott and Vanessa Hannusch stands with his court. Included are also the children regent Theo and Lisa Winiarski. Also Jungschützen King Marcel Danne joins the train with reflective tape.

Irene Gromann who wearing a safety vest

  When most people are asleep, bear the MZ-delivery of the newspaper. For her performance 15 of them were honored.
  Whether it rains or snows - they ensure that the Neumarkt Tagblatt every morning is in the mailbox. Around 360 Newsboys are six days a week in the district of Neumarkt in use. On Tuesday 15 were honored by them for their years of involvement in a large ceremony at Neumarkter Berggasthof Sammüller.
  The delivery boy were in newspaper production is an important link in the chain, Isabell Prange said that supervises the staff with her colleagues Andrea Bergmann and Irene Gromann who wearing a safety vest. Giving subscribers time getting her newspaper, stood some of them even at one o'clock when they are successively responsible for several tours.
"I need the motion"
  Manfred wine'm getting up early for nothing. For more than 15 years, taken from newspapers. "An alarm clock I do not need more," the 67-year-old said at the ceremony. Also Theresia Kossak (84) and Berta Schmidt (74) celebrating both celebrating its 25-year old who see their morning task sporty. "I need the exercise, otherwise I'm still the whole day on the sofa," Kossak, which extends their newspapers, even in winter with the bike said. Fear makes her the darkness in the early hours not because they have always their saints here, she said, laughing.
  Gisela Steidl, Team Head of Logistics, welcomed the approximately 130 newspaper carriers in the inn, waiting for the next coffee and cake and a dinner. The council chairman Günther Klein, who had come with his wife Regina, spoke about the security at the morning tours. For the whole of the range of the press-delivery company Oberfalz have (PZO) is investing around EUR 24 000 in winter gear, such as spikes, reflective vest or head lamps, he said. Even Dieter Maurer, CEO of PZO, asked the staff to carry the free yellow safety vest, so that they continue to accidents master their trips.
  A big thanks to the deliverer
  Especially the manager but thanked the staff with reflective clothing and praised their commitment: "Thank you for your performance." For her 80th birthday surprise Maurer Ingrid Hörisch from Eglwang also with a bouquet before Gisela Steidl the certificates and gift baskets to the Jubilare present distributed.

That safety vest are mandatory in the car

In an Earlier edition of this section I think I have read That safety vest are mandatory in the car. Have I Understood and if so, how many copies I would have to help me? This question was Submitted by J. Bregonje.

    In Europe varies by country what should be present in the car. Netherlands for example, there is no duty for safety vests, but popular holiday destinations zoals Germany, France and Spain did. If you come to dwell in Those countries with bad luck, you are required to wear a safety vest. The base must present a safety vest in the car for each occupant. The ANWB ook Therefore recommends taking part in the Dutch vests in your car. The vests are among others available in the ANWB (web) shop.

     Starting today, a reflective vest is part of the mandatory equipment of each vehicle which uses public roads. That made Secretary of State for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Joop Atsma known. That the obligation was on the way came as a surprise no one, however, did come by the driver as a surprise that safety vest in the vehicle should always be worn.

   There was a lot of confusion about the reflective vest. Since February 2007 it is mandatory to wear such a vest if you step on a motorway or freeway in luck. But it was not yet mandatory equipment of the vehicle.

    State Secretary Joop Atsma is pleased that this uncertainty now belongs to the past. "To ensure that the driver is effectively wearing his vest, it is necessary that he wears while driving this cardigan. This will also be monitored from now by regulators such as the National Police Agency," said Atsma.

    It would therefore appear that the government is increasingly intervening. Motorcyclists must wear crash helmets, drivers of a car must wear a seat belt, and now also the reflective safety vest. The safety vest, as of today, along with the warning triangle, the aid kit and fire extinguisher are required in any car.

    The word Etienne Kruit of the new car buying site "It's definitely not for us as a surprise, it's not for nothing that many carmakers have summarized this reflective tape to a delivery package. In most cars this mandatory issues are also available for a long time standard. "

Traffic police with safety vest will make inquiry

The Public Chamber (OP), the city of Nizhny Tagil advises citizens how to improve the condition of roads, showing its participation and exercise their legitimate rights. Public figures have made statements in the samples of supervisors.
  Representatives of the OP are reminded that, under federal law, for a response to a complaint is 30 days. In case of violation of the order of consideration of citizens' appeals to public officials faces superimposed on them a fine of five thousand to ten thousand rubles. Samples of complaints and appeals can be found here.
  For motorists, whose "iron horse" suffered from off-road Tagil, social activists made a detailed scheme of action in such situations:
  1. Secure the vehicle at the moment of injury. Turn on the hazard warning lights. To expose the warning triangle. Wear a reflective vest.

2. Call the traffic police traffic police. Phones duty of the traffic police in Nizhny Tagil: 8 (343) 250044, 976560. Report: "There has been an accident without victims," ​​specify the address.
  3. Independently capture hole and damage to the vehicle photography and videography. If the machine is equipped with DVR, keep a record of points in a collision in the pit. Take measures to establish an accident witnesses (to write down their name, address, phone number).
  4. Make the accident. Arrived traffic police with safety vest will make inquiry on the accident and the act of a survey of the roadway, where required to reflect the identified defects in the coating, making measurement of the pit. Pit or pothole must comply with GOST R 50597 - 93. Maximum size of potholes, subsidence, does not fall asleep ditches, etc. constitute a length of 15 cm, a width - 60 cm, depth - 5 cm.
  5. To receive the documents in the traffic police. Information about the accident (it also produced a description of the vehicle damage resulting from an accident), as well as determination to refuse to initiate a case on an administrative offense, if any, will be made.
  6. To determine the size of the damage, it is necessary to contact the expert organization, or to make repairs (according to the actual damage of the certificate of accident) in a specialized service station.
  7. Consult with a written claim in the pre-trial or a lawsuit in court to the organization engaged in the operation and maintenance of roads in the city of Nizhny Tagil. Most urban roads, except some on boards, serving municipal unitary enterprise "Tagildorstroy".
  In Nizhny Tagil, recall, has already been precedents when the drivers in the pre-trial court could not seek compensation from the Road of "crippled" pits the car with reflective tape.

The driver was not wearing a safety vest

It lost before the Kőröshegy viaduct control of the vehicles, a 49-year-old man without reflective vest on Monday night Nagykanizsa 21 hours and 30 minutes after.
  The car went to the M7 towards Budapest, where the viaduct is 1-2 kilometers before the Renault so far unexplained tape railing collided, spun several times. The accident, the driver was not injured, got out of the car, which was a cross between the inner and outer lanes.
  The man standing next to his car when a few minutes later came a VW Passat, Renault and has encountered. The other car is a 28-year-old woman was driving it. The private car without reflective tape was taken by the man who dropped the tape barrier and instantly killed. It easily damaged.
  According to primary information on the Renault was no longer possible to light up because of damage from the first accident, the driver was not wearing a safety vest. Probably you're looking for in your car when the second collision occurred, said Judge Gabor Point as the Kapos, the Somogy County Police press officer.

It is recommended to use safety vest

 The Sinatra Parks now launches the new service "Park and Bike", which will allow any visitor touring the Sierra electric bicycle with reflective tape, and therefore without great physical effort.
  The bike hire can be combined with tickets to the parks and monuments, as well as guided tours by bike, and users can also download the application to your Smartphone (where the maps in digital format) or require an audio guide.
  So everyone to walk around Sinatra in direct contact with nature and effortless to ride uphill, and without pollution, no noise, and without having to wait in queues for buses or in traffic, let alone to park.
They are suggested three routes with different
  duration (for which you can pre-apply for a guided tour) but each user can choose to make your ride freely through the Sierra.
   These bikes have a small electric motor that provides extra power when going uphill and against the wind and generally removes much of the difficulty of cycling. It remains the need to pedal, but simply becomes easier to face the climbs that in Sinatra are sometimes quite steep.
  Since any physical preparation is not necessary (anyone who can walk the walk will also be able to use these bikes), it is possible to more visitors circulate the Sinatra Mountain bike, enjoying the most of local tranquility, and in a way ecological, because there is no type of carbon emission.
   Park and Bike, available from the historic center of Sinatra (next to CTT) every day of the week, will cost 25 Euros for a half-day rental and 35 Euros for a full day, including bike map indicating suggested routes, a small suitcase, lock, helmet (mandatory use) and, for those who desired a reflective vest can be made available (bicycles include security lights and reflectors).
  There are also discounts for those who purchase tickets for access to parks and monuments at the entrance of which there are good parking facilities for bicycles (which cannot circulate within the parks for safety reasons).

In order to cope with weather instability so characteristic of Sinatra is a possibility to return the rental price if it rains.
   Guided tours must be scheduled in advance and, besides allowing discovering all about the history and characteristics of the Heritage of Sintra, having the great advantage of being able to lead users to sites outside of suggested routes, also indicating the best places for photos.
   Users should be between 1.50m and 1.90m tall (to sit comfortably), and a maximum weight of 100kg (to make sure the battery has the required length). The equipment has a power of 250 watts and the motor supports the movement up to 25 km / hour.
  Taking into account the characteristics of the terrain of the Serra de Sinatra, the battery has an adequate length to 30km, which allows any of the suggested routes. It is recommended to use safety vest and comfortable shoes, with several layers of clothing, avoiding heavy coats or parts that hinder mobility.

Cyclist in safety vest involves exercise

The use of bicycles with reflective tape in cities is, increasingly, a transportation alternative that combines advantages over the health of people and traffic operation. In the Danish capital, Copenhagen, known in Europe as "the city of bicletas", an investigation into more than 30,000 people showed that those who choose this means of transport has on average one day less absence from work and walk on two wheels It represents an annual savings of 12 million dollars annually in the system of health care. In Boston, United States, medical center began to prescribe bicycling as a measure to tackle obesity and give the possibility to people of low income to be placed on the public bicycle system for a year and 5 instead 80 dollars.
  To add proven benefits, research conducted in the UK over 20,000 travel a thousand people showed that those who use the bike to work show up to 40% less stress than those who take public transport or private vehicles. The study involved the collaboration of Stanford Calming Technology Lab, which provided a small device called Spire, measuring heart rate, breathing and length of the path traveled. "Cyclists shown to be 40% less stressed during the first hour after arriving to work their peers arriving by car or public transport, because his breathing was slow and steady," said co-founder of Spire, Neema Moraveji, adding that "people tend to think of stress as something that happens at work, and certainly yes, but the movements are interesting because they are a place where one is part of their environment." in our country there are no similar studies, but urban bicycle use is an increasingly common phenomenon.
  "There is no doubt that cyclist in safety vest involves exercise and that always improves the state of mind to ARQ says Fabian Pons, of Ovilam-. However, we are not at the level of cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Although bike paths and bike lanes are they are intensifying in the city, still a culture of respect for traffic rules by the motorist and cyclist also put in place. the rider has the false myth that the rules do not apply to him and that, for example, It must stop at a traffic light. Do not have patent and cannot be identified does not mean you should not observe rules to conductir ". Pons points out that most women who choose cycling as alternative sustainable transport are respectful of traffic laws and regulations, and that younger (especially in downtown area) do not observe the rules as so committed.
 "Besides, he adds, riding a bike reduces stress if traffic is organized and orderly. True, the bikeways save accident because there is a guardrail and the most relevant claims are usually in side streets or in places where there are no bike lanes. Any separation barrier gives dynamism while security because it separates the flow of other traffic. But even so, still the rider has to very careful motorist who does not respect it, and on the other hand, neither the cyclist with reflective vest has built he must respect the pedestrian for the bike work traffic has to be organized.. here we are on the right track when they began to build bike paths many thought it was stupid, and today is seen to be good and sustainable. "

Police with safety vest are accustomed

Time change: November the deadliest month of the year on northern routes

Do not be fooled, this weekend, time is changed. At 3am, he wills again 2h. It will sleep an hour longer but suddenly, as it will get dark earlier in the evening and traffic accidents will increase. Road safety with reflective tape on clothing calls for caution.
If have the feeling of being out of step with everyone this Sunday morning, maybe you forgot to change the time on your alarm clock. It is Passes to winter time this weekend. Remember well: in the night from Saturday to Sunday, at 3 am, it wills again 2h. Bad news, it means we will have less sun in the day. It will be dark earlier in the evening. And this is a consequence suspected little but this time change is a terrible stress for rescuers who wait, as every year, to treat more road accidents than usual.
17 killed on the road in the North just by November 2014
Firefighters, police with safety vest, the police are accustomed. Every year there are more accidents in the days following the time change in October. In the Northern Department, November is even the deadliest month of the year in general. This was also true last year: there were 17 road deaths this month. Blame it on this night falls earlier and that surprises everyone. With the dark cell at rush hour, motorists cannot see pedestrians, cyclists and dramas occur.
The boards of road safety

To avoid disasters, this year's road safety and northern prefecture emphasize prevention messages and caution. If you are driving, try to be very careful and to slow down a little. A bike it is very necessary to yellow reflective vest and headlights. Finally, if you are a pedestrian, try to choose bright clothing suggests road safety.
Since the beginning of 2015, in the north, 78 people have already died in road accidents, 15 of which already pedestrians.

The highest number of visitors with safety vest

Carts highlights security operation for Easter
The president, Horace Carts, reported Thursday on prevention and safety devices addressed by the national government for Easter. Wished all Paraguayans spend some happy days with loved ones.
"I invite all Paraguayans to spend a happy Easter surrounded by their loved ones," the president first expressed through their Facebook profile.
Then he reported on the start of the operation for the next holidays with the goal of making it in a safe environment, peace and reflection.
"This initiative has prevention and safety devices and are carried out by the National Police and the Patrol Coalminer" he said.
The Ministry of Health also strengthened its services to meet citizens who will be stationed in the districts with the highest number of visitors with safety vest.
Officials of public institutions and decentralized bodies were released this Wednesday, by a decree made by the head of state.

The document was intended to facilitate preparations and displacement of citizens throughout the territory of the Republic that merit to the celebrations of Holy Week this year.
Commissioner Elisa Leadsman, head of Public Relations of the National Police, recalled that the controls will be made with Coalminer Patrol and the Public Ministry.
Identity card, green card vehicle registration and licensing of road are the documents that the driver is obliged to have with him, said police officer to ULTIMAHORA.COM.
the use of seat belts, lights conditions, fire extinguishers, flares, rolled veneer, apart from the use of reflective vest and helmet is also verified in the case of motorcyclists, supported Caminera Patrol.

Truths against the compulsory sfety vest

Since 1 January this year the yellow safety vest is mandatory for bikers, as for motorists, but the mode of application of this new rule are still a little confused. Let us try to see a little clearer with answers to questions that you ask about this. Some are obvious to some, but it's better in the telling ...
1 - The yellow color is not imposed: True

Decree No 2015-514 of May 7, 2015, published in the Official Gazette on May 10, 2015, speaks exactly a "high visibility vest," which means that it may be from other equipment Reflective as a yellow vest. Your jacket may be of another color (orange for example), but in practice, most equipment sold in the shops are bright yellow.
2 - Wearing the yellow vest must be permanent: False
It is very clear in the texts: it is not a matter for bikers to wear retro-reflective permanent equipment, but to own one "on them or in their vehicle storage (net, safe ...) "and they will" wear down when their vehicle following an emergency stop in order to improve their visibility.”
3 - The fine can be up to € 135: True
If you do not have a retro reflective during an inspection equipment, you can scoop a ticket for € 11 (1st class fine). However, the addition may be more salt if you stop and get off the motorcycle without wearing the compulsory yellow vest: it is then a fine of € 135 (4th class) that hangs in your face!
4 - A simple Reflective armband may suffice: False
Under a decree dating back to September 29, 2008 which is based is considered vest "any garment worn on the upper body as jacket, parka, vest, shirt or tunic." It should be limited to those described equipment, in which are not a simple cuff, even if it was a time been considered as mandatory equipment visibility ... However, CE marking is mandatory to attest retro-reflective qualities of your Equipment to be certified "high visibility".
5 - It is compulsory to take a second jacket for the passenger: False
What is not forbidden is allowed, as they say ... In the texts, there is no requirement to carry a second high visibility vest with reflective tape, even if common sense recommends: "The Order is to extend the A requirement to hold high visibility vest, already applicable to drivers, drivers of a motor vehicle with two or three wheels "as it is written. Motorists can also be satisfied with a single vest ... There is the law and the spirit of the law. Finally, we will add that the triangle is not intended as mandatory equipment for two or three wheels, for obvious practical transportation issues...

Forced to wear fluorescent safety vest

In Spine, safety comes first! The small town in Lombardy between Milan and Cremona, Italy requires prostitutes who sell their charms on the side of the road wearing a fluorescent vest.... Make them more visible to avoid road accidents. Considered dangerous for drivers because they attract attention, sex workers are forced to wear the yellow reflective vest. The town hopes the same time, regulate provocative clothes prostitutes: too short skirts and plunging necklines too.

"Treated as construction workers"

The law provides for a fine of 500 Euros for those who try to walk alone along the highway without wearing the famous visibility vest. "Sex workers should be treated as construction workers and forced to wear clothes that make them visible," says Vice-trustee Luciano Sinigaglia in an interview with the Italian newspaper, Carrier Della Sera. If this seems quite absurd measure adopted, the Italian city is not the first since such act is already in force in 2010, Ells Alamos, Spain. The city of Catalonia was also forced its charming girls to wear the vest with reflective tape.

Visible several meters, night girls continue to hustle quietly on the roadside. If wearing such a jacket is unlikely to put an end to soliciting, one thing is certain, shopping for love lost in sexy attitude.

Police checks whether safety vest is available in the car

Police checks whether safety vest is available in the car

Motorists were asked her whether they have a high visibility vests are in the car. "Since July 1, 2014, the requirement of being accompanied of safety vests in cars. Those who violate the other hand must reckon with a warning fee of 15 Euros," said Police Chief Superintendent Luther Pruner.

The transport controls under the motto "see and be seen". The traffic safety consultant police spoke the driver specifically to their behavior. The officials held numerous briefings to sensitize motorists. In emergency situations, the West should be taken when leaving the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is recommended that passenger’s present ways use guardrail and not unnecessarily dwell on the road long.

The police ended the controls with a gratifying conclusion: Nearly 90 percent of drivers led at least a reflective vest in their vehicle.

Pruner advises. "Do not store their vests at hand in the vehicle interior - for example, in a door pocket, underneath the seat or in the glove compartment were often the West hidden in the trunk and would not have been fast r in an emergency, even if only at least one vest on board. Needs, the driver should also think about his passenger. "

And one more tip for last: caution in international voyages. There are often much stricter rules and penalties - for example, the wearing of warning reflective clothing of all occupants.

Safety Vests mandatory on German roads

Drivers of passenger cars, trucks and buses have in Germany from July 1, 2014 have a reflective jacket in their vehicle. The requirement does not apply to motorcyclists, according to the ADAC. Our eastern neighbors thus follow the example of many other European countries. The scheme in Europe is however not clear. In case of emergency or breakdown on the road use in some countries only applies to the driver while other states require that all occupants out of the vehicle wear such a vest.

Belgium, France, Austria and Croatia have made the vests mandatory in the car, but they only need to be worn by the driver. In Spain and Slovenia reflective vests are not mandatory in the car, but bad luck is using mandatory for all occupants. In Luxembourg and Italy are jackets compulsory for all passengers. In Portugal and Norway jackets not required for occupants of cars registered abroad - not for tourists so. Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Denmark have no obligation when it comes to safety vests.

Pedestrians shall wear safety vest and walk in sidewalk

Pedestrian dressed in safety vest found he in an unauthorized location, outside of pedestrian crossing - says Iowan Ganske, spokesman MPK. - Communication already launched a replacement. Now we are waiting for the arrival of the prosecutor's office. MPK has launched replacement bus transportation. Trams 6, 15, 1 and 13 are run detours (6 and 15 through the street. The man rode the tram line 15, going towards up. The incident took place at the height of up. Grunewald 119. It is known that the motorman was sober. - Having made on-site activities, we know that the motorman saw the man lying at the raceway around the age of 45-50 years. He started to backpedal. Unfortunately, he drove lying. The man died on the spot - says Joseph, head of traffic police in reflective uniform. - Other actions will determine whether the man was sober. We will do everything to establish how this tragic accident. Head of traffic police Poznan noted that monitoring is already protected by tram. It continues the search for witnesses. - The event took place about 100 meters from the tram, Street Bulgaria. We appeal to pedestrians wear a coat with reflective tape not passed through the track, if a bit further is the bay tram. It's safe to walk down the sidewalk, no need to cross the road - explains Joseph.