Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest


"Good morning, Santa Claus would serve you!” Peter Beckmann called to a cyclist in safety vest and held out a chocolate heart. Together with a colleague from the ADFC was the wheeled coach at Ehinger Tor before the tax authorities and bestowed on St. Nicholas the cyclists who rode with intact light in the cold to work.


Even those who were illegally traffic no lights were given a gift: a voucher for a repair over a party of four on the action Ulmer bike shops. "But only some ten percent of cyclists had no intact light", Beckmann was pleased with the good rate.


ADFC participated together with the city this year again at the Nicolaus lighting action that the Ulmer Aktionsbündnis "FahrRad in Ulm" as part of "Tu's love" campaign of the working group bicycle-friendly municipalities in Baden-Württemberg performs.


"The aim is to make the cyclist's attention, the more they are seen on the road, the safer it is for them," said Christian, since one week bicycle commissioner of the city. Together with three other volunteers, she stood at the level of the Metzger tower the Danube Bike Path and she was impressed not only whether the rain cycling morning from six o'clock but also because they only encountered three of 85 cyclists without lights.


"There are actually encouraging many people in spite of the low temperatures with the wheel on the road," she said. And not only that: many have to their standard lighting also safety clothing in the form of vests, additional reflectors and flashing accessories per se.


"With the result we can live well," Peter Beckmann, who also led a tally on the passing Ulmer said. The result is impressive: 110 cyclists, of which only eleven with broken light. "But mostly was only the rear light affected," he said. But the most interesting was a Radler been told Beckmann, who had been standing at the traffic lights on and off his light before driving. Why, he cannot explain, of course.


How were the cyclists themselves the action? "Mostly positive", said Wolfgang Mattheis ADFC. Where not the entire offer for the discount voucher accepted: "Thank you, no time", one who drove without lights cried. In return, another was remorseful, but did not reveal their names.


It is actually when driving a bicycle without lights, as well as the car to a misdemeanor. And that is punished by the police in reflective vest with a fine. Exactly how much it costs, Beckmann did not know but: "Depending on the situation," he said. "If the police officer is in a good mood, sometimes leaves even with a ten."


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