Children are protected with reflective safety vest

Holiday program: children wear reflective vest visit the police station background knowledge from television thrillers spot checks. A visit to the police station this year offered the holiday program. The small guests experienced child-friendly manner the everyday work of the police.

Police Chief Commissioner Britta Schroder led the "use", in which they had support from their colleagues Police Commissioner Matthias and police top champion. After being greeted by the deputy head of the police station, Michael, barriers between kids and police officers were immediately eliminated. An all stations of the tour a great Q & A sessions, where it became clear that, probably not least, although some pre-information, but also some misunderstanding from the police everyday made by TV detective series. The young learned that not murder and manslaughter are everyday of coalfield in the center, but rather "harmless" offenses prosecuted, be determined and clarified. A substantial part of the traffic safety, all managed in cooperation with the other departments of the Police Headquarters Freiburg, the Guard is subordinated, heard the children in reflective clothing.

Walking through the area set Britta Schroeder, Matthias also four holding cells in the basement of the building before and let the kids on a cot sample chairs. The children learned that the prisoners have to give their shoelaces and belts for their own protection. Unknown was most children that a police department may detain only 24 hours or less a prisoner. In the police station, the officers showed the technical equipment, the equipment and uniform of an officer of the gun on the handcuffs, baton through to safety safety vest, including a fitting. Fingerprints were taken and the children were - how it photographed at Tut-"real crooks". Of course, the officials had shown the vehicles, one could sample sit, press the siren briefly. All questions were expertly, but were answered for children. The officials understood it to bring entertaining cheerful but also serious stories of everyday police work over, praised the little Anna-Lena. That was so Britta Schroeder and Michael quite well in terms of the host. "We always want to operate with the Holiday Fun actions and recruitment campaigns, represent our most demanding, but also very interesting job".


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