Drivers wear safety vest to keep safe

The risk education introduced in 2009 and became a compulsory part of driver training is found to have a negative effect on the 16-20-year-olds. It also reduces the desire to wear reflective vest.


According to an evaluation of the mandatory risk training, made by VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, the majority of respondents answered that the training has provided a greater understanding of the risks in traffic. The report, however, show a difference in younger people, those between 16-20 years. The group says they see negative changes in their own ability compared with other motorcyclists in safety vest and the perception of speed and alcohol after the training.


By and large, the report shows that the desire to wear so-called high visibility vest declined while more who have passed risk education have a better attitude to wear a helmet and safety equipment than the other.


As for the reason for why accidents and driving technique gives education a better risk awareness overall.


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