Police in safety vest and traffic wardens

Thirty burned, woman grazed by a firecracker, three to fire bins in the year of bollards and barriers, the safety device worked.


The armored square, with counter-terrorism measures, has also deterred by the excesses and did not stop the fun in town. At New Year's Eve in Piazza XX in Pordenone, everything went smoothly. Be counted on the fingers of one hand, in fact, the mournful notes. There are imposing safety device fielded by the Committee for public order and safety: they took to the field police, police in safety vest and traffic wardens.


At about 2:30 a lady called the police: she had been grazed by a firecracker, launched by "a youngster." The culprit, however, managed to hide in the crowd. Unfortunately, many children and adults have bothered present launching raudi also among the people, regardless of the presence of children. Fortunately there were no consequences.


Entire Western Friuli, only one person was injured, however so slightly, from barrels at year end. It is a thirty year old San Giorgio, who went on their own feet to be healed in the emergency room. A firecracker him burned her forehead: five days of prognosis. It was not hospitalized, but he returned home.


Three principles of fire caused by barrels or fireworks: a fire two bins a cabin. Flames quickly extinguished by firefighters in reflective clothing. Police were called to a fight under the stage in the square, during the festivities. But when the officers arrived, the litigants had already left. Among the curiosities, at about 23:15 in the 113 he was reported a suspicious man with a bulge under his jacket, but it was only a bottle to toast.


One minute after midnight officially took service in the square the new commander of the municipal police Stefano Rossi. "Prefect and superintendent - said Rossi - have adopted a series of security measures that have proven successful, organizing the best agents and services, with tangible results: There were no injuries, no public order problems. Local police has made its contribution, with eight men. "


Even now it begins a close comparison and punctual with the city administration to draw up a list of priorities and plan the most urgent interventions, with targeted responses. "Not all the changes make an improvement, but we need to change to improve", it is the philosophy of the local police commander.


"The city administration - said for his part the minister for security Emanuele - thanks all law enforcement officers, municipal police wearing safety reflective vest in the first place, for having ensured order and security in the festivities. The agents were not able to spend New Year's Eve with their families, but the large presence of uniforms and plainclothes agents have been perceived and have helped to give serenity and happiness to those present. "


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