Police in safety vest inquiry the accident

When police in safety vest ask the driver why stock the 70sheeps, the goods heavy driver claims that did not realize the presence of animals crossing the road.


Dozens of sheep were collected by a truck on the morning of Monday, September 5, in Almeirim County. The accident occurred when the herd crossed the 114 National Road (EN114), as happens regularly, a task in which participated a couple and their pastor. The driver of the heavy goods will be not aware of the presence of the flock, having just rammed by the animals, killing about 70 sheep. The herd owner refers to a loss of around 7,000 Euros.


The alert for the accident, which did not cause any personal victim, happened about 11 am on Monday, 5 September. Parents flock owner were at the side of the road, one in each direction of the road, armed with a reflective jacket, to signal the crossing of the flock. A task that is performed almost daily at the site of the EN114, between the roundabout linking Almeirim to Route Complementary No.10.


The heavy goods belonging to a company based in municipality, circulated towards Fox - Almeirim. On the other hand they followed a few cars that stopped to give way to the flock. Although not have wanted to make a statement to reporters, he said the trucker will only realized the presence of a dust cloud. It slowed its speed but did not stop and when he realized already had hit the animals picked up ahead.

Contrary to the version of the driver, the owner of the herd, consisting of about 600 animals, told newspaper, that the crossing was signaled by the presence of their parents, in both directions.


On site were 12 members of the Fire Department Almeirim Volunteers in reflective vest, supported by four cars, as well as soldiers from the Traffic Department and the Territorial Office, the National Republican Guard, which took account of the event and who conducted the investigation of the circumstances that that accident has occurred.


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