Primary School "quite bright" with safety vest

Especially for first year of school in the fall and winter is dangerous. Many do not know the route, and certainly not in the dark. In addition, each road crossing is a potential hazard. Remedy can create a luminous safety vest, so that children can be detected directly by motorists.


For this reason, the motor-sports friends Theeltal distributed in the ADAC under the safety action "A Bright Future" at the St. Michael Elementary School 51 west to the graders - 51 safety reflective vests 750 000 nationwide.


"The first year should see that they are much better and faster recognized with a vest of other road users. Thus, a timely response - which can save lives, "explains Lothar Schu of the motor-sports friends. He also appealed to the parents to ensure that the children every morning to leave the house with reflective jacket.


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