Safety vest is needful for winter travel by car

Heavy snowfall can paralyze road even in the most developed regions. Safety vest is needed on the road as an accessory for enhance visibility. We tend to forget that low temperatures are dangerous for us even when we travel by car. How to prepare for a trip at this time of year?


The holiday season is a time when many of us get behind the wheel, to visit their families. In addition to beautiful landscapes winter launches us a lot of dangers on the road. One of the causes of deaths in the winter is inappropriate to prepare the car for the season and the lack of knowledge of how to behave when stuck while traveling due to a car breakdown or bad weather conditions.


Check the condition of the car

Winter is not enough to change tires summer for "winter tires". You should also check the coolant level and oil. If necessary, change the oil on a winter version. By frequent rain are also needed efficient wipers and washer fluid level, also in the winter version. And most important, although so obvious - have fueled car.


HOW TO PROTECT AUTO from destruction?

An absolute must is winter tires. These seasonal are meaning less secure. "Winter tires" effective "discharge" snow, and above all they can to keep their optimal at low temperatures.


Prepare for travel

Check the detailed weather forecast. If the conditions on the roads will be particularly hampered by the rapid deterioration of the weather, it is better to consider the ratio travel to another date.


Even if you do not you are going to Siberia, take care of high-energy dry food, a thermos of hot drink and a couple of bottles of water. In the event of an unwanted stop, rationally utilize these stocks.

Leaving on a trip, you should also tell your family or friends about your estimated time of arrival at your destination.


Travel, especially the winter, may be prolonged. You never know how much time we have to spend in the car if you encounter difficulties. What in such situations, you should have with you? Certainly charged the phone and car charger - in the event of an accident will be able to ask for help or reassure relatives and inform about the delay. In the car we carry the sleeping bag or blanket; a small shovel will be useful and the torch - the best pulse with extra batteries.


Equipped with our car should include a first aid kit, essential medications and bright fabric, which, if the car is immobilized, will serve as a signal flag. It also serves an additional bright item of clothing, for example, Reflective vest.

The situation can save taken together handy tool - the wheel wrench, screwdriver or pliers, wires for the motor starter and snow chains.


How to behave in case of emergency?

When on the road will surprise us blizzard or your car breaks down, it is necessary, if possible, to push it to the side. If the aid is not visible in the distance, you should not go out of the car and look for it, when we do not know the area. We get lost and wandering in the snow and cold can only weaken our forces. On the air car's put a flag signaling.


When the "stuck" in the car, it rationally heating (fuel may come to an end). The engine in this case, turns on periodically. Make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered. We must be careful not to poison the exhaust.


Pushing a car at low temperatures may charge our heart. In such situations we should avoid overexertion, but do not forget the gentle movement exercises, which will help maintain proper blood circulation.


Alarm phones

When you're trapped by winter weather, it is worth remembering about the most needed numbers. And when you are waiting for the police, don't forget to wear reflective clothing even on the roadside.


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