Safety vest let pedestrian isnít defenseless

In the autumn-winter period, police in safety vest have to caring more about pedestrians. The rain limited visibility, inattention of pedestrians and drivers, and soon the gathering dusk and misery ready.


Just last week in Gorzow there were two accidents involving pedestrians. Both happened on the street. 6 December, 21-year-old driver of the jeep hit a 13-year-old. The next day, a few hundred meters away, 74-year-old head of Ford hit a 52-year-old. The result of these events was fracture in foot. In 2016, the district occur 34 accidents involving pedestrians, who killed 4 people and 32 were injured. In 2015, there were 31 events, two people were killed and 32 were injured.


And here arises the eternal question - which is to blame? Is pedestrian who suddenly barged into the street and stopping even for a split second, whether the driver who did not slow down before entering the crosswalk? Each event is different, but many of them can be avoided. Police remind that pedestrians need to wear a reflective vest to take care of visibility. Drivers should be focused all the time.


- Short days are not conducive to the safety of pedestrians. Quickly the gathering dusk makes passing through the street people are barely visible. The situation does not improve clothing in dark colors - explains Yarashevich team press police. Pedestrians also forgot about the one basic principle that learning in every kindergarten, first look to the left then right and left again and just move briskly!


Poland does not have a provision that would require the driver to stop when a pedestrian approaches the crossing. - Pedestrians have priority when they are already on the transition - said Jaroszewicz. But it is worth to observe oncoming traffic. We are not sure whether the driver of the car in time we notice. Short way to set-off is a situation in which a pedestrian onto the road behind obstacles or directly under a moving vehicle. The driver will not have time to stop the car. In the autumn-winter period the braking distance can be extended by the wet or icy surface.


The police urge to wear reflective elements also in urban areas. Besides the pedestrians do not have other option - the rules clearly state that glare must wear each. But there are exceptions: the pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective material, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians.

Police regularly carry out actions aimed at pedestrian safety. Officer’s education starts already among the youngest. Those elders must reckon with the legal consequences of their behavior. Irresponsible drivers and pedestrians dismissive rules are admonished by the police. Officers traced back not only mandated blocks. In the event of serious infringements of the matter direct to the court.


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