Wearing yellow safety vest is good

From Thomas J. Schmidt examine companies in the Cargo City North in Frankfurt, why a reporter simply could march on their premises. They are responsible for their safety. Concerned is nobody.


"We would not be possible," says Peter, spokesman for the Munich airport. Anyone passing the barrier, which resulted in limited areas, such as a cargo center would have to show his identity card in Munich.

This has, as reported yesterday, wearing yellow safety vest by Gate 26 enter the Cargo City North and has come up at the airport fence, without being controlled.


"Open gate for terrorists" of the post in the Sunday newspaper is overwritten. Spokesman Christopher Notes: Who rides a bicycle around or whoever north of the A5 Cargo City South with the camera scans aircraft, which is also located directly on the safety fence. "And further than the fence, the reporter has not even come." But just that it is preceded by the Cargo Center North.


Just would not be possible in Munich, assured Prümm. "Everyone on the site must wear a badge on his jacket. Those who do not, is immediately apparent. "A yellow reflective vest, as in Frankfurt, thus is not sufficient in Munich, not to attract attention.


Holschier deems possible that other rules are as in Frankfurt. "Gate 26 is not guarded," he confirmed the newspaper article. "At the bar only, drivers are checked for permission, and that only because there are not many parking spaces." Behind the barriers you have to do it with a user's premises, in which Fraport indeed can build the roads, but otherwise had the resident companies responsible for security. Other approaches to the Cargo-Cities are however guarded strict. This is according Holschier mind that Fraport on the grounds behind it has its own properties and therefore strictly controlled.


Control obligation Companies

That this is so, to the Federal Aviation Agency in Braunschweig did yesterday give any explanation. It has oversight of security measures in the Cargo Cities, but still outside the fence, and clarified with the individual companies whose control obligations. These also depend on the safety requirements for the cargo being transported.


Air Canada is, as described in the article, the most densely at the airport fence. Here, the reporter came up to the fence and then vice versa. At the barrier he was asked by a friendly security guard in safety clothing, where he wanted to go for. Air Canada was concerned even with the internal examination of the incident yesterday and could not take a position.


The representatives of other German airports would not comment on the process - such as Cologne-Bonn. Katja from the airport in Hamburg differs between zones of passenger and visitor traffic, operating zones with limited access and security zones. "The reporter was never in a safety-sensitive area," she said, "but only in the operating areas." Comment wants it not.


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